• Published 9th Nov 2015
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A Light to shine the way - Light Spark

Light Spark was never social. He was never liked. Now, He moves to Canterlot and meets 3 people than impact his life in many ways. The question is who are they?

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Chapter 2:Life at Crystal Prep Begins.

After the tour from Dean Cadence, she asks Rapid if he has any questions and he responds with “No, I don’t.” and then walks off to Gym class. After Rapid put on his uniform he meets the Crystal Prep Coach. He had yellow skin, green eyes and orange hair. He wears a Crystal Prep sports jacket, a cap and sunglasses. He sees Rapid coming to him. “Ah, you must be the new student. Rapid Shadow. Am I correct?” He asked.

“Yes I am.” He simply said and they both shook hands.

“Pleasure to meet you Rapid. Principal Cinch told about you. She told me you have an amazing athletic ability.”

Rapid just nods at him in agreement.

“Well then, let’s put you up to the test. But before we begin, introduce yourself to your fellow students.”

“Uh...” Was all Rapid could say. He didn’t like it when he had to introduce himself to others. He’s always so shy that they sometimes can’t hear what he’s saying because of his shyness.

The coach blew his whistle to get everyone’s attention. “Alright class before we begin we have a new student joining our class.”

The coach took a step backwards to let Rapid introduce himself to his fellow students.

“Oh….um...hello, my name...is Rapid Shadow….it’s nice to meet you” Rapid said meekly and quietly, but just loud enough for the group to hear him, all except for one…

“WHAT? SPEAK UP!” A girl with large headphones said loudly

“Take off your headphones and you might hear.” Sugarcoat said

They returned to the changing rooms, where Rapid changes back into his normal clothes. He walks through the halls of Crystal Hall, trying to avoid eye contact with the people who crowded into the hallways. He walked through the door into 2nd Hour. He took in his surroundings.

Rows of desks sat in the front of the class, accompanied with chairs. Some students were already into the class, either sitting and waiting for class to start or talking with one another. In the back, lab tables sat with equipment and stools.

Rapid sat down and within a few minutes, class had begun.

The teacher walked to the front of the class and spoke. “Good morning, students! Today, we are doing an experiment in the lab area. There are instructions waiting for you at the tables.”

Rapid looked over the experiments and, unsure, grabbed the chemicals that the instructions described. He read the instructions quickly.

Rapid looked back towards the chemicals and mixed them nervously. The mixture in the beaker exploded and flew out, falling upon Rapid. Rapid instinctively closed his eyes as the mixture covered him. He wiped the liquid from his eyes, and opened them. The class was glaring at him, laughing and pointing. His teacher stared on and shook his head. Rapid didn’t know what to do, so he looked down at the beaker, now nearly empty. He blushed from embarrassment and grabbed the instructions to see what went wrong.

Fix the chemicals.

He slapped himself. This experiment was about making the components of the chemicals separated. What help would’ve come from mixing it?

Rapid slapped himself mentally. “C’mon Rapid! you’re better than this. Let’s see if we can turn things around,” he thought. Rapid shakingly reached for some of the chemicals and was about start mixing them once more, that is until someone tapped him on the shoulder, nearly making him jump out of his seat. “Aah! Why’d you scare me like that?” Rapid said clinging to his chair with his hands and he turned around to see a girl with gamboge eyes, dark cornflower hair with moderate cerulean and moderate arctic blue streaks running through her hair, and light amberish grey skin, wearing lightning bolt earrings, light orange goggles on her head and was wearing dark blue lightning bolt boots, standing behind him with a look of concern and amusement.

“Uh, you ok over here? I just saw you nearly blow yourself up.” The girl said trying to hold back her laughter.

“I-I’m fine you just scared me that’s all” Rapid said as he averted direct eye contact “mhmm, anyway the names indigo zap, but you can just call me Indigo.” Indigo said with a slight arrogant tone

“W-What’d i do to you?” Rapid asked hearing the tone of arrogance in Indigo’s voice.

“Well aside from stuttering like a typewriter and nearly blowing yourself up, nothing, and come to think of it, i haven’t met you, have I?” Indigo said with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.

“No i don’t believe we’ve met.” Rapid said as indigo then gestured for him to keep talking

“well….?” Indigo said twirling her hand in the air

“O-Oh sorry my name’s Rapid Shadow” Rapid said apologetically.

