• Published 6th May 2016
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Light's Darkest Form - Fateful Pony

Derpibra and his friends go off to the ruins revealed during The Chrysalling.

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“Where do you think you’re going?” A mare’s voice called after Derpibra.

“Huh? Sanctus? How did you get here?”

“Heh. Where else would that purple pony teleport you to?”

“...Smart. But you’re not gonna stop me!”

“Test me.” She withdrew her heavy greatsword. “You aren’t going to kill to our King!”

“I’ll worry about you later.” Derpibra soared off to face Magnus.

“Oh no you don’t! Don’t you dare fly away from me!” She pursued him. “I might be a unicorn, but I can fly too!”

Only seconds after the flight, Derpibra stopped suddenly.

She stopped just feet behind him.

They stared intently for several more seconds before Derpibra broke the silence. “I don’t want to fight you.”

“You fought the rest without a problem! Don’t treat me any differently!”

He grunted. “Fine, if you demand satisfaction that much… you do realize just how much stronger I’ve become over the past few months?” He briefly transformed into a Super Saiyan. His purple aura and mane spiked and waved by the force of his power. “The chains broke off as soon as the wall opened. I hadn’t even noticed... “

“You think I’m weak? You forgot that I studied the ways of the dragon already?” Her mane shined a glorious gold, and stood in a flame-like style just like Derpibra’s.

“So, you can become a Super Saiyan…”

“Yes! You’re the only one who pushed me this far besides the darkness. You should feel honored.”

Her power is amazing! I better not underestimate her.

“Now now, no need to fight him, Sanctus.”

Derpibra’s eyes shot wide open. An almost unreal magic level was right behind him.

“Magnus? Your Worship, this stallion deserves every bit of punishment! He comes here with the objective that requires your murder! And you would simply-”

“Hush… I will not let him escape, for betraying the Light. I will deal with him myself.”

“As you wish.” Sanctus scoffed.

Magnus turned over to Derpibra. “Does the Dark compel you?”

“A bit more than your Light. You liar…”

“I see Daischtert has gotten to you. Would you really believe what he has to say?”

“I’ve seen evidence of your crimes. Inscriptions, documents! They all tell against you, Magnus!”

“Ponies- so weak minded and easily fooled. You really have given in to him.”

“Yes, I have- to beat you. The truest form of Darkness is Darkness disguised as Light.”

“Who’s to say Daischtert is the exception, on the flip side?”

“He proved himself. Where’s your proof, hm? Maybe you can Time Travel and-”

“Silence. I will have no more of your reasoning. You have betrayed the Path of Light, and you will be cast into eternal Darkness for it!”

“And how are you going to do that if you’re a dragon of Light?”

Magnus charged a yellow sphere in his mouth then launched it towards Derpibra.

He swiftly dodged, then transformed into Super Derpibra.

“My.” Magnus feigned a blown-back expression. “You’ve grown quite a bit since your training with me some months back.”

“Yeah.” He frowned slightly harder. “And this rapidly increasing strength of mines will be your doom!”

“Tell me,” He began. “What drives you to kill me? Do you even possess a personal motive for this?”

“I know right from wrong. You tried to use me and my friends for your evil deeds… innocent ponies died because of you! ...We had to kill others too. I know that the more I adventure, the more of this stuff I might see and do… might as well make sure I do it to the right ones!”

“You are a fool… just like the rest of them! You ponies, disrespecting the honor of dragons in such a grotesque fashion!”

“So, I was right about you!” He squeaked. “You talk in a way that makes us seem lesser than you!”

“You are at least set higher in observance and intelligence than the rest of your kind… no matter. Seems I will have to do away with you like the rest. A shame, a hero of my creation, and I must destroy him. Pity.”

Derpibra’s magic soared. “I don’t care if you’re a god dragon or not! You’re not gonna beat me! Good always triumphs over evil!”

“You will learn in time that that isn’t always true.”