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An Old and Wise Star - Gianfar

In the Everfree forest there's problems with the creatures that threatening Ponyville. Then Luna coupled with her guards, decides to investigate the forest, but what surprises bring the forest to them?

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Chapter 1: The Surprises of the Everfree Forest

Like many other days, peace in Equestria was even more abundant than normal, it seemed as if peace has always reigned in Equestria. Had been two years since that day when "Lord Tirek", which tried to take over the powers of the four princesses to rule Equestria, where the girls defeated with the power of the rainbow.

It was almost dusk on a Sunday, there was peace everywhere, in PonyVille was a fair entertainment and had ponies everywhere, you could see the happiness in each of them, in Canterlot was the same, there was a craft fair in the city center in one of the squares, ponies were everywhere, and many were in the craft stalls. These same positions occupied a range of five round blocks, and if you could get through, there was not a single position that is not without ponies interested in buying some other object or move to look at the crafts; on the other hand among all those ponies they were wandering the malls nothing more nor less than the deity of the day and night deity. They were in the central square of Canterlot, sitting on a bench in the square enjoying the craft fair and a beautiful day.

"What beautiful day. Don't you believe?" Celestia said with a sigh

"Nor should mention" said Luna.

"Time ago we have not a single day for us, no duties to attend to, and hundreds of ponies up our demanding help or"

"Yeah..." Luna said between sigh "Hey!. What if we go shopping before having to raise the moon, I have many duties this night"

"Sure" Celestia said as she rose from the bench to her feets. "Where do you want to go?"

Luna's face turned thoughtful, deciding what she wanted to buy. It took only moments to decide what he wanted.

"There's a artisan post, is not more than three blocks, from what I've heard her necklaces are very beautiful" Luna said pointing to where the store was.

Celestia looked where she pointing and with a smile said... "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Luna looked at her sister with a smile and both were walking towards the artisan post. The two sisters were undercover for any pony approaches to praise them or to take a photo with the princesses and also avoid always be with their royal guards watching for their safety. Celestia sported a mane of pink, her fur was Fuchsia gray and was posing as the name of Sundrop and she changed of specie to a unicorn, and had a scarf around her neck golden dark, Luna instead had very light colored hair blue, her fur was colored dark blue sapphire, and she was posing as Moonbeam, and she had a coat with hood-green safari dress.
The ladies Moonbeam and Sundrop came to artisan post and as much as Moonbeam. Sundrop was surprised to the necklaces and other stuff that were in that post, had any variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Apparently these craftsmen do have a knack for jewelry said Sundrop to herself.

"Well, and which of these you want?" Sundrop said eyeing the chains that held the post

"Uh... I don't know, it have to be one in which I identify, that says who I am" Luna said between her thought of what was going to choose. "Uh... Excuse me ma'am, you could recommend a necklace to me?"

"Oh!. But of course lady" cheerful the artisan said. The artisan elected four necklaces from the post and showed it to Luna. "What do you think of these four?"

The Artisan showed her four very precious necklaces, one of the necklaces had carved the shape of a canary wood, another of the collars was of pearl, another was a crescent moon phase and as chain had between the yarn balls colored wood black and white, and the last was a small balls of plastic beads red and white and out of her small strips of fabric of the same.

"Which you prefer?" said Sundrop

"Oh!... This!" she said as she pointed a necklace. "This Is perfect!"

"All right! How much ma'am?"

"Eh? What?... Uh... Cel... I mean Sundrop, are you sure that you have no problem to buying it?"

Sundrop gave a little laughter "Of course I have no problem, it's more this is a gift from me"

"Thank you sister," said Moonbeam very happy

"You're welcome, sister" Alright! here you go by the lady necklace and thanks very much"

"Oh, no unlike thanks to you" also thanked the artisan

While the sisters were leaving the place, they were walking back to the castle.

"Have something else in mind to buy Luna?"

"No, with this is more than enough, I love this necklace of moon" responded Luna.-

"Well, then return back to the castle that will soon you have to bring the night" said Celestia.

