An Old and Wise Star

by Gianfar

First published

In the Everfree forest there's problems with the creatures that threatening Ponyville. Then Luna coupled with her guards, decides to investigate the forest, but what surprises bring the forest to them?

Two years have passed since the mane six defeated Lord Tirek with the power of harmony and enclose him in Tartarus. After that day, the peace fell in Equestria as never before. But not all were in peace after all. In the Everfree forest, at night, there's a problem with the creatures and that could affect the neighboring town next to the forest, Ponyville. Luna decides, accompanied with her guards, to investigate what endangers PonyVille. But she didn't know what surprises the forest would provide when they reach the forest.

Chapter 1: The Surprises of the Everfree Forest

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Like many other days, peace in Equestria was even more abundant than normal, it seemed as if peace has always reigned in Equestria. Had been two years since that day when "Lord Tirek", which tried to take over the powers of the four princesses to rule Equestria, where the girls defeated with the power of the rainbow.

It was almost dusk on a Sunday, there was peace everywhere, in PonyVille was a fair entertainment and had ponies everywhere, you could see the happiness in each of them, in Canterlot was the same, there was a craft fair in the city center in one of the squares, ponies were everywhere, and many were in the craft stalls. These same positions occupied a range of five round blocks, and if you could get through, there was not a single position that is not without ponies interested in buying some other object or move to look at the crafts; on the other hand among all those ponies they were wandering the malls nothing more nor less than the deity of the day and night deity. They were in the central square of Canterlot, sitting on a bench in the square enjoying the craft fair and a beautiful day.

"What beautiful day. Don't you believe?" Celestia said with a sigh

"Nor should mention" said Luna.

"Time ago we have not a single day for us, no duties to attend to, and hundreds of ponies up our demanding help or"

"Yeah..." Luna said between sigh "Hey!. What if we go shopping before having to raise the moon, I have many duties this night"

"Sure" Celestia said as she rose from the bench to her feets. "Where do you want to go?"

Luna's face turned thoughtful, deciding what she wanted to buy. It took only moments to decide what he wanted.

"There's a artisan post, is not more than three blocks, from what I've heard her necklaces are very beautiful" Luna said pointing to where the store was.

Celestia looked where she pointing and with a smile said... "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Luna looked at her sister with a smile and both were walking towards the artisan post. The two sisters were undercover for any pony approaches to praise them or to take a photo with the princesses and also avoid always be with their royal guards watching for their safety. Celestia sported a mane of pink, her fur was Fuchsia gray and was posing as the name of Sundrop and she changed of specie to a unicorn, and had a scarf around her neck golden dark, Luna instead had very light colored hair blue, her fur was colored dark blue sapphire, and she was posing as Moonbeam, and she had a coat with hood-green safari dress.
The ladies Moonbeam and Sundrop came to artisan post and as much as Moonbeam. Sundrop was surprised to the necklaces and other stuff that were in that post, had any variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Apparently these craftsmen do have a knack for jewelry said Sundrop to herself.

"Well, and which of these you want?" Sundrop said eyeing the chains that held the post

"Uh... I don't know, it have to be one in which I identify, that says who I am" Luna said between her thought of what was going to choose. "Uh... Excuse me ma'am, you could recommend a necklace to me?"

"Oh!. But of course lady" cheerful the artisan said. The artisan elected four necklaces from the post and showed it to Luna. "What do you think of these four?"

The Artisan showed her four very precious necklaces, one of the necklaces had carved the shape of a canary wood, another of the collars was of pearl, another was a crescent moon phase and as chain had between the yarn balls colored wood black and white, and the last was a small balls of plastic beads red and white and out of her small strips of fabric of the same.

"Which you prefer?" said Sundrop

"Oh!... This!" she said as she pointed a necklace. "This Is perfect!"

"All right! How much ma'am?"

"Eh? What?... Uh... Cel... I mean Sundrop, are you sure that you have no problem to buying it?"

Sundrop gave a little laughter "Of course I have no problem, it's more this is a gift from me"

"Thank you sister," said Moonbeam very happy

"You're welcome, sister" Alright! here you go by the lady necklace and thanks very much"

"Oh, no unlike thanks to you" also thanked the artisan

While the sisters were leaving the place, they were walking back to the castle.

"Have something else in mind to buy Luna?"

"No, with this is more than enough, I love this necklace of moon" responded Luna.-

"Well, then return back to the castle that will soon you have to bring the night" said Celestia.

After a hike to the castle, the two sisters were at the castle, but as was known, none of the wise guard the princesses had left the castle, then before to reach the castle gates, secretly they returned to their original shape and teleport to the bedroom of Celestia, which was the place where they were the last time in the castle before leaving to go to Canterlot center.
As soon as they reached the bedroom of Celestia, the two sisters settled into the room and began to speak for a few moments to pass the time by then to bring the night.

"Luna, I think you'll have to find friends with you can have fun and go out, I don't like to see you here in the castle enclosed in your room" said Celestia worried about her sister "This isn't good. It's for your own good. You have to go outside and have fun, and make new friends. I don't know how I convinced you to come with me to the artisan fair"

"I don't know Tia. I really have friends, but I don't feel very comfortable with them, it is as if I were outside of the conversation that them make. And as I am the princess of the night they don't want to help them in difficult tasks or some of their adventures fearing what might happen to me."

"You mean Twilight and her friends" Celestia asked.

"Yes" she said with a sigh

"Look. I know they are your only friends as much as mine, and I understand you do not feel very comfortable because you're treated like royalty. They up with me always were thus, worried that could happen something wrong or that I hurt in some their adventures or anything" she replied. "Because you do not always meet with them does not mean it will be less or stop being friends, friends always come and go in life, but you have to make your own friends, the wind not brings to you."

"Yes... I think you're right Tia" said Luna a little embarrassed

"Don't blame yourself Luna. I know that you have gone through many moments of solitude, just make new friends and you will not go alone anymore"

It was time that the sun and the moon peek. Celestia and Luna peered out onto the balcony of the room and after a few moments pass, the sun dipped into the horizon and the moon peered skyward.

"Well... it seems that my rest day ended" said Luna between tooth

Celestia gave a little chuckle with humor and then asked... "you have much to do tonight?"

"Today I have to look out the Everfree forest, certainly usually every day at the night in the Everfree forest. The creatures roam around outside the same forest do not know why but it is dangerous to ignore them, because they can go to PonyVille and could hurt ponies that living there" she ended to explain to her sister.

"Oh, I understand. Are you sure you don't need help?"

"No, no problem. It's not a difficult job but it's tiring, and I'm with my guards. Also I want to know what makes them leave their habitat. but... thanks for offering sister" said Luna proudly.

"All right, have fun with the creatures of the Everfree forest" said Celestia between giggles.

"Very funny" Luna replied with some bitterness in herelf.

Celestia began to laugh more often, but when she finish of laughing stuck her tongue out at her sister. Luna also answered.

"Good luck!" said Celestia to see her sister with her wings folded on the balcony to take flight.

"Thanks," she replied. "See you tomorrow morning. Oh!, and by the way, try not to eat all the cake breakfast tomorrow! so I can eat me too !, and they always come and never find a bit to me" said with a mocking tone.

"Very funny" said Celestia hissed

Luna started laughing while takes flight to meet with her guards, but decided to go to her room first to leave your actual necklace and put her new collar, but she was still wearing her crown. Then, she went out to the balcony and started flying back to where she needed to go.

After a while she get to the place where the guards were, they were in the barracks of the castle sitting at one of the tables, awaiting the arrival of Luna. In total there are five Pegasus guards but they were more than enough for this type of tasks.

"Good night princess" said the guards at the same time

"Good night gentlecolts... Alright!. Tonight we will stand guard in the Everfree forest and as you know almost every day at night there are certain creatures that escape to the forest and we don't know why. This is threatening to PonyVille because these creatures are a danger to the ponies since they can hurt the ponies, so today we'll see what is scaring to the creatures or what is taking of their habitat"
"So... are you ready for the task of this tonight?" asked Luna with a deep tone

"Yes princess!" the guards responded in the same tone that implied Luna.

"Okay, then get ready for the journey to PonyVille as it will be a long journey"

After a few minutes of preparation for the journey, Princess Luna and the five guards launched Pegasus flight to the outskirts of PonyVille. After a long journey towards the outside of the village, they had come at last. The five pegasos were a little tired from the long flight Canterlot to PonyVille, but instead Luna was cool as a cucumber. "Really? So little we flied and they are tired? Wow, it seems that I have to put them in fitter to these slackers" she said to herself. It was normal that a Pegasus of great ability and performance in flight own tire easily, it's a long journey from Canterlot to PonyVille, but instead Luna is a alicorn and have much more energy than three Pegasus together and she is accustomed to undertake long-haul flights because it does not much like the royal carriage, then embarks on her own travel for convenience and taste.

