• Published 12th Aug 2016
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Thunderbolts - Beakwood

Aiming to fulfill her dreams on becoming a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash gets the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of an international event. Thorough this adventurous task she will discover how big can she dream and how little can she expect.

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A Bitter Talk

Author's Note:

First of all I would like to thank all the readers so far for the support, it means a lot to me and the story itself.

This second chapter focus more on dialogue, hopefully I got the characters right in this one, also with some backstory development. Hope you enjoy.

"...that took exactly three weeks to be decided just so Princess Celestia herself could run specific tests. Undoubtedly we could not phantom the limitations regarding the esc..."

Rainbow Dash was laying over a fluffy purple couch, her thoughts wandering into past difficulties she faced during her stay in Ponyville. It was either that or endure hearing Twilight's endlessly rambling over the event that the Princesses organized.

"..int that says clearly how each team must have standard procedures when performing ocasional..."

Rainbow groaned annoyed at Twilight's incessant lectures about rules and such. The reason she came after the purple alicorn was mostly for the purpose of seeking advice regarding old friendships and possible options for Ponyville's team, but as soon she mentioned the marathon her purple mare friend instantly ignited her words of knowledge about the event with the most undying excitement.

".....ing the parameters that establish the average altitude in which each competitor will be pre-determinated as the maximum..."

Thankfully Spike came into the right time to save Rainbow Dash from the librarian's enthusiasm.

"Huh, Twilight? Maybe Rainbow Dash came here to ask about something related to the event, not about the whole thing," The small dragon interrupted as gently as possible.

Twilight blinked then stared at the cyan pegasus, Rainbow was noticeably upset.

"Oh, right. I suppose I could ask what's bothering you regarding such event," The purple mare said while looking to the side with a embarrassed smile.

Rainbow rolled her eyes before lazily raising her head towards the alicorn princess.

"I came here because I'm kinda having trouble finding teammates," She said with clear exasperation.

"Really? But I thought you would b-

"With the Wonderbolts. Yeah, I heard that one before. The thing is that being a reserve won't give me any chances at being invited. I rather make my own team."

"That's understandable, you want some tea? Offered Twilight as Spike returned with two filled tea cups.

"No, thanks. I'm really not in the mood for frufru stuff."

Twilight just shook her head with a smile while serving herself of some of the tea.

"What's the matter with getting your team togheter then? I would be more than happy for Ponyville getting their own team in this event."

Rainbow snorted knowing what could make Twilight happy so about it.

"Okay....how do I explain this? Well, you see....everyone here sucks."

"What?!" Twilight was so shocked that she spilled her tea all over herself.

"By flying I mean," Rainbow quickly explained before the purple mare could throw a tantrum.

"Oh,...okay then..." Twilight took a relieved breath while calming herself down.

The room became awkwardly quiet, both Rainbow and Twilight seemingly embarrassed.

"*cough* So what exactly do you need my help for, Rainbow?" Twilight seemingly curious while staring expectantly at the cyan pegasus.

"I kinda have some names in mind for the team, but the problem is getting to them," Rainbow said being somewhat evasive.

"You....don't know where they are?" Guessed Twilight after careful thinking for few seconds.

"Something like that."

Twilight raised an eyebrow at Dash's obvious reluctance on being more direct about the real problem.

"Okay, finding them shouldn't be too hard, who's the first one?" The Princess of Friendship asked with clear optimism. Rainbow frowned while looking away.


Twilight's optimism was replaced with an astonished expression. She stared at Rainbow Dash for a minute as if expecting for her to be playing around, but it quickly became clear she wasn't.

'Oohhh, so that's the real problem!' Thought Twilight while analyzing the situation carefully. 'No wonder she's acting so uptight. Does she really want to do this?'

Twilight could not precise exactly what Rainbow could be feeling when regarding the griffon, but due what happened last time they saw eachother surely they weren't happy feelings.

"Rainbow, do you really need Gilda for the team?" The cyan pegasus sighed heavily before meeting with Twilight's bright purple eyes.

"Twi, I have only two weeks before the event, it had clearly stated in the rules that one of the members had to be of a different species. Gilda not only is a griffon but also the best flyer I know that is not a pegasus. I do know how bad this might go, but I gotta give a try..."

Twilight carefully listened for Dash to explain her reasons, but something regarding Rainbow's explanation felt off. Aside from the clear desesperation and sadness in her voice.

"Rainbow. .." She started very slowly as if trying to assure herself of what she was about to say. "....it's the problem with Gilda still about what happened when she visited last time?"

Rainbow averted her gaze away from Twilight, she was displaying mixed emotions about the ordeal.

"It's more than that Twi, and. ...still hurts a bit to think about it," Twilight let out a sigh before moving next to her pegasus friend. She stared at Rainbow with sympathy before voicing her thoughts.

