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Harmony's Song - pchn00

A young orphaned woman discovers family in a very unexpected place.

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Chapter 5: Meet the Castle

Chapter 5: Meet the Castle

"You got her drunk?!"

Spike winced and braced himself as Twilight's voice boomed out and blew him back a few steps. "She was having really bad nightmares, Twi! She said it helped her sleep!"

Twilight grunted in disgust and nudged the unconcious woman's thigh with a hoof. "Well she's most definitely sleeping heavily now. I've never seen anybody pass out drunk before." Gingerly she levitated one of Harm's arms, and gave it a wiggle before letting it fall limply into the cushions.

"Yeah well, you've never seen Berry Punch and Vinyl Scratch after an all nighter..."

Twilight chose to ignore her assistants mutterings, gazing down at the slumbering Harmony, before sighing softly. "She looks deceptively pleasant when she's asleep."

Her assistant shrugged while he finished reshelving the comics Harmony had helped herself to. "She seemed nice, just kinda rough. Like a griffon. Or Cranky. Am I supposed to just keep pretending the masked thestral filly isn't standing in the room staring at us?"

Twilight's ears perked and her head jerked around to the fireplace. And the young mare standing next to it. "Oh my goodness! Ambient I'm so sorry, how very rude of me."

Ambient inclined her head in the faintest of nods. "It is no trouble, Princess. No offense is taken. However I am not a filly."

"Yeah well those legs are a little stubby for you t'be a mare, lady."

The fur on the neck of the thestral bristled. "Y--you are one to speak of stubby legs, hatchling!"

"Hey I take like, a thousand years to reach full size. What's your excuse?"

Before Ambient could shoot another retort Twilight cleared her throat firmly. "That's quite enough of that. Ambient, this is Spike's home as well and you will be polite to him."

Ambient's ears flattened against her head as she lowered to the floor in a clear sign of non-aggression. Causing Spike to puff up his chest happily. Until Twilight rounded on him next. "And you are grounded."

Eyes wide, Spike sputtered for a moment before he found his voice again. "G--grounded?! Me?! What for?!"

"Sneaking into my liquor cabinet and insulting a guest. Now go to bed, I'll have a nice big chore list for you in the morning, and you can forget the inevitable party Pinkie is going to throw Harmony and/or Ambient as well."

Blowing a small burst of smoke from his nostrils, Spike stalked away down the hall, where a door could be heard slamming. Ambient remained bowed as she looked up at Twilight. "My deepest apologies for my outburst Princess. It was unbecoming of me, and I will endeavor to keep such childishness at bay in the future."

Twilight sighed softly, shaking her head. "It's alright, Ambient. He started it... and please stand up straight." The erudite Princess was completely incapable of shutting off her scholarly curiosity. "I've seen thestrals in the palace affect a pose like that when Princess Luna was disciplining them. Does it have some sort of cultural signifigance?"

"Indeed." The young mare stood straighter on her hooves, eyeing the slumbering human with undisguised curiosity. "We expose the backs of our necks in a show of subservience, and by way of apology. If you feel the insult was grievous enough you could take my life with no effort."

Twilight's eyes widened. "What?! Do ponies really do that?"

"No, of course not. It is a symbolic gesture. Perhaps centuries ago when we were less civilized. To do so now would not be illegal I believe, but it would mark you as a blood thirsty fiend and none would have dealings with you."

"Fascinating. I really need to write this down. We know so little about your tribes."

Ambient inclined her head in a nod, edging closer to the sleeping Harmony. Gingerly playing with the unconcious woman's hands and fingers. "Just as we know little of your tribes, save old tales which I very much suspect are more heresay than truth." She stepped away from Harmony as she finished speaking. "She is somewhat pleasing to the eye, is she not?"

"By her people's standards she's attractive, but rather... rough. I suppose she is pretty, yes. I'm eager to see what she'll look like as a pony. You need to be close to her to form your ah... link, yes?"

