• Published 6th May 2016
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Light's Darkest Form - Fateful Pony

Derpibra and his friends go off to the ruins revealed during The Chrysalling.

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The History of Light and Dark

“How unlikely of a… visit this is.” Daischtert said in a deep tone, his dragon breath as sultry as it’s always been.

Twilight gave him an abashed expression. “Eh… when did you get here?”

“A magician cannot give away their secrets, Young Purple.”

“Young Purple? Where did you get that name from?”

“I remember my supporters back in the days of peace and tranquility… oh how I’ve always nicknamed them.”

“Seems nostalgic for you.”

“Indeed.” Daischtert boosted the power of his rather comforting aura, giving the large room a dim hue of red. “Digressions aside, I’m sure you all seek answers.”

“Most definitely.” Gaffold agreed sharply. “We’ve been moping about in the black for far longer than appreciated.”

“My apologies.” Daischtert cackled. “My former territory has always been...spacious.”


“Yes.” Daischtert walked over to a wall and drew his red light to his index claw. There were hieroglyphics of two dragons and presumably hundreds of ponies scattered about. “A great war took place many years ago beyond and inside the borders of Equestria. Me and Magnus, we fought valiantly, and the war, known as the War of Black and White, took presence in many areas around here.”

“Do you know the exact location of any of these skirmishes?” Twilight asked.

“Only one- here.”

“Here… this place doesn’t seem battle ridden.”

“In some areas of the ruin, the signs of battle are more… apparent than others. This room just happens to be the cleanest of them.”

“Can you tell us what happened here, if you remember specifically?”

“Most certainly.” Daischtert cleared his throat. “The battle was fierce, moving us across the lands days at a time. Our most recent bout occurred along the coast of the Equestrian Ocean, facing north to Dragon Isle. After the skirmish ended, I retreated to the Crystal Mountains with a victory barely sewn to my belt. My army took camp into the icy mountainous regions, and that is when we discovered this ruin.”

“This ruin was here like this when you got here?”

“Yes. Very old. I’d wager this ruin to be within the millions of years in age.”

“Interesting. Well, what happened to the camp?”

“Ah, yes. Our occupying of the mountains were short lived, as Magnus proved to be far more influential than I, thusly making short work of my army. In one swift movement, he annihilated my numbers, leaving me the sole survivor who even then barely accomplished that feat alone.”

“And…?” Derpibra said.

“I retreated then to an island further north of Dragon Isle, called the Island of Drakes. After some time, I embraced the darkness, becoming a black dragon, I raised an army of my own magic and returned for a rematch.”

“Did you win?”

“Yes, if just barely. I forced him from Equestria, or the lands before, and drove him to Dragon Isle. That’s where he was at his weakest, and so as a last ditch effort, he founded the Dragon Inquisition, to serve as an impromptu army, or more realistically a crusade of sorts. But at that point… he was already doomed. I planned his demise, I knew of his ritual… it was how I was selected. He would raise his power that way, but while he would train you, Derpibra, he would be at his most vulnerable.”

“And that’s when you assassinated him.”


“Wait, so you were chosen by the ritual?”

“Yes. I was just a boy when I had to go. In the following years, Magnus taught me like he did you, but he taught me the arts of becoming a dragon instead of what you call a Super Saiyan.”

“So you were a pony before…”

Daischtert nodded sluggishly. “Indeed. I was once a so called ‘Dragon Rider’. An epic title forged by products of folklore. The true accountability of such things are scandalous.”
He casted his aura in the form of a magical illusion, forming what seemed to be Magnus next to him. “Anyhow, Magnus yet lives.”

“What? How?” Derpibra asked.

“Me and Magnus are referred to as… gods. We are born in two forms: physical and, should our physical form falter, then we manifest as the element we embraced. In this case,” Daischtert summoned a lance and punctured the fake Magnus, but then the golden dragon rose again, seemingly on fire. “He was reforged in Light and Fire.”

“So he’s not truly dead.” Derpibra concluded. “So what does that mean?”

“He likely knows of your alliance with me. And, seeing as he forged you as a form of super weapon for his using, he will likely try to destroy you so that I cannot have you as an ally.”

“Really? So I guess we gotta take him down first…” He began to adopt a sorrowful look. “I thought me and Magnus were friends. Then, just for me to discover what he truly is… it’s upsetting.”

“For me as well.”

“Why would it be that way for you? Aren’t you two enemies? Sworn rivals?”

“Not originally.” Daischtert’s ruby eyes softened. “We were once friends. Even before we became dragons. We always used to catch fireflies and burn candles. He was like a brother to me, and look- now years later I am tasked with his murder...”

“It sounds like you two grew up together.”

“We did, though he was much older than me at the time. As a kid, he was always fascinated by dragons, and always said he wanted to become one. I guess not all dreams are impossible.”

“How did he become a king?”

“That I do not know. He never told me how he has brought himself to such a high standard. All I know is that he himself became an enemy of the ponies when his motives came to light.”

“Didn’t he want to restore the pride of the dragons?” Twilight asked.

“Yes. He believed the dragons should have a greater influence over ponies in more ways than just trade and commerce. He didn’t appreciate how ponies- his own kind, seemed to disrespect the dragons by supposedly withholding resources. But in truth, the dragons were consuming far too much for ponies to produce, while doing nothing besides mercenary work, but even then that deal was on loose ice.”

“I see. So, where is Magnus?”

“He is likely back on Dragon Isle. The reason why you may not have seen him sooner is because his reconstruction is slow, but can be made steadfast by way of a ritual called The Recalling.”

“How long does The Recalling take to finish?”

“Maybe just a few days. It’s been quite a few months since the incident, so he is likely ready to march upon me, destroying anything in his wake… including Equestria.”

“So we gotta meet him halfway.”

“Indeed.” Magnus retrieved a black great mace from radiating his aura from a nearby pedestal. “You will need this. This is the blackest form of darkness, the Mace of Anti Solaire.”

“It looks wicked!” Derpibra grabbed the mace, but from its unexpected weight caused him to crash to the floor. “Woah, this thing is really heavy…!”

“It carries the weight of my soul… literally. Only the truest warrior of Dark may wield it.”

“But I’m Light!”

“Indeed. Please, transform into a Super Sayain. I will give you the power necessary to ensure his defeat.”

Derpibra did as instructed, his mane and tail turned blonde and stood tall as a flame. His eyes phased to a teal color, his eyes adopting a more aggressive look. “Okay, what now?”

Daischtert laid a talon to his forehead, and turned Derpibra’s golden aura to a dark purple, and his bright hair was a purple grape color. His eyes fired up to a average red color. “You now hold my burden. The black power that has stirred in me for what would feel like the beginning of time… I will help you fight him, but first we must tear through his Inquisition, if we are to have a chance at his second life.”

“So do we storm the place?” Optix said.

“In it’s entirety. Ms. Sparkle, you seem well suited for tactics, so you lead the attack. Optix, you should coordinate the attack, and everyone else should follow. We will put the plan into action once we make it there.”

“Yes!” Optix said. “Imma go for that Sanctus bitch first! I never liked her.”

Derpibra looked blankly at her. “Wait… Sanctus? Daischtert… I don’t know if I can kill her.”

“She is first-in-command of the Inquisition and is a Dragon Pastor. She will likely never reason with us. What, do you have a connection with her?”

“She is kinda rude at times, but her position is stressful, and I understand. She’s just doing her job. Of all ponies, I don’t want her to die.”

“We will do what we can. Okay, so here is the plan…”