• Published 26th Nov 2015
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New Captain - SilverKaizoku

Flash documents his experiences as the captain of Ponyville's royal guard.

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Log 1

[Flash Sentry’ log: Day 1]

I’ve never really made a log before. I mean, during my childhood I had a journal, even if I never really wrote in it much. I’m getting off topic, the main reason for this journal was to document myself for future references.

Some days ago, Captain Shining Armor called me to his office. He informed me that I was being promoted to captain. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. It was mind blowing. Me? A captain? The news didn’t stop there. He next told me that I was being transferred to Ponyville and will serve as the captain of it’s royal guard.

Now things were starting to make sense. Twilight must have requested I act as her captain, and while I am happy, it feels odd. I’m a tad confused as to why I was chosen for the position when there are so many other qualified ponies better suited for the job. The captain explains that in two days I’ll be moving to Ponyville though not alone. Three guards will accompany me, two of which are veteran guards; First Lieutenant Flameberg and Commander Steel Hoof. The two are apparently good friends with captain Shining, and even volunteered to join me. Another guard who’ll join us is a newbie; Private Livewire. She’s a pretty nice kid who’s very excited about meeting the princess. I’m grateful to them for this.

Well, At least I'll some help breaking in the new guards. Provide I find anypony would be willing to join. I know some ponies from my many trips to Ponyville, maybe I can convince some of them to join? I hope so. Still, it’s not all bad. With this move, I’ll be closer to my family; My dad and mom, my little brother and sister. Heck, even my cousin lives there.

Not to mention a few of old friends of mine live there and of course Twily-…Uh…I mean Princess Twilight. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this. Being a captain requires a great deal of work, time, and patience. These guards need to able to look up to their captain, come to them for advice and trust them while in the heat of battle. Can I really do this? My combat ability and my ability to work under stressful situations are commendable, But…I’m still worried.

Can I be the captain these guards(and Twily)need and deserve? Maybe I should down the position down. Ugh, I’m being paranoid.
Still the fact that I’ll be living in the same castle as Twilight does ease my fear some. This’ll be the first time in a few months I’ve gotten to see Twilight. Letters can only do so much. I miss my book worm.

…Did I actually just write that?! That’s the cheesiest thing ever!! Ugh! I'm going to bed. Need to get up early. A lot of packing left to do, and the captain wants to talk with me.

End Log.

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