• Published 29th Oct 2015
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DC Comics: Discord, Spirit of Chaos! - Mega NewWays97

After finding a strange object in everfree Discord finds himself lost in a new world at the dawn of superheros. See how he handles his new life in the world of DC Comics.

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Issue 2: The Shadow King (unedited)

It had been three months since Discord had become a superhero in Everfree City. He was back in the old church which he had took as his base of operations for the time being. He pulled out from a bunch of junk an old police radio. “Ok lets see how do you work?” He said to himself as he started to disassemble it.

The old radio in his room was now speaking the news.The first part was local news about the mayor and his heroics. “In other news a strange gen was discovered not far from our own city.” Discord turned off the radio with his magic. He put down the police radio and climbed into his hammac.

“Well I now know to watch out for a gem burger if I’m lucky,” Discord said to himself with a chuckle. With that he soon fell asleep, unknown of the fact

>S.T.A.R. Labs, Everfree City<

A scientist looking over the reading and the data on the computer. “This is unprecedented, this crystal… It’s almost as if it’s alive!” He exclaimed. The crystal being scanned before him was found within the nearby caves. Just looking at it one could tell it wasn’t native to the caverns. Now the scientist didn’t even think it was native to the planet.

As he was looking over the notes the room started to glow a deep red color. “What the?” The glowing was from the gem. The computer started to pick up something new brainwaves. “It’s alive!” He said in shock.

The gem sent a surge of energy causing the computer to explode sending the scientist back. As for the “gem” it broke apart as a black shadow expanded from it. The Scientist got up on his elbows and turned a feeling for fear coming over him as eyes formed and opened from with the shadow.

The eyes looked at him with confusion but soon morphed into a glare. Dark whisps came from the eyes as a voice said one word. “Cryyyyssssssstalssssssssss!” The shadow moved at him as the scientist panicked.

“Stay back! I’m warning you!” He yelled, however the shadow knew that was a lie. “I… I can shoot lasers from my eyes!” He screamed. He back was on the wall as the shadow surrounded him.

“Lie!” The shadow said. Within the lab screaming could be heard along with a sadistic dark laughter. After a few minutes everything got quiet. Dark vapors passed through the doors room as the shadow leaved the room and though a partly open window moved into the Everfree City.

>S.T.A.R. Labs, hours later<

The police, and ambulances had come to the lab as a full body page was seen dragging out what was left of of a body. “What could have done this sir?” One of the officers asked. The chief turned to him.

“I have no idea.” He had never really seen this kinda thing.A shadow was seen overhead in the air.

“Perhaps I can help?” Floating down was Discord. A few cops had their guns pointed out at him. Discod held his mismatched arms up. “Whoa don’t shot, I know we didn’t get on the right foot but come on I want to help.”

The police chief looked Discord straight in the eyes. “Put your guns down.” The reluctantly did so as instructed. The Chief walked up to him. “Maybe you can help us.”

The body bag was placed down and opened up before Discord. Discord kinda ignored who this thing was. What he felt was something he had only felt once before. “So got any ideas?” The chief asked. Discord turned to the police chief.

“I may have a idea who caused this.” Discord said, “But I need to be sure.” Discord neeld down and reached into the body bag. Discord then pulled out bits of something and what looked like black crystals. This confirmed it for him. “Sombra.” Discord said shocked by this.

Last time Discord remembered the Umbrum was killed by the cysta heart completely destroyed. ‘Then again he had died once and came back.’ He reminded himself. Discord turned to the police. “I know who did this, and strange thing is he should be dead.”

“Should be dead?” The chief asked.

Discord walked by him. “Well yeah I’m pretty sure being blown to pieces from a city empowered love blast should have killed him.” They all looked at Discord with looks of confusion. “Trust me even I found it hard to believe.”

A officer came up to the chief. “Sir we got a report and your not going to believe this one.”

Before the chief of police and Discord was black crystals with what looked like people trapped inside. “No doubt about it Sombra did this.” Discord said as he walked up and placed his paw on the crystals.

“Have you identified the victims?” The Chief asked. The officer shook his head at this.

Discord turned to them. “They’re not dead.” He said as he gathered up magic into his talons.

“How do you know?” One of the officers asked.

“Because.” Discord closed his talons into a pist and punched the crystal. A wave of energy passed through it and it was creaked open with the people landing gasping for breath. “I could read that they had thoughts.” Discord said as he helped them up.

The crystals broke apart into dark vapories. “Let’s get them some hot chocolate as we ask them questions about the traumatizing encounter.” Discord said with causal tone. The vapors formed behind Discord into a dark shadow. Discord turned around. “Crap.”

The shadow attempted to attack them as Discord formed a barrier to protect them. The shadow slammed against it then whipped around striking the shield again and again using its whole form. Discord turned to the chief. “Get them out of there I’ll hold it off!” Discord screamed at them.

The cops got the victims into the cars and drove off. The Shadow noticed this and went against them only for a magic blast to knock them into the nearby building. “Oh no you don’t!” Discord said floating up. His fists glow as he channeled magic into them. The Shadow shot out at him as Discord tossed his fist back and delivered a punch to it. The shadow was tossed back as Discord delivered a right hook.

The shadow rushed into him and slammed him against the wall. As it came in Discord blasted it with fire from his hands. As the shadow moved back Discord rammed his body into it with his arms wrapped around the shadow he slammed it on the ground hard floating back up he gathered his magic into a ball and let it loose. When the flash of light settled the shadow was gone. Discord gave a sigh a flew off.

>Everfree Town Hall<

.Discord sat down in the chair provided for him to his right was the Chief of Police and right in front of him was the city mayor. Mayor Ashley Marble looked at the spirit of chaos and the police chief. “Well then Discord, I must say that while I admire what you are doing but you're not really authorized and are technically breaking the law.” Discord winked at that.

“However I am no fool, something is out there and I feel times are changing the chief and I got to talking.” A box was handed to Discord who opened it to find what looked like a police badge.

“Ok I’m for a lost.” Discord said.

The chief gave a chuckle. “Well let's just say you're a honorary member of the force, after what I saw yesterday I figured it’s for the best.”

“Might I ask have you any leads on where Sombra is it is?” The mayor asked.

“Unfortunately his trail grow cold,” Discord said with his eyes closed.

The chief sighed. “I’ll put all forces on high alert for any strange crystals or shadows, I’ll contact you if I find anything.” Discord gave a nod and disappeared in a flash as he teleport away.

Author's Note:

Here is Chapter 3 and it's unedited I hope to give the edited chapter tomorrow.

Now then next chapter will be amazing as next Chapter we get to see the formation of you guessed it the Justice League! :pinkiehappy:

Now should it be Darksied, Martians or some other foe?