• Published 12th Aug 2016
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Thunderbolts - Beakwood

Aiming to fulfill her dreams on becoming a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash gets the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of an international event. Thorough this adventurous task she will discover how big can she dream and how little can she expect.

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Taking Lead

Author's Note:

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates, I moved from my old house three weeks ago and ever since couldn't establish a new network. I'm making use of mobile data to use the internet. Thankfully I kept my weekly chapters going, I'll be publishing them right after this chapter.

"How did it go?"

"It could've been better, I suppose. Any luck with Rainbow?" Twilight asked anxiously.

"Yeah, kinda. After she listened to why I said that she seemed okay, but I can tell she'll be upset for some time." Gilda replied unsuredly.

Both griffon and alicorn spent the last hour trying to build a conversation with the two stubborn pegasus. While Rainbow Dash, after a long moment of bitterness, got over Gilda's denial of their friendship and made sure to understand her decision, Lighting Dust on the other hoof refused to talk. Twilight's persistence was hardly enough to break Lightning's shell of desired solitude.

"Lightning can be really stubborn when she refuses to talk, but she opened up after I gave her a piece of my mind about everything that happened so far, though I would be better able to grasp the situation once the three of you gather again for Pinkie's party tonight. "

"Urgh, I forgot about that. Can't believe I have to deal with that pink menace again." Gilda muttered annoyed. Twilight raised an eyebrow.

"Why do you two dislike Pinkie Pie so much?" The griffon stared confused at the purple alicorn.

"The two of us?"


"You and Lightning Dust. " Twilight explained after a brief pause.

"Ahn, I think I heard something about that. The pink freak was obsessing about Rainbow being at the academy and couldn't wait to deliver something. I am right?"

"Well, it's a short underveloped resume but...yes, that's correct." Twilight confirmed while wondering when else Pinkie's randomness caused such appaling problems for Rainbow's friends aside Gilda and Lightning.

"Why I'm not surprised? Rainbow is that important for Pinkie that she can't have any other friends aside herself?" Gilda scoffed annoyed.

"Now wait a moment there Gilda," Twilight said with firmness. " I can understand Pinkie's behavior regarding her friends, especially Rainbow, but she was kinda immature back then and didn't understand the concept of friendship that well. She should've realized you wanted to spend your time with Rainbow, but the thing is that Pinkie very recently saw a good friend in her. The day before you arrived they've spent their first time togheter and pranked the whole town, I've never seen Pinkie so happy before, doing things she liked with somepony else that had similar tastes for playfulness. You have to understand her anxiety to be able to do it again the next day, but then when you introduced yourself perhaps her mistake was not thinking about sharing her day with you both, instead of just Rainbow Dash. F-

"If that so, why not? I loved pranks too, I told her that. It's because I'm a griffon?" Gilda asked bitterly.

"No!" Twilight denied vehemently. " She's just a bit narrow minded sometimes. Rainbow also didn't help by not choosing spending her time with both of you. I can understand you would have the preference since you lived far away and you were the guest at the time. Even so the problem started when all the three of you acted like egotistical foals that refused to share a candy."

Gilda grimaced at being compared to a foal, but even then she couldn't deny Twilight had a point.

"I still think she made less of me for being a griffon. " Gilda's voice sounded incredibly sore.

"None of us had any issues with other species!" Twilight exclaimed indignated.

"Tell that to your zebra friend." Gilda replied coldly catching the purple mare off guard.

"How do you know about Zecora?" Twilight asked dumbfounded. There was no way Gilda could've encoutered her before, much less learning about the zebra's first encounter at Ponyville.

"You're not the first one I insinuate about the prejudice to other species. It made her upset but Rainbow told me about Zecora and few other encouters she had with different kinds, most of them not really went that well."

"Oh, that explains it." Twilight said after hearing the griffon sharing a bit of her conversation with the cyan pegasus. "I do have to agree that we weren't the best when dealing with other species at first sight, but that was long ago and we were immature back then."