Night guards were not just ordinary guards, Luna opted to test them to only enter the better Pegasus, since she prefers the Pegasus because she thinks they are very efficient at doing tasks that earth ponies and ponies unicorns doesn't may, like the aerial view, and more. In total Luna's guards are ten, compared with Celestia that has hundreds

Two of the guards were almost as tall as Princess Luna, one of them was called Blacksky, was a stallion of great size and strength, and at first sight was intimidating, his fur was dark blue, his hair was gray-white with gray stripes and the color of his eyes are light green emerald; and the other was named Lightning Shadow, a stallion also large but not as strong as Blacksky, he has the ability to track up a little mouse from one hundred meters tall, his fur was white pale and his hair was color dark sapphire blue, the same color as the mane of Luna, and his eyes brown.

Then there were the normal height, and were all mares but the fact that mares not be fooled, they may seem defenseless but have surprises up her sleeve. One is named Wildstar a mare that seems at first glance to be very helpless, on the contrary it has the strength and ability to defend herelf like a big stallion and is very good at martial arts, she has fur a little dark golden , a mane of brown and her eyes are blue; the second is called Firewings, is a very athletic and agile mare, she is an extraordinary flying and few Pegasus been able to match it in flight speed and skill, her fur is light orange, her mane is fiery red with peaks descending toward orange, yellow and then white, type as a flame, and finally Blue Lightning, a very beautiful and intelligent mare, it is one of the best in tactics to create ambush, camouflage and guide your group on the right track.

Luna together with the Pegasus guards were at the entrance to Everfree forest in which you could enter easily without having to go between all the abundant flora.

"Alright!" - shouted Luna firmly. "I want that Blacksky, Blue Lightning and Wildstar enter through the main road to have sight of land and want that Firewings and Lightning Shadow accompany me to the aerial view, and in two hours I want them in the middle of the forest to meet"

"As ordered princess" they responded firmly.

"Alright, Let's move out"

This mission was undertaken in which Luna along with her guards wasn't just a duty to guard PonyVille, but also wanted to find what caused that these creatures leave their habitat. On the other hand even though the guards are strong, skilled and great courage, they themselves are uncomfortable being in the woods, but try that your concern not notice because Luna is something strict when it comes to choosing her guards to do missions that she alone cannot, however Luna has no problem, is cooler than a cucumber as we said and very focused on her mission.

It was a beautiful night, the moon was shining like never before, the sky was full of stars, a perfect night to be in the forest Everfree, don't you believe? well for Luna and her guards was perfect. After two hours, the guards and the princess met in the middle of the forest. The guards at first glance you could see that they had met with some creatures because they were exhausted and with some minor injuries, Luna was also exhausted and had a small cut on the cheek and another on the shoulder.

"I see you have had trouble dealing with the creatures eh?" Luna joked.

"Nor to tell!, with Blacksky and Wildstar we stumbled with six Timberwolf and two Cragadile" said Blur Lightning with a sigh.

"Are you three fine?" asked Luna worried.

"Yes! are only a few scratches nothing else, it's nothing" said Blacksky while Blue and Wild nodding also.

"Well I'm glad you are well, we find ourselves with five Timberwolf and two Cockatrice"

"Well!, I think it's time for- Ugh" Blacksky complains while he standing up.

"Wow, are you ok Black?" asked Luna.

"Yes!, it's... nothing "

Although he said that the wounds were nothing, apparently so it affected the whole roll. Blacksky had been cut almost all his right side by the Timberwolf and among other hits. Also the other guards were cut by Timberwolves and some minor knocks.

"Ok, Listen up. For your own good I want that you five take the day off. You are very exhausted and have cut by almost everywhere!. Best go home so you can heal the wounds before them become infected" ordered Luna.

"Hey Luna it's nothing are just one small cuts" said Firewings.

"No!" exclaimed Luna "Go home. I'll be fine. I'll just be for a while longer to see what is causing that the creatures altered. Is an order"

"As ordered princess" said the guards.

After Luna's help so they can get back to Canterlot the five pegasos, they said goodbye. And Luna stayed to ahead with the mission.

"-Sigh- I'll better continue with the mission" said Luna to herself.

Luna decided to go down a road which was not all that big but you could tell he had the presence of fresh footprints on earth, that something or someone has been there not long ago. Without hesitation he went on down the road where the tracks were. The road was a little tight, you could see little through it because the forest flora was abundant and could not see more than twenty metro to forward as it was present not very thick fog, but it was hard to see that might hold further from the fog. "Puff, there is too much fog in this part of the forest, I can barely see ahead of my nose"

But Then...

"Mm?" She hear a noise in the trees. "What was that?" said to herself.

Luna stood alert before any surprise attack. But she never imagined what was with what she was going to come up. She began to hear footsteps and increasingly strong, one after the other, were heard from very close to where was Luna.

Luna stood in alert and waited, came hundreds of thoughts to know what makes to these noises, she thought if she could be another Timberwolf, a Cockatrice, some Cragadile, began to passing thoughts neighborhoods to decipher that it was what made this noises and Luna was getting more distraught. Suddenly she ceased to hear the footsteps and noises, Luna lingered a few moments in silence, then a sigh of relief ...

"What the?!" Luna screamed surprised.

From the bushes came a very angry manticore, you could see across the face of the manticore that has not gone well there in the forest, but in reality was that Luna was invading the territory of the same creature, that's what he got so furious at manticore.

The princess was put on guard waiting for the manticore attack. The manticora started running towards Luna to insert the first blow, Luna realized movement that had begun the manticora not hesitate to take flight, after dodging at manticora Luna returned to the ground to give her blow. She undertook a blue beam to the manticore, the lightning hit direct on the left side of his body and pushed some meters back, but that only caused its some damage and it angered over what was still. It was the turn of the manticore to make your move and he choose to fly into the trees to attack from above, then Luna did the same that manticore, took flight upward from trees and attack the creature with another one blue ray, the manticore elusive the lightning smoothly, then Luna opted to shoot another lightning, but also elusive, but when he decided to make another move already was later the manticore lunged at her with a sharp blow on her right side, threw Luna against the trees, lay on the ground wounded, but that was not enough to beat at deity of night.

"I think that attack with magic will be useless, easily dodges my attacks, there must be another "Ugh" way to overcome it" Luna told to herself as she stood up. Then Luna realizes that magic attacks would not be all very effective, so he decided to attack the manticora melee.
After getting up the ground, she began flight to the manticore and rammed to the manticore with full force throwing to the trees breaking them like toothpicks.
That blow left very badly injured manticore, Luna after of the attack, down toward ground to take a sigh of victory. "Poof! That was somewhat tight but fun. A long time ago I didn't have such an interesting fight" Luna decided to move on to continue her mission.
"Ugh! I think after this I'll have to give me a shower, I seem that I mess very much"

But apparently Luna didn't realize that the fight was not yet over, she thought that the manticora was unconscious among the trees or badly injured as to continue but apparently the opposite, suddenly a shadow between the bushes appears and goes to Luna and sends its flying into a small river that had not far from where they fought. Luna didn't know that was what sent her to flying through the air with such brutality, this hit left very hurt to Luna, could barely stand up, had bruises all over her body and her right front leg is very badly injured, she was in the ground beside the river trying to get up, but that was useless, then a shadow appeared a few meters in front of her and it was the manticore, the creature was hurt but still could keep fighting unlike. Luna couldn't up to do something, just she can only wait for the final blow of the creature to end all suffering.

The manticore began to make his race to Luna to give his last hit, every time more closer to Luna and she tried with all her strength to get up, but was too late and the manticora was almost to give his coup when of between the bushes came out a knife, the knife inserted into the neck of the Manticore, and leaves behind a kind of dog that goes to the manticora to get her off of Luna. The canine gores the creature throwing to the ground a few meters from where Luna was and the dog bites the neck at the other side of manticore. The Canine strives to maintain manticore on the ground, the dog it's almost the same size as Luna, suddenly comes out another shade between of the trees and appear a hooded unicorn levitating a sword at his side, was a little high and larger than Luna, he decides to take career to where the beast and threaded his sword on the back of the manticore, nailing in the heart. After a few moments pass, the manticore lay dead and the unicorn draws his sword and his knife from the dead creature and stores it in its sheath.

"It's ok Meissa, is already dead the manticora" said the strange unicorn to dog.

The unicorn turns his gaze to where this Luna and starts walking toward her. Luna was very confused by what had happened a few moments ago, she couldn't process what happened. But Luna was badly injured and was in a state of shock, was startled when the unicorn was heading toward her and tries to get up fearing that this might do harm.

"Wow, wow. Easy. Don't move, you are very badly hurt. I will not hurt you just let me help" told the Unicorn to Luna "It's ok. It's all over"

Luna to hear this, she calmed and stopped moving but was still in shock and scared. The Unicorn knelt before her and pulled to her bag levitating bandages and gores of a plant to cure Luna.

"Hey, is not necessary that you have that cure the wounds. I'm fine" said Luna.

