• Published 9th Nov 2015
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A Light to shine the way - Light Spark

Light Spark was never social. He was never liked. Now, He moves to Canterlot and meets 3 people than impact his life in many ways. The question is who are they?

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Chapter 1: First Day of school How will it go?

Author's Note:

This is my First chapter but any criticism constructive criticism is allowed if there is anything wrong don't feel like it's wrong to point it out and thanks to the PoME group for letting me write this story it was an honor to join. Also big thanks to my editor my friend Aaron Powers unfortunately he does not have a user on here but he will be editing my story from this point on.
And now to find some cover art great.... this'll take forever.

First Day of School - How will it go?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm went off at 6:45am on a typical Monday. A kid named Rapid Shadow got up. His flame orange hair, which contrasted with his midnight blue skin, was already out of place, like it normally was when he got out of bed. Rapid Shadow got out of his bed and reluctantly went to shower. It took him 15 minutes to get in and out of it. His parents called him from downstairs.

“Rapid Shadow get down here you’re going to be late for school!” Cinnamon Shadow called.

“I’m coming! Give me a second will you?” Rapid responded.

“Son You do not talk to your mother like that you get down here right now!” His father yelled.

As soon as he heard his father, Rapid hurried and got dressed. He hastily brushed his teeth, and quickly got dressed, despite how he didn’t like the crystal prep uniform that he was forced to put on after all of it he raced downstairs.

“That’s more like it. You should know not to backtalk your mother like that... Here, you’re going to need money to get something to eat at Crystal Prep be sure you behave yourself at school otherwise you’ll wish you behaved.”

“Alright, Dad. I’ll see you both later I gotta run if I want to make it to school in time! Bye!” Rapid Shadow said quickly, rushing out the door.

“Always in a rush... I swear that kid is going to end up hurting himself one of these days...” Cinnamon, his mother, sighed.

“Don’t worry. He’ll be fine. I can only hope he caught the bus since it leaves his bus stop at 7:05. If not, then he’s going to have to walk to school” Mythic said.

No! No! No! No! I am NOT going to miss the bus! If I do that’ll make me look bad on the first day! Rapid thought as he ran to the bus stop. As if the world hated him, the bus left right as he reached the bus stop. “WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?” he yelled. “Fine. I’ll walk to school. I can only hope that’ll I’ll make it in time.” As he walked, he realized that he had no idea where he was going. He decided that he was going to go up to someone and ask for directions. As soon as he realized where he was, he saw that he was in front of Canterlot High, the other school he could’ve transferred to. As he was looking at it, wondering where to go now, something pink appeared in front of him.

“HI!!!” As soon as Rapid was looking at Canterlot High, he was looking at a pink-haired girl with a huge smile on her face.

“Aaah! Where the heck did you come from, and who are you!?!” Rapid said, surprised by her.

“I am Pinkie Pie! I came from behind the statue over there. I saw you staring, and looking confused. So I decided to say Hi!” She looked at Rapid from head to toe, and her face turned confused. “Why are you wearing a Crystal Prep uniform?”

“I’m go to Crystal Prep. I missed the bus and trying to find the school.”

“Pinkie? who are you talking to?” A voice said. Pinkie turned to see a cyan kid.

“Oh! Hey, Swifty! I’m talking to this kid who was staring at the school!” Pinkie’s eyes filled with curiosity. “Hey. What’s your name?” she asked to Rapid.

“My name? My name’s Rapid. Rapid Shadow.”

Swifty looked at Rapid, and spoke. “Well, it’s very nice to meet you Rapid.” He looked down at the ground and then muttered, “Even if you go to Crystal Prep.”

“Wait... Do you have a problem with me? Because I’m going to Crystal Prep? Just because you whisper doesn’t mean I can’t hear you.”

Swifty looked up at Rapid. “Sorry. It’s just that Crystal Prep is the rival of Canterlot High. We’re going to face them in the Friendship Games in a few weeks.” Swift explained.

“HELLO! WHO IS THIS YOU’RE TALKING TO?” A voice yelled near them. Rapid yelled and jumped back, freezing up. Rapid turned around to find a grey boy with long black hair standing behind.

“Treble, why did you have to scare him like that?” Swiftly spoke.

“Are you saying I can’t be loud?” Treble spoke, looking annoyed. “WHAT’S WRONG WITH BEING LOUD!?”

“Um, can you stop please doing that?” Rapid requested.

“WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Treble screamed in a reply.

“Treble, that’s quite enough! I can’t believe you’ve scared our friend here. Quite enough,” an elegant voice said. Rapid turned to see a girl with white skin and purple hair standing there. “My apologies. Treble here can be quite loud,” she said smiling.

Rapid thought, Okay, seriously. I’ve been here for 5 minutes and already I’ve acquainted with 3 people… by standing in the same place. How odd.

“No it’s fine.” He said, politely. “Whenever comes up behind me or screams, I get startled very easily. I have a tendency to scream and jump,” Rapid explained.

“Well, I’m quite sorry for Treble’s rudeness. An unpleasant introduction to say the least. Speaking of which, my name’s Rarity. What’s yours, if I may kindly ask?”

“My name’s Rapid Shadow.” Rapid, having been caught up in all the introductions, remembered that he was heading to school. “I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta go. I’ll be late for school.” He began to walk off, waving. “I’ll see you guys later!” Bye Rarity, Swift, Pinkie and Treble! See you all later!” Rapid then ran off toward what he believed was Crystal Prep. As he reached the building, he realized, yet again, that he had no idea where to go. He turned around and ran back to Canterlot High and asked “Sorry guys but could i ask you guys something?”