"Yes. I will sleep here tonight." Picking a spot in the cushions away from Harm, she settled into them. "It is not exactly a link. Think of it in the way you become familiar with a scent. You can easily locate your close friends or family in a large crowd yes?"

"Of course."

"It is much the same. As I become familiar with her minds pattern, I will be able to quickly and easily pick out her mind among the masses from quite some distance. This will make ensuring she does not fall to a nightmare far simpler."

"And you'll be able to tell if a nightmare has taken an interest in her right away?"

Ambient nodded. "Of course. When a nightmare pierces the veil it is felt by any with potent enough psionic abilities. I will know immediately and act accordingly."

This was all a tremendous relief to Twilight. "Well help yourself to a blanket. There's a restroom right across the hall. It can get a little lively in the morning. Ponies coming and going, but most of the residentials are in the east wing so you shouldn't be bothered. Everypony in the castle knows about Harm and I'm sure they'll be eager to meet you."

Ambient inclined her head in a faint nod, as she retrieved a blanket and curled up on the cushions near to Harm. "I look forward to it, Princess Twilight."

Twilight Sparkle stepped out of the library, not bothering to quiet her hoof steps. The way Harm was passed out she imagined even a Pinkie party wouldn't wake her up. Sighing and shaking her head she turned and trotted down the corridors of her castle.

Her home had changed so much in the passed few years. Between Rarity's constant insistence on hiring a proper staff, (in retrospect a good idea, and greatly updating the decor, (also a good idea) the place has turned around a good deal. The biggest reason for the changes was that as Princess of Friendship, she primarily handled matters of diplomacy with Zebrica and Griffonia. The delegates coming to a big empty castle was more than a little embarassing in retrospect.

Each of her friends of course had their own chambers. Pinkie Pie was the only one who used hers full time. Rarity's were mostly to show off to guests, while Rainbow Dash's had become a giant storage room of sorts for the junk she wouldn't part with. Applejack used hers now and again when she 'needed a break' from her family. Fluttershy's were more or less out of politeness than anything.

Her ears perked as she neared the primary dining room. The sounds of very vigorous eating coming from within. With a sneaking suspicion as to who was helping herself to her castle pantry, she steeled herself with a deep breath and stepped inside.

Sure enough the mare she expected was busily working her way through a veritable feast all on her own. "Hello Sonata."

The earth pony mare's ears perked and she looked up. Long ponytail bobbing as she noted the Princess, giving her a cheery wave. "Heya, Twilight. What's up?"

Twilight's eyebrow rose. "You, in my castle. Eating my food at... two thirty in the morning."

Sonata shrugged. "Blame her, not me. She woke me up." Thrusting an accusatory hoof at the kitchen doors, as Sunset Shimmer stepped through levitating a sandwich on a plate.

"Oh, hi Twilight."

"...hi, Sunset. What did we say about turning her loose in the kitchen?"

Sunset eyed Sonata's 'late night snack' dubiously. And sighed. A flash from her horn sent 'most' of it back to the kitchen much to Sonata's dismay. "You're not a siren anymore Sonata. You've already put on quite a few pounds since coming to Equestria, do you want to totally blimp out?"

A keening whine came from the mare as she contemplated her pudgy belly. "No..."

Sunset shook her head with a bemused sigh. "She's like a goldfish. She'll just keep eating til she pops."

Twilight couldn't help but giggle a little. "Oh I know. Celestia sent me a letter all about her raided cake storages.

The unicorn grimaced and took a seat across from her assistant. "I'm so disillusioned. When I was her student... the first time... she wasn't nearly so... so..."

"Goofy?" Twilight supplied.

"Yeah. Though I guess in a way it's kind of comforting to know she's just a pony like us."

Sonata recovered from her stolen bounty quickly and chimed in. "I think she's fun."

"That's because she thinks it's funny when you harass the nobility and lets you get away with anything."