"It might explain something, but still makes me upset with the pink one. I know it's more than prejudice regarding her attitudes, or how do you explain what happened with Lightning Dust?" The griffon inquired while staring severely at the alicorn, almost as if daring Twilight to find another excuse to justify Pinkie's nonsense.

"What happened with Lightning, while not entirely her fault, was not Pinkie's fault either. I can understand the problem it caused but Lightning's recklessness was already at display before that. The issue regarding Lightning was her indifference towards the fact that me and my friends almost died that day, independent of the circumstances that caused the incident."

"Woah, so she nearly got you all killed and pretended she didn't care?" Gilda asked amazed at such coldness.

"I couldn't tell for sure if she was pretending or not..." Twilight said hesitantly.

"She ain't evil Twilight. " Gilda scolded in disbelief. The purple mare rolled her eyes in frustration.

"I didn't say that! I just think she was just too much unconcerned by that just because Rainbow saved us just in time."

The griffon stood thoughtfully for a second as she tried to figure out what exactly could have Lightning thought during that incident.

"Maybe...she didn't care because Rainbow actually managed to save them. For Lightning everything was alright so she saw no need to make a fuss about it?" Gilda pondered. Twilight listened the griffon carefully as she tried to absorb that point of view. "I mean....Rainbow probably chewed Lightning for that, something I can totally understand. Even so, if you all had died that day....I'm sure Lightning would never have slept at peace again for that. "

"Or worse, considering how much Princess Celestia cares about me." Twilight commented off-hoofily.

The griffon eyed the mare warily for few seconds, a tiny suspicion growing in her head the longer she reflected over it.

"Maybe....listen, I know this is an issue and all, but I think the main reason we're here is because of this event. Is the team already made up?"

With a glow of her horn Twilight summoned a scroll out of nowhere. Gilda narrowed her eyes at this strange and mysterious feat.

"I've gathered few pegasus in the last hours, mostly due my previous list becoming outdated after uneventful circumstances. We will run some tests, make a wise selection for the main team and reserves, and organize carefully a schedule, also we need to decide on the name of the team, our sponsor, the team's captain, and team manager." Twilight listed excitedly.

"That's a lot of stuff." The griffon commented unconcerned.

"Indeed! It becomes aggravating because I won't be able to manage the team since I'm already responsible for organizing some stages of the event. " Twilight lamented with clear disappointment all over her face.". If only I could find somepony else to do that...."

"I'm sure there must be some other in this town that know how to organize stuff without making a fuss." Gilda reassured the alicorn, though the griffon had other concerns instead.

"Wait, yes! That's it!" Twilight exclaimed all of sudden. "Gilda, do you mind accompanying me back to the town?"

"What about Rainbow and Lightning? Gilda asked while a bit appalled by the sudden invitation.

"No worries, they are grown up mares. I'm sure they can handle themselves just fine." Twilight said confidently. The griffon snorted.

"I seriously doubt that..."



"Yes, you're the perfect candidate for it!"

"But nopony has asked me to organize anything since....well, you came to town."

Few minutes back both Gilda and Twilight had flew back to the town, that only after the purple mare's insistence for the griffon to join her. Gilda complied as long she didn't have to socialize with any strange ponies, the griffon expected some of them to recognize her from the last time she visited.

Twilight and Gilda flew over the plaza and landed in front of a large two store house. The griffon awaited patiently as the alicorn knocked over at the door. Some ponies passing by greeted Twilight, who returned the salutes cheerfully, while others narrowed their eyes at the griffon. Gilda could easily tell they still remember of her.

Right now both griffon and alicorn stood in front of an unicorn that, in Gilda's humble opinion, has a striking similar appearance of Twilight Sparkle. The differences being her mane style, her coat being a pinkish purple, and she had no wings. Her cutie mark resembled diamonds, at least three of them being at display on her flank.

"Oh, I didn't know that..." Twilight said somewhat in shock for discovering that, since her decision to stay at Ponyville, Amethyst Star's services and organizing qualities were forgotten so easily.

