• Published 12th Aug 2016
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Thunderbolts - Beakwood

Aiming to fulfill her dreams on becoming a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash gets the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of an international event. Thorough this adventurous task she will discover how big can she dream and how little can she expect.

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A Fresh Start

Author's Note:

Hello, this is my introduction of this project I made few months ago, perhaps I should finally give it a shot.

I first intended to publish this at Fanfiction net, but I guess for MLP this is the best place. I'm not really a brony, but I saw an interesting past story regarding specific characters and decided to make something different out of it.

Dear citizens of Equestria, I'm most pleased to announce the realization of our first Equestrian Flying Marathon.

The competition shall take place after two weeks counting since the publication of this announcement.

The event will consist of stages that will go across all of the Equestrian territory.

If you wish to participate on the following event please subscribe your name, your teammates, and your team's name for the next week.

Yours and truly,

Princess Celestia

Down below will be displayed the requirements/main rules for the event:

#1- Your team must consist of four members.
#2- Any species is allowed to join.
#3- At least one team member must be of a different species.
#4- All team members must be able to fly.
#5- Reserves are a must due the arduous nature and extent of the event.
#6- Safety gear is a must, all teams will be instructed regarding equipment once they submit their inscriptions.
#7- Due the duration of the event it's advised for all teams to have support members to assist them regarding personal affairs.
#8- Medical and Rescue teams will be on stand-by all times in case of accidents. All medical requirements will be covered by the event's organizer.
#9- Any acts of hostility or aggression will result on immediate disqualification of the individual(s) responsible by such regarding acts.
#10- Only 1 team per town/village/kingdom will be allowed at the event. Choose wisely your teammates.
#11- Each team will be allowed 1 sponsor if any team requires financial support to be able to compete.
#12- A professional arbitrary team will be judging the event during it's duration to evaluate the team's performance and prevent any foul play.
#13- Any display of magic to improve flying or used against any other team will result on immediate disqualification of the whole team.
#14- The complete regulation of the event will be available for all teams after their inscription, the spectators will have the access to them at the same day the event begins.

Down below follows the list of all the locations that will host the stages of the event:

Canterlot, Cloudsdale, Crystal Empire, Canterine, Manehattan, Baltimare, Tall Tale, Trottingham, Las Pegasus, Appleloosa, Dragon Lands, Tenochtitlan Basin, Fillydelphia, Foal Mountain, Flame Geyser Swamp, Whinnyapolis, Ponyville, Our Town, Smokey Mountains, Hoofington, Mustangia.

Good luck to all competitors, we expect to see you all on two weeks.


"No way...."

Rainbow Dash stood petrified while reading the most recent announcement that was glued at the wood board near the mail station. Her bright purple eyes scanning carefully over every single detail that was carefully written over the sizable piece of paper, including the royal markings at the edges.

"No way.......a flying marathon?" She felt the sudden urge to gasp for air as soon she realized for how long the kept holding it. Her mind still numb with shock at this unexpected development.

Normally her first thought was to fly straight to the nearest inscription post to submit her name, but all her adrenaline quickly died out as soon she saw the word 'team' into it.

How in the hay was she supposed to find a team for such an event? It didn't took long for her to understand how this event meant serious business taking on how big of a deal it was being made. Would she even find anyone that awesome as her to compete in a team? Also the requirements stated that she needed reserves, and the worst of al; one had to be from a different species!

"How I'm gonna put this up?! There's no way I'll find a good team at such short time..." She lamented herself over how difficult this was going to be. "Maybe the folks at Cloudsdale will pick me up..."

Which she seriously doubted, it was most likely the Cloudsdale team will consist only of Wonderbolts, and due the fact Rainbow was still on the reserves, the chance of being picked up was almost none.

"Raaaiiinnnbbbboooowwwww Daaaaaassshhhhh!" The blue pegasus flinched slightly, she easily recognized the voice calling for her. She slowly turned around to see an complete pink pony jumping towards her with all the happiness of the world.

While once Rainbow would've greeted her friend more cheerfully this wasn't the case, her mind still stuck on the process of trying to figure out how exactly to take part on the event with teammates. Good teammates.

"What you're reading Rainbow?" Pinkie Pie asked while looking over the shoulder of her dearest friend. The pegasus sighed dramatically before replying.

"Princess Celestia organized some flying marathon stuff, we're supposed to sign up teams for the next week! Urgh, how I'm going to find a good team on such short notice?"