Sonata shrugged, having no arguement for that and resumed her eating. Sunset took a small bite of her own sandwich and turned her attention back to Twilight. "I take it you found Harmony then?"

Twilight nodded excitedly. "I did! She's er... not what I was expecting." Her enthusiasm dimming quickly. "Queen Radiant requested me in the Hollows. She's worried Harmony may attract a nightmare, and sent one of her delvers back with me."

Sunset's eyebrows rose rapidly. "Whoa. The thestral Queen never sees anypony from the surface. This is kind of a big deal, huh?"

"Bigger than I was expecting, that's for sure. I'm guessing this isn't a social pop in?"

Sunset offered a shrug as she had another bite of her snack. "Princess Luna knows there's a human here, and sent me to investigate. I'll just tell her you're handling it. That should take care of things."

"And it's not untrue. She just doesn't need the full details. I want her to be surprised as well. Harmony is her niece after all."

"So, what's she like? Not very Celestia-esque I imagine?"

Twilight huffed softly and snatched a pastry off Sonata's plate, ignoring her wailing complaints. "Not at all. She's more like a griffon than anything."

"So abrasive, rude, foul mouthed, violent?"

"Pretty much."

"Huh." Sunset looked contemplative. "Usually ponies act like that for a reason."

"I'm fairly certain she has one. There's a story she's not keen on sharing. Spike got a bit out of her which I got out of him. It sounds like she may be a bard, and accidentally enspelled a large group of humans on the world she was trapped on. It turned violent and a human foal was killed in the mayhem."

Sunset flinched sympathetically. "How old was she?"

"Young. To young to go through something like that. It's likely that had a strong impact on shaping her into the mare she is now."

"So I assume you're hoping somepony with a troubled past can reach out to her, make friends and break down her barriers?"

Twilight feigned innocence, examining her hoof casually. "I hadn't thought of that. I suppose I could ask Starlight or Trixie if you're busy..."

Sunset rolled her eyes. "Starlight is busy on one of her little friendship missions, and I somehow doubt unleashing Trixie on a volatile human is the way to endear her to Equestria."

Her friend offered a small smile. "True on both counts. This isn't how I pictured this all happening."

Sunset's eyebrow rose. "Let me guess. She has a life of her own and isn't planning on dropping it entirely to immigrate to an alien world of alien creatures at the drop of a hat?"

"Well when you put it like that..."

"I think we should go with the plan. We keep her here in Ponyville, show her a good time. Probably try to screen her from Pinkie Pie. I was looking over some of Lyra and Bon-bon's reports. I somehow doubt she'd be appreciative of Pinkie's special brand of in your face friendliness."

"Oh, good idea. Though you have to admit she has gotten a lot better."

"Yeah well I'm sure I'd be a different pony too if that happened to me." Sunset was unable to hide some of the bitterness in her voice.

Twilight sighed softly and shared a look with the now staring Sonata. She knew this was an incredibly raw nerve for the mare. "Sunset you can't force it. If it's meant to be it's meant to be."

Sunset Shimmer closed her eyes and took a deep breath, ears laying flat atop her head. "You're right. You're right, I know you are. And I know I'm moving in the right direction. Dealing with evil you showed me that. I just have to be patient."

Sonata looked relieved... and resumed wolfing down her food. Twilight smiled. "We're here to help you every step of the way too. I'll send a letter Luna's way telling her I had a slip up with an experiment, and our guest will be here for a few days. She's busy enough with Canterlot's Hearthswarming celebration that I doubt she'll come by in person anytime soon. We'll just progress as planned. I'll tell her you're going to stay for a bit to help make her feel more comfortable."

"Sounds like a plan. Oh! I have some notes I'd love to go over on amniomorphic arcanology!"

Sonata stifled a groan and rolled her eyes as the pair launched into their boring magic talk. Wiggling out of the chair with a (mostly) full tummy she trotted from the room. The few ponies working at this late hour paid her little mind as she made her way to the library. Curiosity usually won out over common sense when Sonata Dusk was concerned.