"Hum." Was all Amethyst Star said in response. Gilda clearly saw the ammount of dislike the unicorn has regarding Twilight.

"I wish I had know about that before. I love organizing and such, but I wouldn't mind at all leaving things up to you. Which is why I believe you're the only one I can count on to handle the team."

Gilda tried to keep a serious face, it was admirable how Twilight could turn a very awkward situation into her favor. This was one wise tricky mare.

Of course her words had the desirable effect as Amethyst Star's stern face dissolved into an embarrassed smile.

"You really mean that Twilight? It's a big responsibility you're hoofling over me."

"I wouldn't ask you if I wasn't sure. By the way, I want to introduce you to one of our team members. Gilda, want to introduce yourself?" Twilight offered kindly.

"Hey there," The griffon said hesitantly. She wasn't expecting to have to talk with other ponies, something Gilda thought she made clear to Twilight.

"Hi!" Amethyst replied rather cheerfully, much to Gilda's astonishment. Perhaps receiving such praise and responsibility from Princess Twilight raised her spirits tremendously.

"I have some affairs to attend to. Gilda, why you don't stay around with Amethyst in the mean time? I'm sure you'll two will need it since you two will have a lot to share during the event." Twilight suggested while turning around to leave.

"And why is that?" Gilda asked not feeling slightly thrilled about spending her time around a pony she barely knew.

"Well, as I mentioned before every team has a manager and a captain. So far I feel confident to appoint you as tean captain."

"Me?!" Gilda asked with an sheepish laugh. "Twilight, are you sure about that? I'm not really the leading type."

"Despite all the problems I saw you as the most capable at keeping a leveled head over difficult situations. Also of all the pegasus available you're then most matured one." Twilight quickly added as she saw Gilda opening her beak to protest. "I thought about Thunderlane or Cloud Chaser, but I think they have a lot already to worry about. I know it doesn't make sense to put you to handle this kind of pressure. You changed since last time you were here Gilda, quite a lot from what I could observe. A captain needs to have a firm grasp over the team and be somewhat intimidating. I'm afraid Rainbow Dash it's not really the leading type for this event. It doesn't mean she doesn't know how to lead. All these years at the Weather Control Team made her a fine pegasus for leading."

"Then why not Rainbow? You know she's going to go nuts about this." Gilda asked worriedly. The griffon could handle a sad Rainbow Dash, but an angry one was going to be a pain. Rainbow's pride would suffer a tremendous blow at not being elected the captain.

"Rainbow might get upset, even go as far as saying she's the one who made the team." Twilight frowned slightly. The purple mare still remembered her conversation with Cloud Chaser, in which Rainbow lied to her friend about being the one selecting the members. "But I trust you to keep her and Lightning in check. Amethyst will help you through this process, as also take part on every meetings regarding planning and strategic course settings."


"I'll explain latter, have fun you two!" Twilight said enthusiastically before flapping her wings and darting away from view.

Gilda stood quiet as she watched the purple alicorn dissappear from view.

"Sooo....your name's Gilda?" Amethyst Star timidly asked. The griffon slowly turned around to face the new team manager. If they really would tag along that much as Twilight mentioned, perhaps it would be better to start introducing herself properly.

"Not really, it's more like a commonly used nickname. Name's Grizelda. You're probably the first pony I told it so far." Gilda replied much formally as possible.

"Oh, I'm honored." The purple unicorn replied with evident nervousness. "Ponies normally call me by Amethyst Star, but I really don't mind going by Diamond Delegator."

"That actually makes more sense." Gilda said as she made her way inside Amethyst's house once the unicorn offered her to come in. "You cutie mark didn't have anything that could remind me of stars."

"That's understandable. Which is why my friends rather call me as Diamond De-

"Delegator. Yeah, you already said that." The griffon interrupted before Amethyst could finish. "So, it's there something you wanna know about the team? Any doubts?"

