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Thunderbolts - Beakwood

Aiming to fulfill her dreams on becoming a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash gets the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of an international event. Thorough this adventurous task she will discover how big can she dream and how little can she expect.

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Odd Forgiving

Author's Note:

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A deafening silence went by as both pegasus stared down at eachother, one expressing visible concern while the other seemed unimpressed.

Lightning Dust scoffed before saying anything, not that words would be really necessary to express how she felt.


Lightning let her anger vent towards the other pegasus without any restrictions. Rainbow was prepared for the onslaught she would receive, Gilda stood nearby watching with curiosity how Lightning was going to behave towards the other mare.

"I'm supposed to believe that?!Why you even here?!Wasn't getting me expelled enough for ya?!Did you brought your griffon here to finish me off?"

Rainbow frowned at the bit of paranoia Lightning was demonstrating, though that probably was the ammount of anger getting to her head, mixed with some fear. Gilda did not like one bit to be mentioned as if she belongs to Rainbow, but giving the circumstances she was going to let it slip.

" 'Oh look at me, I'm Rainbow Crash, the greastest flier ever! I'm such a great Wonderbolt now thanks to all the plot kissing I made on Spitfire.' " Lightning mocked with a high pitched voice while expressing disgust.

Rainbow gritted her teeth in attempt of keeping her nerves in check. Gilda was quite surprised with how mouthful this pony was being, something she never saw on anypony else.

Lightning didn't seem to care about their reactions as long she could unleash all of her hate into the mare she once saw as a friend. The only reason keeping Rainbow from hoofing Dust on the face was the letter that Twilight revealed to her hours ago.

Despite all the hate displayed Rainbow knew it was a matter of time until it was all vented away to be replaced by the pain deep underneath all that maelstrom of seething.

No matter how offensive it would get, Rainbow Dash knew she would have to go through it as best as she could. Even if the things Lightning says could get so absurd that would shock even Gilda.

"Do you think I care about what you have to say?! Do you see this?!" Dust gestured her house by pointing her hoof around. "I can't keep this house as it was. I got no job, no friends, and no one dispose to give me a chance thanks to you and damn Spitfire!" Lightning spat at mentioning Spitfire as if she just tasted something really awful. "I'm not going back to my parents!I put too much effort to accomplish all of it! Grandpa would never........"

Rainbow and Gilda watched as Lightning soured tremendously after mentioning her grandfather. It was easy to guess that, judging her reaction, he was somepony very close to her and must have impacted greatly on her fillyhood.

The former Wonderbolt cadet trotted to the nearest wall and rested herself against it, she was too emotionally shaken to stand on her own.

Rainbow stared unsure of what to do. She knew Lightning wouldn't accept an apology, but maybe what she really needed was a chance to start over. The only doubt being on how much Dust changed from the pegasus she was back at the academy to the one she was now. Would she be reckless and uncaring again?

"Even so, she's not here only to apologize, we came here to invite you to our team to compete at the marathon." Gilda suddenly said taking the lead on the conversation, it was clear to her that Rainbow was a bit lost on how to handle the situation.

Lightning's head slowly raised towards the griffon, her expression of pure disbelief.

"Me? Of all the pegasus on Equestria, you came after me?" Gilda chuckled at her reaction.

"That's pretty much what I said when Rainbow invite me. We weren't in good terms either." Lightning raised an eyebrow.

"How so?" She asked visibly interested.

Rainbow Dash stood by watching the interaction with clear uneasiness. Last thing she wanted was to hear her former friends talking about their problems regarding friendship with the rainbow-maned pegasus.

"Well, we knew eachother since we were fillies. We became best friends since then and few months back I dropped by to visit her, I kinda messed up with her friends, after another misunderstanding she cut off our relationship." Gilda said visibly non bothered by it. Lightning scoffed.

"Just like that." Dust said unimpressed. Gilda shrugged, but with her face expressing disappointment. "Makes me wonder how she even has any friends at all." Lightning said with mockery. Rainbow got quite upset with that remark.

"And no thanks to you I almost lost the ones I had! You're not one to talk about friendship Dust, since you don't have friends!"

"Rainbow Dash!" Gilda scolded at her while visibly shocked at the bluntness.

Lightning seemed to have sulken even more as she stared into the wall. Rainbow felt like she just messed everything up, despite seeing how mouthful Lightning was being she decided to pay no mind to it if she was the only one being insulted, but her nerves were tested when she heard insults driven to Spitfire and her friendship regarding the mane six questioned.

Gilda really didn't knew much of what happened between these two, but from the few she could observe on Lightning, she was incredibly similar to what Rainbow was months back, but without friends around to worry about. It felt like seeing an old egocentric Rainbow arguing with a new less egocentric one.

It really wouldn't get anywhere, that's why she was here for.

"That's not true Dash, I wouldn't mind being her friend. " The griffon said as she placed herself near the sullen pegasus. Lightning eyes widened in surprise, she looked around to find her own amber eyes locked with the griffon's golden ones. "That's it, if she doesn't mind if I'm a griffon." Gilda completed with a smirk.