Gently nudging the large doors open she slipped in silently, regarding the slumbering duo in the cushions. She'd seen plenty of thestrals so the young mare wasn't of much interest. Her eyes fell on the human. She was a giant. And she had awesome taste in clothes. Sonata missed them sometimes. She'd kept her studdend leather bracelets but that was about it. Easing closer she could smell the alcohol on the humans breath as she snored indelicately. She noted the thestral lifting her head to regard her, but as with all things not directly effecting her present train of thought, she was ignored by the thick headed mare.

Stepping up onto the cushions she snuggled right up against the woman's back with a contented sigh. This human practically had power oozing off of her, and it was a sensation that brought great comfort to the former siren.


"Good morning Lu-" Celestia's eyes widened at the sight of her sister nursing a nose bleed at the dining room table. "Luna what happened? You look dreadful."

Luna grimaced and sipped from the glass of grape juice on the table in front of her. "I was ejected from a nightmare last night."

The elder Princess clicked her tongue reproachfully. "I warned you not everypony would appreciate your presence in their private dream realms, Luna. It's not difficult to force you out once they're aware of you."

"I am quite aware of this, however t'was no pony at all but a human."

"Oh? One of Sunset's friends visiting again?" Celestia grimaced. "It's not Pinkie Pie again is it? Two of them is one and a half to many."

"I suggest you steel yourself as we have eternity to get used to her."

"If we live another ten millenia we will never get used to Pinkie Pie."

Both sister's eyes darted to a suspiciously moving frond in the corner. "...sister you know speaking her name to often can summon her forth."

"Oh Luna that's ridiculous..."

A long pause as both stared at the plant. Before eventually turning their attentions to one another again. "So if not one of Sunset's friends then who?"

"I know not. I have dispatched Sunset Shimmer to investigate. There were odd magical signatures coming from Ponyville yesterday. I assumed that is where the human is to be found."

"Of course it was Ponyville. It seems these days if it's a magical oddity it's Ponyville."

Luna had to nod in agreement. "I am sure between all of the genius unicorns Twilight seems to be attracting to her side, they will sort the matter out quickly enough. On the subject of Twilight Sparkle, what over the top nonsense have you prepared for her gift?"

Celestia favored the serving ponies who brought her breakfast with a grateful smile and a nod. "Oh nothing special. I just dug up some old books I thought she'd enjoy perusing."

The younger diarch fixed the elder with a flat stare. "Just some old books?"

"They may or may not be Clover the Clever's original transcripts penned in her own horn writing."

Luna rolled her eyes. "Tis impossible to outgift you, sister."

"Years of experience Luna." Celestia took a small sip of her morning tea and sighed happily. "Years of experience."

--Twilight's Castle--

"Nnngh." Harm was not pleased. Bright sunlight was streaming in the windows right into her face making it nearly impossible to force herself back to sleep. It felt way to early to be up though. Grunting again she squeezed the pillow between her arms tighter to her chest in protest.


Gak? In her experience pillows typically didn't say 'gak'. Cracking her eyes open blearily she cast a tired eye downward. To be greeted by a pair of big purple ones looking back at her. "Hey not so tight, huh?"

"Gah!" Harm flung herself backwards, sending the startled mare tumbling away with a surprised yelp. She landed on something warm, and soft. Something that let out an equine screech of surprice and pain before she felt a small body thrashing under her wildly. Whipping her head around in alarm she caught a leathery wing right to the face, blinding her as the batlike membrane wrapped around her head.

A panicked Ambient Dark was flailing her wings and limbs wildly as Harmony thrashed in the bed of pillows. The door to the library flew open as Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer rushed inside. Alicorn and unicorn took in the scene. Sunset levitating Sonata from her upside down position on the floor and setting her on her hooves, while Twilight hurried to extricate Ambient from Harmony's face.