“Well Rapid, stick with me and my friends and you just might survive here at crystal prep.” Indigo said slapping him on the back. Rapid has to catch himself before he almost falls on the floor. “Try and keep your butt on the seat and not the floor while you’re at it.” Indigo called back to rapid. Rapid just looked confused and went back to looking at the instructions for the experiment. The class continued as usual without incident, much to relief of rapid.

Rapid continued to his next class, the dreaded math period. He walked into the class and took a random seat towards the back of the classroom, trying not to draw attention to himself. Soon enough the teacher came in and starting rambling on about quadratic equations and other things as rapid slowly but surely started to doze off the last thing him hearing was “If I throw a triangle out a window and the car is moving 20 KM/H and wind resistance is a thing that exists, how many cupcakes can pedro buy with human soul….?” The teacher ‘said’ as Rapid fell asleep at his desk as class continued without him

1 hour later….

Rapid was currently face down at his desk as class just ended and he was drooling all over his sleeve. When the bell rang the girl next to Rapid took her ruler and hit Rapid in the back of his head. Rapid opens his eyes to see a girl with light blue-grey skin, moderate cerise eyes, mulberry hair with raspberry streaks.

“What did you that for?” Rapid asked while rubbing the back of his head.

“Sorry dearie but sleeping isn’t allowed in class.” She teased and left the room.

Rapid got up with a start and noticed that he had drooled all over his sleeve and muttered “I fell asleep… in math class. Great I missed an entire class because i fell asleep!” Rapid said as he looked at his schedule and saw that he had lunch next “well at least i have lunch, just hope they have decent food here.” Rapid said getting his stuff together and making his way out of the classroom.

Rapid walked down the hallway and eventually made his way to the cafeteria. He walked in and was greeted with the loud sound of everyone talking all at once. He got in line and got his food and walked out. He stood off to the side scoping out the area, looking for a place to sit as he then spotted an empty table on the opposite side of the room. He made his way through the crowd and sat down at the table by himself. As he started eating, a student saw this and donned an evil grin as she made her way over to him.

“Well well well, what do we have here? An empty lonely table for an empty lonely loser…” the girl said as she walked up behind Rapid. Rapid tried to ignore the taunt being thrown at him. This only caused the girl to try harder, “Hey, I’m talking to you, moron! Do you have drool in your ears too!?” The girl continued.

“P-Please just go away…” Rapid asked but the request fell on deaf ears as the girl continued her pestering.

“Hmm, let me think... No! I like it over here better. Because you’re quiet so it makes it so much more easy to insult you without you retaliating.” The girl said as she raised her hand to go and slap him only to have it grabbed from behind.

“Knock it off, Suri! Get out of here before I shove your knitting needles in a very...bad...place….” The person said.

“Fine, but this isn’t over, Sunny…” Suri said as she pried her arm from Sunny Flare’s grip and stormed off.

“Are you okay?” Sunny asked Rapid.

Rapid responds with, “I-I’m fine, I’m used to it anyway…” Rapid said.

“Seriously? You don’t stand up for yourself? Don’t tell me you’re that naive,” Sunny said as she crossed her arms.

“I got teased at my old school anyway… I’ve learned to ignore it. Plus, I’ve gotten used to it It doesn’t really bother me,” Rapid said as he turned away and picked at his lunch.

“Well that just won’t do, why don’t you come join me and my friends until you make some more of your own,” Sunny offered as Rapid responded with, “S-Sure, that sounds fine, that is, if you don’t mind me being there…” Rapid said sheepishly.

“Don’t be ridiculous, come on, follow me,” Sunny said as Rapid got up from the table, lunch in hand. The two of them eventually made their way over to a table with 4 other girls sitting there. They then sat down and before Sunny had a chance to introduce him to them, Indigo recognized him.

“Hey, it’s Time Bomb!” Indigo said with a big smirk as Rapid blushed and slammed his head into the table.

Rapid looks up to see everyone looking at him and then sees violet eyes staring at him through orange glasses and asks “Why are you looking at me like that?” Rapid asked as the person he was looking at responded “you just tried to break the table with your face, why wouldn’t we be staring at you like you’re an idiot.” Sugarcoat asked Rapid responded with “I did it because indigo called me Time bomb. What did I do to earn that nickname?” Rapid asked

“You nearly blew yourself up in science class.” Indigo said with a sly grin as Sour Sweet spoke up “what brings this little guy over to our table, not that i really give flying feather…” Sour Sweet said.

