New Captain

by SilverKaizoku

First published

Flash documents his experiences as the captain of Ponyville's royal guard.

At the behest of Princess Twilight Sparkle, Lieutenant Flash Sentry has been chosen as the captain for the ponyville royal guard. While pleased by this Revelation, he has doubts about his ability to fill the role.
Can he truly be the captain this new section of the royal guard needs?

Log 1

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[Flash Sentry’ log: Day 1]

I’ve never really made a log before. I mean, during my childhood I had a journal, even if I never really wrote in it much. I’m getting off topic, the main reason for this journal was to document myself for future references.

Some days ago, Captain Shining Armor called me to his office. He informed me that I was being promoted to captain. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. It was mind blowing. Me? A captain? The news didn’t stop there. He next told me that I was being transferred to Ponyville and will serve as the captain of it’s royal guard.

Now things were starting to make sense. Twilight must have requested I act as her captain, and while I am happy, it feels odd. I’m a tad confused as to why I was chosen for the position when there are so many other qualified ponies better suited for the job. The captain explains that in two days I’ll be moving to Ponyville though not alone. Three guards will accompany me, two of which are veteran guards; First Lieutenant Flameberg and Commander Steel Hoof. The two are apparently good friends with captain Shining, and even volunteered to join me. Another guard who’ll join us is a newbie; Private Livewire. She’s a pretty nice kid who’s very excited about meeting the princess. I’m grateful to them for this.

Well, At least I'll some help breaking in the new guards. Provide I find anypony would be willing to join. I know some ponies from my many trips to Ponyville, maybe I can convince some of them to join? I hope so. Still, it’s not all bad. With this move, I’ll be closer to my family; My dad and mom, my little brother and sister. Heck, even my cousin lives there.

Not to mention a few of old friends of mine live there and of course Twily-…Uh…I mean Princess Twilight. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this. Being a captain requires a great deal of work, time, and patience. These guards need to able to look up to their captain, come to them for advice and trust them while in the heat of battle. Can I really do this? My combat ability and my ability to work under stressful situations are commendable, But…I’m still worried.

Can I be the captain these guards(and Twily)need and deserve? Maybe I should down the position down. Ugh, I’m being paranoid.
Still the fact that I’ll be living in the same castle as Twilight does ease my fear some. This’ll be the first time in a few months I’ve gotten to see Twilight. Letters can only do so much. I miss my book worm.

…Did I actually just write that?! That’s the cheesiest thing ever!! Ugh! I'm going to bed. Need to get up early. A lot of packing left to do, and the captain wants to talk with me.

End Log.

Log 2

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[Flash Sentry’s log: Day 2]

Well, I finally finished packing up the rest of my things. I never knew how much stuff I had until today. Maybe I can give some of it away? Something to worry about later. Right now, I need to go see the captain and the other ponies who’ll accompany me. The captain wants to give me a short rundown on being a captain. Though, I wonder if that'll be the only thing we discuses? I certainty hope so.

End Log.

Flash sighed as he down trotted towards the meeting room. Slowly he took in his surroundings, casting a glance down at the clear and reflective floors of the Crystal Castle. His own rather sad looking expression looked back at him. He was ecstatic about becoming a captain, and more so about being Twilight's , however he did felt a ting sadness. The Crystal Empire had been his home for some years now. He had grown to know and love many ponies in the kingdom. He had shopped at the various stores. Heck, his first date with Twilight was in the Crystal Empire! The city held special significance to him. He was going to miss it.

On the other hoof he felt happy too. While he had only been to the small town a few brief times he knew Ponyville was a nice place to live. His family lived there along with several of his old friends. During one of his visits he managed to reunited with them. Through them he met a few ponies living there. He quickly learned that the ponies of the small town were very close. It seemed like there was no pony Twilight wasn't at leas somewhat familiar with. This fact made him smile. The idea that Twilight was so personable with the ponies of her home is one of the reasons he loves her so much.

He was conflicted and given what was going to take place very soon, his confliction steadily became fear.. He always had respect for Shining Armor and admired his confidence and leading skills. He was part of the reason Flash wanted to become a royal guard. Not to mention he was a huge fan during his cadet days to the point where he could have been called a fanatic. But that was all in the past. No longer was he a cadet but now a lieutenant and very soon a captain. It’s time he acted as such. Captains are not afraid of facing their superiors.

Even if he was romantically involved with the sister of one. While lost in his personal musings he failed to notice another pony in the halls.

“Captain Sentry! Good Morning, sir!” the pony chirped. Flash’s blue eyes meet with pink ones. The mare was an earth pony of average height and lean build. Her short light green mane stood firmly in attention within her helmet. Her light blue coat, clad in royal guard armor, was pristine and well groomed. The mare saluted the Pegasus.