"Are you okay, Sonata?" The unicorn asked her assistant.

"Yuh huh. Earth pony now y'know. We're tough."

Sunset offered a small smile before turning back to the clump of limbs on the cushions. An exasperated Twilight simply teleporting Ambient off of Harm.

"What the fuck?! What is this?! Why are these two in my bed!"

Twilight was the only one in the room to flinch at the cursing. "First of all... this is my library, not a bedroom. Secondly this is Sonata Dusk, and Ambient Dark. Ambient was curled up here to help keep you safe... I have no idea why Sonata was in here."

The pony in question shrugged. "I liked her scent. It reminded me of Adaggio."

Sunset and Twilight leveled a flat look at the former siren. "Is that a good thing?"

Sonata squirmed in place, scuffing a hoof on the floor. "She just made me feel safe is all. I got that feeling around giganto here."

Harm squinted in annoyance at being referred to as giganto, but the little pony looked so pitiful any anger disappeared quick. "Wasn't I supposed to be some big secret? Should they be seeing a pony?"

"I hadn't intended for you to pass out drunk in my library where anypony could wander in and see you..." Twilight couldn't quite keep all the snark out of her tone. "...but you're right. You're going to appear to everypony else as very tall, so they won't all be talking at your groin area. Still, don't expect anypony to look you in the eye when they talk."

It was way to early and Harm was a feeling a bit to much of a hangover from the powerful apple brandy from the night before. It had been a long time since she'd felt the effects of a night of drinking the next day, and she wasn't liking it. "Whatever works, man. Just do it so I can get a shower."

"Maybe you'd like to apolo-" Twilight let out an alarmed squawk as Sunset Shimmer ungently prodded her in the side. "...ahem." Shooting the unicorn an annoyed glance, Twilight's horn burst to life as the bright ribbons of light spread from it and began to wisp around Harmony's body.

The surly woman couldn't hide some of the wonder from her eyes at the light show. Gingerly reaching out to touch it, and letting out a soft chuckle at the tickling tingle touching it elicited. The lights vanished as quickly as they came. "...whazzat it?"

"That's it. You look pretty good if I say so myself!" Twilight sounded very proud of herself.

"I'll say."

"Uh huh."

Harm looked from Sunset Shimmer to Sonata Dusk. Frowning slightly. "...right... so... shower? Then food."

Twilight stepped aside. "Third door on the right for the rest room. I'll have Spike bring your bag by so you can get your toiletries."

Ambient finally spoke up. "I will wait outside and walk with you to the dining room if it is not disagreeable, Lady Harmony."

"It's not disagreeable if you drop the lady and call me Harm." Not waiting for an answer, she strode from the room. Keenly aware of the eyes following her movements.

Sonata blinked and turned her attention back to Twilight. "Jeez. And I wanted to rut her before she looked like that."


Harm wiped a hand over the fogged up bathroom mirror. Examining her reflection in it. For the fifth time. It was definitely a pony looking back. Though her muzzle was more... squarish than the other ponies she'd seen. Her hair or mane she guessed, had her weird colored roots showing but the tips were still the black she normally dyed her hair. Really it looked kinda bad ass. Seeing her natural eye color looking back at her was a bit weird, especially with them blown up to giant pony size. Turning her head this way and that if she looked hard enough, she could pick out recognizable features.

"...Harm, I do not mean to intrude but you have been in there for some time. And I am quite hungry."

"Huh?" The young thestrals voice drew her out of her self examinations. "Oh. Uh, sorry. Seeing a little horse look back in the mirror is kinda trippy." She ran a brush through her hair, tugged on some reasonably clean clothes and stepped out of the bathroom.

Ambient rose to her hooves as Harm stepped out, and the pair started down the hall. "So you're supposed to be like, my bodyguard or what?"

"Not exactly. I am here to guard your mind from nightmares."