The Unicorn looked at her and said, "Yes is necessary. It's will going to infect you and you will hurt much"

Luna distrusted but then let the unicorn heal her wounds he had for most of her body. The unicorn sack hood, he was a unicorn reddish, his mane was not like other stallions was more long like a mare and dark brown, he had a not very long beard on his chin, his eyes are dark brown and he had a scar on his right side of his snout, as if it had been cut with a sharp object. Then the unicorn pulled a small knife to cut the gores that he had, then once that short the gores, pulled out a mortar and pestle and then he put a little water on it and put the gores and grind to then make a paste, then grab some of that paste and put it in a bandage and placed on a wound. Then a few minutes later to heal her wounds, he keep everything back into her bag and then his horn began to shine in a light brown tone and set a spell to Luna.

"It's done. You can now get up without any problem" he said with a smile

Luna didn't know he had done the unicorn to her with that spell, but she not doubt to stand, and she did so without any problems. As if all the blows and pains I had were gone.

" What did you do?" said Luna

"Mm?. Oh. Was only a spell to heal your inner wounds, I wasn't going to do nothing stranger" he said with a smile.

Luna then to stand up felt like new, and also with more energy than she already had. "Wow, apparently he is very good at healing spells" she thought. But the wounds on her body outside were still covered with bandages that the unicorn put in her.

"Why you didn't healed all my wounds with a spell?"

"Because making a healing spell is not so simple, requires of lot of energy to regenerate internal organs and heal the wounds external. So I opted for healing your internal organs which is most important and heal your wounds with some bandages with some Wild Cabbage"

"Wild Cabbage? What is that?"

"Is the plant with which I grinded to put on the bandages to heal your wounds, is a kind of plant which has very effective healing properties and has been used by indigenous ponies as a folk medicine to heal their wounds" he replied once more. "Besides that. What are you doing here at this hour in the forest Everfree? It is very dangerous to be here even for a alicorn, there are many wild creatures that can eat you in one bite"

"Hey, I'm not a mare either!" she exclaimed "If you don't know, I am..."

"Yes. I know who are you. You are Luna, the princess of night and of Equestria"

"I don't think this is a dangerous place for the deity of the night" bragged Luna.

"So if this is not a dangerous place for the deity of the night. Why an adult manticora almost killed you?. And then have Meissa and I to get out to go running to save the damsel in distress"

Luna said nothing. She knew that he was right about that. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't say that" she apologized.

"-Sigh-. you don't have to apologize. I shouldn't have spoken you that way. Besides, also I would have said the same thing in your place" he said with a smile.

"Hey, by the way, you didn't tell me what's your name" said Luna.

"Oh!. which manners of mine. My name is Orion and he is my friend Meissa"

"It's a taste Orion" said Luna with a reverence "By the way, I'm the one who needs to learn manners, not even I was able to thank you for everything. So... Thank you"

"No problem. Indeed you must be thanked to Meissa, he safe you from death" he said with a smile "Come on Meissa!, come with her"

"Thanks Meissa, thanks to you I am safely" she thanked to Meissa stroking her head. "By the way, that dog breed is this. I never saw such a big one"

"Hmhm, is not a dog. Really he is a gray wolf" replied Orion.

"Hey Luna does not have trouble using your magic to go home?"

"Mm, I think I can teleport without problems"

"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you Luna, someday hope to see you soon"

"Wait!. As soon you just have to go? we barely know" said Luna

Luna was very disappointed because Orion leave, because she thought might make a friend with whom he could get along.

"Hey I think that we will find some other day, but now it's time to leave. Is too late and Meissa and I are very exhausted."

"Okay, then we'll see another day" said Luna goodbye.

Then Luna shone her horn and a light beam was returned to Canterlot. Meissa and Orion decided to go to where they were refugees in the forest, but when they began their march, ran into something shining on the floor. Orion went to look that was causing the brightness and it turns out what was causing that glow was the necklace that Celestia gave to Luna the day before. Orion realized to who was the owned.

"It looks that somepony lost her necklace during a fight hmhm" said Orion. "Better we go home before our friend realize that we are not at home"

Meissa and Orion continued their march back home for a way toward to inside the Everfree forest.

In Canterlot, Luna had come to her room and decided to take a shower before going to bed. But she decided stay with the bandages in the shower because if the bandage was removed could will be infested as it had not healed yet, then decided to leave them. Then of a refreshing shower, Luna decided brush your mane and but being in the mirror, brushing her mane realized that something was missing. "Oh no!, my necklace. Where is it?" Luna began searching around the room to see if she had fallen somewhere, but couldn't find it. "Oh no, it can't be that I lost it while I was fighting with that manticore" For a moment she thought it would have been better than the manticore killed her before telling her sister that she lost the necklace that Celestia had gifted her the day before. "I hate to say it but, if Celestia discover that I lost the necklace that she gave me, she will send me back to the moon... Ok, relax Luna" -Sigh- "Better I go to sleep and I wake up early in the morning, then I can go to recover my necklace." Then she organize the mess that she made and then she of a jumped lay down on her bed.

Then of lying down, exploded the doubts about who was this strange unicorn that appeared with his wolf in the forest Everfree. Luna also was surprised to see a wolf almost as big as she, she had never seen a wolf of that size. "of where is the unicorn so strange? and what was he doing in the forest Everfree? Is he the one that caused the creatures leave the forest?. I think after I get my necklace, I would like to ask some questions, after all Tia told me that I had to make new friend. Also I was kind enough to bandage my wounds ... Hmm, by other hoof, I never seen a wolf so big. It was almost as big as me. I think I'll have to look in the royal library." But many questions that will come to her mind, she fell asleep.

The next morning, Luna got up early since she was told to herself yesterday.
After getting up, she went to her makeup table, one that every princess should have. She brushed her hair and put on some makeup. After of makeup, Luna left her room cautiously, she not wanting to meet with her sister, because she was bandaged. Then get out quickly her bedroom decided to go to the library in a beam of light to find from where is this wolf (Meissa). When she appeared in the library went to the section of animals and plants to get a book on wildlife Equestrian, but there were many books on wildlife, then she decided to grab a couple of books to search whether any of them had information about giant wolves and go to a place where Celestia not find it, that place is the royal garden, as Celestia only will to this garden in circumstances where she needs to be alone. Then in a beam of light she went to royal garden and sat under one of the trees to read. But after having a good time reading three books of at least four hundred pages each with different species living in Equestria, yet she didn't found anything about giants wolves or the size of a stallion.

"Ugh, I think I'll get old after reading all these books, until now only I'm reading three books and almost three hours have happened and I still have as one dozen more to read, I'm going to have that find a method to faster to read this before that-"

"Luna!, There you are, I was looking for you for everywhere"

"What? great!, at least I hope my sister arrives. Dammit!"

Since yes, apparently Celestia managed to find her after all

"I crossed almost whole Canterlot to know wh... Oh no!, What happened to you? Are you ok? How was it that you did these wounds?" asked Celestia distressed on having seen her bandaged sister.

"I'm fine Tia, are just a few scratches and bruises, it's nothing" responded Luna a little uncomfortable with all the questions that made her sister.

"How can you say that Luna? you're bandaged almost to the top of your head. You said it was not a difficult job that was just silly! And your guards were very hurt?" scolded Celestia.

"Don't exaggerate Sister, I'm not to the top of bandages, are just some injuries and now!, I'm not the innocent and defenseless filly was before. And I have more than two thousand years and can look after myself. And my guards are fine, I told them to come to here to Canterlot because they were exhausted, then I stayed alone in the forest and suddenly appeared an adult manticore and apparently was more cunning than me and he almost killed me"

"But why... "sigh" I think you're right, it will not do any good to continue scolding, I think you can already take care of yourself, at least you're safe here with me" said Celestia with a strong hugging to Luna.

"Auch, Auch !!, Hey slowly than wounds still hurting me!" exclaimed Luna.

"Oh, sorry!" apologized Celestia. "By the way, now that I see the bandages, where did you get that green paste that looks behind bands? I had no idea you knew prescriptions for healing the wounds with healing herbs."

"Well, actually it was not me who bandaged"

"So, who did bandaged you?"

"Actually, better I tell you how was all" said Luna.

Celestia looked at her sister a little confused but decided to hear the story of what happened in the woods, Luna took a deep breath and began to tell what had happened. While Luna was telling her story of how she fought with her guards with the first beasts and why left to come to the guards to Canterlot, not missing the overprotection questions of an older sister, indeed, Luna almost literally strangled to her sister for all the questions that asked, to that make silence and get on with her story, but Celestia still made the questions and scolded the mistakes of Luna. Anyway it was only when she was with the guards, when she tells how it was that fight with manticore, Celestia almost fainted at the thought of losing her sister again.

"and well... when I was on the floor I could not get up and the manticore came running up to me to give his last hit, but not been for the wolf that rammed to the manticore to zoom out away from me... I think it would have been my death safe" ended the story.

