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Harmony's Song - pchn00

A young orphaned woman discovers family in a very unexpected place.

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Chapter 6: Meet the Town

Chapter 6: Meet the Town

"Harm? You okay?"

Harmony heard the voice but she was doing her best to ignore it. To ignore it and to forget the confusing and infuriating encounter she'd just endured. She was only dimly aware of the menagerie of creatures on the snowy streets rapidly scrambling to get out of her path as she stormed away from the crystalline castle behind her.

"Harm, I'm not sure Twilight's okay with you being out and about without h-"

"Well she can go fuck herself then." She finally took note of Spike rushing to keep up with her long stride at her side.

"Hey! There's no reason to be like that."

Spike immediately realized his mistake as the woman's eyebrows shot up and she spun on her heel, glowering down at him. "No? No there isn't?" He was backing up as quickly as she was advancing on him. "You sure? Like maybe a fucking alternate universe version of my biological dad is in there and she didn't tell me? You don't think maybe I have a reason to be angry about that?"


"An alternate universe version of my biological dad who looked me up and down, snorted and walked off? Because I gotta say pal, if I don't have a reason to be pissed at her, him, and this shitty pastel world then I'm pissed off for no fucking reason aren't I?"

Spike was more aware of the gawking crowd than Harm seemed to be. "I... well... okay yeah when you put it like tha-"

"So why don't you fuck off. Tell her to fuck off. And while you're at it, go find that Sombra prick and tell him to fuck off for me too, wouldja? Wouldja be a pal and do that for me Spike?" She didn't miss the hurt in his eyes, but right now she didn't care.

With a deep breath Spike gave a small nod. "Okay. I get it, you need some space. Just uh... when you've cooled off you'll come back right?"

Harm had to chew the inside of her cheek not to lash out at him again. She knew it wasn't his fault that this was happening to her. She took several deep breaths and ran a hand through her hair. "Yeah. Yeah I'll be back at some point today. Sorry I said to fuck off. To you I mean, I'm not mad at you."

"It's okay."

"It's not, but thanks for saying so. She and he can still fuck right off though."

Spike couldn't supress a small chuckle. "Fair enough. Here." He dug around in the small satchel he wore at his hip and tossed her a bag that when caught jingled heavily.

"What's this?"

"Some spending money." When she opened her mouth he cut her off. "It's fine, I live in a giant castle. I can get more whenever I want. Go do something fun. Eat something bad for you. You do have fun outside of drinking, right?"

Now it was Harm's turn to chuckle. "I do, yeah. Thanks. I'll getcha back when I can."

"I believe you. I dunno where you're gonna get any bits, but we'll figure out something. Have fun today, okay?" He waved, without waiting for a reply and spread his wings flying back toward the castle.

Harm tucked the bag of coins into her jeans pocket, finally taking note of the crowd staring at her. "...the fuck are you all looking at? Go live your fucking lives."

Her smile got a little bigger at the cartoonish level of open mouthed shock she'd just drawn from some two dozen or so ponies. She was already feeling a little better.

==== Castle of Friendship ====

"Nnnnngh brble grbl glub...."

Sunset and Trixie shared a look with one aonther sitting on either side of Twilight. The latter of whom was moaning and muttering to herself, face down into a bowl of cereal.

"It wasn't uh... that bad... Twi..." Sunset trailed off, her gaze again going across the room where the round dining table had been hefted and flung through the wall, creating a new impromptu window in the dining room.

"Wwwwghle brgle blrb..."

"I don't know Sunset, it seemed pretty bad."

Sunset shot Trixie a dirty look as her comment drew another muffled wail from the alicorn in the cereal bowl. "Okay... yes, it was bad." She used her magic to lift Twilight's face out of her breakfast. "But you can fix it."

Twilight didn't bother to try and fight back against Sunset's magic... or to hold her head up herself. "How? Everything about this has gone wrong! Harmony hates me, and Equestria! And probably Celestia!"