After a hike to the castle, the two sisters were at the castle, but as was known, none of the wise guard the princesses had left the castle, then before to reach the castle gates, secretly they returned to their original shape and teleport to the bedroom of Celestia, which was the place where they were the last time in the castle before leaving to go to Canterlot center.
As soon as they reached the bedroom of Celestia, the two sisters settled into the room and began to speak for a few moments to pass the time by then to bring the night.

"Luna, I think you'll have to find friends with you can have fun and go out, I don't like to see you here in the castle enclosed in your room" said Celestia worried about her sister "This isn't good. It's for your own good. You have to go outside and have fun, and make new friends. I don't know how I convinced you to come with me to the artisan fair"

"I don't know Tia. I really have friends, but I don't feel very comfortable with them, it is as if I were outside of the conversation that them make. And as I am the princess of the night they don't want to help them in difficult tasks or some of their adventures fearing what might happen to me."

"You mean Twilight and her friends" Celestia asked.

"Yes" she said with a sigh

"Look. I know they are your only friends as much as mine, and I understand you do not feel very comfortable because you're treated like royalty. They up with me always were thus, worried that could happen something wrong or that I hurt in some their adventures or anything" she replied. "Because you do not always meet with them does not mean it will be less or stop being friends, friends always come and go in life, but you have to make your own friends, the wind not brings to you."

"Yes... I think you're right Tia" said Luna a little embarrassed

"Don't blame yourself Luna. I know that you have gone through many moments of solitude, just make new friends and you will not go alone anymore"

It was time that the sun and the moon peek. Celestia and Luna peered out onto the balcony of the room and after a few moments pass, the sun dipped into the horizon and the moon peered skyward.

"Well... it seems that my rest day ended" said Luna between tooth

Celestia gave a little chuckle with humor and then asked... "you have much to do tonight?"

"Today I have to look out the Everfree forest, certainly usually every day at the night in the Everfree forest. The creatures roam around outside the same forest do not know why but it is dangerous to ignore them, because they can go to PonyVille and could hurt ponies that living there" she ended to explain to her sister.

"Oh, I understand. Are you sure you don't need help?"

"No, no problem. It's not a difficult job but it's tiring, and I'm with my guards. Also I want to know what makes them leave their habitat. but... thanks for offering sister" said Luna proudly.

"All right, have fun with the creatures of the Everfree forest" said Celestia between giggles.

"Very funny" Luna replied with some bitterness in herelf.

Celestia began to laugh more often, but when she finish of laughing stuck her tongue out at her sister. Luna also answered.

"Good luck!" said Celestia to see her sister with her wings folded on the balcony to take flight.

"Thanks," she replied. "See you tomorrow morning. Oh!, and by the way, try not to eat all the cake breakfast tomorrow! so I can eat me too !, and they always come and never find a bit to me" said with a mocking tone.

"Very funny" said Celestia hissed

Luna started laughing while takes flight to meet with her guards, but decided to go to her room first to leave your actual necklace and put her new collar, but she was still wearing her crown. Then, she went out to the balcony and started flying back to where she needed to go.

After a while she get to the place where the guards were, they were in the barracks of the castle sitting at one of the tables, awaiting the arrival of Luna. In total there are five Pegasus guards but they were more than enough for this type of tasks.

"Good night princess" said the guards at the same time

"Good night gentlecolts... Alright!. Tonight we will stand guard in the Everfree forest and as you know almost every day at night there are certain creatures that escape to the forest and we don't know why. This is threatening to PonyVille because these creatures are a danger to the ponies since they can hurt the ponies, so today we'll see what is scaring to the creatures or what is taking of their habitat"
"So... are you ready for the task of this tonight?" asked Luna with a deep tone

"Yes princess!" the guards responded in the same tone that implied Luna.

"Okay, then get ready for the journey to PonyVille as it will be a long journey"

After a few minutes of preparation for the journey, Princess Luna and the five guards launched Pegasus flight to the outskirts of PonyVille. After a long journey towards the outside of the village, they had come at last. The five pegasos were a little tired from the long flight Canterlot to PonyVille, but instead Luna was cool as a cucumber. "Really? So little we flied and they are tired? Wow, it seems that I have to put them in fitter to these slackers" she said to herself. It was normal that a Pegasus of great ability and performance in flight own tire easily, it's a long journey from Canterlot to PonyVille, but instead Luna is a alicorn and have much more energy than three Pegasus together and she is accustomed to undertake long-haul flights because it does not much like the royal carriage, then embarks on her own travel for convenience and taste.

