• Published 24th Apr 2016
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Sour Sweet Scrappers - Nico-Stone Rupan

Gilda challenges Fluttershy to a fistfight. Naturally, Fluttershy abhors violence… but Sour Sweet doesn’t.

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Chapter 1: The Challenge (2ND Person)

Author's Note:

For a while, I was afraid finals would make me postpone finishing this one for another week. Hate to keep anybody waiting :twilightsmile:

As always, when Sour Sweet’s dialogue is presented in italics she’s sweet, in bold she’s sour, and in plain type she’s normal.

<<<Portions of this story were revised on May 30, 2016. Some comments concerning the previous version have been directly incorporated into the edits>>>

One of the reliefs from the dullness of fourth period is the essay assignments. Considering the types of students who attend Crystal Prep Academy, the results are always guaranteed to be pretty entertaining. Today, you were all supposed to compose a persuasive argument for the topic of your choice.

You were not disappointed.

“… and that’s why Che Guevara was the greatest, most gorgeous man ever to live and why we should all follow his example of locking those who practice individualism up into forced-labor camps,” Starlight Glimmer beams as she concludes her essay recitation. She then pinches the opposite hems of her skirt and curtsies for the class. “Thank you! Any questions?”

Part of you wants to ask how calling someone “greatest” and “most gorgeous” fits into her usual philosophy of equality. Then again, Starlight’s daily hypocrisy and contradictions were so numerous that it would just get exhausting if one attempted to point them all out.

The bell rings. Everyone gets up to head to lunch. You then suddenly notice that Sour Sweet has a rather confused look on her face.

“Sour, what’s wrong?”

“I… I don’t know,” she says as you two walk out together into the hall. “Something strange happened back there. While I was listening to everyone else’s essays, I was coming up with insults for each and every one.”

“Well, no offense, but that’s pretty normal for you, Sour,” you admit.

“But I didn’t say them out loud. That’s the point! Like when Starlight opened for questions, I wanted to ask, ‘I bet you diddle yourself to Che T-shirts, don’t you?’ or when Tree Hugger was talking about all the hallucinogenic drugs she wanted to be legalized, I wanted to blurt, ‘It must be so lovely to view hallucinating as a luxury. Check your mental privilege!’ But I didn’t. I didn’t say anything!”

A big smile begins to form on your face. “Sour, are you saying that you were displaying self-control?”

Sour Sweet’s eyes widen in shock. “I-is that what I was doing? Is this what it’s like to NOT insult people? Holy crap, it feels so weird!”

You instantly give Sour Sweet a warm, celebratory hug. “Sour Sweet, I’m so proud of you.”

Sour Sweet melts in your arms and returns the hug, snuggling her face into your shoulder.

“No public displays of affection in the halls.”

The two of you immediately part at the sharp tone to find yourselves under the disapproving gaze of Principal Cinch. Such a sight isn’t unusual, but the presence of the two Wondercolts behind her is. Applejack and Fluttershy are holding a couple of boxes of apples each. Well, to be precise, Applejack is holding boxes and Fluttershy is struggling to hold them.

What are those horse girls doing here?” Sour Sweet asks.

“Is it truly necessary ta call us that?” Applejack asks, irritated.

“Th-that’s just Sour Sw-sweet’s term of en-endearment for us, Appleja-jack,” Fluttershy clarifies while doing her best to handle the weight of the apples.

“They’re only here to make a delivery to the cafeteria,” Cinch says with an undertone of reluctance.

“I thought the Academy unnecessarily imported its apples from some overly-expensive, posh French orchard,” you say.

Cinch’s face scrunches up with displeasure. “That company has recently changed some policies regarding just who they allow to place orders. Apparently, grade-school Academies, regardless of superb reputation, were determined to be beneath them to give their apples to. Therefore, until another suitable supplier is found, Crystal Prep will have to settle for local.”

Needless to say, Cinch’s last three words makes Applejack begin to steam up. However, she still bites her tongue lest she go off on a paying customer.

“Come along, the cafeteria is this way,” Cinch instructs as she leads Applejack down the hall.

Fluttershy was about to follow, until you get in her way.

“Hey, let me get those for you,” you offer.

“Oh, n-no, I-I’m al-alright,” Fluttershy claims, her arms shaking as if they are just about to give out.

“Let me at least get one,” you persist.

Fluttershy finally gives a nod to this. You remove the top box. Immediately, you can see the relief in Fluttershy’s expression with the loss of weight.

Fluttershy, why are you helping Applejack with her deliveries?” Sour Sweet asks. “No offense, but you look like you’d get winded bench pressing a twig.

