• Published 6th May 2016
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Light's Darkest Form - Fateful Pony

Derpibra and his friends go off to the ruins revealed during The Chrysalling.

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A Mark Worthy of Dragons

“Aw, she likes you Derpibra.” Fluttershy handed the pigeon over to him.

“I guess she does. I’mma call her… Pidgey. Who’s a cute little Pidgey?”

The pigeon chirped.

“How did you ever manage to find a pigeon out here? These animals are usually native to urban environments, right?” Twilight asked.

“Yes. But, something is different about her. Maybe we’ll find out why someday.”

“Hey Optix?” Derpibra said.


“Aren’t you gonna tell us about what your backstory is?”

“When we get home chum.”

Daischtert, with his deep voice, began to speak. “I was impressed by the power you were generating back there.”

“Thanks Scaley.”

“I have to ask: how do you grow so quickly?”

“I don’t know. It just kinda comes to me.”

“I’d say you have an actual talent for this.”

“What? Ah c’mon, you’re just being nice.”

“That’s not what your cutie mark is telling me.”

“Huh?” He looked down at his flank to spot a silver kite shield encased in a golden aura, presumably magic, as his cutie mark. His eyes brightened and sparkled as he stared in awe. “Yes! I finally got it! But… I didn’t do anything to earn it, did I?”

“You did. You learned that you favor protecting your friends with your magic, or any other means. Let your mark be a symbol of triumph. Now, you know your purpose is concrete.”

Everyone congratulated him with claps and whistles.

“Oh boy! My parents are gonna be so happy when I show them! This. is. EPIC!”


With the war now over, and Derpibra finally obtaining his mark, him and his friends are now more curious about where they may end up next.

Optix did mention she had an interesting story to tell...

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7544530 Of all music you could've chose. :rainbowlaugh:

7544530 This is the song I was thinking of when the two dragons fight.

7544497 And as for the part when the characters start to take the island...

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