Night guards were not just ordinary guards, Luna opted to test them to only enter the better Pegasus, since she prefers the Pegasus because she thinks they are very efficient at doing tasks that earth ponies and ponies unicorns doesn't may, like the aerial view, and more. In total Luna's guards are ten, compared with Celestia that has hundreds

Two of the guards were almost as tall as Princess Luna, one of them was called Blacksky, was a stallion of great size and strength, and at first sight was intimidating, his fur was dark blue, his hair was gray-white with gray stripes and the color of his eyes are light green emerald; and the other was named Lightning Shadow, a stallion also large but not as strong as Blacksky, he has the ability to track up a little mouse from one hundred meters tall, his fur was white pale and his hair was color dark sapphire blue, the same color as the mane of Luna, and his eyes brown.

Then there were the normal height, and were all mares but the fact that mares not be fooled, they may seem defenseless but have surprises up her sleeve. One is named Wildstar a mare that seems at first glance to be very helpless, on the contrary it has the strength and ability to defend herelf like a big stallion and is very good at martial arts, she has fur a little dark golden , a mane of brown and her eyes are blue; the second is called Firewings, is a very athletic and agile mare, she is an extraordinary flying and few Pegasus been able to match it in flight speed and skill, her fur is light orange, her mane is fiery red with peaks descending toward orange, yellow and then white, type as a flame, and finally Blue Lightning, a very beautiful and intelligent mare, it is one of the best in tactics to create ambush, camouflage and guide your group on the right track.

Luna together with the Pegasus guards were at the entrance to Everfree forest in which you could enter easily without having to go between all the abundant flora.

"Alright!" - shouted Luna firmly. "I want that Blacksky, Blue Lightning and Wildstar enter through the main road to have sight of land and want that Firewings and Lightning Shadow accompany me to the aerial view, and in two hours I want them in the middle of the forest to meet"

"As ordered princess" they responded firmly.

"Alright, Let's move out"

This mission was undertaken in which Luna along with her guards wasn't just a duty to guard PonyVille, but also wanted to find what caused that these creatures leave their habitat. On the other hand even though the guards are strong, skilled and great courage, they themselves are uncomfortable being in the woods, but try that your concern not notice because Luna is something strict when it comes to choosing her guards to do missions that she alone cannot, however Luna has no problem, is cooler than a cucumber as we said and very focused on her mission.

It was a beautiful night, the moon was shining like never before, the sky was full of stars, a perfect night to be in the forest Everfree, don't you believe? well for Luna and her guards was perfect. After two hours, the guards and the princess met in the middle of the forest. The guards at first glance you could see that they had met with some creatures because they were exhausted and with some minor injuries, Luna was also exhausted and had a small cut on the cheek and another on the shoulder.

"I see you have had trouble dealing with the creatures eh?" Luna joked.

"Nor to tell!, with Blacksky and Wildstar we stumbled with six Timberwolf and two Cragadile" said Blur Lightning with a sigh.

"Are you three fine?" asked Luna worried.

"Yes! are only a few scratches nothing else, it's nothing" said Blacksky while Blue and Wild nodding also.

"Well I'm glad you are well, we find ourselves with five Timberwolf and two Cockatrice"

"Well!, I think it's time for- Ugh" Blacksky complains while he standing up.

"Wow, are you ok Black?" asked Luna.

"Yes!, it's... nothing "

Although he said that the wounds were nothing, apparently so it affected the whole roll. Blacksky had been cut almost all his right side by the Timberwolf and among other hits. Also the other guards were cut by Timberwolves and some minor knocks.

"Ok, Listen up. For your own good I want that you five take the day off. You are very exhausted and have cut by almost everywhere!. Best go home so you can heal the wounds before them become infected" ordered Luna.

"Hey Luna it's nothing are just one small cuts" said Firewings.

