• Published 29th Oct 2015
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DC Comics: Discord, Spirit of Chaos! - Mega NewWays97

After finding a strange object in everfree Discord finds himself lost in a new world at the dawn of superheros. See how he handles his new life in the world of DC Comics.

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Issue 3: The Justice League Raise!

Author's Note:

Thanks to Lobo Argost, and Jsyrin for editing this.

>Gotham City<

On top of a building, a figure looked out on alert. It put down the high tech binoculars as it had found what it was looking for. However, a green light was suddenly shone on him. Within the light one could make out the black capee and cowl, his reinforced kevlar outfit with the symbol of a bat and the utility belt around his waist.

“Holy crap you're Batman!”

The Dark Knight turned to the person who had unknowingly revealed his location and glared at them. He was wearing a green outfit with glowing lines along it. The outfit had a slightly armored appearance about it. His mask covered his eyes, forehead, and part of his nose. On his finger was the source of his light, a green ring. He was the Green Lantern of Earth’s sector.

The thing in the shadows jumped up to them. It’s was covered in a metallic armor, yet under it was an organic entity as the teeth and tongue showed. “You blew my cover!” Batman growled as he tossed exploding batarangs at the entity. It raised its arms to guard itself as the explosion sent it back. A green fist came from Green Lantern’s ring,punching it into the wall.

It jumped out at the two from the building only to get blasted by magic from above and crashed on the ground in the alley way.

“Man, first time I visit Gotham and this happens.” Floating down to the two heroes was a smiling Discord.

“And you are?” Green Lantern asked.

Discord was about to retort to that when Batman did it for him. “He is Discord, Everfree City’s new hero.”

“What he said.” Discord held out his hands and levitated the unconscious entity up to him. “Now, lets see what and who you are...”

Discord entered with his telepathy and saw something unsettling. He saw beings invading worlds, feeding on the psychic energies of their conquered... if they were lucky. “Oh my Faust.” Discord said at seeing this. He turned to the other two heroes.

“What is it?” Batman asked.

“I saw into its mind… Earth is going to be invaded and everyone going to be enslaved into food or worse.” The reality set into the three heroes. Discord looked at them both. “You both go get Superman. I’ll see if I can warn the United States military.”

“Wait do we get-” Green Lantern couldn’t finish as Discord teleported them both to Metropolis. Discord then teleported to the nation's capital.

>Washington DC<

Walking around the landmarks and parks was a lady from another land wearing a blue and red outfit and a golden circlet around her forehead, with a sword and golden lasso at her hip. She was Diana, Princess of Themyscira; the island nation hidden from the outside world, and said nation’s ambassador.

“We should really get back, Miss Prince,” said her liaison, Steven Trevor.

“While I appreciate your concern, Steven-” She didn’t get to finish as Discord appeared between them.

“So this is America’s capital? Canterlot’s got nothing on thi.. hey!” Discord stopped holding up his arms as Diana pointed her sword at him.

“Who are you creature? Who sent you?” Diana asked.

“I’m Discord and I came here to warn the United States military about an in incoming invasion.” Discord started.

“An invasion?” Steven asked.

Fireballs could be seen falling through the air above them. The balls slowed down and crash into the ground, revealing they were drop pods. They opened up as dozens of invaders walked out and gave a terrifying roar.

“This invasion!” Discord yelled as he flew into one, fists glowing as he delivered a haymaker to one of them.

Diana jumped in with a slash from her sword and blocking an attack with her shield before knocking the invader back. Discord got punched right in his face from one of them. Glaring, he clawed across his face while firing a blast of magic from his hands.

Diana tossed her sword into one of them before punching another out. A shot from an energy weapon struck Discord, though he got back up, outfit burned.

“Bucking Tartarus!”

Several more came out with energy weapons blasting. Discord formed a deflecting barrier to stop them, the stray shots hitting the landscape or other invaders... until one of the stray shots went for innocents.

“No!” Discord screamed.

However a red streak dragged them out of the way before taking the invaders’ blasters and punching them out. Appearing in a flash was a young man wearing a red jumpsuit with a yellow lighting bolt symbol on his chest, with mini lightning bolts around the glowing lines on his outfit.

“Hey.” Discord realized this was the Central City hero, The Flash.

“Glad you could join the party,” Discord said as he lowered his barrier, elevating the debris around him and tossing it with his magic at the invaders as Diana finished up her batch.

“Sorry I can’t stay and chat, got to get to Metropolis,” The Flash said before he took off.

Discord turned to Diana. “Don’t suppose you want to help with this invasion?” he asked.


The hero of Metropolis dug himself out of the building he had been slammed into, his blue and red Kryptonian armor with the S shield all dusted up. He turned to the invaders and cracked his neck. “Is that all got?” he asked as he flew in and delivered a closeline to them both, leaving them unconscious. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

In the skies, Green Lantern formed a rocket launcher and let loose several rockets into the flying invaders. He then formed a mini gun construct and fired on several more. Explosion could be seen as batarangs flew through the air. Batman delivered a swinging dropkick to one invader, then with his fists punching, turned on his electronic brass knuckles to start brawling in good old fisticuffs.

The Flash ran around the city, knocking down as many invaders as he could. In a flash, Discord and Diana landed in the city and went to work as well.