"What? Why would I mind that? Griffons are awesome!" Lightning blurted out before she could stop herself. She held a hoof to her mouth while blushing. "I mean, errrrr...."

Gilda couldn't help but laugh at her expense, she truly appreciated the comment.

'Yeah, just what I thought, she's just like Dash'

"Lightning, look I know you're upset, or even more than that, but we really came here looking for you. You don't have to amend fences with anyone..." Gilda stopped to glare a warning towards Rainbow since the cyan mare was about to argue that. Dash decided to not comment once she saw Gilda's staring at her in a very unfriendly manner. "....we really could use you on the team. Heck, if Dash thinks you're up for it you must be a great flier."

In a way it served to compliment both pegasus and put Rainbow under a more favorable spotlight. Lightning was still doubtful about what to think of it.

"If you're saying so....but I rather go if there's something to gain out of this. No, I don't mean money." Dust cut off Rainbow's response before she could said anything. "I want a job, can I get something like that after the competition is over?"

Rainbow and Gilda felt concerned about what to say, it's not like competitors would come for the event expecting to make a career out of it. Such events happened very once in a while, and flying competitions were more Wonderbolt related.

"Well, maybe if you do great the Wonderbolts might open a spot at the academy for you again." Rainbow said somewhat hopefully. Lightning frowned.

"The Wonderbolts can rot in Tartarus for all I care."




Rainbow felt as if the room have been hit by an intense blizzard of the winter season. Her face paled while her jaw hang on shock. She couldn't think of absolutely anything as she stared at the other pegasus as if she never saw her before.

Lightning's dream since a filly, to be a Wonderbolt, her idol was Spitfire, she had family members that were Wonderbolts....

How could she say that?!

Gilda stood watching both pegasus with alarm. She knew how much Rainbow idolized the Wonderbolts, and to confront another pegasus saying that Rainbow's fillyhood heroes were worth as much as a cart filled with fertilizers could develop things into a very nasty direction.


Gilda felt very tempted to get her claws on Rainbow right now, she saw as Lightning Dust was getting ready to argue back but felt it was time to pull some strings.

"Shut up both of you!So what Dash?!I was also a jerk back then to you and your friends, I admit it alright?!" The griffon nearly roared at her, the cyan mare was caught off-guard by the outburst coming from Gilda. She expect the screaming coming from Lightning instead. "I know you hated me for what I did!I was too proud to admit it was wrong!I even stole food, so you can guess how much of a jerk I was!"

The confession surprised both pegasus as they watched the griffon struggling with herself to not breakdown.

"I had nothing Dash, just like Lightning I lost the only thing that really was important to me. It was me and jerkstone to live at and....." Gilda felt a knot at her throat, her head was aching and her eyes watering. "....I really believed for a moment that I would never see you again...."

"Gilda...." Rainbow was at loss of words. She knew the griffon must have felt a bit guilty by her actions, but not to the state of hopelessness.

Gilda, despite the anger and frustration, despite Lightning being there to watch, enclosed Rainbow into a firm hug of her own. This caught Dash by surprise, the griffon never hugged anyone by free will. She even doubted Gilda liked to be touched. For her to display this ammount of affection could only demonstrate how much of a emotional wreck she was.

Rainbow hated to admit, but it was starting to get to her too. Once three tough fliers with tomboyish attitude, now three mares with feelings all over the place.

Dear Celestia she hoped nopony ever knew about this.

Lightning was visibly embarrassed by the affectionate display in front of her, but also made her wonder if it was worthy to give Rainbow Dash another chance. It was clear that the cyan pegasus means a lot to Gilda, deep down Lightning knew she felt just the same.

"I won't say I'm sorry for what I said, but....I really would like to be your friend again.....Dash...." Lightning said somewhat timidly. Rainbow, once free from the hug, stood surprised at what she heard. "Like I said to Twilight, I never hated you, I....just wanted you to be my friend, not just a partner or wingpony. If being Leadpony meant so much to you, maybe we could've talked about it." Lightning's voice trembled, the pain of the memories was finally coming into her. "Despite finding out that you complained with Spitfire, I still think it was her fault for getting us on the same team, it was her fault for keep telling me that I was pushing the right way...only for her throw it at my face without even telling me what I did wrong."


Rainbow stood indignantly as she heard the last part. She always believed Spitfire handled that issue accordingly. Lightning, who was clearly mooping a second ago, raised an eyebrow at the reaction.

"You didn't know? I was called into her office after being dishonored in front of you and your friends. She said some.....things about my character, and especially how lucky I was for not getting charged for almost killing Twilight and the others at the occasion. But then if I was held responsible so would her be. Spitfire rather see me far away than risking losing her career because of my irresponsibility. "

"But why you couldn't get a job? You did had one right?" Rainbow asked sympathetically, being the first time she actually felt bad for Lightning.

