• Published 3rd Dec 2015
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Why Loved, Then Hated - FerociousCreation

Not even twenty-four hours and Starlight Glimmer has already been forgiven for her acts. Even though she and Twilight have become friends, the unicorn has not told the princess her true pain of her past and why she truly hated cutie marks.

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Forever Inedible

Why Love, Then Hate
Ch. 2

Morning was an enjoyable time for Starlight Glimmer. Quiet. Relaxing. A start to a new day. A nice cup of coffee rested in front of the mare as she ate a simple plate of peanut-butter and banana sandwich along with Spike, who loudly chewed as he chomped through a bowl of colorful gems.

Ten days have now passed since and Starlight Glimmer and she was beginning to enjoy her new lifestyle. A few days ago, she visited the village she created and told the villagers there about the truth and why she took cutie marks from everypony. Of course, she did not go into full detail about Sunburst. If she did, that would have another waterworks display. Starlight was not willing to put herself through a trip of painful days gone by again.

Today, the unicorn was going to spend time with Rarity. The dress designer said that she was working on a new lineup of outfits, named: The After Hours of Day. Starlight glimmer assumed the dresses were going to be themed off of the night, but also thought that it may be based on something else.

When the mare awoke from her slumber, she wondered around the castle, looking for the princess. However, she could not be found. When the young welp got up, Starlight Glimmer asked him if he knew her whereabouts. He did not. The unicorn was trying to ask her alicorn friend if she could borrow a copy of her Daring Do series. Starlight was interested in the story, since both Twilight Sparkle AND Rainbow Dash have given it such great praise.

Glancing at her coffee cup, she levitated it and took a good sip of it. It was not as hot as it was when she made it, but still warm enough that it could still be enjoyed.

Wanting to find the books, she began to talk to the dragon, Starlight asked, “Hey Spike?”

“Yeah?” he replied with his mouth full of sharp jewels.

“Out of curiosity, do you know where Twilight keeps her Daring Do book collection?”

“Course I do. Living with Twilight has taught me how to keep a good memory of inventory.”

“Can you show me where?”

“Sure,” Spike smiled. Lifting up the bowl, the dragon poured the remainder of his breakfast into his mouth. He hopped down from his chair and gestured the unicorn to follow. Not finished with her sandwich, the mare took the plate that her meal was resting on and brought it along with her.

The two left the kitchen as they went into the big hallway of the castle. The dragon glanced back at Starlight and asked, “Have you been enjoying your stay here in the castle?”

“I have to admit,” she replied, “it has been a childhood dream to visit the Canterlot castle. But I never thought that I would ever stay in a castle at all. So, to answer your question, yes.” Starlight then took her sandwich and bit into it and then placed it back onto the plate.

“I agree with you,” Spike spoke as he held out his claw, as if he was holding something. “It was pretty sick when the castle literally popped out of the ground. But, I kind of miss the old library...” Spike stopped in his tracks as he began to reminisce about his old home.

“Was it because you moved away from somewhere else to here, or is there a library here in Ponyville?” Starlight asked from behind the welp.

“There WAS a library in a big oak tree...” Angered, Spike gripped his claws into a tight fist.

Knowing the dragon was upset, Starlight walked next to him and into his peripheral. “You said 'was.' Did something happen to it?” Getting a better look at Spike, Starlight saw a familiar glare; a glare she was all to familiar with. His expression was full of anger and beads of tears began to form at his eye lids.

“It was destroyed by Tirek ...”

A cold shiver ran down the unicorn's spine. She recalls a long while ago studying about the evil tyrant and heard about his resent rampage. But Starlight would not have guessed that he would attacked Ponyville. It is such a harmless village. Why would this town be a target for an attack? Perhaps it was because Twilight Sparkle and her friends lived here. Regardless of Tirek 's reason, his past act was upsetting Spike.

“I wish I was stronger...” Spike's teeth were bared as he spoke. “I wish I was bigger so I could have crushed him under my step and stopped him from hurting my friends.” If the welp could, he would sink his sharp teeth and claws into Tirek this very moment.

But his small body was suddenly pulled. Spike looked up to see Starlight Glimmer towering over him. He then noticed that she pulled him in for a close hug. Quickly, Spike's anger evaporated and his attitude turned to shame. “Sorry I got like that... It's just-”

“Don't worry Spike,” Starlight spoke. “I understand why you are angry. Just don't let it get to you. I should be a prime example of that.”