"No!" exclaimed Luna "Go home. I'll be fine. I'll just be for a while longer to see what is causing that the creatures altered. Is an order"

"As ordered princess" said the guards.

After Luna's help so they can get back to Canterlot the five pegasos, they said goodbye. And Luna stayed to ahead with the mission.

"-Sigh- I'll better continue with the mission" said Luna to herself.

Luna decided to go down a road which was not all that big but you could tell he had the presence of fresh footprints on earth, that something or someone has been there not long ago. Without hesitation he went on down the road where the tracks were. The road was a little tight, you could see little through it because the forest flora was abundant and could not see more than twenty metro to forward as it was present not very thick fog, but it was hard to see that might hold further from the fog. "Puff, there is too much fog in this part of the forest, I can barely see ahead of my nose"

But Then...

"Mm?" She hear a noise in the trees. "What was that?" said to herself.

Luna stood alert before any surprise attack. But she never imagined what was with what she was going to come up. She began to hear footsteps and increasingly strong, one after the other, were heard from very close to where was Luna.

Luna stood in alert and waited, came hundreds of thoughts to know what makes to these noises, she thought if she could be another Timberwolf, a Cockatrice, some Cragadile, began to passing thoughts neighborhoods to decipher that it was what made this noises and Luna was getting more distraught. Suddenly she ceased to hear the footsteps and noises, Luna lingered a few moments in silence, then a sigh of relief ...

"What the?!" Luna screamed surprised.

From the bushes came a very angry manticore, you could see across the face of the manticore that has not gone well there in the forest, but in reality was that Luna was invading the territory of the same creature, that's what he got so furious at manticore.

The princess was put on guard waiting for the manticore attack. The manticora started running towards Luna to insert the first blow, Luna realized movement that had begun the manticora not hesitate to take flight, after dodging at manticora Luna returned to the ground to give her blow. She undertook a blue beam to the manticore, the lightning hit direct on the left side of his body and pushed some meters back, but that only caused its some damage and it angered over what was still. It was the turn of the manticore to make your move and he choose to fly into the trees to attack from above, then Luna did the same that manticore, took flight upward from trees and attack the creature with another one blue ray, the manticore elusive the lightning smoothly, then Luna opted to shoot another lightning, but also elusive, but when he decided to make another move already was later the manticore lunged at her with a sharp blow on her right side, threw Luna against the trees, lay on the ground wounded, but that was not enough to beat at deity of night.

"I think that attack with magic will be useless, easily dodges my attacks, there must be another "Ugh" way to overcome it" Luna told to herself as she stood up. Then Luna realizes that magic attacks would not be all very effective, so he decided to attack the manticora melee.
After getting up the ground, she began flight to the manticore and rammed to the manticore with full force throwing to the trees breaking them like toothpicks.
That blow left very badly injured manticore, Luna after of the attack, down toward ground to take a sigh of victory. "Poof! That was somewhat tight but fun. A long time ago I didn't have such an interesting fight" Luna decided to move on to continue her mission.
"Ugh! I think after this I'll have to give me a shower, I seem that I mess very much"

But apparently Luna didn't realize that the fight was not yet over, she thought that the manticora was unconscious among the trees or badly injured as to continue but apparently the opposite, suddenly a shadow between the bushes appears and goes to Luna and sends its flying into a small river that had not far from where they fought. Luna didn't know that was what sent her to flying through the air with such brutality, this hit left very hurt to Luna, could barely stand up, had bruises all over her body and her right front leg is very badly injured, she was in the ground beside the river trying to get up, but that was useless, then a shadow appeared a few meters in front of her and it was the manticore, the creature was hurt but still could keep fighting unlike. Luna couldn't up to do something, just she can only wait for the final blow of the creature to end all suffering.