"I think I took for granted becoming a Wonderbolt that I dropped everything else." Dust replied morbidly. "After I got expelled I got a nice mark on my curriculum saying how unfit I was to be working alongside other ponies. Since then I got not a single shot at any job whatsoever. "

"Spitfire marked your curriculum?" Rainbow frowned, why would she do that? Wasn't Spitfire aware that by doing such she would be condemning Dust to a jobless life?

"That's not what I would expect from a Wonderbolt, I thought they weren't the likes of holding a grudge." Gilda said being quite amazed at Lightning's outcome. The mare just shrugged.

"Whatever they are it doesn't matter, now they have my grudge to worry about. If I could have the chance to prove that I'm better than them I would do anything!" Dust said ferociously. Gilda's amazement was instantly replaced by a smirk.

"Anything?" Gilda asked innocently. Rainbow had a bad feeling about this.

"You bet your plot on it!" Lightning said without missing a beat. Gilda laughed humorously.

"Well, not sure about my plot.....but there's some familiar plots that will compete at the event. Plots that you'll want their owners to kiss yours as you leave them behind." Gilda said somewhat teasingly. Rainbow stood mortified near the griffon as she went with her inappropriate teasing.

"And who would they be?" Lightning asked interested. "They better be worthy, I don't like having anypony kissing my plot."

Gilda managed to keep her composure while Rainbow seemed about to crack at any second.

"I don't know, seemed you did not like the Wonderbolts after all. Are you sure you would like to have Spitfire kissing your plot goodbye?"

Lightning's face turned into sudden ecstasy.

"The Wonderbolts will also compete?!" Gilda nodded with satisfaction. " Ha!You bet I will be there! I'll beat Spitfire so badly that not only she will kiss my plot but also lick it!"

Rainbow and Gilda stood quiet while giving the pegasus odd looks. Lightning seemed to realize what she said as her face reddened tremendously.

"He he, I mean....beating her is fine. Heh, can't wait..."

"Sure...." Gilda said after an awkward silence. "...listen, if you're fine with joining the team it would be a good idea to let you know that we'll be traveling back to Ponyville. Rainbow...." At this the griffon glared briefly at her friend. Rainbow instantly understood the message. "...will accommodate us on her house for the time we prepare ourselves and get this team going."

"Ponyville?Never been there before." Lightning said seemingly curious. "What is it like?"

"It's a quiet and ordinary town, nothing exceptional. " Gilda said somewhat sarcastically. Rainbow snorted.

Ordinary, yeah right.

"I will get a backpack then, not that I have that much..." Lightning said unsuredly.

"Don't worry, once we get a sponsor material won't be an issue." Rainbow said feeling more at easy with Lightning than she has been before.

"You...don't mind me staying at your house, right? I don't want to be a burden." Lightning asked worriedly. Now this actuallt surprised Rainbow, it seems that outside flying Dust could be very humble about things.

"Not a problem. I can assure you there's enough space for all of us." Rainbow said somewhat smugly, but a quick shove from Gilda brought the pegasus back to place. "He he, don't sweat about it, it's a fine house. You'll like it."

"Okay then, I will gather my stuff. I'll be right back at ya." Lightning said with relief as she made her way to her room.

Gilda let out an exasperated sigh.

"What?" Rainbow asked rather upset by the griffon's reactions.

"Things are going fine, don't ruin it by letting your ego get the best of you. I swear both of your egos are bigger than the world itself." Gilda said mockingly.

"Hey, my ego is just fine! At least I'm not too proud to not admit it gets to my head sometimes." Rainbow responded back while pouting. The griffon rolled her eyes.

"You're so cute when you're upset." She said teasingly. Rainbow gasped dramatically.

"I'm not! Stop calling me sappy!Jerk!"

"Egocentric. "


"Flip Flop".






"What's going on here?"

Both Gilda and Rainbow stopped their arguing as they saw Lightning Dust standing nearby while staring concerned.

"Nothing, just having a conversation from old times." Gilda replied while walking towards the entrance. " If you're ready we better get going, it will be getting dark soon."

"Yeah, I guess." Lightning said as she followed the griffon to the outside."By the way you own me a door."

"Sure thing. You can charge it later with the responsible. Isn't that right, Dash?" Gilda asked with a glint on her eyes that suggested something unpleasant.

"What do you mean?" Rainbow asked as the trotted nearby both the other pegasus and the griffon. It was already late and most the streets of Cloudsdale were empty.

"Oh, well you're the responsible for organizing this expedition, therefore you'll be held for all the charges along the way. That's what a good leader is."

Rainbow stopped her trotting and gave the griffon a murderous stare.


Before she could finish Gilda took flight and darted away.

"GET BACK HERE!" Rainbow rushed after the griffon on a hot persuit. One that would prove rather tiresome for the pegasus given she was still carrying her backpack. Lightning rolled her eyes at their fillish behavior.
"I better tell mom and dad where I'm going. I don't want to give them the wrong idea. Again."