“At ease, Live.” Flash said flatly. “I’m not a captain yet.”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Live chuckled nervously. “I’m just excited. I’m finally going to meet Princess Twilight tomorrow! I’ve been a fan of hers for so long! What’s she like?”

A smile grin broke out on the yellow pegasus’s face. “Kind, intelligent, selfless, humble. Just all around pleasant to be with.”

“Wow! She sounds amazing!”

Flash nodded. “She really is.”

An awkward silence fell upon the two for a few brief seconds before Livewire spoke once more.

“How did you and the princess get together? That is, if you don’t mind me asking.”

Flash scratched the back of his head, a lump taking form in his throat. This was a topic he felt embarrassed to discuss. He had yet to discover the method of telling the story of how he and Twilight met without muttering the phrase “Bumping into each other”.

I suppose I could just leave that part out.

“Well, we met after she paid a visit to the Crystal Empire two years ago. Some time after she became a princess. I didn't really get to speak with her much at first. Then she kind of disappeared for a while. After she returned we talked for a bit. Afterwards we sent each other letters from time to time.”

“When did you know she was the one?” Live asked enthusiastically.

“After the third time we meet. It was then I asked her out. She said yes and-”

“Now you’re going to live with her!”

“Hehe. Yeah.” Flash giggled slightly. “In any case, I need to go see Captain Shining. So, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Okay. I have an assignment to finish as well. Looks like I’m going your way for a while.”

The duo continued down the halls trading various stories about their trainee days. Flash needed this. The pressure he felt before lessened. Livewire was a very upbeat pony. He was relieved someone like this was going to be under his command.

Within minutes the two found themselves in front of a pair of large sapphire crystal doors. Shining’s cutie mark hanging above them.

The lump from earlier had returned and it apparently doubled in size. Sweat slowly formed on his brow, his breathing became short.

“Captain Sentry?” Livewire shook him lightly.

“Huh? Oh, right. Sorry. Just a little scared is all.”

“I can understand. Captain Armor can be pretty scary. Especially when he’s mad.” Livewire smiled as she pushed the doors open.

Flash felt his nervousness return in full force. The sight before him was enough to numb him of his senses. He could acknowledge Live was saying something before she left but he couldn’t quite make it out. He was far more concerned in what lay in front of him. With a deep inhale, he pushed the doors open and walked in.

Placed in the center of the room was a large, cobalt table with an equally large map rested on top of it. At this table were Shining Armor and two others. Both stallions. On his right was a muscular unicorn stallion bearing armor similar in color to Shining’s. His dark red coat was puffy like that of a freshly blowdried dog. How his armor stayed on Flash didn’t quite know. His messy yellow mane bounced with each movement of his head. His green eyes carefully scanned the map before him.

On Shining’s left sat a pegasus of a slimmer build. His cold purple eyes glanced fiercely at the blue maned stallion before him. Flash swallowed hard at this unwanted attention.

The stallion had an air of utmost control and order. From how neatly his white mane was combed, to his armor which reflected his stern nature. Not a single hair from his pale brown coat stood out of place.

“Good morning, sirs!” Flash saluted the ponies.

“Ah, Sentry. You’re early. That is good.” Shining spoke. “Punctuality is important for a captain.”

“Heh. Don’t think you’re the one who should being sayin’ that Shiny,” the red stallion chuckled heartly.

“Be quiet, Flame,” the pegasus commanded.

“Just havin’ a bit of fun, Steel. No need to get your feathers ruffled.”

“You are a high ranking officer, Flameberg. Act like it.”

“Pfft. Whatever. All I’m saying is there’s no need to be so uptight.”

“We are guards Flame. Our goal is to bring order. If that makes me uptight then I’ll carry that burden.”

“Are you two done?” Shining interrupted the pair. Both stallions immediately became quiet, Flameberg scrambling to get his helmet on.

“Now then, Sentry. Being a captain is an incredibly difficult job. Many ponies, including the princess, will be placing their trust and their lives in your hooves. At times, You’ll be forced to make a lot of unsavory decisions. Some which will have ponies casting you in a negative light.” Shining’s voice was steady and firm. Not wavering for an instant. It sounded like Shining spoke from experience. His strength to do what was right was another reason why Flash respected him so much.

“Can you handle that responsibility?”

Flash swallowed hard. A few beads of sweat formed on his brow once again. His legs quaked and his chest felt tight enough that he could swear he could feel his ribs. Could he handle this? Perhaps he wasn’t ready for such a burden. Maybe somepony else should take this position.