“Oh, you know, I just wanted to help out a friend, heh-heh,” Fluttershy replies nervously.

At that moment, Big Mac passes by, effortlessly holding a tall stack of apple boxes.

“Comin’ Fluttershy?” he asks.

Fluttershy blushes and nods. “Y-yes.”

You see Sour Sweet taking note of her reaction and smirking. Big Mac takes off down the hallway as you, Sour Sweet, and Fluttershy trail behind.

Sour Sweet nudges Fluttershy’s arm. “So, that’s the reason, huh? Trying to cozy up with Applejack’s brother, are we?

Fluttershy’s eyes shift. “Wh-what are you talking about? I-I’m doing anything like that.”

Flutters, you don’t have to try to get into the Apple Family through their business. Woman up and just ask him out already!

“Oh, I’m afraid I’m up against stiff competition, Sour Sweet,” Fluttershy sighs. “Pinkie Pie’s sister, Marble, seems to like Big Mac and the Crusaders even once tried to set him and Miss Cheerilee up for Valentine’s Day. Sure it was misguided since they are a student and a teacher, but after graduation who knows what could happen?”

They can’t compare to you, Fluttershy. I’d like to see Marble and Cheerilee save the entire world three freakin’ times.

“Yeah, go for it, Fluttershy,” you chime in, giving her an encouraging smile. “If you never try for it, you could end up wondering what could have been.”

Fluttershy cracks a small smile as you three are about to pass a corner. “Yeah, maybe you guys are right. Maybe I could –”

Suddenly, Fluttershy cries out in surprise and drops down. Her box drops as well, the apples spilling out all over the hall floor.

Big Mac halts to look back. You and Sour Sweet whip your heads over to see Gilda leaning against the other side on the corner with her foot out and a smug smirk on her face.

“Yeah, you better bow down, Wondercolt!” Gilda laughs over the fact that Fluttershy happened to land on her hands and knees. “You’re on sacred ground now!”

“Gilda, what the hell?!” you find yourself yelling in anger.

“Butt out, dweeb,” Gilda warns as she squats down to level her fierce eyes with the misty ones of Fluttershy. “I was hoping I’d see you again. I bet you felt high and mighty sucker punching me outside your psycho ward, didn’t you? Well, I’m ready for you this time. I want you to meet me at the city park today at four o’clock, understand? We’re going to have a real fight.”

“What’s goin’ on?” Big Mac asks as he walks back over.

“Nothing that concerns nobody but us two,” Gilda states, still glaring at the terror-filled Fluttershy. “Remember, four o’clock.”

With that, Gilda shoots back up and casually strolls down the hall.

Sour Sweet extends her hands to help the shaken Fluttershy back up. Your rage beginning to subside, you realize that Sour Sweet never once said a word during that whole scene. She actually looks rather calm. You would have expected her to lash out as she had so many times before over way smaller incidents. Perhaps she truly has mastered self-control?

“Alright, Fluttershy?” Big Mac asks.

Fluttershy, still holding back tears, nods. “Y-yes. I-I’m so sorry about the apples.”

“They can be washed,” Big Mac noted, a small hint of sympathy protruding from his usually calm voice.


Another school day at Crystal Prep Academy ends with the ring of a bell.

Of course, the events of earlier were still on your mind. You and Sour Sweet had helped Fluttershy and Big Mac pick up and wash off all the apples which were spilled. By the time you finally made it to the cafeteria to complete the delivery, Principal Cinch was rather peeved. She even made a backhanded accusation that you four were lazily lollygagging in the halls.

You and Sour Sweet then said your goodbyes as Applejack, Big Mac, and Fluttershy had to return to Canterlot High before the lunch period ended. You two had barely enough time to eat yourselves thanks to Gilda.

Before Fluttershy left, however, you noticed Sour Sweet going over and whispering something in her ear.

“I just don’t know where Gilda gets off acting the way she does,” you fume as you two walk out the front doors. "Do you think there is any particular reason for it?"

I don't know, but perhaps her attitude will be made to change soon. Veeeerrry soon.

“Well, at least Fluttershy seemed to be okay. Imagine her getting into a fight. It’s ridiculous that Gilda thought she would really show –” You stop as you spot a nervous Fluttershy stepping off a city bus. “Wait, what’s Fluttershy doing back here?”

Sour Sweet laughs nervously. “Oh, Fluttershy and I are going to go do some shopping together. Girl time, you know?

“Oh, okay,” you say. You begin to think that something is up, but try to ignore those thoughts. You trust Sour Sweet not to do anything stupid. You just hope you’re not being naïve about that…

You kiss your girlfriend goodbye and begin your way home as Sour Sweet goes over to meet with Fluttershy.