"Wait, you say that a wolf appeared in the forest and rammed the manticore?"

"Yes, there appeared a wolf among the trees and rammed the manticore, and then also has emerged from the trees a reddish unicorn with a sword levitating beside her and ran over to where was the manticore and strung on his back causing death of the manticore" said Luna.

"And the unicorn was who healed you the wounds?"

"Mhm. He went to where I was and I was scared because I thought he was going to kill me also and then I started trying to stand up, then he told me not to be afraid, that I not to move because it would be worse and told me that he I would help heal the wounds. After, he sack to her bag a bandages and gores of a plant species that told me it was "Wild Cabbage""

"Wild Cabbage?" asked Luna.

"Yes, that's what he told me"

"But that kind of medicinal herb are not Equestria, these plants grow in the kingdoms of this and they are a thousands of miles away" said Celestia.

Luna was very confused when her sister told her that this kind of medicinal plant are from the kingdoms of this. "Wait!, you say that these plants do not grow in Equestria and to get them we have to go to the kingdoms of this, since it is the place where they grow?" asked Luna now confused.

"Well... Yes, the Wild Cabbage is a plant that is in the realm of Europe and is located in the south and west of the same coasts, it is both edible as healing plant but it is very difficult to obtain, grow in a reduced ground habitat in limestone cliffs, export them to here is very expensive even for a pony with many economic resources"

The royal garden was silent for a while, the princesses were so confused they did not know of where he got these plants to cure Luna, as Celestia said, these plants are in the kingdoms of this and is very expensive to export here even the richest pony.

"By the way, do you know the name of that unicorn? He didn't tell you who was?"

"Yes, he's name is Orion and the wolf that was lunged at the manticora is actually his faithful friend Meissa. But besides, that wolf was not common and current."

"Is that why you brought all these books of Equestrian wildlife?"

"That wolf wasn't an ordinary wolf, this was huge, almost as big and tall as me. I've never seen one like that in my life" said Luna. "Besides, is much stronger than an ordinary wolf, he could easily attack to the manticora, even I think that is stronger than a big stallion"

"Hm, I have not seen a wolf with a size equal to yours, normally the biggest wolf can grow until as a young pony pre-teens" said Celestia. "It seems to be a mystery the of these two individuals"

"Ah, by the way, Luna, I wanted to say to you that I was searching you in order that for me your help with some of my royal tasks, you will may?" asked Celestia.

"I don't know Tia, I am somewhat confused and tired by the issue of the wolf"

"Oh come on!, pleeeease!" begged Celestia making eyes and pout.

"Do not do that, don't the face, it will not work" said Luna taking out the view of the pouts of Celestia. "It will not work as when you wanted to take me on the artisans fair"

Celestia was pouting to her sister accept her request for help

"Pleeeease!" she followed with the pouts.

"Oh, as I hate when you do that face, okay you win!"

"Yes!, Thanks Sister!, I know you do not like me to do this face, but I need your help, it is important"

"And why you didn't say it was just important and ready?"

"Because I love the gestures you make when I put the face" said Celestia hugging to her sister.

"Very funny!"

"Hmhm, we better go before we're late to the first task of the day"

After an all helping her sister in board meetings, petitions of citizens, in court, and few things other day, exhausted Luna went to her room almost crawling on the floor all the way. As soon as she reached the door of her room gave a very big breath and opened the door and immediately went to his bed to lie on a leap of popcorn, everything he had done to help her sister ached hooves almost couldn't still stand up. But as much as this exhausted still had some unfinished business to do. "Oh no!, I forget about the necklace!" -sigh- "I think I'll have to go now at night to Everfree forest to find it" Luna cursed to herself because she didn't remember that she had to recover her lost necklace in the forest.

Then the princess got up from the bed of a jump, but saw it was time to lift up the moon, then he went out to the balcony, shone her horn and bit to bit brought the moon to the sky, then went back to her room and she prepared to go into the woods, put on her coat with hood and she decided to bring a dagger in which he had hidden in her closet, typical if spend some risk in the bedroom, to defend themselves in the forest, and I put it in her coat and a beam of light came out of the city to fly of Canterlot to Everfree forest. When she was flying into the woods, a thought came to mind in which the Luna was disturbing. "I don't understand this situation that happened last night, an unicorn came out from between the trees of the forest Everfree to save my fucking ass of a creature with a wolf who is almost my size, he also heals my wounds with these bandages of this such a plant Wild Cabbage, which to be better they aren't grow in Equestria and get them is almost impossible. Just thinking about all that I have a headache" She still has bandages on.

That thought could not leave the head of Luna and that irritated her, but after struggling to find out where was the unicorn and his wolf, came to Everfree forest. She was standing right on the main road where she and her guards were the night before, then decided to go where she had met with the creature, but apparently after a constant search not found her necklace. Luna began to lose her patience and found something very striking. Turns out she found fresh footprints on the ground, were footprints of a pony and makes no more than one hour, Luna decided to follow those tracks as thought could be returned to Orion and Meissa.

The footprints followed by the way to an ancient tree and strayed far into the forest, Luna to see where they were going, swallowed and cautiously went by where the footprints continued. It was scary even for the bravest stallion of all, the wind to hum the treetops and moved abruptly, and very strange sounds were heard. Then a while to follow the track, ahead sees a light in the trees, Luna was scared but did not hesitate to go towards that light cautiously from tree to tree, each time she was closer and closer, and when standing behind a tree she saw a campfire and his side had a pony sitting beside the fire, Luna could not recognize the pony but he was turning his back. Luna thought it might be Orion but did not see Meissa and could not recognize the pony as the firelight blinded, then cautiously behind the trees decided to encircle the bonfire and see who is this pony. Every step was very delicate and very slow so as not to alarm the pony.

When she lay on the other side, she finally saw this same pony was with his sword sharpening it with a stone in hoof, and saw beside him an animal, in that when you look closely she realize it's Meissa and then directs the eye to the pony and carefully realizes that is Orion, but he's badly wounded, could see his wounds that were on his front legs and some scratches on his face, in his body, some to his back, Luna was surprised to see as he was hurt. But then she noticed something strange about him and her eyes widened as big as the two gold

"What the hay!?"

_ _ _

Chapter 2: The Sad Story of a Warrior

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"But what? How is it possible that he..." Luna could not finish the sentence as it was in shock at what she had seen, and then took a misstep and fell out to the ground, that apparently that alerted Meissa. The wolf lifted the ears, raised his head and looked over to where was Luna.

"Mm?, What happens Meissa? Did you hear anything?" said Orion looking at Meissa "Easy, must be a mouse or a small animal"

Meissa not looked away from where he had heard the noise and growled slightly, then Orion looks at his friend and realizes that isn't a mouse, apparently there was something behind the trees, but they didn't know it was Luna. Orion slowly stood up, put on his coat and grabbed his sword. He stood in silence to see what had alarmed Meissa.

"Okay, stay here watching the fire, if something does happen, I will let you know" said Orion softly to Meissa.

The wolf sat beside the bonfire with ears up as much as his tail was straight, Orion cautiously walked to where Meissa heard noises and gradually it was entering the trees, Luna realizes that he is going to where she is, then she decides cautiously hide in the trees so that Orion doesn't see. Luna knew he had bandaged her wounds and helped with the manticora but couldn't trust a stranger, and less with what she had seen. She knew she had the dagger to defend herself, then she takes out the dagger from his coat and prepared for the worst.

Orion jutted between the trees and with much cautiously gave each of his steps, levitating his sword behind of his back and it was to thousand eyes to find the invader, on the other hand Luna saw him ever closer her, and cautiously walked toward another tree, luckily Orion had not listened her and continues as if nothing entering himelf in the trees. Luna increasingly saw him closer yet and was starting to scare, then decided to go to another tree, but that was a mistake, to get to the tree, she stepped on a branch, this alarmed to Orion. The unicorn stayed in his place looking around, looking for where and who was responsible for that sound, Luna remained static in the same tree, unable to move not even her hooves, all that remained was to stay there and wait for Orion pass and if is a miracle he does not realized that she is there. Orion continued his march, he headed for the tree that where was Luna, he went through the side of the tree cautiously but not looked at the tree but forward, where he gave his step, Luna held her breath, prepared her dagger and waited worst. Orion stopped just to about five meters, she could see clearly, he was ahead of her.

After a few eternal seconds to Luna, Orion continued his march slowly. Luna waited a few seconds and gave a big sigh of relief. Suddenly, of a blow, she was cornered by surprise causing that her dagger fall to the ground. Luna felt something in her neck and was cold, she opened her eyes gently and realizes that Orion had cornered her against the tree, on two legs both, and it had his sword on her neck.

"Who are you and what are you do here?" said Orion to the offensive.

"Please, don't hurt me!" said Luna trembling nonstop.

Orion realized that this voice was familiar, looked to Luna and he surprised to see that it was she whom he had cornered with his sword. Orion immediately removed his sword of neck of Luna.