Pinkie Pie frowned slightly. She wasn't exactly the best person to drop suggestions regarding something about Rainbow's flying desires. Still while most people would be looking all over to place for an answer the pink pony had an amazing talent to drop answers right at the bat.

"Well, why don't ya ask your friends to join you?" She asked cheerfully.

Well, most times at the bat....

"What you're talking about?" Rainbow Dash asked visibly annoyed. "It clearly says all team members must be able to fly!"

"That's right silly! You can ask Twilight and Fluttershy right away!"

The blue pegasus let out a loud groan. Both ponies mentioned by Pinkie Pie weren't exactly the first, or second, choices in her mind regarding teammates. How exactly could she explain such complexity to Pinkie Pie of all ponies? Rainbow did not want to be rude to her friend, but truth is that she had no idea what it takes to make a competitive flying team.

Rainbow Dash contemplated the board for few seconds before turning around with an angry huff.

How in the hay would she fit all the requirements? Just gathering the team was going to be impossible! There was no one in Ponyville that would be that much of a good flyer, at least not to compete on a league of such level. Her frustration only grew as she reminded herself of the Wonderbolts, which would definetely make a team of their own, though Rainbow couldn't help but wonder where they would find a member from a different species.

Pinkie Pie kept her incessant bouncing while reading the news regarding the tournament, something that made her all more hyper.

"Oooohhhhh, Rainbow this is amaaaaaaazzzzziiiiinnnnnng!"

"Yeah, yeah, sure it is," Rainbow Dash replied while waving her hoof dismissively. " Too bad I can't compete..."

"What?! Why not?!" The pink pony stood on shock while staring back at the cyan pegasus response. It was very unlikely of Rainbow to be so negative over something that involved flying.

"Yoy know why!" Replied Dash bitterly. " How can I participate if there's no way I can find decent flyers for a team, much less reserves! It's too much to take in, even if I did find a team there's no way I could provide gear or any other stuff!"

Pinkie Pie stopped her bouncing and stared apprehensive at her dear friend. She knew how terribly sad Rainbow was, even if the pegasus tried to cover it with indignation.

"Why don't you ask Twilight? I'm sure she wouldn't take long to find a solution, in the mean time I'm going back to Sugar Cube to bake some more deliciousness!"

Rainbow rolled her eyes at the suggestion. It was so typically obvious to look for the purple alicorn's advice at times like this, but Rainbow prefered to think she could handle this by her own. Much to her own frustration she just couldn't.

"Yeah, sure I'll ask T.......Pinkie?" Rainbow blinked at her friend's sudden disappearance. "Huh....she must be in a hurry."

The cyan pegasus quickly went airborne, with less enthusiasm than normal Rainbow Dash made her way to the library. Thankfully Twilight was spending her time there today rather than in the castle. Dash always felt a bit odd when going at Twilight's castle, the fact she was a princess now was easy to forget given their long friendship from back when the purple mare was an unicorn and came to Ponyville for the first time.

A bright sunny day washed over the hills of the village, very few small clouds floating around would soon be quickly dismissively by the Weather Control Team of Ponyville.

Rainbow Dash, being the manager of the Weather Control Team, wondered if one or two of her colleagues would be interested on participating at the event. Maybe they weren't top notch like her, but usually her team has skillful flying pegasus. Not taking Derpy into that account of course.

Maybe Storm Cloud or Cloud Chaser? They were somewhat decent if she could say so. Then then there was also the problem of the different species member. First thing that came into her head was Spike. That was just nonsense, the purple little dragon was too young to even fly, it was almost as bad of a choice as Fluttershy.

Rainbow always helped the kind and shy mare since their time at Flight Camp, but something this big and dangerous was way more than the pale yellow pegasus could deal with.

Thinking back on previous matters Rainbow vaguely came into another option. A bitter one.


It has been months since she last the Griffon, and this particularly memory hurt deep at Rainbow's conscious.

Gilda and Rainbow Dash were best friends since Juniors Speedsters Flight Camp, pretty much around the time Rainbow became friends with Fluttershy. Along the years each went their own ways, though Rainbow always aimed to become a Wonderbolt she never bothered to ask what Gilda's dreams were.

At this the cyan pegasus felt her consciousness gain an immense weight of guilt and shame. Their friendship ended few months ago, during a party that Pinkie Pie organized to welcome the Griffon into Ponyville.