Come on, Flash! Stop doubting yourself! Twilight chose you! That means she has faith in your abilities! You can do this!

“Yes, sir.”

Shining smiled. “Good. Now, I’ll introduce to the ponies who’ll be you’re guards.” Shining gestured to the ponies on his sides. The red stallion spoke first.

“Hey there, kid. I’m First Lieutenant Flameberg!” Flame hastily grabbed the orange stallion’s hoof, shaking it rapidly.

“Uh...Hi. Thank you for coming with me,” Flash said rather nervously.

The brown stallion walked over to Flash. He extended his hoof to the blue maned pony.

“Greetings. I am Steel Hoof. Pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Flash took the stallion’s hoof giving it a steady shake.

“The pleasure’s all mine, sir.”

Steel nodded before taking his place next to Shining.

“Now, do you have any questions, Sentry?”

“No sir. None at the moment.”

“Good. Take the rest of the day off to prepare for tomorrow. You three ,along with private Livewire, will be on the 10:00 train for ponyville. Dismissed.” With a final salute Flash took his leave.

Log 3

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Flash breathed a sigh of relief. Never before had he been so pleased to be out of the captain’s office. Shining’s break down on being a captain had been thankfully brief and without any possible inkling of mention of his and Twilight’s relationship.

Now, as he slowly trotted down the crowded side-walk of the Crystal Empire, his mind was focused on one thing at the moment; his friends. Eventually, his trotting ended, coming to a stop in front of a music store with it sporting a large neon sign which read, “ATOMIC BEATS”. Pushing the door open, the guard was greeted with a loud, booming, and familiar voice.

“WELCOME TO ATOMIC BEATS; THE BEST MUSIC STORE IN THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!” The pony announced, startling Flash some. The stallion in question was a large earth pony; nearly as big as the apple farmer Big Mac. A lime green coat covered him. His mint blue mane was messy, with his bangs parted and hanging on the sides of his face. Wrapped around his forehead was a red headband. Flash chuckled. With all the numerous times he traveled here, it was a miracle he never went deaf from his friend’s shouting.

“Hello, Brawly.”

The stallion took a quick glance at the pony that entered, a big grin forming on his face.
“Flash?! Man, it’s been forever!” Brawly grabbed the small Pegasus, pulling him into a fierce bear hug. The guard squirmed under the pressure of his friend's hug.

“Ack! B-Brawly...can’t...breath.” Flash coughed, praying Brawly could hear his plea.

“Oh! Sorry, man!” Brawly chuckled, releasing him from his death grip. Flash panted heavily, taking a few seconds to catch his breath before giving his friend a smile.

“It's good to see you again, Brawly.” The two stallions raised their hooves and bumped them together.

“So, is Bass in?” asked Flash.

Brawly nodded. “He's in the back, We just got a shipment of Blue's new album and I was helping him unload the truck when you came in.”

“Ah. Do you need an extra hoof?”

“Really? Thanks, dude!”

The two ponies made their way to the back exit. Outside was a unicorn magically lifting boxes, sporting a pale purple coat, his black and white mane moved slightly as he turned his head to place another box on the side.

One of the stallions trotted over to him. “Alright, that's all of em.” He presented a clipboard and pen to him.

The unicorn gave a nod, pushing his sunglasses. His horn glowed a dark blue, levitating the pen and wrote down his name.

“Kay, then! Have a nice day!” With a wave, the deliver pony climbed back in the truck and took off.

“Good, the shipment arrived early,” he spoke aloud “Now then, what is taking Brawly so-”

“YO BASS!” The earth pony yelled.

“...Long.” Sighing, Bass turned to face the shouting earth pony. “Brawly, it's not necessary for you to scream like-” Bass stopped just short of his sentence when he saw Flash.

“Flash's here for a visit! And he even offered to help us!” Brawly said with a smile.

“Hey, Bass. How are you?” Flash waved.

A small grin took form on Bass's lips. “I'm fine, thanks. How are you?”

“Eh. Doin' good. The life of a royal guard is not an easy one.”

“It isn't? I thought all you guys did was stand around and look PO'ed.” Brawly stated bluntly, earning him a glare from Flash.

“There's more to being a royal guard than just standing around or fighting monsters. We aid civilians in their troubles, stop minor crimes-”

“-Get captured a lot?”

“The changlings surprised all of us! Even the princesses!”

“Chill, man! I'm joking!” Brawly chuckled.

“So, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be on patrol now?” Bass asked, passing two boxes to Brawly.

“Yeah, about that...I'm here because I have the day off.” Flash answered, picking up a box and walking inside.