"Dash, all this bitterness you have towards Gilda will always remains and get stronger unless you do something about it. I..." Twilight hesitated with a frown. It seemed that whatever she was going to say could have terrible results. "....I'll be honest with you Rainbow, I thought your friendship with Gilda meant more to you than some mistakes she has made... "

Rainbow raised and eyebrow while staring confused at the purple mare. What exactly Twilight was implying?

"...I know she was a bit rude and did some wrong things, but apparently being her friend didn't had that much value to you if you could easily ended your friendship like that and never try to reconciliate somehow."

"What?!" Rainbow Dash jumped out of the couch, her face being a mix of anger and indignation. "So you're saying it's my fault she's gone?!"

Despite the pegasus outburst Twilight kept herlsef calm and tried to be humble as possible on her answer.

"No, but you didn't try to have it differently. I know Gilda wasn't nice, but I know you well Rainbow, you wouldn't have her as you best friend if she was always acting the way she did. What I'm trying to say is that perhaps you missed a stage of her life that you weren't there to see what could've changed her. Did you even asked Gilda how's she been living ever since you last saw eachother?"

That question was enough to kill any anger the cyan mare would be trying to built on her personal defense. Twilight had touched over a delicated subject that Rainbow always tried to ignore.

"I....well, I was really happy to see her again and....well, we didn't had much time to catch up since Pinkie came by a bit after Gilda." Rainbow admitted sheepishly.

"I can understand that, still I'm surprised you wouldn't ask eachother about family and ot-

Twilight made a brief pause just as she saw Rainbow visibly flinch. The purple mare raised an eyebrow at slight suspicion.

"Well, that would've been difficult. .." Rainbow was acting really odd and the alicorn mare was about to huff angrily at Rainbow's constant avoidance of the problem.

"What do you mean Rainbow? Can't you just tell me what bothers you so much? I'm really trying to help you, but if you keep avoiding the problem we'll never get anywhere."

"I....Gilda never....how I say this?" Dash played nervously with her mane with one of her hooves while looking down seemingly embarrassed. "We never asked eachother about our parents."

"Never?!Not even when you were at Flight Camp?" Twilight was genuinely surprised. Rainbow shook her head.

"We became friends really quick, we learned things from eachother regarding flying or eating or pranking. It never crossed our minds asking about family or that kind of stuff. Hay, I don't even know where Gilda live now or used to live."

"Well, that's actually easy. Have you heard of Griffinstone?" Twilight asked rather excitedly.

"Griffinstone? What is that?" Rainbow clearly never heard of it.

"It's the home of the Griffon Kingdom, there's an old legend that says t-

"Yeah, not looking for story time Twi," Rainbow Dash quickly interrupted sounding bored. The purple mare huffed annoyed.

"Fine, even so that's were Gilda must live. Griffinstone is located right at the border with Equestria, flying there should only take few minutes, for you at least. If you wish to get anywhere with your team you must amend past mistakes to accomplish your goals. Besides...who exactly are the other teammates you have in mind?"

Rainbow seemed a bit more enthusiastic with the change of subject after suffering so much thinking over the griffon she used to know.

"Well, I was thinking about Cloud Chaser and maybe someone else from Weather Control. Not that I can think of anyone else really that good..."

Twilight nodded while thinking on any possible candidates herself for the team. She was well aware Dash's team, or better saying, Ponyville's team would need reserves, still the main four competitors would've to be really good if they wanted to compete equally with the Wonderbolts or any other team that would be in the event.

Suddenly a memory came to mind, one that Twilight would not be to pleased to share with Rainbow Dash because it wsd obvious that the cyan pegasus was going to be terribly upset.

Oh, well. She was already trying to push Rainbow into Gilda again, how much worse this could get?

"Rainbow, I was thinking, there's a really good flyer out there that might be available, I know from....experience she used to be in the Wonderbolts. "

It was both funny and sad for Twilight to see the ray of hope and happiness emanating from Rainbow's eyes knowing how harsh and aggravating the truth would crush her.

"No way! For real?! Please, tell me! Please!" Normally Dash would be worried seeing Twilight's obvious reluctance, but she was so desperate to find good flyers that an ex-wonderbolts flyer was just too good to be true.

And in a way it was.

"Well....why don't you try asking Lightning Dust?"

Rainbow reared back and stared at Twilight as if she just hoofed her.


Twilight winced at the outburst. She saw this reaction coming a mile away, even so she decided it was worth the risk since she thought she could help Rainbow into the path of reconciliation.


"Have you already forgot what she did?!How can you even think this is an idea?!"

Twilight knew she was crossing dangerous waters, but she wasn't going to let Rainbow chew her out like this.

"Honestly Rainbow, who flies better than Lightning?" She asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Gilda, of course!' Dash responded a bit savagely without even thinking. Twilight smirked victoriously.

"Oh, that's kinda hard to believe, but if it's true wouldn't Lightning be the second option nevertheless?Also from what I could hear, and guess so far, it seems that your chances of getting either are very minimal."

Rainbow stood flabbergasted while staring at the purple alicorn, Twilight had her easily outsmarted in this one.