The manticore began to make his race to Luna to give his last hit, every time more closer to Luna and she tried with all her strength to get up, but was too late and the manticora was almost to give his coup when of between the bushes came out a knife, the knife inserted into the neck of the Manticore, and leaves behind a kind of dog that goes to the manticora to get her off of Luna. The canine gores the creature throwing to the ground a few meters from where Luna was and the dog bites the neck at the other side of manticore. The Canine strives to maintain manticore on the ground, the dog it's almost the same size as Luna, suddenly comes out another shade between of the trees and appear a hooded unicorn levitating a sword at his side, was a little high and larger than Luna, he decides to take career to where the beast and threaded his sword on the back of the manticore, nailing in the heart. After a few moments pass, the manticore lay dead and the unicorn draws his sword and his knife from the dead creature and stores it in its sheath.

"It's ok Meissa, is already dead the manticora" said the strange unicorn to dog.

The unicorn turns his gaze to where this Luna and starts walking toward her. Luna was very confused by what had happened a few moments ago, she couldn't process what happened. But Luna was badly injured and was in a state of shock, was startled when the unicorn was heading toward her and tries to get up fearing that this might do harm.

"Wow, wow. Easy. Don't move, you are very badly hurt. I will not hurt you just let me help" told the Unicorn to Luna "It's ok. It's all over"

Luna to hear this, she calmed and stopped moving but was still in shock and scared. The Unicorn knelt before her and pulled to her bag levitating bandages and gores of a plant to cure Luna.

"Hey, is not necessary that you have that cure the wounds. I'm fine" said Luna.

The Unicorn looked at her and said, "Yes is necessary. It's will going to infect you and you will hurt much"

Luna distrusted but then let the unicorn heal her wounds he had for most of her body. The unicorn sack hood, he was a unicorn reddish, his mane was not like other stallions was more long like a mare and dark brown, he had a not very long beard on his chin, his eyes are dark brown and he had a scar on his right side of his snout, as if it had been cut with a sharp object. Then the unicorn pulled a small knife to cut the gores that he had, then once that short the gores, pulled out a mortar and pestle and then he put a little water on it and put the gores and grind to then make a paste, then grab some of that paste and put it in a bandage and placed on a wound. Then a few minutes later to heal her wounds, he keep everything back into her bag and then his horn began to shine in a light brown tone and set a spell to Luna.

"It's done. You can now get up without any problem" he said with a smile

Luna didn't know he had done the unicorn to her with that spell, but she not doubt to stand, and she did so without any problems. As if all the blows and pains I had were gone.

" What did you do?" said Luna

"Mm?. Oh. Was only a spell to heal your inner wounds, I wasn't going to do nothing stranger" he said with a smile.

Luna then to stand up felt like new, and also with more energy than she already had. "Wow, apparently he is very good at healing spells" she thought. But the wounds on her body outside were still covered with bandages that the unicorn put in her.

"Why you didn't healed all my wounds with a spell?"

"Because making a healing spell is not so simple, requires of lot of energy to regenerate internal organs and heal the wounds external. So I opted for healing your internal organs which is most important and heal your wounds with some bandages with some Wild Cabbage"

"Wild Cabbage? What is that?"

"Is the plant with which I grinded to put on the bandages to heal your wounds, is a kind of plant which has very effective healing properties and has been used by indigenous ponies as a folk medicine to heal their wounds" he replied once more. "Besides that. What are you doing here at this hour in the forest Everfree? It is very dangerous to be here even for a alicorn, there are many wild creatures that can eat you in one bite"

"Hey, I'm not a mare either!" she exclaimed "If you don't know, I am..."

"Yes. I know who are you. You are Luna, the princess of night and of Equestria"

"I don't think this is a dangerous place for the deity of the night" bragged Luna.

"So if this is not a dangerous place for the deity of the night. Why an adult manticora almost killed you?. And then have Meissa and I to get out to go running to save the damsel in distress"

Luna said nothing. She knew that he was right about that. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't say that" she apologized.

"-Sigh-. you don't have to apologize. I shouldn't have spoken you that way. Besides, also I would have said the same thing in your place" he said with a smile.

"Hey, by the way, you didn't tell me what's your name" said Luna.

"Oh!. which manners of mine. My name is Orion and he is my friend Meissa"

"It's a taste Orion" said Luna with a reverence "By the way, I'm the one who needs to learn manners, not even I was able to thank you for everything. So... Thank you"

"No problem. Indeed you must be thanked to Meissa, he safe you from death" he said with a smile "Come on Meissa!, come with her"

"Thanks Meissa, thanks to you I am safely" she thanked to Meissa stroking her head. "By the way, that dog breed is this. I never saw such a big one"

"Hmhm, is not a dog. Really he is a gray wolf" replied Orion.