"Uh... I appreciate the sentiment but I'm a big girl. I don't need someone to hold my hand if I have a bad dream."

"Evidently you just need copious amounts of alcohol for that." Earning a sharp look from the woman. "Jesting aside, the nightmares I am on watch for are evil entities beyond the veil who are attracted to individuals filled with negative emotion. In order to posess them and twist them into rampaging monstrosities."

"...oh." A long pregnant pause sat in the air. "...well uh, thanks? Am I uh... filled with negative emotions?"

"Not as much as one would expect. Despite your gruff exterior you are in fact a very kind individual. I anticipate our time together will be pleasant enough."

"You get all that from watching me sleep?"

"Not entirely. I am an expert in thestral magic. A prodigy if you will. My tribe specializes in magics of the mind. I can get a sense for someone, pony, dog, drake, whatever they may be from spending time in their vicinity. You are quick to anger, and to answer verbal threats with physical response, though you are quite versed in controlling your strength and knowing the proper amount of force to apply to get your point across without causing permanent damage."

"Oh." Tucking her hands into the back pockets of her jeans she quietly contemplated what she was hearing. "So wait, are you like... reading my mind?"

"No. While this is something I am capable of it is incredibly rude to do so without permission. I simply hear surface thoughts, and when I spend time around somebody long enough their... essence, magic, soul.. whatever word you wish to use, makes itself clear to me."

This was venturing dangerously close to self-introspection and philosophical territories that were wildly outside of Harm's comfort zone. "So are you just gonna follow me everywhere?"

"That is not necessary. I can monitor you for some distance away to ensure no nightmares are attempting contact. That being said I find myself intrigued by you, and would not mind pursuing a potential friendship."

"...that's a very formal way of saying you think I'm cool and wanna hang out?"


The castle was busy this morning. Ponies in cute little maid dresses were rushing to and fro. Harm noted more than a few were giving her the once over as they walked by. "What's the deal? Am I a crazy sexy pony?"

"More or less, yes. You are very large, well muscled, and carry yourself with confidence. That means you have impressive stamina, and can provide physical protection. Surface ponies tend to be followers, and are attracted to others who exhibit strong will and charismatic presences."

"So I'm big and not shy so they find that super sexy?"

"Your rounded flanks, plush plot, and plump teats help as well."

"Ah." Of course she couldn't help but look down at her own chest. Suddenly intensely curious about what her rear end looked like as a pony. She hadn't paid it much mind in the bathroom, nor had she been really looking at the ponies around herself. Now that she looked though she was seeing the differences. Some of the mares were skinny in the hips... flanks, she corrected herself. Others were wider. One of the mares tails swished as she walked giving a glimpse of the rounded mounds of her teats.

"I doubt it will be long before you are propositioned for a rut here or there. I recommend you turn down any advances so long as you are intending to move about in disguise."

"Eh? What? A rut? You mean sex?"

"Yes. That is the common terminology for intercourse enjoyed simply for the joy of intercourse."

"Is that something that's going to happen a lot? Just like out of the blue?"

"Most likely." Ambient looked up at Harm, her eyes curious behind the mask she wore. "Is that not the practice where you are from?"

"Ha. I wish. No, pretty much everyone's really prudish where I'm from. I'm kinda considered uh... slutty I guess the word is."

Ambient screwed up her muzzle in confusion. "I am unfamiliar with the word."

Harm shrugged. "It means I like to have sex a lot, usually with different people."

"Ah. Well that sounds like more or less anypony you will meet. There are of course exceptions to every rule but for the most part physical intercourse is simply a means to pass time, or a way for two friends to grow closer together. Particularly between mares during their season, if they do not want a foal."

"During what season?"

"When they ovulate? Heat is another word for it."

"Huh. That usually happen around spring time?"

"Typically. Have you experienced it?"

Harm shrugged as they walked. "Maybe. I don't have a normal period that's for sure. The doctor's could never figure it out. I'd just get warm and tingly around May, and a little extra y'know. Horny."