Rainbow and Gilda kept contact with eachother after their departed from Flight Camp, Rainbow invited Gilda over in hopes of getting the Griffon to tag along with her new friends. The problem was that Rainbow and Pinkie Pie befriended eachother really quick before the griffon came, this friendship only possible thanks to the Nightmare Moon incident that later gave origin to the Mane Six.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash loved pranking, the day before the visit of Gilda both ponies spent the whole day pranking the villagers, it was a very fun day for both of them. The problems only started when Pinkie went after Rainbow Dash and the griffon was already there. Rainbow did not expect Pinkie Pie to visit but introduced Gilda anyways. It was then that Rainbow noticed the differences from that Gilda to the one back at flight camp.

Once Gilda used to be shy and insecure, being the only griffon among a place filled with pegasus. Rainbow found her to be really different and cool, it took her no second thoughts to go befriend the little griffin. It never came into Rainbow's mind to ask Gilda why she was the only griffon around.

'Were we best friends? Maybe I could have been better. .....whoa, look at me. ... thinking this out too much just like Twilight. ..'

The rainbow-maned pegasus tried to push those depressing thoughts away, but she couldn't help than dwell into it even more. As much as she denied to herself Rainbow really missed her griffon friend, they both went through so much togheter, it hurted to think how it all ended the way it did.

But the Gilda she saw last time...Rainbow couldn't understand why she changed so much, how could she turn into sompon- err....somegriffon so mean like she did?

Rainbow Dash let out a heavy sigh. Getting this team togheter was going to be much harder than ever.

Also there was the problem with getting someone to sponsor the team. There was little to no chance for Ponyville getting great companies from places like Manehattan, Las Pegasus or Canterlot to provide any kind of support for small villages.

Considering how difficult getting a team togheter would be, Rainbow wasn't looking forward to acquire nice equipment or any comfortable places to stay during stage transitions.

"Rainbow! What a lovely day, isn't it?"

The cyan pegasus raised her head as soon as he heard that familiar Canterlot-like accent. A white pony mare with fashionable purple mane was staring at her while being at the door of her Boutique.

"Oh, hey Rarity, " Dash greeted her back without much enthusiasm. Rarity could easily notice the bad mood of her pegasus friend.

"What's the matter darling? Are you having wing constrictions again?" She asked worriedly.

"Wing what? " Raimbow asked confused. " No, none of that. There's this event t-

"Oh, the flying marathon," Rarity quickly interrupted as sudden realization dawned on her. Rainbow frowned while looking at the fashion-obsessed mare.

"How did you know that?" Rarity let out a dramatic sigh.

"This event has shook many areas of our society, including mine. I can't stop receiving requests from different places all over Equestria begging me to provide their teams with uniforms and other accessories. I rather invest my time on something less trivial," She said with clear disdain regarding the event. "I have no objections to something that the Princesses obviously worked hard to organize, I seriously don't see any reason to provide my work since it's clearly going into waste considering how brutal such races tend to be."

Rainbow Dash actually paid attention to Rarity's opinion over flying contests, a sudden idea coming into mind.

"Rarity.....wouldn't you mind giving our team those uniforms and stuff instead?" The weather pegasus suggested with renewed hope. Rarity blinked.

"You do have a team? Dash my dear, I thought you'd be with the Wonderbolts for this event."

"Yeah, not happening, " Rainbow responded shortly while grimacing at it.

Just because Rainbow Dash made into the Wonderbolts reserves recently didn't gave her the slightest chance of being called uppon such event. The Wonderbolts knew better than put their reputation on the line for some rookie to be able to compete.

Rarity put her hoof under her chin while thinking about it.

"Well, if Ponyville does have a team, and you're in it, perhaps I could make an exception. It's your team already complete? She suddenly asked with a hint of excitement.

"Well....not really....I'm missing a few ponies..." Dash replied anxiously.

"And how many is that? Rarity asked with a hint of impatience.

"Errr....all of them?" The pegasus answered while smiling nervously.

"Rainbow Dash, did you just came here to request me to sponsor a team you don't have?"

"I-I will get one really quick! I just knew about this event today! It's not easy as it looks," Rainbow defended herself with certain frustration.

"Well, if it is such a problem why don't you ask Twilight for help? I'm sure she would be more than willing to provide you with the proper advices."


"Have a good day!" Rarity said cheerfully before closing the door. Rainbow groaned irritated.

"Yeah, I'll get Twilight alright."