"Hey Luna does not have trouble using your magic to go home?"

"Mm, I think I can teleport without problems"

"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you Luna, someday hope to see you soon"

"Wait!. As soon you just have to go? we barely know" said Luna

Luna was very disappointed because Orion leave, because she thought might make a friend with whom he could get along.

"Hey I think that we will find some other day, but now it's time to leave. Is too late and Meissa and I are very exhausted."

"Okay, then we'll see another day" said Luna goodbye.

Then Luna shone her horn and a light beam was returned to Canterlot. Meissa and Orion decided to go to where they were refugees in the forest, but when they began their march, ran into something shining on the floor. Orion went to look that was causing the brightness and it turns out what was causing that glow was the necklace that Celestia gave to Luna the day before. Orion realized to who was the owned.

"It looks that somepony lost her necklace during a fight hmhm" said Orion. "Better we go home before our friend realize that we are not at home"

Meissa and Orion continued their march back home for a way toward to inside the Everfree forest.

In Canterlot, Luna had come to her room and decided to take a shower before going to bed. But she decided stay with the bandages in the shower because if the bandage was removed could will be infested as it had not healed yet, then decided to leave them. Then of a refreshing shower, Luna decided brush your mane and but being in the mirror, brushing her mane realized that something was missing. "Oh no!, my necklace. Where is it?" Luna began searching around the room to see if she had fallen somewhere, but couldn't find it. "Oh no, it can't be that I lost it while I was fighting with that manticore" For a moment she thought it would have been better than the manticore killed her before telling her sister that she lost the necklace that Celestia had gifted her the day before. "I hate to say it but, if Celestia discover that I lost the necklace that she gave me, she will send me back to the moon... Ok, relax Luna" -Sigh- "Better I go to sleep and I wake up early in the morning, then I can go to recover my necklace." Then she organize the mess that she made and then she of a jumped lay down on her bed.

Then of lying down, exploded the doubts about who was this strange unicorn that appeared with his wolf in the forest Everfree. Luna also was surprised to see a wolf almost as big as she, she had never seen a wolf of that size. "of where is the unicorn so strange? and what was he doing in the forest Everfree? Is he the one that caused the creatures leave the forest?. I think after I get my necklace, I would like to ask some questions, after all Tia told me that I had to make new friend. Also I was kind enough to bandage my wounds ... Hmm, by other hoof, I never seen a wolf so big. It was almost as big as me. I think I'll have to look in the royal library." But many questions that will come to her mind, she fell asleep.

The next morning, Luna got up early since she was told to herself yesterday.
After getting up, she went to her makeup table, one that every princess should have. She brushed her hair and put on some makeup. After of makeup, Luna left her room cautiously, she not wanting to meet with her sister, because she was bandaged. Then get out quickly her bedroom decided to go to the library in a beam of light to find from where is this wolf (Meissa). When she appeared in the library went to the section of animals and plants to get a book on wildlife Equestrian, but there were many books on wildlife, then she decided to grab a couple of books to search whether any of them had information about giant wolves and go to a place where Celestia not find it, that place is the royal garden, as Celestia only will to this garden in circumstances where she needs to be alone. Then in a beam of light she went to royal garden and sat under one of the trees to read. But after having a good time reading three books of at least four hundred pages each with different species living in Equestria, yet she didn't found anything about giants wolves or the size of a stallion.

"Ugh, I think I'll get old after reading all these books, until now only I'm reading three books and almost three hours have happened and I still have as one dozen more to read, I'm going to have that find a method to faster to read this before that-"

"Luna!, There you are, I was looking for you for everywhere"

"What? great!, at least I hope my sister arrives. Dammit!"

Since yes, apparently Celestia managed to find her after all

"I crossed almost whole Canterlot to know wh... Oh no!, What happened to you? Are you ok? How was it that you did these wounds?" asked Celestia distressed on having seen her bandaged sister.

