• Published 29th Oct 2015
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DC Comics: Discord, Spirit of Chaos! - Mega NewWays97

After finding a strange object in everfree Discord finds himself lost in a new world at the dawn of superheros. See how he handles his new life in the world of DC Comics.

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Issue 0: Spirit of Chaos

Author's Note:

Warning: Not edited

Well here is the first Issue of my newest Story. Now I'm using the New 52 as the basis for this DC Universe but I will add aspects of Post-Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint and Pre-Crisis.

In a land of magic there exists within it things that are forgotten. One of these beings forgotten for a time resurfaced. The Ancient Spirit of Chaos Discord. After a thousand years in stone his return was in a wavy both eventful and yet worthless. Now under the pretense of reforming the great Spirit is soon to be whisked away. To someplace greater.

Sitting on a cloud a miss matched entity looked on as a celebration accord in the city below. A new princess had been crown for Equestria. One who was once to him just the unicorn that held a piece of magical jewelry. Now it turns out one of his old foes had been nurturing her for Alicorn.

In his lion paws was a invite to the celebration but he knew he wasn’t welcomed by many there. ‘How can I not be? I once conquered the world and made the sun and moon my play things.’ The being thought to himself.

This entity was known as Discord, Spirit of Chaos. The spirit leaved to somewhere far away to be alone. Down below in the city a white Alicorn with a ethereal mane of a rainbow turned to a smaller blue Alicorn whose mane looked like starry skies. “I’m Surprised Discord hasn’t come by I was sure I sent him an invite.” The taller Alicorn said.

“Perhaps he didn’t get it from wherever he now lives?” The Blue one answered.

The white one turned to see her student parade turned into a song. ‘Perhaps he didn’t get the invite.’ She thought.

>Everfree Forest<

Discord walked through the forest. Most of the ponies stayed away from this place seeing it as unnatural or dangerous. Given all the monsters that hid within the forest it was dangerous and it was the perfect place for Discord to go to think to himself. “What am I even doing with myself?” He asked. He sat on a rock and looked out into the forest.

He noticed something was up with one of the trees, it’s roots seem to have grown over something.

He went to check it out and found something metallic was under the roots. With his natural strength he soon pulled the roots up and ripped the object out of the ground. On closer inspection it wasn’t just some metal it was advance.

“What is this?” Discord asked, he had never seen anything like this. “Strange there no power. I wonder.” With that Discord placed his talons on it and gave it a jolt of magic. The mystical energy soon brought the thing back online however it started to spark a bit. “That can’t be good.” Discord was soon proven right as the device seemingly exploded.


The forest creatures were spooked by a loud boom sound from within the forest along with a flash within the dark deeps. Were Discord was standing both him and the strange object were gone.

>Everfree City, Earth-Prime<

With a boom Discord landed on the dirt the object landing next to him. The spirit got his head up from the dirt, he noticed that it was now nighttime. “What the it should still be day time for another seven hours what’s going…” Discord looked up and stopped talking at the sight. He could see building taller than any he remembered seeing.

“I think it was over here.” A voice said as lights were seen moving towards him acting fast Discord grabbed the box and attempted to teleport. However Discord eyes went wide when nothing happened.

‘What’s going on.’ Discord then realized he felt weaker. It was as if most of his magic was gone. Acting on impulse Discord ran on his legs through the bushes nearby. The lights followed hearing the sound of the bushes.

“Stop!” The voice rang behind him. Discord stopped to see a old building in a clearing it’s door opened. Discord ran into it and for cover. In the shadows he turned to see the source of the lights. Two strange bipedal beings in what Discord realized we're officer outfits.

“Must have been a stray dog.” The older of the two said. He was about to walk away when younger one spoke up.

“What about the old church sir?” He asked pointing to Discord’s hiding place. Discord tensed up at this. However the older officer just shook his head.

“Kid that old place is to obviously a hiding place.” The older cop said. “Besides it’s late we must have been hearing things.”

The younger of the two was hesitant but decided to trust the older police officer judgement. The two turn around and walked away. As they did Discord breath a sigh of relief as the two walked away. Discord could finally look at the ‘Church’ he was hiding in. He saw what looked like a alter. “So it’s a place of worship then?” Discord could feel that his magic was slightly more powerful here then outside. ‘Strange.’ He thought to himself. If he had to guess he had as much power as a ‘gifted’ Unicorn.

He looked at the object he had found in the everfree forest. “Did you bring me here?” He asked it. There was no response from it and Discord gave a sigh. He found what looked like a old cloak and some dusty discarded robes.

“I might need to hide who I am if I want answers about where I am and why I feel week.” Discord said to himself. A few hours of trying to get the robes on he finally manage to get them to fight and with some work manage to get the cloak on. He had to use what magic he had to fix his horns to get it to hid his face.

Putting the object away safe he walked out looking at the city. Within the city Discord was shocked by all he saw. Metal vehicles moved on the roads, he saw bipedal walking around everywhere with small devices talking to them or tapping on them.

As he walked through the city he could feel that none of them were using any magic to power any of this. ‘The most have advanced without magic.’ Discord needed information about this world, while he could ask about everything he got the feeling that would make him seem crazy so there was only one other option.

Discord stood there and focused on the minds of those around him. He used his telepathy before to find out about the new elements of harmony and this would be no different. After only a few minutes he was getting a better grasp on this world. The people around him were called humans. He was in a nation called the United States on the eastern seaboard. This planet was called Earth. The strangest thing was that from those he was gathering information from was Magic.

It was seen as if it didn’t exist at all. ‘Perhaps that’s why I’m so weak?’ Discord asked himself for a moment. After he had gathered enough to have a basic understand started to wonder around the city for a bit. As he walked through an alley he saw three men ganging up on a lady one of them having a knife in his hands.

“Well what do we have here?” One of them asked. Discord turned and watched. He had a feeling that this wouldn’t end well for the lady. “Seems you're all alone miss?” He had a wicked smile.

“Stay away I don’t want any trouble.” She said. Discord was about to turn away but something was staring within him. He had been selfish and uncaring before but now he was feeling something he hadn’t truly felt in a long time, empathy.

“How about you give us that purse and we will see.” Another of them said. One of them grabbed the purse and tosses her into the ground. However before anything could continue a hand grab one of the thugs arms.

“I have a Idea how about picking on someone who could fight back.” Discord said before punching him in the stomach. The the sound of creaking being heard. ‘Did I just break some of his ribs?’ Discord asked himself. The answer came as the guy cough up a bit of blood. ‘Oh Faust I did.’ Discord let him fall. The other two looked a bit in fear. The one with the knife went to attack him. Discord grabbed his arm and crushed it.

He screamed in pain as Discord broke the bones. “My arm!” he dropped the knife and held on to it screaming in pain. The last thug was shaking in fear.

“Hey look we didn’t mean anything…” He tosses a garbage lid at Discord and tried to run away with his hand raised Discord channel what magic he got and levitated the lid up and at hit him in the back he collapsed on the ground in pain. ‘At least I can still do that.’

Magic covered the purse as Discord brought the object to him. He saw that the one who arm he broke had fled and the lady was still here. Discord moved to her and still was a bit afraid. Discord didn’t blame her. “I believe this is yours.” Discord said handing it back to her. Discord turned and walked away.

Still shaken the woman asked. “Who are you?”

Discord passed for a moment then turned back to her. “Just call me Discord.”

Discord walked back into the shadows. Unknown to him this night will soon change everything for him.