"¿Luna? but ... What are you doing here at this hour in the Everfree forest?"

Orion couldn't believe that Luna is in the Everfree forest after what happened to her and also he said it was not convenient to come to the forest and less at night

"Are you alright?" asked Orion

"Y-yes, I'm fine"

-Sigh- "Come on!. Better we go to where I am. This is a dangerous place" said Orion

Luna not say anything, just nodded.

Orion gave a smile and decided to take her to the bonfire, but before to go, Orion noticed something on the floor and raised it with his magic, he was surprised to see it was a dagger of steel with blade double-edged and with inlaid of emerald and diamond in the handle.

"Hm, apparently you didn't come with empty hooves after all" joked Orion.

"W-Well... I-I didn't want to come to the forest d-disarmed"

Orion looked at Luna with a smile without a word, he returned the dagger to its owner and then they went to the fire where was Meissa waiting, but when they reached to the bonfire Meissa jumped above to Luna and gave her a warm and humid welcome.

"Hehehehe, Also is good to see you again Meissa" said Luna

"Hmhm, seems he likes you" Orion said with a smile. "Apparently you've got a new friend"

"You heard it?, we will be good friends don't believe Meissa?" said Luna, and because of that, Meissa gave another very wet lick "hehehe. You tickle me!"

"Hmhm. You don't think you've licked enough the Luna's face" said Orion looking at Meissa

"It's ok!. No problem" said Luna "Hey. What happened with you? you are very hurt.

"It's nothing. I just had a problem with an Timberwolf. It is that I invaded his territory and then he attacked me by surprise"

"But are you ok?"

"Yes. I'm fine. It will heal, is no problem" said Orion with a smile.

Orion then turned his gaze to a container that was in the fire and in that vessel was his dinner, it was cooking and could feel the smell around the campfire, Orion was going to offer a little to Luna, but she won him.

"Mmm. What is that delicious smell?" said Luna almost drooling to notice the smell

"Oh. hmhm. Is the soup I was making to dinner. Do you want some?"

"Mmm. Okay. if you don't mind"

Orion shone his horn and the side of the campfire sack a plate and opened the pot containing a delicious vegetable soup with spiced the same forest, he grabbed a spoon, poured on the plate and handed it to Luna, he also sack another plate for him and also poured some soup. Luna raised her dish with her magic and took to her mouth, took a sip and then left the dish on the floor without making any gesture.

"Well. What do you think? You like it?" asked Orion.

"Uh. well..." Luna couldn't believe it, she never had tasted a so delicious soup, never she felt that her palate dance so

"Hmhm, it seems you don't like it much at all" said Orion with a smile

"Actually... It's delicious... Very delicious" said Luna "I never had tasted a soup so delicious"

"Hmhm. Stop talking nonsense. I'm not a professional cook, it's just an ordinary vegetable soup" said Orion

"No. I'm serious, is very delicious" said Luna taking another sip

"Thanks" he said blushing "Hey... can I ask you a question?"

"Sure" Luna said as she took another sip

"What were you doing here in the forest at night and alone? After what happened last night should be something that makes you come back to the forest and also at night"

Luna swallowed quickly to avoid drowning "Uh, well ... j-just wanted to know h-how you were and wanted to... s-spend to greet"

"Hmhm. Tell me the truth. Why are you here?"

"I-I'm telling the truth" said Luna a bit more firmer

"You lying"

"How do you know that I'm lying?"

"Because when anyone lie their voice becomes more brittle and sometimes stutters, their breathing is becoming more frequent" said Orion looking Luna "Besides... you will not be here to recover your necklace. right?" he said as he pulled out the necklace of Luna of his purse that had at his side

"How do you know I lost my necklace?" said Luna surprised

"Because when Meissa and I were returning to home, I saw something shining on the ground. I approached to it and I saw it was a necklace that had a white crescent moon and I figured it might be yours" said Orion as he levitated the necklace to Luna and putting back in her neck.

"Thanks. Thank you for recover it" said Luna looking at her necklace relieved

"It's Nothing. But try not to go into the forest. I don't want to you finish wound again"

"Okay. I'll try to not come much to the forest" said Luna a bit sorry for what happened "Orion. Can I ask you a question?"


"How is it that Meissa is as big as me? I know the wolves and I've never seen one like this size, and also the plant with which you healed me. My sister told me not grow here in Equestria and to get them is almost impossible. How did you get them if only gets into the realms of East? and if you could also tell me this. Are you an alicorn?"

Orion took a deep breath and glanced toward the fire

"I wish you had not seen it. Seems you already know my secret. Yes I am a alicorn" said Orion taking off his coat, showing that Luna was right

"But. how is that possible? I mean... my sister, my niece Princess Cadance, Princess Twilight Sparkle and I are the only ones Alicorn that left"

"Well... apparently I am another, but this is something I don't like to be and that I never wanted to be from the beginning" said Orion seriously

"But if you wanted to not be a alicorn. How was it that you became one?"

-Sigh- "Better I tell you everything from the beginning so you can understand it better" Orion said even without taking your eyes off the fire.

"I'm not a young alicorn first. Actually I have more than two thousand years"

"Two thousand years?"

(Flashback Time)

"I was born as a unicorn in a town that was located in the West Equestria, there were about seven hundred people there, it was not a very poor village but neither rich nor powerful. Everypony there knew each other very well, everyone got along very well, there was no one who did not get along there, it was like heaven for me, there were ponies earth, pegasus and unicorns, no matter what economic situation they had or that work, all we were friends. I lived in a large mud-brick house with my parents and my brother, my father was called Shining Blaze he was a warrior and leader of the town, he was a unicorn like me, his fur was reddish and his hair was chestnut but his eyes were emerald green; he was considered as one of the best warriors in the West and was well known in other major towns, and a great father to me, my mother was called Silvertree, she was a earth pony, her fur was orange and her mane was light brown and her eyes were navy blue. She was a farmer, was the daughter of one of the most important farmers of the town; and my brother was called Markab, he was a white Pegasus, his mane was black and his eyes were blue. He was bigger than I.

I was very curious, I really wanted to know and learn new things, I was almost always reading books my father that he had on a shelf, there was everything on that shelf, history, mythology, geography, magic and more. Sometimes when my father went on a of his missions, he brought me some other book in which I could read and learn. There were times that he taught me his spells to I could learn.

"Come on, you can do it Orion!, you just have to concentrate and shoot to the table" said Blaze

"I... try... but it's... very difficult..." said Orion tired

"Come on, I know you can do it, just concentrate and aim"

"Ok .... here I go!"

The lightning came out straight to the wooden board, destroying it in pieces

"Wow!, it seems that you do better every time Selkie" said Blaze


"Yes, of course!, my Selkie increasingly is becoming stronger" said Blaze caressing his head.

"Dad" said Orion looking his father.

"What happens child?"

"When I grow, I want to be a warrior like you" said Orion with pride.

"Hmhm, okay, if that what you want I'll teach you many things for you to be a warrior like me"


"Not so fast, there is still much for you to be a warrior like me, you are still a colt to be a warrior, takes a lot of training and courage, we first have to start with the basics and then his time will you go forward" said Blaze looking at Orion

"No matter how much I make, I'll be whatever it takes to be a warrior!"

"Hmhm, that's my son" said Blaze caressing his head


Orion: "I always wanted to be a warrior like him, that was my dream. Although sometimes I couldn't do a simple spell, but I never gave up. Over the years my father trained me more and more, and increasingly I made more stronger, same for my brother, my father would put obstacles and objectives in which he had to do in time limit. Also over time he became increasingly stronger and more agile in flight.
Instead my mother didn't like that we were training all the time, she said that we could seriously hurt, typical of every mother"

"Wait, Selkie? your father told you Selkie?" asked Luna trying to not laugh.

"Hmhm. Yes. Selknam is my last name and also of my brother, my father and my mother always told me Selkie. However to my brother they called him Markie" replied Orion with a giggle "One day I remember that my brother and I had come home after training and we were all dirty and wounds" said with a smile "My mother almost fainted to see us so hmhm"

"Oh my god!, look at yourself!, are all dirty and wounded" exclaimed Silver

"Sorry mom. I think we exceeded us a bit this time" said Markab with his ears low

"-Sigh-. Go to wipe and then down so I heal their wounds" ordered Silver to her children

"Alright mom" said the two brothers grieved

Silver gave another sigh and went out to the backyard and went to her plant Aloe Vera and took some gores to heal the wounds of her children, then went back to the house and started cutting small and thin strips, and pulled from a shelf some bandages. The two brothers down the stairs, clean and headed to where his mother was.

