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This story is a sequel to The Chrysalling

The Chrysalling was a terrifying event to say the least, leaving many to question what other perils may await them in the Crystal Empire.

The fight between the newly recognized hero Derpibra and the dastardly Queen Chrysalis was a gamble. Many regard it as a show of fireworks, and others a sign of impending danger from other sources.

As a result of their fight, a new ruin was uncovered within the Crystal Mountains, the Luxembourgian ruins of the Black Dragon. Derpibra and his friends are tasked with investigating this new discovery.

What could be inside? What could the contents inside mean? And, where could it take them?

Chapters (10)
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Couldn't resist playing this song in my head while reading through the battle:

I might play something different while reading the next chapter.

Now I found the ideal place to play this:

7544530 Of all music you could've chose. :rainbowlaugh:

7544530 This is the song I was thinking of when the two dragons fight.

7544497 And as for the part when the characters start to take the island...

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