"I'm fine Tia, are just a few scratches and bruises, it's nothing" responded Luna a little uncomfortable with all the questions that made her sister.

"How can you say that Luna? you're bandaged almost to the top of your head. You said it was not a difficult job that was just silly! And your guards were very hurt?" scolded Celestia.

"Don't exaggerate Sister, I'm not to the top of bandages, are just some injuries and now!, I'm not the innocent and defenseless filly was before. And I have more than two thousand years and can look after myself. And my guards are fine, I told them to come to here to Canterlot because they were exhausted, then I stayed alone in the forest and suddenly appeared an adult manticore and apparently was more cunning than me and he almost killed me"

"But why... "sigh" I think you're right, it will not do any good to continue scolding, I think you can already take care of yourself, at least you're safe here with me" said Celestia with a strong hugging to Luna.

"Auch, Auch !!, Hey slowly than wounds still hurting me!" exclaimed Luna.

"Oh, sorry!" apologized Celestia. "By the way, now that I see the bandages, where did you get that green paste that looks behind bands? I had no idea you knew prescriptions for healing the wounds with healing herbs."

"Well, actually it was not me who bandaged"

"So, who did bandaged you?"

"Actually, better I tell you how was all" said Luna.

Celestia looked at her sister a little confused but decided to hear the story of what happened in the woods, Luna took a deep breath and began to tell what had happened. While Luna was telling her story of how she fought with her guards with the first beasts and why left to come to the guards to Canterlot, not missing the overprotection questions of an older sister, indeed, Luna almost literally strangled to her sister for all the questions that asked, to that make silence and get on with her story, but Celestia still made the questions and scolded the mistakes of Luna. Anyway it was only when she was with the guards, when she tells how it was that fight with manticore, Celestia almost fainted at the thought of losing her sister again.

"and well... when I was on the floor I could not get up and the manticore came running up to me to give his last hit, but not been for the wolf that rammed to the manticore to zoom out away from me... I think it would have been my death safe" ended the story.

"Wait, you say that a wolf appeared in the forest and rammed the manticore?"

"Yes, there appeared a wolf among the trees and rammed the manticore, and then also has emerged from the trees a reddish unicorn with a sword levitating beside her and ran over to where was the manticore and strung on his back causing death of the manticore" said Luna.

"And the unicorn was who healed you the wounds?"

"Mhm. He went to where I was and I was scared because I thought he was going to kill me also and then I started trying to stand up, then he told me not to be afraid, that I not to move because it would be worse and told me that he I would help heal the wounds. After, he sack to her bag a bandages and gores of a plant species that told me it was "Wild Cabbage""

"Wild Cabbage?" asked Luna.

"Yes, that's what he told me"

"But that kind of medicinal herb are not Equestria, these plants grow in the kingdoms of this and they are a thousands of miles away" said Celestia.

Luna was very confused when her sister told her that this kind of medicinal plant are from the kingdoms of this. "Wait!, you say that these plants do not grow in Equestria and to get them we have to go to the kingdoms of this, since it is the place where they grow?" asked Luna now confused.

"Well... Yes, the Wild Cabbage is a plant that is in the realm of Europe and is located in the south and west of the same coasts, it is both edible as healing plant but it is very difficult to obtain, grow in a reduced ground habitat in limestone cliffs, export them to here is very expensive even for a pony with many economic resources"

The royal garden was silent for a while, the princesses were so confused they did not know of where he got these plants to cure Luna, as Celestia said, these plants are in the kingdoms of this and is very expensive to export here even the richest pony.

"By the way, do you know the name of that unicorn? He didn't tell you who was?"

"Yes, he's name is Orion and the wolf that was lunged at the manticora is actually his faithful friend Meissa. But besides, that wolf was not common and current."

"Is that why you brought all these books of Equestrian wildlife?"

"That wolf wasn't an ordinary wolf, this was huge, almost as big and tall as me. I've never seen one like that in my life" said Luna. "Besides, is much stronger than an ordinary wolf, he could easily attack to the manticora, even I think that is stronger than a big stallion"

"Hm, I have not seen a wolf with a size equal to yours, normally the biggest wolf can grow until as a young pony pre-teens" said Celestia. "It seems to be a mystery the of these two individuals"

"Ah, by the way, Luna, I wanted to say to you that I was searching you in order that for me your help with some of my royal tasks, you will may?" asked Celestia.