“He was sitting by himself at that table over there, then Suri at some point walked over and started giving him crap about random stuff. So i stepped in and invited him to eat with us until he makes some more friends.” Sunny explained as everyone nodded in agreement.

“S-so what do you guys talk about over here?” Rapid asked.

“Well we mostly talk about whatever comes to mind, most girl stuff like clothes, gossip, boys, etc. and then there’s other special interest topics...” Sugarcoat said

“Okay” Rapid responded.

“You don’t talk much do you? You should work on that if you plan on surviving here.” Sugacoat said

“Why?” Rapid asked

“Because kids like you are easy prey for people like Suri and Ledger.” Indigo said taking a bite of her burger

“Wh-Who’s Ledger?” Rapid asked nervously

“He’s this stuck up a**hole, that thinks he can have any girl he sets his eyes on, plus he’s a serious douche to anybody that gets in the way of what he wants.” Lemon said

“Wow. Sounds like a lot of kids in Manehattan…” Rapid said

“So enough about us, tell us about yourself. Even though i’m sure it’s boring” Sour Sweet said

“Well… i’m from Manehattan, i’m sure you know that because i just told you. I like to listen to Music, Draw, Play video games, hang out with friends and talk with my cousin every once in awhile.” Rapid said

“Oh you like music! Here try this!” Lemon said putting her headphones on Rapid’s head

“Ow! why is your music up so loud?” Rapid said

“All the better to FEEL the music!” Lemon said

“Sorry Lemon don’t think i like your kind of music” Rapid said while removing the headphones and giving them back to Lemon.

“So you play any sports?” Indigo asked

“I did use to play soccer with my cousin a few years ago.” Rapid said

“ok let me put it this way, how did you get into crystal prep? It doesn’t seem your academics got you in.” Indigo said slightly more blunt

“Because I screwed up one thing, you say it wasn’t my academics that got me in?” Rapid responded

“Well... yeah, Cinch only lets in the best and the brightest, and we’ve seen you in class. And do you mean you screwed up?” Indigo continued

“Have you even seen my grades from Manehattan? I was one of their best students!” Rapid said defensively

“Well then explain the falling asleep in math, blowing up in chemistry, and” indigo said

“And what? That was only 2 classes” Rapid said back

“still, it just doesn’t add up, but whatever, lunch is almost over anyway.” Indigo said leaving and taking her tray up

“Alright… I’ll just leave it was nice meeting you all…” rapid said

“where are you going?” Sugarcoat asked

“ I’m going to my next class, why?” Rapid asked “because we still have a few minutes before we have to leave, unless you’re one of those kid that like to get to class before the teacher. ” Sugarcoat said “I prefer to get there early so i’m not late to class” Rapid said as he got up and left.

Time skip: the next period....

Rapid was walking down the hall as he looked at his schedule and saw his next class was english “oh… English great….” Rapid said as he made his way down the hall to the class on his schedule. He walked in and immediately saw he wasn’t alone.

Sitting in the front row was a girl “H-Hi why are you sitting in here all alone?” Rapid asked.

“huh-oh, uh hi, i-um didn’t want to be late. Go ahead make fun of me for being a nerd or whatever…” the girl said putting her head down

“Oh I won’t do that i’m not that mean spirited, I admire that dedication to education. it’s fine you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself, what’s your name?” Rapid asked

“Coco, Coco pommel, what’s yours?” Coco asked

“My name? My name’s Rapid Shadow” Rapid said “oh that’s a nice name, wait weren’t you that kid sitting alone at lunch earlier?” Coco asked

“Y-yes that was me why do you ask?” Rapid asked

“Because I saw my former boss, Suri, bullying you….by the way i’m sorry about her” Coco said

“It’s fine Coco i’m over it don’t worry about it” rapid said. Soon enough the other students started to make their way into the class and the class went by without much excitement

“Hey Coco you… uh want to trade phone numbers so we can talk?” Rapid asked

“uh, sure rapid, that’d be great.” Coco said with a slight blush as Rapid was blushing a bit as well

“Well… I’ll see you later alright?” Rapid asked “Y-yeah, see you later.” Coco said with a smile. Rapid leaves the classroom happy that he made a new friend.

Author's Note:

This chapter could not have been done without the help of Frost Guardian and Celtic Fire so I thank them both. Also I apologize for the long wait between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2