Trixie took the opportunity to levitate a napkin over, gingerly drying Twilights face of milk, tears, and more snot than she'd like to clean off another pony. "This has gone pretty terribly, yes. But that doesn't mean you just give up. Did you give up when Nightmare Moon or Discord or Chrysalis or Tirek or Starlight Glimmer threatened to destroy the world?"

Sunset snorted in mild amusement. "I doubt Starlight would appreciate being lumped in there?"

Trixie shrugged. "She's the only one who actually succeeded in destroying the world so far as I know. That makes her the biggest villain on the list if you ask me."

"That doesn't stop you from shacking up with her every time she's back in town."

"I never said I found it an unappealing quality, did I?"

Twilight couldn't help but perk up just a bit while listening to her friends banter back and forth. Much as she hated to admit it, but Trixie was right. She couldn't give up. Besides, it couldn't get any worse than it already has.

In the midst of calming herself, the dining room doors were slammed open as a panicked Moondancer rushed inside. "Twilight, we've got trouble!"

"For Celestia's sake, what now?!"

"Sunny Skies is visiting Ponyville today."

=== Ponyville ===

Not terribly long ago, Ponyville was such a small town, the only thing of note about it was that if somepony wanted to visit Canterlot, it was a cheap place to stay and a short train ride into the capitol for some tourism and sight seeing. All that changed of course, when Twilight Sparkle was sent to oversee the Summer Sun Celebration just over a decade ago.

Now, Ponyville was on the verge of being a full blown city in its own right. It had its own castle, its own Princess, its own center for higher learning. New residents had been popping up steadily after Twilight opened her school. Now Ponyville was well on its way to becoming the center of social growth in all of Equestria.

Not just ponies, but griffons, changelings, dragons, yaks, hippogriffs, buffalo, and even a few minotaur had put down roots in Ponyville. The underground labrynth they'd constructed brought in plenty of tourism all on its own.

The population boom brought an economic one as well. Many of the tiny market stalls from the old open air markets had been replaced by proper store fronts, the stalls relocated closer to the farms still thriving just outside the town. Though less outside than they used to be as Ponyville's steady expanse has pushed the buildings closer to the farmlands.

Ponyville was experiencing an unexpected, but not unwelcome batch of changes. At first many of the old earth pony families were resistant to the many changes happening in their towns. Then they realized the huge spike in profits for their goods would mean better living for their families. The complaints didn't last long.

The burgeoning city was also home to the nations greatest heroines, a fact that the people's of the land were growing more aware of, thanks mainly to Twilight Sparkle's first friendship student, Starlight Glimmer, who was rather aghast at the notion that most of Equestria was not only unaware of several potential world ending catastrophe's averted by Twilight and her friends, but equally unaware of the roles they played in stopping the more overt threats.

Starlight Glimmer went to the largest newspaper in Canterlot and gave a tell all expose on the exploits of the young Princess of Friendship and her companions. Some fact checking later, and the six young mares were the biggest celebrities in Equestria.

So it was safe to say Ponyville was well on its way to becoming the new 'it' place to be. All the newness aside, the ponies remained the same. Good, friendly folks happy to lend a helping hoof or make a new friend.

But Ponyville had one last great secret. Sunny Skies.

Everypony in the town knew of course. The cheerful pegasus who took the occasional weekend vacation in Ponyville. She was from Pegasopolis, a weather mare from the distant pegasus city. She loved sweets, she loved music, festivals, parties, and massages from Bulk Biceps and nopony else.

She was also Princess Celestia.

Pinkie Pie was the first pony to notice. When she arrived to welcome the newcomer to town she saw through the disguise immediately, but assumed the Princess was playing some sort of fun new game, and was happy to play along. Later at work she off handedly mentioned to Mrs. Cake to prepare Celestia's favorite tea and cakes, when pressed for a reason she explained. After that it spread like wild fire through the town.

To all ears except Celestia's. She was still under the impression her disguise was flawless, and the citizens of Ponyville, while not the brightest in the kingdom could figure out their beloved Princess just needed a break every now and then. What pony didn't? So for a day or two every four months or so, they played host to the pegasus mare from Pegasopolis.