"It sounds as if even in your transformed body your bodily functions are more similar to your equine nature than human."

"I still eat meat and stuff."

"Ponies can eat meat. Most choose not to, but many pegasi include fish in their diets."

"Huh." More things to ponder on. It didn't sound to terrible around here. Especially if she could sleep with whoever she wanted without anyone tsk tsking her. Of course that raised more questions. Did she want to sleep with these ponies? They were cute but she hadn't seen much that she'd file under the sexy tab.

A maid opened the door ahead of the pair as they entered the dining hall. Numerous round tables dotted the huge room, which was dominated by a massive rectangular table down the center. A number of the smaller tables had ponies seated at them already, while the larger one was more or less being used as a buffet table as far as Harm could see. The food itself looked amazing. A huge assortment of breakfast foods. Pastries, juices, cereals, even a platter of mostly untouched sausages on the end.

"Ohh man. If they had some hard cider I'd be in heaven."

Twilight was sitting nearby with Sunset Shimmer, Sonata Dusk, and a unicorn Harmony hadn't met yet. Her coat was pale blue, with a silvery mane and tail. Twilight just huffed softly at Harm's comment, while the new unicorn grinned broadly. "Hear, hear! Trixie has been trying to get Twilight to offer at least 'something' in the alcoholic variety for months now. At the very least with supper."

Twilight Sparkle huffed again. "Alcohol should be for special occasions. Not for whenever somepony feels like getting drunk and making a mule of themselves."

Harm only half paid attention to the arguement as she heaped herself a plate of food. Balancing a glass of orange juice as she took a seat at Twilight's table. "Trixie has NEVER made a mule of herself when drunk. She is a delight when intoxicated. Not to mention just because you offer alcohol does not mean your guests are going to drink themselves to the point of drunkeness."

"Twilight's just worried she'll accidentally get drunk again and 'organize' the trees in the town park again." Sunset cut in, before Twilight could respond to Trixie's comment. Eliciting a giggle from all the ponies at the table save Twilight herself.

"O--one time! That only happened one time!" The Princess was blushing hotly as her friends howled with laughter. Even Harm was smirking in amusement as she tucked in to her breakfast.

Sunset chortled as Harmony went to town on the food. "Well she definitely eats like her mother."

Harm's eyes snapped up and focused on Sunset. "You know her?"

"I do. I'm her present protege. Magic, politics, life and so forth."

Harm jabbed her fork down on Sonata's foreleg as the mare reached toward one of the pastries on her plate. "So were you in on this whole scheme to bring me here?"

"A lot of us were. Trixie, myself, Moondancer, Starlight Glimmer. Really just about everypony in Twilight's little brain trust had a hoof in the creation of the gate stones. It was kind of a big deal."

Twilight blushed beneath her coat. "Not that big of a deal."

"Yes, we only bridged the gap to a completely new universe. Not an alternate Equestria mind you, but a completely different universe altogether. Trixie agrees, it was barely worth mentioning at all." Trixie managed to keep a tiny hint of smugness from her tone.

Sunset was about to respond when something over Harm's shoulder caught her eye, and she clammed up hastily. Giving Twilight a nudge to her side and gesturing. "Oh my... ah, well... I suppose this was inevitable."

"What was?" Harm turned in her seat to see what they were staring at. It was a unicorn stallion. Tall and solidly built, with peircing green eyes. A well kept jet black mane was swept back from his broad muzzle, held in place by a plain band of silver with a large green stone inlaid in the center. His slate gray coat was a rather unassuming color, but the armor he wore around his hooves and legs was of very fine make.

"So." His voice was deep and commanding. "This is my daughter."

Author's Note:

So to anyone who hasn't read the Siege of the Crystal Empire comic arc, that's where this Sombra is from. Read it. It's awesome. O_O I can pretty much guarantee any questions people have about the chapter are going to be answered soon in the story.