"I don't know Tia, I am somewhat confused and tired by the issue of the wolf"

"Oh come on!, pleeeease!" begged Celestia making eyes and pout.

"Do not do that, don't the face, it will not work" said Luna taking out the view of the pouts of Celestia. "It will not work as when you wanted to take me on the artisans fair"

Celestia was pouting to her sister accept her request for help

"Pleeeease!" she followed with the pouts.

"Oh, as I hate when you do that face, okay you win!"

"Yes!, Thanks Sister!, I know you do not like me to do this face, but I need your help, it is important"

"And why you didn't say it was just important and ready?"

"Because I love the gestures you make when I put the face" said Celestia hugging to her sister.

"Very funny!"

"Hmhm, we better go before we're late to the first task of the day"

After an all helping her sister in board meetings, petitions of citizens, in court, and few things other day, exhausted Luna went to her room almost crawling on the floor all the way. As soon as she reached the door of her room gave a very big breath and opened the door and immediately went to his bed to lie on a leap of popcorn, everything he had done to help her sister ached hooves almost couldn't still stand up. But as much as this exhausted still had some unfinished business to do. "Oh no!, I forget about the necklace!" -sigh- "I think I'll have to go now at night to Everfree forest to find it" Luna cursed to herself because she didn't remember that she had to recover her lost necklace in the forest.

Then the princess got up from the bed of a jump, but saw it was time to lift up the moon, then he went out to the balcony, shone her horn and bit to bit brought the moon to the sky, then went back to her room and she prepared to go into the woods, put on her coat with hood and she decided to bring a dagger in which he had hidden in her closet, typical if spend some risk in the bedroom, to defend themselves in the forest, and I put it in her coat and a beam of light came out of the city to fly of Canterlot to Everfree forest. When she was flying into the woods, a thought came to mind in which the Luna was disturbing. "I don't understand this situation that happened last night, an unicorn came out from between the trees of the forest Everfree to save my fucking ass of a creature with a wolf who is almost my size, he also heals my wounds with these bandages of this such a plant Wild Cabbage, which to be better they aren't grow in Equestria and get them is almost impossible. Just thinking about all that I have a headache" She still has bandages on.

That thought could not leave the head of Luna and that irritated her, but after struggling to find out where was the unicorn and his wolf, came to Everfree forest. She was standing right on the main road where she and her guards were the night before, then decided to go where she had met with the creature, but apparently after a constant search not found her necklace. Luna began to lose her patience and found something very striking. Turns out she found fresh footprints on the ground, were footprints of a pony and makes no more than one hour, Luna decided to follow those tracks as thought could be returned to Orion and Meissa.

The footprints followed by the way to an ancient tree and strayed far into the forest, Luna to see where they were going, swallowed and cautiously went by where the footprints continued. It was scary even for the bravest stallion of all, the wind to hum the treetops and moved abruptly, and very strange sounds were heard. Then a while to follow the track, ahead sees a light in the trees, Luna was scared but did not hesitate to go towards that light cautiously from tree to tree, each time she was closer and closer, and when standing behind a tree she saw a campfire and his side had a pony sitting beside the fire, Luna could not recognize the pony but he was turning his back. Luna thought it might be Orion but did not see Meissa and could not recognize the pony as the firelight blinded, then cautiously behind the trees decided to encircle the bonfire and see who is this pony. Every step was very delicate and very slow so as not to alarm the pony.

When she lay on the other side, she finally saw this same pony was with his sword sharpening it with a stone in hoof, and saw beside him an animal, in that when you look closely she realize it's Meissa and then directs the eye to the pony and carefully realizes that is Orion, but he's badly wounded, could see his wounds that were on his front legs and some scratches on his face, in his body, some to his back, Luna was surprised to see as he was hurt. But then she noticed something strange about him and her eyes widened as big as the two gold

"What the hay!?"

_ _ _