Celestia herself lived for these little moments when she could slip away and just be a pony. Trotting through the markets and having to pay for her goods like a normal pony instead of having everything, oft times literally, thrown at her hooves. The Hearths Warming preparations in Canterlot were proceeding smoothly, the tree was decorated with Luna, and today she was going to take some free time for herself.

It was going to be a good day.

== Ponyville Restaurant District ==

Harm had always been a tall woman. She was the tallest girl in school every year, and she was taller than anyone else she'd met in her life up til now. But walking the streets of Ponyville brought a new level of surreality to her having a couple inches shy of seven feet in height.

Most of the people were so tiny. The ponies were tiny. The griffons and horsepony's and weird bug pony's were tiny. The dragons were tiny even. The only people not tiny were the minotaurs and she'd only seen two of them. It was also a little odd having most of them addressing her crotch when they shot her a greeting.

The friendliness was getting a bit grating really. She was a city girl, she liked the city. She liked the crowds and the noise. But she also liked how everyone did their best to ignore everyone else. It was comforting in a way. Now she felt like everyone was staring at her and it was starting to freak her out.

Finally having enough of it she ducked into a nearby alleyway and moved far enough from the street that she was mostly hidden in the shadows between buildings. "Fuck-a-doodle-doo." Muttering to herself she pulled out a tightly wrapped joint and lit it with the lighter in her back pocket, taking a long drag and exhaling slowly and sank into an easy crouch with her back to the building behind her.

"What's that?"

"Yah! Fuck me!" Harm leapt to her feet dropping the joint from her lips as she did. Before it could hit the ground it was snagged in a pale green shimmer of magic. The woman looked to her side at the offending pony. "The fuck is the matter with you, sneaking up on someone like that?"

The pony in question was younger she guessed, maybe a teenager? It was hard to tell. So far she'd seen tiny stubby and chubby, and the slightly less tiny, less chubby, and less stubby versions. This one was the latter, but her legs seemed a bit to long for her body, like she was still growing into them. Her coat was an off white, and her hair and tail were a mop of black and lavender curls.

"Oh uh... sorry. I didn't mean to sneak up on you." The young mare sheepishly offered the smoking joint back to Harm, who snatched it. "It was just a new smell and I was curious."

Harm huffed softly and sank back into her crouch, taking another drag. "Mhm. I bet it is." She took a closer look at the mare. She was clothed, kinda. More so than most she'd seen which was still weirding her out. This pony had studded canvas bracelets on her fore legs, numerous piercings in each ear, and way to heavy black eye liner on. The saddlebags slung across her sides were a matching black canvas to her bracelets.

The mare stared silently for a long moment before speakign again. "...so?"

"So what, kid? Don't you got shit to be doing?"

She immediately snorted. "I'm not a kid! And... kinda. But I'm blowing it off right now because my sister sucks. What are you smoking? It doesn't smell like any kind of herbs I've seen other ponies smoke."

Harm's teenager suspicion was confirmed the way the pony's voiced squeaked on kid. But she didn't press it. "Well it's for grown ups where I'm from. Don't worry about it."

The pony lapsed into a sullen pout and plopped her rump in the snow nearby. Another long silence stretched before she spoke again. "I like your boots."

Harm raised an eyebrow glancing down at the thick black leather boots she was wearing. What the hell did they look like to a pony? "Thanks. Nice bracelets."

The little mare's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Really really. Want a little advice?"

"Uh... sure?"

"Ditch like half the earrings and half the eye liner. Less is more. I'm guessing you're going for punk soft-metal but you come off as goth heavy-death metal which is not a look you want."

The mare blinked several times. "Uh.. yeah? Really? You don't think it's... uncouth or stupid?"

Harm shrugged taking another drag. "What I think doesn't matter. What do you think?"

Another short pause. "I think my eyes are sticky and my ears feel like they're going to droop like a mule."

"Hey, I get it. I've been there. When I was a kid I went through kinda the same thing before I found my look. You'll get there."