"Okay, sit down so I can put them the bandages " said Silver gripping one of the bandages with Aloe. "Tell me. How was your training now?" said while was bandaging to Markab

"Well, we started to warm running around the town, then went to the forest Tall Tale to practice our agility running through the trees, then we went to Smokey Mountain, in the way we meet a bear that was angry, he wanted to attack us and well... us defended, after that we decided to return to the village to take a little break, then went to the river from here near to train and fight between us" told Orion

"Apparently you had a busy day, right?" said Silver now bandaging Orion

"Actually today was very light" said Markab

"Yes, I think tomorrow we will train a little harder!" said Orion

After a few moments of some bandages and scolding of Silver

"Okay, It's already" finished bandaging her children

"Thanks Mom! and uh ... tomorrow we'll try not to hurt us a lot or get in trouble"

"-Sigh-. Boys, I'm going to say something. I have no problem to you two train almost every day, it's just ... I don't want something bad happens to you"

"For the next it's not going to happen mother, this time we'll beware" said Orion with his ears low

Silver gave a big smile and said "Well, I think that after your training must be hungry, how about if I make some hay sandwiches?"


O: "My mother always worried that if we trained a lot and going to dangerous places we could hurt or worse but always supported us after all; there were times we did it on purpose because our mother was rarely unoccupied, as she was always working in the small farm behind of our house , we used this as an excuse for she to be with us" said Orion in a brittle voice
"But all the peace that the town had a day crumbled. My brother was twenty-four and I twenty, we were in the river near the town, were training as usual, everything seemed like every normal day but then came one of the warriors of the town running towards us and was moderately wounded"

"Markab, Orion, we need you urgently in the town, is under attack!" said the Guard

O: "My heart started racing like crazy, we had no idea who was the attacker, so decided to go to the town. When we were going to the town, we asked the guard who was the attacker"

"Alsahm, do you have any idea who the attacker of our town?" asked Markab

"The attackers are the town who are in White Tail Woods, the attack began about twenty minutes ago, your father told me they were here in the river training, so he ordered me take you to the town immediately" said Alsahm.

"Are there any casualties?" asked Orion

"We do not know how many, but I think we don't have over forty casualties " replied Alsahm

O: "I was very scared, I always trained hard with Markab, but we don't knew that we would enter in combat so quickly and without notice. When we reached the outskirts of the town, we saw the warriors of the attacker town, smashed homes and the invaders massacred as they were crossing the way. My father was in outside the town refugee with other warriors, planning a surprise attack strategy"

"Orion, Sorry to interrupt but why the town of White Tail Woods attacked out of nowhere?" said Luna

"The nearby town had as leader a unicorn "child" power hungry, he wanted to proclaim the lands where our town for him because he discovered that one of his ancestors owned one of the parts of the town lands, but our citizens refused to surrender the lands. There were times he sent one of his informant with a peace treaty if we delivered the land, on the contrary they will proclaim the lands by force, but always that coming his informant always declined his offer. He had offered part of his wealth and several of his best of his warriors, but always we refused"

Luna didn't said anything, just let Orion continue with her story

"When we got to where my father, we were greeted with a hug"


"Children, how are you two?"

"Are you okay? Where is mom?" said Orion worried

"Yes I'm fine, and she's fine too, she evacuated along with the inhabitants" replied Blaze "Now Let's go with the others to tell of the plan of attack"

"Alright dad" said Orion

When Blaze with his children when they met with the other warriors, he began to count the plan...

"Ok here's the plan. The soldiers Pegasus will go on air on my signal to give a little stinky gift for those scoundrels, earth ponies and unicorns I want you all to come with me to the ground for the attack melee, then of the attack of our attack surprise. Markab you are going to go with the other Pegasus warriors and wait for my signal to give a surprise hit. Orion you come with me and the other warriors for ground to give the attack melee"

O: He told us to prepare us for combat and that if it was necessary, catch some weapons. My brother decided to take some gloves for special helmets of fighting with spikes sticking out. I instead decided to grab a sword, as my father taught me to be swordsman, and I had seen a dagger between all the weapons, I decided to grab her by in case I need it

My dear brothers!, Friends!, You always knew me as Blaze, the leader of this great town, but today just I'm a more than another warrior in the fight to defend our beloved land, I don't ask you to fight for me! but to fight for the land that you were born and raised !, fight for his families! fight for the brother who fight with you!, we are here today to defend our land from a leader who is power-hungry and wants us snatch our lands!

"Are going to let this child snatch us our land!? Are going to let he humiliate us!?"

"NO!!" shouted the warriors

Then, let's show at bastard what these warriors can do!!

After an inspiring speech, the warriors went to the town and is entered in their positions. The Pegasi is placed on one side of the town, hidden in some houses, were armed with iron gloves with spiked and odor pipe bombs. The Warriors of earth also hiding in some houses, awaiting the attack of the Pegasus. The strategy was to wait for the invaders will advance into the town and then be surprise by the Pegasi with stink bombs and when they are distracted, Blaze with his son and his warriors begin the melee attack the invaders

O: "It was time to prepare to give the surprise attack, all were in their position. Just spent a few moments for the invaders to pass through the place of attack, and without are given account the Pegasi with my brother gave the surprise attack, attackers ponies were distracted and dispersed by stink bombs, then our father gave us the signal to go to the attack. Every minute that passed seemed eternal, together with my father we attacked a small squad, didn't take us long to overcome. But suddenly we were surprised by arrows came from one of the houses"

"Orion, go to the tavern and go forward cautiously from the rear to surprise snipers" ordered Blaze

"Yes father!" said Orion

"Markab!, go with your brother to get us off those snipers" ordered Blaze also

"To the order" said Markab

The two brothers went to the tavern where the snipers were, surrounded it and headed for the rear part, Markab looked out a window and saw how many there were in, in total there were five down. Orion expected the signal his brother to come in and surprise the ponies, Markab still looking out the window waiting for the way is clear.
After a few seconds, Markab gave the signal, Orion entered the house followed by Markab and attacked the ponies that were inside. Markab went to one that was in the bar along with two others, these were preparing arrows for snipers, with his gloves he reached one of the enemy and hit him in the middle of your chest, to see down to the first warrior, turns and of a jump attacks the other warrior pulling against one of the furniture of the tavern, the last standing headed Markab his back, but it was a serious mistake, with his hind hooves hit him throwing against the wall it leaving him lying on the ground, he didn't took much effort to finish them. Orion instead walked to where were the tables, were two warriors that were preparing their bows to shoot at him, the arrows passed close Orion but didn't hit him, then drew his sword and skewered on the right side of one of them then he pulled out his dagger and throw against the other pony nailing it to the front of it.
Suddenly appeared others six ponies going down the stairs that they were on the second level, they shot arrows at the two brothers and forcing them to go under cover.

"Orion, can you throw a lightning with your magic to get us off" said Markab while some arrows passed over him nailing into the wooden wall.

"Alright!" said Orion

Orion had to find a way to shoot the lightning without them killed him with the arrows, then decided to grab a chair that was his right and throw to where the enemy was. The chair fell over one of the warriors and as soon as he threw the chair against one of the enemies warriors, he got up by bar and fired a multiple lightning that reached each of the enemies dropping their dead bodies on the ground.

"Wow!, I didn't know you could shoot more than one lightning at a time" said Markab amazed
"Me neither" said Orion even more amazed

"Ok, I'll go see if more up, then we return with dad, he should need help" said Markab going up the stairs

"Ok" said Orion

Orion went to the pony he had killed with his dagger to get it out and save it in his scabbard. Then few seconds later "Everything clear" said Markab down stairs

"Then, let us return with Dad" said Orion

The two brothers left the tavern and went to where his father was, he was fighting with an enemy squad with two warriors unicorns, then Markab y Orion joined the fight.

"Apparently you're having fun without us" joked Markab.

"Hm!, needless to say it, why don't you join the party?" also joked Blaze.

"It will be a pleasure" said Orion

O: "When we returned with our father, we started to move towards the enemy, we throw down with everything that they stood in the way, platoon by platoon, nothing stopped us, I remember that my brother was flying from here to there, sweeping away everything in his path, my father with other two unicorns was shooting a lightning against the squads with one shot and I mutilated everything that was crossing me with my sword. Everything was fine, we were winning the battle... but... but... "sniff" ... apparently my father couldn't win the battle"

"Wait, your father..." Luna didn't want to finish the sentence

"(Sniff) My ... My father was h-hit by one of the enemies ..." his voice was becoming more brittle

Luna opened her mouth to say something but nothing came

"I turned around and saw my father standing on two legs and protruding from his chest a sword, I immediately saw that behind him was an enemy warrior, I didn't hesitate to go to them and take out the enemy warrior and stab him with my sword in all his chest and tear him apart. M-My father had fallen to the ground face up, then I said to one of the warriors to help me carry him to one of the houses"

"You'll be okay dad, you'll be fine, MARKAB!!!!" shouted Orion very nervous and scared

Markab heard the scream of his brother and then went over to where he was

"What's up Ori... Oh no, What happened?" said Markab

"One of the enemy warriors caught him and nailed his sword on his back" said Orion with tears

"Oh no!, A doctor!, bring a doctor!" shouted Markab

O: "My brother called a doctor to heal his wounds with a spell... but apparently it... it was too late."

