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Celestia wakes up feeling creakier than usual, what's up with her and why is everything she walks or sits on break? Read to learn more.

This story has:
- Food, and lots of it.
- Breaking furniture.
- The CMC reveal their sisters most horrifying secrets.

OMC! My soul is going to burn in Tartarus for making this fic. and anyone who reads this are also going to probably join me. I made this when getting inspiration on how to transition from one scene to the big reveal in Golden Wings chapter 12 [technically 13].

I hope everypony enjoys reading this little short fic as I did making it. And may Celestia have mercy on your souls.

Link the Art Source. I couldn't find a better pic, if anyone knows of one let me know ^_^.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 19 )

Lol. That was a mix of disturbing and hilarious.

Afterwords, the cmc were banished then put a dungeon in the place that they were banished to:trollestia:

All in all, nice enjoyable tale of Celly's snacking catching up with her. And the crusaders condemning their sisters and friends to a life's worth of embarrassment.

At first I was like. :rainbowhuh:

but then I LoL'ed :rainbowkiss:


I had the same feeling when writing it :rainbowlaugh:.


Thank you :twilightsmile:, and the yep poor CMC have officially KO'd their siblings and nations ruler through sheer embarrassment.



Funny. Thats all I have to say about this.
just, funny.:pinkiehappy:

hmm not bad

Oh my god... Discord was telling the truth about her getting a big flank if she didn't watch the cak- Wait! Discord was... honest? :rainbowderp:


:rainbowlaugh: Yes even Discord can be honest once in a while. Especially if he thought it'd be funny to do so :twilightsmile:.


Well when you live the song:

Then there's bound to be repercussions. Especially when your disposable income is the nations treasury.

Haha that was hilarious dude I loved the story it was a really good one also been missing you if you ever get back on Skype message me so we can talk it's been ages

I was going to Hell anyway.:pinkiehappy:

Great fic!:raritywink:

I just about fuckin DIED reading this! This fic is fuckin comedic SOLID GOLD!

Brilliant, insane but billiant

That was-

What the fuck did i just read.
My brain can't comprehend what the mane "four" do for "fun".

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