Damn egghead.

"Well....you....I ...there's Cloud Chaser!" The cyan pegasus tried to argue desperately.

"Which, with all due respect, is a good flyer but not a better option," Twilight quickly countered without difficulty.

Rainbow Dash felt that previous sense of hopeless washing all over her again. Wasn't bad enough to bring Gilda into this, but Lightning Dust?!

Dash was considering giving up her Wonderbolt dream and becoming Rarity's personal fashion assistant instead. It couldn't be worse than this.

"Also I might let you know that I've been keeping contact with her," Twilight said eyeing the pegasus warily. Rainbow blinked at confusion.

"And why would you?" She asked rather accusingly.

Twilight waited a bit before answering, her expression becoming morbid for whatever reason.

"She's not doing very well Rainbow. After the incident at Wonderbolt Academy I tried to contact her, it was easy once the Wonderbolts provided me with her adress. I came into contact with her parents. They said that Lightning was locking herself and keeping them away from her room for days. It took a month before she decided to go outside again. Her parents advised her to contact me as soon as possible."

Rainbow stood patiently while listening to the purple mare, she saw Twilight's horn glow with an purple aura around it indicating her use of magic. Few seconds later a small scroll came flying close to them.

"I requested her to explain exactly what happened back at the academy. I wanted you to read this, maybe you could see things from her side and understand it better."

Rainbow huffed at disbelief but took the scroll anyway, she had to be careful since the scroll was clearly mauled, it seemed someone spilled tea over it.

" Dear Princess Twilight

I'm honored for you to be sending me this message. It was very unexpected but I thank you much for the kindness and attention. I know you asked for what happened at the Academy, I hope you can forgive me if this message comes back a bit messy.

The day I received my acceptance was the proudest moment of my life, and so made my mother and father feel the same. I was convinced I could easily go through the tests without any problem, but I was wondering if I could find anyone with my skill level, it would be nice to start a dream sharing it with someone similar.

The moment I arrived at the Academy was a bit difficult due how much in ecstasy I was for getting to that moment I worked so hard during my whole life to get to.

Once all the cadets were lined up, and the great Spitfire herself was there to welcome us, it was then when I saw Rainbow Dash for the first time.

It took a single glance at her for me to see how different she was from any other pegasus that was in that line. It's a bit weird to say this but....I thought I saw a lot of myself on her.

That could work for both ways once we got to know each other better, Rainbow was everything I hoped for on a friend and wingpony. She has amazing talent like I never saw on anyone but myself. Honestly I thought we could easily surpass any Wonderbolt with few months of hard training. That's how I saw us both.

Perhaps that's were I started to mess things up.

It....was difficult to understand why things ended the way they did, but talking with my parents, and especially you, helped me clear few things. I can see what I did wrong, but why?

I never intended to hurt anyone, I thought we could control that hurricane, I messed it up and things got out of control, still why I felt accused of almost killing you and your friends? I realize now I should've not acted with such disregard towards what could have happened with you and the others.

When Rainbow accused me of my recklessness I saw now big deal, especially because that's what I believed what the Wonderbolts wanted from me, pushing myself to the hardest.

I learned too late there were directions to it.....

I was stripped, kicked and ashamed. I looked back at Rainbow hoping, begging, screaming into my own head for her to say something, to help me somehow.

She never did.

She hated me? I thought she was my friend....I thought she cared...

I came into the academy and broke many records just on the first day. I just did not expect to break two of them that fast.

Losing my Dream.....

And my only friend.

If you see Rainbow and you find a moment to talk with her, please tell her I'm sorry, you probably will have more of a chance than I.

I know she won't accept it....but....but....



Why Rainbow?Why? Why does she hate me? It was because I was made Leadpony? She was angry for being my wingpony? I thought she would be happy, I really was. It was a bit unfair with the other cadets to have both of us on the same team if I had to be truthful.

I don't know what to do Twilight, perhaps Weather Control is the only thing left for me now, that if they accept me. Being kicked out of Wonderbolts kinda gets you a bad reputation.

.....this last month......was difficult. .....

Seeing how many stupid things I did lately to be kicked.....at least I didn't made another.

Thanks for caring Twilight, despite me almost hurting you. Take care.

Lightning Dust "

Rainbow went extremely silent for several minutes, her magenta eyes never leaving the scroll, her face of pure shock and horror.

Twilight observed with sadness as the cyan pegasus finally gathered her thoughts.

"She. ..she wouldn't. .." Rainbow sounded terrible and judging by her expression that was exactly how she felt.

"A dream of a lifetime. ...now for her just a memory."

"When did you got this message?" Dash was visibly shaken.

"A couple weeks ago I suppose." Twilight responded with uncertainty. Rainbow nodded absentmindedly.

"You should be careful when receiving this stuff, there's tea marks all over it." Rainbow said while returning the scroll back to Twilight. She sighed heavily.

"Those marks are not tea Rainbow Dash, they're tears."