Spike didn't want to comment, considering the words may come out wrong. All he could do was smile and enjoy the close comfort. “Thanks,” he replied as he turned to embrace the unicorn.

“Hehe, your welcome,” Starlight replied. Looking to her plate she was levitating, she removed the sandwich from it and took another bite out of it.

From down the hall, a loud sound came from the massive door. Both pony and dragon broke their embrace and saw Twilight Sparkle walk into the castle. The moment the princess saw them, she quickly made toward them.

“Ah! Starlight Glimmer! How are you doing this morning?” Twilight spoke aloud with a large smile.

“I'm good,” Starlight replied. “Spike and I were going to your library so he can show me where some of your Daring Do novels are.”

“Is that sooooo?” Twilight leaned in toward her friend and raised a brow. “Do you have plans today?”

Starlight felt slightly uncomfortable by the way the princess was behaving. “I'm... going to Rarity's boutique so I can be modeled as I try on her new lineup of dresses.”

“And when will that be?”

“This afternoon...”

Both Starlight and Spike looked at each other and then back at Twilight.

“Weeeeeeell,” the alicorn said with a smile, “I have a little suprize for you.”

“Really?” Starlight replied, taking a bite out of her breakfast. “Sfow me.”

“Sure thing.” Turning to the castle door, Twilight Sparkle called out, “Come inside!”

Once again, the door made a large sound as it moved. Then, two figures walked inside. It was hard to tell who they were because she couldn't recognize either of them. In fact, she didn't know either of them. As the two looked at Starlight, Twilight, and Spike, they moved in their direction.

Starlight was curious as to what this surprise was and wondered what the princess was up to. Glancing back at her floating meal, she took another bite out of it. The only thing she could make out of them was their body color. One was cream. The other was orange. It wasn't Applejack because she always wore a hat. Also, the cowpony was very boisterous and would have called out to her already.

About half way, the guests' faces were becoming more distinguishable. One was a mare who wore large square-like specticals and had a crude bun bunched at the top of her mane.

The other... was a stallion...


“H-hey Star Eyes,” the male unicorn spoke with an awkward smile as he and the other guest came forward. “It's been a while.”

It's... him... Unable to keep her focus on her plate, Starlight Glimmer dropped it. The glassware crashed onto the tile. The sound exploded throughout the hallway. The food that was once on it now rested atop broken and sharp fragments, now and forever inedible.

Upon seeing the cream-colored mare, Spike made eye contact her and waved, “Hey, Moon Dancer.”

Without saying a word, Moon Dancer smiled slightly and gave a small wave back before looking at Starlight Glimmer who wore a look of shock on her face. It took a moment for Spike to notice Starlight's expression. However, the small dragon did not know why Starlight was looking at the stallion with such shock.

Nudging Twilight with an elbow, Spike whispered to her, “So, who is he?”

“Sun Burst,” the princess replied.

Spike tried to reply, but instead stuttered over his own words like an idiot. Looking at Sun Burst, the dragon saw that he was nervous, but smiling. Starlight Glimmer on the other hoof... well... still wore her look of shock.

Clearing her throat, Twilight Sparkle looked to Starlight. “Did my surprise surprise you?” the princess replied with a smile.

“I'm surprised alright...” Starlight Glimmer responded weakly and quietly.

“Well, why don't you two become reacquainted?” Twilight asked. “I mean, I am the Princess of Friendship after all, and I am more than willing to help make a friendship flourish.”

As Starlight Glimmer stared at her friend from the past, his nervous smile was replaced with a more relaxed grin. The mare's heart began to beat faster and found herself slightly short of breath as she stared at Sun Burst's long lost happy expression. Except this time, his smile was not only cute, but now handsome.

However, despite his better looks, the unicorn was not happy with him.

Finally getting herself to move, Starlight put on her serious face and went forward toward the two guests. Twilight Sparkle giggled internally as her friend approached the stallion. Twilight was finally going to see a long lost friendship finally revived. And if she was lucky, the princess would finally be able to witness a friendship evolve from an intimate to romantic relationship; a subject Twilight has yet to study about.

But as Starlight Glimmer walked forward, Twilight noticed her friend was not walking toward Sun Burst. Starlight was walking toward Moon Dancer.

With a genuine smile, Starlight held out her hoof to Moon Dancer and said, “My name is Starlight Glimmer. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh!” the cream-colored mare responded, surprised that she was being talked to. “I'm Moon Dancer,” she responded with a light smile and shook hooves with the mare in front of her. Moon Dancer took a glance at Sun Burst, noticing he was looking at Starlight Glimmer with concern.