"Jeez. My sister just says I'm going through a phase and I'll grow out of it. But I really like my music, I like Pontera and CHRYSALIS and Motor Hoof! And the clothes and I like dyeing my mane and-"

Harm hastily raised her hands. "Whoa, whoa kid calm down. Deep breath. If you like it then fuck it, do what you want. If this sister doesn't like it then fuck her too."

The pony's eyes widened, either at her cursing or at what she was cursing at Harm wasn't sure. "...huh." She sat back quietly digesting what she'd just been told. "Hey, I'm Belle."



Harm snorted in mild amusement. "It's short for Harmony."

Belle rose an eyebrow. "If you don't want to tell me your name it's fine."

"The fuck is that supposed to mean? I just did."

"Oh... uh, really? I just thought y'know..."


"Well nopony is named Harmony."

"Why the hell would you say that?"

Belle shrugged. "I dunno why, it's just one of those uh... y'know. The t word that means stuff people don't do for some old reason."


"Yeah! Taboo. It's a taboo to name a foal Harmony."

Harm took another, heavier drag off her joint before putting it out on the bottom of her boot. This was pretty fucked up news. Her god mom was so fucked after she disappeared she outlawed anyone else having her name. "Well it's just Harm anyway like I said. See ya around, kid." She got up and started walking out of the alley.

She wasn't terribly surprised at the sound of hoof steps following after her. "Where're you from?"


"Never heard of it."

"Well it's where I'm from."

"Oh. So why're you in Ponyville?"

Harm eyed Belle from the corner of her eye, not breaking her stride. The young pony was trotting quickly beside her to keep up. "Sight seeing. How long are you gonna follow me, kid?"

"Oh, sorry. Am I bothering you?"

She wasn't, Harm had to admit. She seemed like a good kid, but mixed up in that way every teenager was. Trying to figure shit out. Harm had been there. "No. I'm just not great company most of the time. You probably got better shit to do."

"No. Not really. But uh, I do have to do some grocery shopping for my sister, so I should probably get to that. It was really nice meeting you though, Harm. Thanks y'know? For talking to me like a grown up and not some stupid filly."

Harm shrugged. "I work hard to talk to everyone with the same level of disdain. It's one of my better traits." She finished with a small smirk.

It drew a genuine laugh from Belle. "I'll remember that. I hope I see you again. Maybe you could hear some of my favorite albums!"

Before the woman could protest, Belle was rushing off into the crowds. "Huh. Cute kid." Tucking her hands into the pockets of her jeans she resumed her aimless trek through the town. She paused now and again to eye the window displays from the various shops in the market district. But her nose and stomach drew her steadily toward the aroma's of the restaurant row.

Halfway to a large cafe shaped like a cupcake of all things, she was stopped dead in her tracks by the spectacle unfolding in the streets in front of her. Some kind of flash mob had formed and was putting on a full blown musical number about buying the perfect present for their friends and families.

"What the actual fuck have I walked into?"

"Well." Came a feminine voice at her side. "When enough harmonic energy builds up centered around a strong emotion or event ponies tend to sort of resonate with each other and burst into coordinated and choreographed musical numbers."

"Huh. That's... something."

"Not a big music fan, huh?"

"No, not really." Harm finally glanced down at the speaker. She was pink. Very pink. A huge mass of curls atop her head, where a horn could just barely be seen peeking out. With pink fluffy wings tucked into her sides and a huge poofy pink tail to top it off. "That is a lot of pink."

"Thanks. Don't like pink either?" The mare was watching the spectacle in front of her with shining blue eyes.

Harm shrugged. "No, I like pink a lot actually. I dyed my hair with pink highlights for years."

"Why'd you stop?"

"Got to be a pain to do it that way all the time. Layering the dye and all that."

"Ah, that makes sense. No magic salons on Earth, huh?"

Now Harm's eyebrows rose. "Who are you?"

"Pinkie Pie." The pony finally turned her attention to Harm. "Princess of parties."


"Really really. It's nice to meet you Harm."

She didn't call her Harmony, which was a point in her positives column. "You're one of Twilight Sparkle's friends then?"

"I am."

"You helped her bring me here?"

