• Published 17th Feb 2016
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I'm Not A Tribalist - TheGreatEater

Princess Celestia sees a news article that brings about a choice that will change her life forever.

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Loss and Gain

I couldn’t believe the papers would assault Sunset Shimmer. To go so far as to entirely slaughtering her name. I could feel my rage boiling to the surface, it was something that very few got the displeasure of seeing, and who could blame them. I’m “Princess Celestia” I’m not allowed to get angry over ‘petty things’ like saying that I don’t care about those under my care.

But I knew where she had gone, I would have been a fool not to. But I couldn’t just up and leave the world behind to go after her. I had a nation to protect, and plans in the works to save my sister. Even if I loved Sunset like a daughter, I couldn’t risk getting trapped, and having the world die. What would Luna think if there was noone here to save her, or worse was saved through some contrivance, but only to be the sole princess of a dead world?

So I let Sunset have her space, with a book for her to contact me if she ever needed it. But she never did, it broke my heart, and for so long I wanted to go over there and apologize for failing her. For not seeing her fall, nor being there when she needed me the most. Just like with Luna.

You’d think I would run out of tears by now wouldn’t you? But no, my body still finds more the dredge up. I walk over to the bed and wonder just how much more my mind can torment me, before I let the waves of the past drag me back beneath their depths.

Twilight, sweet, adorable, infinitely loving Twilight. I remember being in a panic when I thought all my hopes and dreams of saving my sister were going down the drain. Thinking now in the present. If there were non-unicorns capable of magic I could have used them, even if I would have no idea on how to train them. What with my lack of study into spell casting with the different races abilities. Thinking on it, all a unicorn really does is take the raw magic that all races have the potential to tap into, and channels it through a condensed foci before sends it into the world. Rather than all the different magical expressions the other races use it for innately.

But back then, I had a horn, I loved magic, and was once the Element of Magic. So the next one must be a unicorn was all I really thought about. But I saw her, an adorable little filly looking at me with such awe and wonder.

When I rose the sun months prior, I could feel a connection with her, and I told myself she had to be the one. I kept an eye on her of course, the Aetheric Realm is perfect for viewing the life of a pony as long as you know what to look for. She had all the traits that were perfect, a Flare, whose power had yet breach her mental barrier. A love of books and magical knowledge. An endless enthusiasm that I wanted to bring to the surface.

So I made a choice. I told her instructors to give her a dragons egg, and to have her hatch it. The looks of shock on their face was priceless, although I would have loved them to speak their minds rather than stumble over themselves to make ‘the princess’s judgement so’.

I stood outside the examination tower. Two speeches in my head, in one I would tell her that she tried, and that I saw potential in her. Too not give up hope and that I was sure she would go on to do great things in the future. I would probably have left her to the tides of fate, but just enough of a nudge starting off as a way of apologising for ruining a promising start. The other speech was telling her I would take her on as a protege’. Then I would mold her and teach her all that I could so she would not only be able to wield the Element of Magic as I was sure she might be, but also could have a great and fulfilling life afterwards.

That was when it happened. A Sonic Rainboom, something so magically powerful and rare that it hadn’t been seen since Spectral Burst performed it two hundred years ago. It was then that I felt it. Something that I hadn’t felt since I … last saw my sister. The Elements of Harmony. Those crafty beings once again having their hoof in fate.

I learned later that it was Rainbow Dash who performed it, and I could have taken her in as well, after all they definitely chose her to propagate their will. But I had no idea how to train a pegasus, although I wonder sometimes what life would have been like if I did. But then I would have had to take Fluttershy in as well, and even though she reminds me of my past self before I was forced to become extroverted enough to help my nation. I would have had a harder time giving her the future she deserved.

But that’s all in the past, I can’t give them the life they could of had, and I took Twilight in. Knowing that at least the propagator of the Elements would be there for Twilight as one of the six needed to save Luna.

I felt a warmth flood through me, like a warm fire blasting away the regret within me for awhile. I can say that while I loved Sunset like a daughter. Twilight, she grew in my heart to something much more. Although I can’t say what, or when it started. It might have been when she saved Luna, or after beating Discord. Possibly even in the countless little moments between and afterwards when she would send me friendship reports … and for awhile I thought I too had a friend. But I do love her, even though I can never tell her. She has always deserved so much better than myself.

And with that the melancholy returns. Still she was an amazing filly, there were so many amazing foalish adventures we had together. She made and abused so many spells that entire wings had to be made to hold all the new rules for all the spells she crafted. So many new rules and ethics for things she did that I never thought of making rules or ethics for them.

It … it was a good time. Best of all, she was there for me. More so then I was ever there for her, although I did better to make sure I didn’t fail her like I did Sunset. I … already lost so much when she left, just like all the others who’ve left me over these many millenia. But Twilight, she never did. I think she saved me just as much as she saved my sister. For that I would be eternally grateful.

But that’s enough about my past. I needed to start working on myself to be a mare Twilight and Luna could be proud of. That I could be proud of, and I knew just where to start. Then tonight. I had a meeting with the eight most important ponies in my life. The one’s who’re still around at least.

Author's Note:

Y'all didn't think I was going to let the article get away with trashing Sunset Shimmer and Celestia not contemplate it at all did you?

Welp! This is the last of the past episodes. Two more chapters and a sequel. I can't tell you more about it because it'll be massive spoilers other than this. Celestia really starts giving it her all to keep up the promise she made in this chapter to herself.

[Updated version will be out when Jowijo's schedule is cleared up, but I think he did a good job on chapters 1 and 2. Found a lot of errors, and fixed up quite a few things that I missed. ]

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