• Published 29th Oct 2015
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DC Comics: Discord, Spirit of Chaos! - Mega NewWays97

After finding a strange object in everfree Discord finds himself lost in a new world at the dawn of superheros. See how he handles his new life in the world of DC Comics.

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Issue 1: The Start of a Hero

Discord sat down in one of the chairs old benches with a sigh. “What was I thinking?” he asked himself. He removed his disguise, thinking to himself as he did. He had bigger things to worry about. How did he get here, what was the strange box that brought him here, and why was his magic so weak!

The fact his magic was so limited was now starting to scare him. ‘What if my magic completely leaves me?’ Discord shook his head as his spine tingled in fear. ‘No, don’t think of that, you're just tired from whatever happened,’ he tried to reassure himself.

He looked for some place to rest within the room. He decided against sleeping on the altar or the benches. He got the feeling that would be a terrible idea. His eyes caught sight of a door in the corner right. He opened it to find a room with bunch of stuff stored in. As he looked through it, he pulled out a device with antennas and knobs.

He added a bit of magic to it to power it up as it seemed it was powered by something based on electronics. He got static and twisted the knobs. As he did, it started to play music. ‘It’s a radio.’ Radios were uncommon in Equestria. Then again they were new and not widely in use. Discord cut off the magic and placed it down of a desk.

He looked through the boxes and found some old rope and nets. With some nails, rope and nets, he soon made a makeshift hammock. Discord got in testing to see if it could hold his weight. It held out under him well enough. He laid down in it, closing his eyes and letting sleep take him.

Discord awoke to sunlight shining through a window directly under him. Getting up he could see just how dusty the room was. He had to guess that it was decades since anyone had been here. Discord turned to the radio on the desk. He let his magic power it up and it started to play some music. ‘Might listen to something,’ he thought.

He pulled out of a box some rusty objects and took a bite out of them. In his early years he found it strange he could eat almost anything while everyone else looked at him strangely. Turns out he could eat virtually anything. As he was having breakfast, a voice was heard over the radio.

“Hey this is Everfree City Local Radio.” Discord ignored it as it talked about morning commute and the weather. However, when it got to the news, something caught his attention. “A mugging was stopped last night when a figure stepped in and took down each of the thugs; the figure left the scene soon afterwards.”

“Sounds like what I did last night,” Discord said to himself.

“The figure did give out his name as he left, calling himself Discord, the witness said he was concealed under the patched together outfit he was wearing.” Discord went to turn it off when the speaker asked the abductee something surprising to him. “Could Everfree be receiving it’s own crime fighting vigilante, or maybe it’s own superman?”

“Superman? What on Gaia is a Superman?” Discord asked. He shrugged at this and turned off his radio. He then closed his eyes to feel his magic. To his surprise, it was rising a bit. It wasn’t much but it was rising.

‘Strange,’ he thought to himself. He awoke with his magic not changing one bit. However the radio came on and retold what he did and suddenly he felt stronger. ‘What could this mean?’ he asked himself.

“Maybe it has something to do with this Superman.” Discord saw a dusty mirror, and after cleaning the dust off he brought his outfit from last night and put it on in front of it. Discord knew he would look strange with it on and after last night. “Well let's take care of this.” He casted a illusion spell on the outfit to give him the look of a normal human man.

>A few Hours later, Everfree Library<

Discord couldn’t find any books on what he wanted to know, so after reading someone's mind with telepathy he was sitting over what was known as a computer looking up Superman on the internet.

‘Well this wasn’t what I was expecting.’ This Superman was some kinda superpowered hero. Discord was kinda reminded of the Power Ponies that the baby dragon had. ‘Superheroes are real in this world.’ Discord pulled out another article about a man who could run so fast he could appear and be gone in a flash.

The next one talked about a man dressed as a bat called “Batman”. Discord rolled his eyes at the uncreativity. He turn off the computer and walked out of the library, his mind pondering this. ‘So there are superheroes in this world, and that voice on the radio thinks I might be one of them? That doesn’t explain why my magic got stronger… unless...’

Discord looked at his hands and out into the street as his mind pieced together something. ‘Could it be that my magic grows with praise to my deeds? It seems impossible, but I have seen some strange things in my time.’ That started to get him thinking. If he needed praise for his deeds to get back his magic, then what better way than to be a superhero?

‘Only question is: how can I? My magic is weak and I got nothing else besides it.’ Discord then mentally facepalmed, and punched himself. He had grown so used to having that much magic he had forgotten his physical abilities.

He remembered moving boulders with his strength, ripping trees with next to no effort, he could even rip metal apart. He knew he could take a hit. Celestia and Luna were no pushovers a thousand years ago. He remembered how their fight caused the original city of Canterlot to be reduced to ruins, along with damage to the nearby landscape. Not to forget his telepathy. ‘I’m more than capable to take on the role of a Superhero, now that I think about it. I just need a costume.’

Once he was back at the church he got to thinking about one. He could simply just appear as his regular self, but that was too obvious. He could make a costume, however it seemed done by these heros. ‘I got it.’ A few hours of looking through the boxes, the outfit he had been using and magic later.

Discord stood at the mirror. The outfit he chose to wear was a cloak and hood with yellow trim. He had used his magic to change his body a bit. His wings and his horns were gone with his magic. He had to enchant his robes to change colors and to allow it to repair itself with magic. “Look out criminals, Discord is coming for you!” he screamed, trying to sound righteous.

>One month later, Everfree Bank<

The sound of sirens could be heard as the bank was robbed. The two bank robbers got into the car with their getaway. “Come let’s move, we don’t want the cops on our tails!” one of the robbers screamed at the getaway driver.

“Screw the cops, what about that Spirit!” the getaway screamed back at them.

“Come on not like he will show up…” The roof of the car was dented as something landed on it. “What the fuck was that!” Talons ripped into the roof as part of it was ripped off the hood.

“So I take if you didn’t withdraw your own money, then?” Discord asked with a smile. The robbers pulled out their guns, only for them to be removed from their hands by Discord’s magic. “No, none of that. That’s annoying you know, what with all the holes.”

However the driver didn’t see where he was going as he was about to crash into a police barricade. “Oh horse feathers,” Discord said. He teleported in front of the car and stopped it with his strength. He then punched right into its hood and pulled out the engine as the cops moved in to apprehend them.

“Well that should teach you not to steal from a bank,” Discord said before he flew up and away as the police came to him. “You guys have it now,” he said with a smile.

In the month since Discord had become a superhero, he had been stopping crimes as the had happen across the city. His heroism had different responses. The police were divided on him. On one hand, he helped greatly on crime, however he was being a vigilante, which was against the law.

For the people however, while he was praised, his bizarre appearance and powers lead to some surprising theories of his origins. Some thought he was a ghost that punishes the wicked, others thought he was a fallen angel or even a demon from hell. However those who refused the supernatural thought he was an alien.

Discord looked out from on top a building. At first he only became a superhero to get his magic back. While his magic was stronger than when he arrived, it was still not enough to warp reality around him. It was an improvement, nevertheless.

However over time, something started to change within him. He was starting to enjoy being a superhero. He was enjoying being a beacon of good. Discord gave a laugh at this. “Well seems like Celestia got what she wanted, I am using my powers for good,” he joked to himself.

Within a cave, something glowed a dark red glow. A dark voice could be heard saying a single word, “Crrrryyystaaaaals!”

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