"A doctor!!" Markab still screaming

"I-I don't think a doctor c-can save me" said Blaze weakly

"Don't say that dad, you'll be fine, j-just you need a doctor to can heal you" said Orion

"N-no, my son, I already gave my fight, "cough", now this fight is of y-you two" said Blaze

"No daddy no, don't leave us, please don't leave us" said Orion breaking into tears

"Y-You know what son?, I was always p-proud of you, both of you, I always was. I love you children..."

"Dad?Dad! ... No ... No!, NO!!! DAD!!!! - said Orion breaking into tears

"Brother, h-he's gone" said Markab tearfully leaning his hoof in his back

Orion dried his tears and went out with his sword to where the enemies were entering the town.

"Where are you going Orion?" said Markab but Orion not answer. "Where are you going!? Orion!!..."

(End of Flashback Time)

"My father had died, front of me. I was sad and very angry that I went around to where the enemies entered into the town, I stood in the doorway like a statue with my sword, and felt like a big power flowed into me. I had never felt all that power flow so.
I saw all the enemy warriors a few kilometers with reinforcements, I started walking forward as if nothing and whenever I stepped, I felt like all that power grew within me and without realizing, my horn began to glow, but not usually as always shone, it was different, I felt my horn was in flames. Enemies were closer and closer and came with catapults and heavy weaponry, I just remember that I stopped at some point, my horn began to glow even more strangely, and then I decided to throw a lightning to them, point my horn to the squads and shoot. From there I don't remember anything but my brother told me that just the lightning that I shot, smashed everything that lay ahead, he told me that when I shot the lightning, he felt a great power that coming from me and himself me He said it was too big
When it was over I lay on the floor, I woke up not knowing what had happened after throwing the lightning, I looked up and saw in front of me everything shattered and I noticed that there were corpses where I had thrown my lightning, I knew then that all that disaster, I had done it, I didn't understand how. My brother came running over to where I was along with other allies, when he arrived he looked at me strangely for what I had done, but then smiled and hugged me happy to know I was okay"

"How did you could do a lightning of such magnitude?" asked Luna

"At that time I didn't know why but then over the years I realized that "Anger" was what made me able to do that lightning"

"Wait, Anger?

Orion looked to Luna surprised she didn't know of these powers "Hmhm, did you know that there is still much larger powers in addition to elements of harmony? that existing sources of magic more stronger than the friendship?" asked Orion.

"Um... Yes" said Luna

"Well, tell me"

"Well, they are the Bliss, Hope, Hatred, Sadness, Chaos, Love and ...."

"Anger" They said at the same time

"These powers are as great as erratic and unstable which cannot be used safely. They can't be contained in physical form as the relics which keep the powers of the Elements of Harmony. Elements of Harmony are used as a last resort to restore and enforce the balance of peace and order, usually if used in someone its effects are temporary and non-lethal, they can only work if they are exercised by whoever has the corresponding trait, instead these powers anyone can use them, but they are a hazard to who use it as in who use it. That power I had in the moment of the lightning, was all by the power of "Anger" because of the death of my father" said Orion

"But if these powers are so unstable and dangerous, how did that you could concentrate everything in one lightning? is more, how could you control it?"

"I never knew how it was that I could channel all my "Anger" in the lightning, I was one of the most powerful unicorns of the town, but that was not enough to control that power, are powers that until a powerful alicorn cannot control"

"Wow !, that explains why you became a alicorn?" said Luna

"Actually not yet come to when and why was that I become an alicorn"

But apparently the story will have to wait, Meissa looked up into the trees with ears up, feeling that something or someone coming toward them, then stood firm beside Orion

"Wow, What's wrong boy?" Orion realized that Meissa perceived danger

"It seems that the story will have to be for another time, we have to leave here, since Meissa saw something coming towards us" said Orion

While they stood up to grab their things and turn off the fire... a voice is heard that Orion and Meissa recognized very well

"Why do you leave? Am I not interrupting anything important?"

_ _ _

Chapter 3: An Old Friend

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From among the trees begin to move the bush which alerted Orion forcing him to have to leave the place for safety, but then he heard a familiar voice

"Why do you leave? Am I not interrupting anything important?"

Orion to realize who was, he smiled from ear to ear and Meissa lunged for the unexpected visitor to give it welcome.

"Hehehehe, Hello Meissa long ago I don't see too" said the visitor

"What are you doing here? I thought you were at your home" said Orion

"Well, yes I was in my house but as I ran out of some ingredients I decided to go find some and I ran to see a light coming from the trees and decided to investigate what was"

"You not need to go out at night, you know that the forest is a danger and even more at night" said Orion

"Easy!, I know this forest since I was a filly" said the visitor

"I know you know the forest well, but do not want something bad to happen to you"

"Don't worry, I will not spend anything ... Besides you're the one who has to take care, you're here in the middle of the forest like nothing knowing that ..." The visitor realizes that Orion was not only after all. "Oh, apparently you were not just" said with a little embarrassed the visitor to see that he was not alone"

"Hmhm, She's Luna, the princess of night"

"Yes, I know the Princess Luna. Good night princess!" the visitor greets Luna

"Luna, she's my friend Zecora"

"Wait!... you know Zecora?" asked Luna

"Hmhm, is another story, better let's leave it to after" said Orion

"Why don't come to my house? this is a dangerous place and it's cold" said Zecora

"Okay, you have no problem Luna?" said Orion

"Sure, I think a bit longer I can stay"

"Well, we better go, before any creature find and attack us" said Zecora

Orion quickly turns off the fire and grab his pot with soup still inside, placing the pot on his back and with his magic grabs his saddlebag and leave for Zecora's home

"What happened with you? you are all bandaged"

"Only a small fight with an angry manticore that I found myself in the forest"

"But are you okay?" asked Zecora

"Yes, I'm fine"

"Well apparently are already a bit worn these bandages, if you do not mind, I can change it for new ones" said Zecora

"No need to bother Zecora" said Luna thanking the offer

"No, please, I wouldn't forgive you" insisted Zecora

"Well, Alright!"

After a walk to the house of Zecora finally they arrived. The two ponies and the Wolf entered the Zebra's home, Luna was surprised to see the home of Zecora, it was a very rudimentary for her, strange masks on the walls, shelves with strange potions, a cauldron in the middle of the room, she didn't feel very comfortable be in this house.

"Okay, my home is not very suitable for so to speak, but feel at home" said Zecora while she is leaving the ingredients in the appropriate shelves

"Thank you Zecora" thanked Luna

Orion noticed that Luna didn't look quite right, as if something inconvenienced

"Is something wrong Luna?" said Orion

"Eh? Oh, no, nothing's just that ... well ... I don't know how to say ..."

"Do you feel a little uncomfortable by masks, potions and other things?" said Zecora

"What? No!, it's just that ... well I .... Ugh, who am I kidding" said Luna ashamed

"Don't worry about that, it's nothing, in your place, I had been equal to see a house like rudimentary" said Zecora

Luna gave a smile but was still embarrassed, however Orion left the pot on the Zecora's kitchen

"Hey Zecora! you've dined? because leftover a some vegetable soup, if you want I can warm it" said Orion

"Uh... Alright, heats it, since I have not had time so I can make me dinner. Let's see ... where are they? ... aha! Here they are!". Zecora grabbed some bandages of one of the shelves, to renew which it has Luna "Well, we begin to change those bandages?"


Luna took off her coat so that Zecora can remove old bandages and replace them with new ones. She began taking the first of her body, and apparently was surprised to see the wounds she had.

"Wow!, it seems that you are lucky to be alive, these wounds are no joke" Zecora said as she pulled the bandages "How it was that you could survive a brutal fight against the manticore?"

"Well, I survived thanks to Meissa and Orion, they appeared out of the trees and they attacked the manticore for that not to kill me, then after they killed the manticore Orion approached me and healed my wounds with Wild Cabbage, and then he undertook a spell that cured me all my internal injuries"

"Wild Cabbage? Hmhm. Orion! Did you take some gores of my plants?"

"Hehehe, well yes... as Meissa four days ago was injured in a fight with a Timberwolf, I decided to grab some wild cabbage to cure him, and as became a bit, I decided save some in my purse in case of a emergency again" said Orion "Besides, it was I who gave you that plant after all and I think I have a right to grab some"

"Hmhm, you're always so naughty, you have two thousand years and you act like a foal" joked Zecora

"Haha!, well I can have two thousand years but that doesn't mean you cannot amuse me as a foal" said Orion

"Wait, you know that Orion has two thousand years?" asked Luna

Zecora look Luna and gave a little chuckle, but she continued bandaging her. "I know Orion for nearly ten years. I met him here in the forest"

"And how did you meet him?"

