• Published 6th May 2016
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Light's Darkest Form - Fateful Pony

Derpibra and his friends go off to the ruins revealed during The Chrysalling.

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Teacher and Student

“Haa!” Derpibra charged a blonde sphere in a hoof, shouting: “Super Derpi Beam!”

Magnus leaped high in the air, dodging the attack, then charged after him. With a balled-up claw, he let out a menacing roar that left Derpibra stunned from the sheer volume. Then, he smashed him through the mountain, sending Derpibra crashing into the dense forests.

He was twitching in boundless pain. He wasn’t expecting such a devastating attack.

He heard a deep royal voice that seemed to surround him. “Hahahaha! Your power is fading so quickly! Even with the gift of dragons you still fall short of a weakling!”

Before Derpibra could muster the strength to stand, he found himself being smashed through multiple trees one after the other. Magnus decided then that he was done, then finished him with a devastating punch that created a crevice in the ground below.

Derpibra laid at the end of the trench, his purple mane long since faded to it’s original red.

“Finished already? How am I not surprised?”

Derpibra began to produce tears. Only barely conscious, he sniffled as his hair began to stand tall again. His muscles were growing far beyond Super Derpibra.

“Hm? What’s this?”

“No… I… I won’t fall easily like I did those other times. I will win!” He power exploded in a torrent of darkness. Everything about him grew many times larger than what they were before. He shouted almost as loudly as Magnus had only moments ago- a roar with the might of a dragon. His mane transitioned to a slightly brighter purple, and the pupils in his eyes vanished. “Screw the last form I was using! I’m Ultra Derpibra now!”

“Your power is astonishing for a pony.”

His power was coursing his body, surrounded by an aura that almost seemed black. “You’ll see that dragons aren’t the only strong ones around!”

Off in the distance, Daischtert was soaring through the crisp air.

“Good to know he finally showed up.” Derpibra grunted. “Now… for YOU.”

“Bring it then. Let’s see how long you can last.” Magnus beckoned for him to attack with a single raise of the claw.

Derpibra charged at him relentlessly, landing a deafening uppercut. He then began assailing him with a shattering combo. He kicked him into the air, then vanished, reappearing above and smashing Magnus into the ground, leaving behind a hole that looked as if a meteor hit the Earth.
To finish Magnus off, he fired a swarm of energy blasts into the soil, generating dozens of explosions and leaving behind a screen of debris and smoke.

He panted, just after his enraged assault ended. “Still alive?”

Magnus appeared behind Derpibra and performed a magic sweep, knocking him backwards.

“You weren’t even affected by that…!”

“Honestly, I wasn’t using maximum strength the entire time.” Magnus said.

“No way…! I…”

“Am inferior? You ponies are always getting yourselves into things you cannot finish. It never fails. Ho ho ho.”

Derpibra, feeling as if his efforts were futile, reverted to his skinnier, less bulky form. He turned his back to Magnus and began to walk away. “Why… why can’t I win my battles on my own?”

“You do realize what you’re up against? You’re challenging one of the god tier. Of course you couldn’t win! Best you run along and go grab your friends, unless you want to die now?”

Derpibra spread his wings and lifted off, gliding away to that dark dragon shadow that was twirling within the air all this time.

“Hmph. Weak, AND wimpy. Why did I ever invest so much energy into him again?”