"Well not the whole spell crafting part, but I put a bunch of magic oomph into the actual making of the rune stones. My magic mostly makes balloons, confetti, pastries. That sort of things."

"You shoot cake making lasers out of that horn? That is the best use of magic I've heard of since I got here."

"I know right?"

Harm took a moment to study the mare closer. She was bigger than the average pony so far as she could tell. Certainly more rounded in the stomach and rump areas. "So the wings and horn thing mean Princess then?"

"Not always. There's a few of us without titles. Mine's not even official, it's just what everypony calls me. It makes them happy so I roll with it."

"Mm. Cool of you."

"Thanks. Thinking of getting a bite to eat?"

"I was until the street got cut off by this Disney movie. Looks like it's thinning out though."

"Yeah, they don't last more than a couple minutes usually." Pinkie began to trot forward, and Harm followed without prompting. "You want a snack or a meal?"

"Anything in big portions."

This drew a laugh from Pinkie. "My kinda mare. I know a good spot, wanna join me?"

Harm shrugged. "Sure." Pinkie seemed cool enough. She had a very chill vibe that put the woman at ease and it was nice having someone not talk to her groin. Her mood was steadily turning around, and improved markedly when she saw the sign hanging over the building they were approaching.

"You guys have bars here?"

"Yup. Why wouldn't we? And Berry Punch has the best drinks and eats in the city. Unless you want sweets of course, but you don't strike me as the sweet tooth kinda gal."

"I am not. I mean I got nothing against cake and stuff, I'll eat it but I don't go outta my way for it."

"Gotcha." Pinkie led the way, Harm watching in amusement as most everyone in the pub shouted out her name.

"Guessing you're popular here."

"Heh, I'm popular everywhere." For a moment Harm thought she saw a flicker of fatigue in the friendly mare's blue eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it appeared. "I see a table over there, why don'cha grab us a spot and I'll get a couple pints."

"Best idea I've heard in a while." She crossed the bar taking in the crowd. It was a bit more smiley than Jerry's place back home, but it had the same sort of air about it. Folks coming here to forget their worries for a short time, or to act like asses with their friends for a while.

She frowned at the tiny stools a moment, before catching eye of some larger ones stacked in a corner. Helping herself to one she planted it at the table and lowered herself onto it, thumbing through a menu while she waited for Pinkie to come back.

"Shoot! You grabbed the last table. Can I join you? It's standing room only."

Harm glanced up to see a lily white pegasus mare staring at her pleadingly with big violet eyes. Her mane and tail were a golden blonde, with a long multi-colored braid hanging over one ear. "You a big talker?"

"Not particularly. I've just been on my hooves all day and a drink at Berry's is my favorite way to end a day in Ponyville."

"Hm. Cool by me then, I'm here with someone so as long as she doesn't wanna give you the boot."

"Who? Pinkie Pie? We're good friends, she won't mind." The mare helped herself to a stool of her own. "I haven't seen you around town before."

"You know everyone in this city?"

"Heh, no. But a draft mare who smells like the city while in Ponyville stands out is all. Here for the tree lighting?"

"No. Sight seeing is all."

"Ah. I'm Sunny by the way. Sunny Skies."

"Cool. I'm Harm."


"Yeah it's short fo-"

Harm was cut off as Pinkie returned with a pair of large frothing pints. "Sunny! What a... delight to run into you here while I'm here with my new friend Harm! Ha ha! I can't believe I'd bump into you. Here. Of all places." Pinkie's smile was huge and a bit on the manic side.

Harmony reached out and slowly took one of the pints, taking a drink. "Damn, this is good too. Sorry she asked if she could sit, I guess we got the last table."

"Ha ha ha! Of course! Of course she did, of course we did! Wow I cannot believe this!"

Harm looked over at Sunny with a raised eyebrow. "Want her to leave, or what?"

"No! No no, it's always nice to see you, Sunny. Just uh... took me by surprise! I'm a little frazzled usually I keep pretty good track of everypony in Ponyville."

Sunny's smile dimmed slightly. "Pinkie are you getting enough sleep? You seem very um... strained."