As Batman was knocked down the invaders around him, a shadow loomed over him. An enlarged version of the invaders looked down and armed the cannons on his back. It didn’t get to fire as it screamed in pain. From behind, a trident pierced right through it. The wielder of said trident pulled the weapon out of its body. His outfit was orange with green arms and black leggings, all seeming to have been made to mimic fish scales.

His blond hair and mustache were grown out in a slightly unkempt style. “Need a hand?” He asked, his trident raising on his shoulder.

Discord flew in, smashing a flyer into the ground. “Yes please,” he said before creating a fireball and launching it at another.

Aquaman nodded, jumping up high into the air and spearing one of the flyers. He pulled it out and hurled it right though another giant. Using its body as a jumping platform after retrieving it, he punched another hostile with enough force to send it clean through a wall.

Discord punched and blasted several in front of him while a sneaking invader attempted to shoot him from behind. However, before it could, a sonic blast shot it before it could attack Discord. Turning behind him, Discord saw someone who was no more than twenty physically, even if most of his body was mechanical, the only part organic was half of his face which showed his dark skin.

“I haven’t seen you before,” Discord said, not wanting to comment on the whole, ‘more machine than man’ thing this guy had going on.

“I’m new,” he explained as he fired another blast at the invaders.

“I won’t push it,” Discord simply said.

An hour into the siege, Superman punched the last one down.

“There! invasion done!” Flash commented.

Cyborg turned to him shaking his head, “I can pick up calls for help all over the globe. This is far from over.”

Discord looked up into the sky, “We need to take out the mothership.”

“Good now next question-”

“Okay, look, I know this is sudden, but if you makes you feel any better, I didn’t think I would be going into a possible suicide mission to stop an alien invasion of this world either,” Discord interrupted.

“How did you…?” Flash started.

“Telepathy,” Discord deadpanned.

“Wait, what? You can read minds?!” he asked, wondering just what Discord might have seen in his head.

“Look I didn’t pry into your secret identity if that’s what you're asking,” Discord retorted as he turned to face the whole group. “I’m going to open a portal to the mothership. If anyone wants to back down, they can.”

“If any of us do then the chances of success are drastically reduced,” Batman pointed out.

“Most likely, yes.” Discord agreed with artificial wind behind him his talons raised, glowing with magic. A portal opened before them. Without hesitation or even a glance back, the team jumped through.

>Invader Mothership<

The moment the heroes stepped out of Discord’s portal, they were detected by the shipboard sensors, causing alarms to blare all across the ship. “Oh wonderful. They know we’re coming.” Discord grumbled in annoyance.

Laser cannons opened up from the walls, blasting at the heroes. Green Lantern reacted quickly, blocking the shots while Batman took down the cannons.

“Let’s move!” Superman ordered.

Batman turned to Discord. “You wouldn’t happen to have learned the ship’s layout by any chance, would you?”

“Yeah. We should be able to reach the main reactor from here. Damaging it enough should cause the ship to explode.” Discord answered.

Several of the invaders’ defenses tried to slow them down, but all that came were mowed down. The reactor’s doors were locked shut, but with a flying ram, Superman tore it open. The reactor was a massive thing with glowing energy coming from the central tube. However, standing in front of the reactor were strange looking aliens who appeared to be the ones controlling the invading forces.

They were mostly featureless entities of black and white. Floating down was a balloon like blob. “So you are the ones causing us all of this trouble?” It asked in a low, slightly echoing voice.

“Yeah, I’m guessing you're the leader?” The Flash asked.

“Indeed not that it matters for you.”

Pain lanced through the heroes’ minds as they held their heads to try to block out the sensation.

“Go ahead, struggle! The psionic force will feed us anyway!” The aliens all laughed. Most of the heroes were on the ground in pain. However, Discord noticed Cyborg was still standing.

“Cyborg… smash… the reactor…Now!” Discord glared at the aliens and attacked their psychic might with his own, the sudden attack granting a moment of respite from their assault. That was all Cyborg needed and the reactor was destroyed by a well placed missile.

“No! You fools!” The mental assault ended as the ship’s alarms warned of its imminent destruction. Discord began gathering the mana required to get them off the ship.The reactor finally exploded, an inferno expanding in a sphere that engulfed the vessel and atomized it and everything aboard. All across the planet, the invasion’s ground forces were quickly and painlessly killed by the shock of being severed from their link to the mothership.

In Everfree City, a flash of light heralded the return of the heros.

Discord had just barely managed to get them off the ship in time.

>Hours Later<

A crowd gathered around as photos were taken by the excited press. Politicians, military leaders, and foreign heads of state were all gathered to celebrate the victory over the invasion. At the podium stood the President of the United States, giving a speech in dedication to the eight heroes that stood behind him: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Discord.

“I still can’t believe we actually saved the world,” Flash stated.

“Well we did,” Superman answered.

Discord turned to them all. “Look. I know this might sound crazy, but what if this team up between us all actually keeps happening?”

They all turned to him. “Think about it. None of us could possibly have stopped this alone. Trust me. I have seen what teamwork can do against impossible odds.” Discord resisted the urge to wink at the memory of being imprisoned in stone by Celestia and Luna, as well as by Twilight and her friends centuries later.

“Well what would we even call ourselves?” Batman asked.

The Flash came up with an idea, “The Justice League!”

“I like the sound of that,” Discord said, nodding.

Deep under Everfree City a certain large dark crystal shattered open. In the dark abandoned swerse the quiet of it was broke. “I live Again!”