“Umm, Starlight?” Twilight asked from behind. Everypony looked at the princess as she spoke.

“Yes?” Starlight replied.

Suddenly, Starlight Glimmer felt her body rotate to face Sun Burst. “I am really glad you want to acquaint yourself with an old friend of mine, but why don't you reacquaint with your old friend?”

As the princess spoke, Starlight saw her old friend giving her a promising smile. But the pain of the past was stronger than the heart pounding sensation Sun Burst gave to her as he smiled at her. Because her mind was caught in the past, Starlight Glimmer gave the stallion a mean leer.

“Because I am not happy with him,” the unicorn finally answered. Not wanting to look at him any longer, Starlight Glimmer turned around and looked down at Spike. “Come Spike, let's go get those Daring Do books.”

“Uh, sure,” the dragon replied, twiddling his thumbs, not sure what to do in the situation he was now in.

Then a touch came upon Starlight's shoulder. As if a spell of immobility was cast on her, the pink mare froze. Next spoke a calm voice.

“Star Eyes,” it spoke, “Twilight said that you were upset with me and-”

“YOU TOLD HIM?!” Starlight exclaimed, her eyes burning with anger, stepping forward toward the princess.

Everypony flinched at the sudden bark that came from the mare. Spike took a few paces backward, Sun Burst brought his hoof to him, Twilight stepped two spaces toward Starlight, and Moon Dancer remained platonic.

“Now now,” Twilight spoke, trying to reason with her angry friend, “I didn't tell him everything. What Sun Burst had just said is all I told him.”

Once more, the hoof was back onto Starlight Glimmer's shoulder. “Twilight thought it would be a good idea for us to try and talk things out. Reconnect. Remember the great friendship we once had.”

Looking at the ground, Starlight thought about what Sun Burst had just said. Memories of the good times he and she had came to her. The closeness they both shared with each other. The secrets they told one another. But then the painful experience the mare had to endure flooded Starlight's mind. The pain. The loneliness. Perhaps now would be the best time to let him know what he did damaged her heart.

“Fine,” Starlight said, letting out a sigh. “I'll talk with you in the library.” She then looked at Spike. “But I would still like for you to come along. I still want to know where those books are.”

“Alright,” Spike responded with a light nod. The dragon had an uncertain feeling in his heart. He felt that things were going to get very emotional.

Looking back at Sun Burst, Starlight said to him, “Follow me. I know where the library is.”

Without seeing if he complied, the pink pony looked forward and made her way through the large hall. As the mare began to move forward, Sun Burst stood still. His heart felt heavy. I hope she isn't too upset with me...

Finally getting himself to move, Sun Burst briskly walked after the mare. Soon after the stallion went after her, Spike remembered that Starlight Glimmer wanted him to come along and jogged over to Starlight's side.

Both Twilight Sparkle and Moon Dancer now stood by themselves in the large castle hallway. Smiling, Twilight looked to her friend and said, “Do you think they will become friends again?”

Moon Dancer's thick brows slightly creased. “Let me answer your question with another question: Do you remember how I reacted when you tried to mend our friendship and... well, it took more than just trying to talk to me.”

“Y-yeah... I remember that.”

“Just, don't expect things to go smoothly between the two of them.” Moon Dancer paused for a brief moment and looked away from her friend. “I saw pain in her eyes. I know that look. I have seen it in my own reflections before.”

Pausing for a moment, Twilight now thought about her decision, wondering if she made a terrible choice. “What do you think will happen?”


The door to the library closed and the sound it made echoed throughout the hallway. It took a few seconds before the sound stopped bouncing off the walls.

“To be honest,” Moon Dancer spoke quietly as she glanced back at Twilight, “I expect a good amount of crying. As for them becoming friends, well... I hardly know Starlight. So I'm not so sure what may result out of this.”

“Did... I make a bad choice?” Twilight asked as her ears folded back.

Knowing the princess was upset with herself, Moon Dancer went over to her and reached an arm around her neck. “You wanted to help your friend, right?”

Twilight Sparkle nodded.

“I think the best thing you could have done was what you have already have done. All we can do now is wait and see what happens. And even if a friendship does not come out of this, at least both sides will get their say.” Moon Dancer looked at Twilight as she stared back with uncertainty. The unicorn then turned her head and saw the shattered plate that was still lying on the ground. "Just understand that all the pieces need to be picked up before a full repair can be done."