"Nope! It's fine. I'm fine! Can you excuse me for just oooooooone teensy second? I'm super duper sorry to be rude Harm I just have to um..." She vanished in a flash of pink.

"Huh. She lost her chill quick."

Sunny shrugged and helped herself to the unclaimed pint. "Well hey, free drink."

"Heh, you're alright."

== Twilight's Castle ==

Sunset Shimmer was gently rubbing Twilight Sparkle's back to try and calm the hyper ventilating Princess. "Twilight, it's going to be fine. Ponyville is a big place. They're not even going to bump into each other."

A pink burst of magic drew both of their attentions to Pinkie as she teleported into the room. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!"

Eyes wide Sunset and Twilight leapt to their hooves. "Pinkie what is it?! A monster attack??"

"I ran into Harmony by the cafe and I played it super duper cool and mellow and we hit it off and I took her to Berry's to get a bite and a drink and SUNNY SKIES SHOWED UP AND IS SITTING AT THE TABLE WITH HER RIGHT NOW!"

Sunset flinched as if visibly struck, and timidly turned her attention to Twilight. The alirocns pupils had shrunk to pin pricks and she was sucking in short gasps of air at an alrming rate. "Hey... hey! It's... not that bad..." She took a step back as Twilight's head whipped around to stare her dead in the eyes.

"Not. That. Bad."

"Ahem... n-no..." She coughed to get the crack in her voice under control. "No. Princess Celestia seals her magic right? Nopony can tell who she is, and she doesn't have her unicorn magic when she's Sunny Skies. She can't see through Harm's illusion."

She could see Twilight heard her words. And was slowly processing them as her breathing returned to a normal pace. "...okay. We have to play this cool. I can be cool! That's me! Cool as a cucumber!"

"Twi, why don't you and Pinkie uh... take a breather. I'll go pick up Harm, I'll make some excuse for why she has to leave okay? It'll be fine."

Twilight Sparkle took a few deep breaths, closed her eyes. Took one more and exhaled slowly. "Okay. You're right. This literally can't turn into an even bigger problem, it's fine."

Sunset flinched again. "Why did you say that?" Summoning her own magic she vanished with a pop.

== Berry's Pub ==

Things went awry much quicker than Sunset Shimmer expected. In the form of a flying chair colliding with her face the second she rematerialized inside the pub. Taken completely off guard she went down like a sack of potatoes. She was dimly aware of hooves hooking around her barrel and pulling her behind the bar.

Groggily the unicorn focused on her rescuer. "...Berry? Wha' happened?"

"A couple of minotaurs were giving my waitress a hard time." She flinched at the sound of breaking glassware. "She was trying to get out from around them, I was about to head over and shoo them out when that huge mare Pinkie Pie brought in stepped in. They exchanged words, than one of the bulls punched her. Right in the face!"

Sunset flinched. "Ouch."

"Right? She fell flat on her butt and looked uh, mostly confused? Then she smiled and jumped on him and it kinda spiralled out of control from there."

Sunset shook her head a couple times and peered over the bar. She could see ponies throwing punches, kicks, even a couple bites. A pair of griffons were cheering in the rafters while the clear center of attention was two minotaur bulls squaring off against Harm and of course, Sunny Skies. The latter of whom was laughing like a maniac while she darted in and out of the minotaurs legs. Sunset flinched as the pegasus delivered a crushing buck to the bulls groin. "I felt that one."

Her horn sputtered to life as she grew more and more focused, prepping a spell to put an end to the melee. Before she could a shrill whistle split the air as guard ponies spilled into the pub. The five burly earth ponies set about to quickly quelling the light fights, while three of them tacked the two bulls and Harm herself respectively. They seemed confused as to what to do with Sunny, but in the end two minotaurs, a pegasus mare, and a human were marched out in cuffs.

Sunset let her spell die before casting. "...Twilight is going to literally explode."

Author's Note:

I went back and did some minor rewrites and touch ups to the first five chapters. Nothing to major just some little stuff I wanted to adjust.