"Sure! Just hang on while I go after an scroll and ink so I can write it down." The unicorn moved towards a nearby desk to gather her material.

"Why don't you make one appear out of nowhere?"Gilda asked confused. The unicorn shared her confusion with an odd expression.

"That's not really possible. " Amethyst said staring at the griffon warily. Gilda let out a frustrated sigh.

"Fine, nevermind I said that." The griffon retorted impatiently.

Freaking magic.

While Amethyst was busy gathering some scrolls and making tea, much to Gilda's embarrassment, she really wasn't a fan of frufru stuff, the griffon spent her time observing the living room.

Gilda was pretty impressed with how clean and organized the mare kept her house, thought the interior felt cozy and very inviting, which was in certain ways different from Rainbow's house, it seemed to lack something important.

"So, how's life?" Gilda asked in hope of starting a casual conversation, which was very unlikely thing for the griffon to do.

"Was great until Twilight showed up." Amethyst spat without second thought. "Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate her or anything, it just hurts to think that ponies never bothered to give me a chance to do anything for them. They would always look for Twilight, even Mayor Mare ignored my talent. I just....had to blame something." The unicorn finished with a hint of self doubt and sadness.

Urgh, the heck is wrong with those ponies? Last time I came here they were all happy go lucky all over the place. Now everywhere I go they're moping or angst against the others.' Gilda though with annoyance.

Before the griffon could reply a sudden knock at the door interruped the conversation.

Amethyst, visibly puzzled by this unexpected visit, trotted towards the front door to greet her visitor.

"Hey there Diamond darling! Is my special somepony read to hang out this afternoon?"

Gilda's ears perked at this familiar voice, (Figuratively speaking of course) the ammount of flirtation and malicious so easy to notice that made it all much easier to guess who could it be.

"Cloud Kicker?"

The purple mare with blond mane( why everypony Gilda has seen lately had purple coat?) stared in pure terror once she saw the griffon appearing behind Amethyst.

"G-Gilda?! Oh, hey! Hehe, wow....hum...what are you doing here?" Cloud Kicker asked, her voice trembling due the embarrassment. "You didn't hear that, right?"

The griffon smiled mischievously. So the flirty young pegasus has a 'dirty' secret?

"Hum...maybe. I'm not sure myself. Maybe I'll go asking around t-

"No!" Kicker yelled panicking at the possibility. "Please Gilda, don't say anything! I'm sorry for teasing you about making with Rainbow, just don't tell anypony. We're not ready to make it public yet."

"Alright, alright. Don't get your tail in a twist. Also I'm not mad at you for any crazy stories you might think about me and Rainbow. I kinda enjoy some teasing." Gilda replied humorously.

"Oh, I'm relieved and not surprised Kicker has been flirting around." Amethyst said while glaring at the purple pegasus. Kicker smiled nervously under the piercing stare from her marefriend.

"Hey, I was just hanging with the others. Though I came back early cause the other mares were chasing after Thunderlane." Kicker said defensively.

"Why were the mares chasing Thunderlane?" Amethyst asked genuinely surprised. "I know he can be a hard head sometimes, but never to the point to upset any mare."

"Meh, maybe he's just stressed today or something. " Kicker said dismissively. Amethyst glared at her again.

Gilda stood nearby watching both mares interacting with curiosity. She never really saw mare couples before.

"I'm sure you had nothing to do with that." Amethyst said with sarcasm.

While Cloud Kicker pouted indignated Gilda moved around both mares to the area outside.

"Nice talk. I would like to stay for the tea but I think I' ve been here long enough. I'll hang around and see if I can find something to eat. I'll catch up with you later Delegator." Gilda said before flapping her huge wings and flying away to the outskirts of Ponyville.

"Well, she's not one to waste time. " Amethyst commented before turning around to find Kicker sneaking into her house. "Come back here Kicker! I'm not done with you!"

"But there's tea!" She retorded fillyshly. Amethyst let out an exasperated breath.

"I probably had too much cider when I decided to hang out with you."