Swift and Pinkie, who started to walk into the building, turned around. Swift replied, “Sure, Rapid. What do you need?”

“What’s the quickest way to Crystal Prep from here?” After asking, someone came up behind him and asked him, quietly, "Um…” She stopped for a moment. “Why do you need directions to Crystal Prep?"

Rapid turned around, seeing a girl with yellow skin and long pink hair. She was rubbing her arm, and her head was tilted downwards. Her eyes were looking up towards Rapid. Assuming that she had asked the question, he answered with, "I go to Crystal Prep because I transferred from Manehattan to Crystal Prep. Apparently, they wouldn't allow me to transfer to Canterlot High. I missed the bus, and I’m now trying to find the way to Crystal Prep.”

"Oh okay," she spoke, softly.

Rapid was curious, and asked, "What's your name? If you don’t mind me asking."

She tilted her head up. "My names Fluttershy."

"Fluttershy. That's a nice name."

"Hey Flutters? Who this your talking to?" A voice with a Southern accent.

The voice came from a girl wearing a Stetson hat that was behind Pinkie.

"Oh, Hi! Applejack, this is Rapid. He was just asking Swift for directions to Crystal Prep! They apparently didn't give him directions," Fluttershy responded.

"Well, hi, there Rapid! Any friend of Swift and Flutters is a friend of mine," Applejack said. Applejack stuck out her hand.

Rapid smiled and shook it. "Nice to meet you as well, Applejack." Rapid smiled as in his head he thought, I met like 6 people within ten minutes. This is happening so quickly.

Rapid asked what was the quickest route to Crystal Prep. Swift gave him directions, and Rapid, not wanting to be late for school, waved and thanked Swift as he ran off. Rapid dashed to school and arrived at Crystal Prep. He looked at his phone. It was 7:35. He breathed a sigh of relief, glad he wasn’t late. As he began to walk into the building, a voice from behind Rapid startled him. He turned around to see a blue girl with orange glasses and white ponytails.

She spoke quickly, “Why are you running to school instead of taking the bus? You know what? I don’t care. You’re the new student Rapid Shadow, right?”

Rapid replied, “Yeah, I am. Why?”

The girl adjusted her glasses and said, “Principal Cinch is looking for you. I’ll let her know you’re here.”

Rapid, happy with this girl’s kindness, responded, “Thanks. What’s your name by the way, so I can thank you properly.”

“Sugarcoat. It’s Sugarcoat. You better get use to it because you’ll be hearing my name a lot. The friendship games are coming up, after all.”

“Friendship Games?” Rapid never heard of it in his entire life. “What are those? Nevermind. I’ll find out later. Anyway, thanks.”

Rapid took off towards the school, leaving Sugarcoat standing there. She just let out a sigh, shook her head, and walked into the school. Rapid got to the front of the school and just looked at it. He never realized that it was so big and was impressed by it. As he was staring in awe, a voice came up behind him freezing him. Okay, thought Rapid, this is getting repetitive. He turned around, revealing a woman with blue skin and purple curly hair, who had red glasses and was wearing a elegant blue dress. A girl with pink skin and purple, yellow, and pink hair stood beside her, her arms crossed.

The women with the purple curly hair looked down at him, “Are you Rapid Shadow?”


She looked at him with an unimpressed look. “Good. I’m Principal Cinch. Sugarcoat told me you would be coming. So, I assume you know your schedule for the day?”

“Yes, I do. Although, I might need help finding my classes. I didn’t know the school was this big.” Rapid glanced at the school, and back at Principal Cinch. “I might get lost wandering around on my own.”

“Dean Cadence will show you around, as she does with new students.”

The girl, who was silent up to this point, uncrossed her arms and walked over to Rapid. “Rapid, come with me. I’ll see that you’re situated in your classes and that you know where they are.”

Rapid followed Dean Cadence and Principal Cinch inside the school. As soon as he went in, Principal Cinch called Sugarcoat over. “Sugarcoat,” she spoke. Sugarcoat, who was talking with a crowd, looked over at Principal Cinch. She turned around and walked over Principal Cinch. “I’ll need you to watch over him to see if he’s worthy of staying at Crystal Prep.” She looked over at Rapid. Sugarcoat looked at him as well, and nodded her head. Cinch continued, “He was allowed in because of his grades and his athletic ability. It should get us an edge in the Friendship Games.”

Sugarcoat nodded and sent a text to all of her friends. Cinch wants us to show another newbie around and see how he does. How does the shadowbolt initiation sound?

A friend of hers, Lemon Zest responded. Let’s do it! See how this kid compares to Quill!

Another person, Sunny Flare, answered. I hope he’s ready for it. He better be unlike Quill.

Indigo Zap responded. Awesome, man! It’s so fun messing with the new kids! I’m up for it and we get to do it 2 weeks in a row?! Awesome!

At last, Sour Sweet answered. Eh, I could care less, but if Cinch want’s us to I’ll do it. It’s rare for us to do it 2 weeks in a row.

Sugarcoat looked up from her phone at Rapid and smiled. She said, ”Rapid, you better be prepared!”

Rapid smiled back. “I am. I can only guess of what they’re going to be.”