Bass cocked a brow at this, lowering two more boxes. For what reason would Flash get a day off for? It wasn't a holiday.

“Why do you have the day off?” Bass questioned.

Flash sighed. “Because I'm being transferred to ponyville tomorrow.”

The two stallions stared wide eyed at their friend, Brawly's jaw falling open.

“Ponyville? The home of princess Twilight?” Brawly asked.

Flash nodded.

“Why are you being transferred?” Bass added.

“Princess Twilight decided to acquire her own royal guard. Both to protect her and the castle whenever she's away.”

“And you were chosen to be apart of it?”

Flash shook his head. “I was chosen to be it's captain.”

“What?!” Bass shouted. Flash stumbled backwards some, Bass's reaction catching him off guard.

“You’re gonna be a captain?! Congrats, man!” The larger stallion grabbed his friend, pulling him into another bear hug.

“Ack! Brawly! L-let go!” The pegasus flailed.

“Hehe. Sorry, again.” Brawly apologized with a sheepish grin. Bass lowered the last of the boxes. Opening them, he levitated several bunches of CDs onto the shelves.

“Sorry for the outburst, Flash. I’m just shocked is all. Still, I am happy for you.” the unicorn replied.

“Thanks, guys. I mean that.” Flash smiles sadly at the two ponies. “I’m gonna miss you both.”

Brawly hooked his foreleg around Flash’s shoulder. “Come on, man. Don’t get all mopey on us. It’s not like you’re never gonna see us.”

Bass nodded as he trotted over to the guard. “Brawly is correct. We’ll come visit any change we get.”

“Thanks guys, but, it’s not just you I’ll miss.” Flash sighed, tearing himself for Brawly and walked over the the window. “I’m gonna miss all of this. The empire, Captain Shining, Princess Cadence my friends in the royal guard.” He spoke softly, lowering his head. “I’m gonna miss all of it.”

The two ponies exchanged a glance of concern. Bass trotted to the despondent pegasus.

“Flash,” he began.”Do you recall when we first meet?”

To this, the guard cocked a brow. “Yeah? Why?”

“Do you remember how you felt during that time?”

Flash paused for a moment to think, a hoof placed under his chin.

“Uh...well, I Sorry, Bass I don’t.”

Chuckling, the unicorn spoke. “You acted much like you are now, albeit, slightly more panicked.”

Flash’s eyebrows shot up, the memories of his first few weeks in the Empire came flooding back. He remembered how terrified he was. Worried he’d be unable to perform his duties or how he might fail to live up to the standards of his idol, Shining. and Princess Cadence.

He was a wreck, to say the least. That’s when he encountered Bass and after pouring his heart out, the purple stallion gave him some advice.

“Calm down, take a deep breath, and do the best job you can do.” Flash’s head turned to Bass, wearing a calming smile.

Flash cocked his head to the side, perplexed by the unicorn’s words. While his words helped him back in his rookie days, they couldn’t aid him now. At least, at the moment.

“Uh, Bass? How does that solve my current issue?”

“It doesn’t, really. I just wanted to see if you remembered,” Bass replied. “Well, not completely.”

Flash scratched the back of his head. “Uh...what?”

“Cheer up, take a deep breath,” Without warning, Bass pulled the stallion into a hug. “and take care.”

Flash had no words. His mind was blank and all words seemed lost to him. Bass was not the kind of pony to give a hug at random or period. Yet, here he was doing just that.

“Bass, I…”

“We are going to miss you, Flash. But, simultaneously, we happy for you.” Bass released Flash, trotting back over to Brawly. “Even if you’re leaving the Crystal Empire, it does not mean you’re leaving our lives.”

“Yeah, man! No matter what, we'll always be buds!” Brawly added, smiling brightly.,

The pegasus stood dumbstruck, a few tears welling up in his eyes. Quickly, batting them away, a smile returned to his lips.

“Thank you, Bass, Brawly. I’m lucky to have friends like you.” Bass returned Flash’s smile, as did Brawly, sporting a huge grin.

“Hey, Bass? Why don’t we treat “Captain Sentry” here to lunch?” Brawly asked.

Bass nodded. “I don’t see why not. It’s nearly noon anyway.”

“Sweetness!” Brawly howled, throwing his forehooves around his friends. “Let’s celebrate Flashy becoming a captain with some hayburgers!” With that, the lime green pony shot out of the door.

Shaking his head, Bass followed suit. Flash watched as his friends traveled down the street, his smile growing larger.He felt at ease, while some sorrow over leaving the Empire remained, it was no longer at the forefront of his mind. What took it’s place was the notion of protecting his new home of ponyville. With a final glance at the store, he joined his friend down the road.