"I was in the Everfree forest in the afternoon, I was hanging around in search of some ingredients and water, had gone to the lake is not far from here, everything seemed normal, I grabbed my canteen to carry water and when I was about to stand up, I looked toward the shores of the lake and had seen a pony injured and unconscious on the shore. I ran to him and decided to carry him to my house to cure him. When I began to heal him, I noticed he had bites over much of his body, and apparently was a stinger of a manticore. I didn't know what to do but I had to draw that poison somehow, but he would die. Luckily when I began to treat him, I realized it was not poison, but it was pre-poison, then with a some essential oils I put in his bites, I controlled of that were not swell and with a banana peels and a chilled cloth, could prevent further spreading of the pre-poison and dry the bites without problems"

"With essential oils and banana peels?" asked Luna confused

"Yes, essential oils are very good to alleviate skin bites, treat inflammation and reduce the size of the bite. The cold cloth serves so that when you put it on the bite, the poison or pre-poison does not spread through the body, that is to cut the blood circulation. and the banana peel almost the same as the oil, reduces inflammation and dry the bite"

Luna was confused, she did not understand how simple things can help prevent the poison from spreading through the body, or rather also the pre-poison. Zecora was bandaging Luna and telling her story of how she met Orion

"While I healed his wounds, I realized that he was a alicorn, but I didn't tell anything about that"

(Flashback Time)

"What? Where am I?" Orion woke up in Zecora's house, he was lying on her bed and was all bandaged

"Well!, finally you woke up"

Orion looked around, searching who had spoken to him, then at the door of the room a zebra with a small pot appears

"Who are you?" said Orion scared

"Easy!, don't be afraid, I will not hurt you" said Zecora while leaving the pot on night table. "My name Zecora, I found you on the shore of Lake Forest, apparently you had an inconvenience with a manticora and it let you very hurt"

Orion did not say anything, he stayed in bed thinking he had last because he remembered nothing

"Takes, drink some of this soup, it will make you feel better" said Zecora approaching him a bowl of soup

Orion distrusted of Zecora, but accepted the soup. With his magic he could barely lift the bowl because he was very weak, then delicately took the bowl to his mouth and took a sip and put the bowl on the night table next to the pot

"Well... do you feel a little better?" said Zecora

"Yes, Thanks"

"Besides, What's your name?"

"My name is Orion"

"Well, nice to meet you, Orion. How did you get to stop in the Everfree forest?"

"I was looking for resources"

Zecora grabs the Orion's bowl and returned him to finish the soup

"Well, if you were in search of food, takes, finish your soup" said Zecora

Orion looked at Zecora and gave a smile, grabbed the bowl and began to finish his soup. When he finished his bowl of soup, leave it back at the night table, Zecora offered more but he thanked for the offer. When she healed him, she knew what he was but decided not to comment. But then Orion, with effort, sits on the edge of the bed and decided stand up

"Wow!, Wait! don't get up, you're very hurt" said Zecora

"Sorry, but I have to leave" said Orion with effort

"You don't have much strength to go into the forest alone" said Zecora

"I have to continue with my travel"

"Listen, if you go out there alone, you're going to die, You have to stay here, I have no problem with you stay here"

"'Sigh', Alright, but when I feel better, I have to go" said Orion

"When you're feel better do what you want, but for now you must stay here" said Zecora

Zecora: "Orion was at least five days here while recovered. While he was, he told me some of his adventures and stories, as I to him, hmhm When he finally recovered, grabbed his sword, said goodbye and thanked me for having healed his wounds. I thought there never was going to see again, but there was not much expected to meet him again"

"Apparently you thought wrong" he mocked

"Haha!, you were not warming the soup?" said Zecora mockingly

"Yes, only about five minutes and will already be"

"Hmhm. After two weeks I was in the forest looking for some flowers to decorate my house a bit and some other ingredient, and I came across Orion, he was in one of the rivers of the forest, but he was not alone after all, to his side was a gray wolf, apparently it heard me and alerted Orion. So I hid in the trees so they would not see me and I stood still as a statue, but the wolf found me and threw me to the ground and it jumped up on me, the wolf showed me his teeth and growled, then Orion came and he asked me who I was, so I told him my name was Zecora. That was enough for him to tell the wolf to let me and to help me to stand up"

"What are you doing here?" said Orion

"I just was looking for some flowers to decor my home" said Zecora

"Hmhm. Apparently you scared Meissa"

"Meissa?" she asked confused

"Yes!. He's my friend. Say hello boy"

Meissa didn't trust much on Zecora because she alarmed him, but then he approached to her and sat beside her but he still wary.

"Come on boy!. She will not do anything. She's my friend, you can trust her" said Orion with a smile.

Meissa looked at Orion and then looked at Zecora, but he was still wary, then Zecora decides scratch his right ear with care and then it begins to move his hind leg without stopping, but after a few moments Zecora draws her hoof of his ear and then Meissa with his head pushed a hooves Zecora to keep scratching his ear

"Hmhm apparently he likes you" said Orion with a smile

"It seems that no longer fears me after all" said Zecora

As Zecora didn't respond to the request for Meissa, this lunged at her and started licking her face. "Hehehe. Hey!! easy!. Enough... you tickles me... hahaha"

"Hahaha!. Ok Meissa, I think that's enough. Come on, leave a little personal space to Zecora"

Meissa heard to Orion, left to lick the face of Zecora and sat beside of her. His tail was wagging non-stop

"Where you found this grey wolf?" said Zecora while stroked the head of Meissa

"I found near the town which is near here, PonyVille. I found him on the prairies and he was very hurt, so I decided to take it with me and cure him. And since that day has not left me"

"Hmhm. Well... you got a good friend after all, is very friendly" said Zecora with a smile

(End Flashback Time)

Z: "After of that we met, we were talking for a while y then we said goodbye back, but almost always when I went to the forest, I was with him and Meissa, there were times he came home to visit me and then one day there was a big storm that lasted about three days from this day, he came to live with me to my house, we became very good friends, but he always prefers to sleep in the forest outdoors for habit, so when you attacked the manticora they went away because they were safe camping nearby, the same when you found with them moments ago"

"More than friends, this seems a relationship for mother and son" said Orion while was carrying the soup over to where were Luna and Zecora

"Mother and Son?" asked Luna

"Yes. When I come here, always scolds me of how I can sleep out in the forest when I can sleep peacefully here in her house" Said Orion. "Besides, that's nothing, sometimes scolds me when I finish some dirty or injured by the creatures, or when I meet with she always asks me where I was, what I did, and among other questions more"

Luna covered her mouth with her hoof because she imagined Zecora scolding Orion, she was about to explode. But apparently Orion realized that Luna couldn't stand her laughter

"What's so fun?" he said confused

"Hmhmhm. Sorry but I... 'Giggle' is just 'Giggle' HAHAHAHA"

"What? What's so fun?"

"Sorry!. Haha. I just imagine Zecora scolding you for your antics Hahaha!!" said Luna without stop laughing

"Really? I don't know what you look funny" said Orion raising an eyebrow

"Easy Mr. Grumpy!. It just caused me a bit Hmhmhm" said Luna

"Hmhm. I think that Luna thinks like me of somepony" said Zecora

"Excuse me? I'm not grumpy" he said crossing his hooves

Zecora looked at Orion with a raised eyebrow, knowing it was true.

"The soup is ready Zecora" he said looking away

"Ok. Just... another one and... ready!. It's done Luna" said Zecora

"Thank you Zecora"

"It's nothing, and tomorrow you can remove the bandages without problem, the previous bandages disinfected the wounds very well, so you leave these until tomorrow and ready" said Zecora while was grabbing a bowl of soup

"Okay. Thanks again" she said with a smile

"Hey Orion, now that I think about, why you killed the manticore? I thought you could reassure with your ocarina" said Zecora

"It was too late to use my ocarina, and he was almost within reach of Luna and play my ocarina would not have done any good, so I told Meissa to ram into the manticore to that it does not kill Luna"

"That explain everything"

"Ocarina? You really know how to play the Ocarina?" asked Luna

"Yes, Zecora taught me that play a number of melodies on the Ocarina can ease up a sleeping dragon enrage" said Orion while was taking from his saddlebag a clay ocarina of twelve holes light brown.

"Hmhm, I don't know if even a sleeping dragon but it can soothe almost any creature" said Zecora

"So, where did you learn to play the ocarina Zecora?" asked Luna

"My father taught me to play the Ocarina, that melody is part of our family for almost four hundred years and only few can know it, It must be the indicated, only one with a pure heart can play that tune and soothe almost any creature. I saw that he had a pure heart, your heart is unique, has no desire for revenge, hatred or anger, is full of love, he may come to love their enemies, it is something that only few have"

"Wow, you really are full of surprises Orion" said Luna "Uh... I think is time to go back to my home"

"Are you leaving now?" said Zecora

"Yes, it's late, I'm also exhausted because today I helped my sister with royal work and I can barely stand" said Luna approaching to the door

"Well... you want I come with you?" said Orion

"What? but Canterlot it's far from here"

"No matter. I also have to stretch my wings to fly, almost I never go to fly"

"Okay. But I fly fast"

"Stop bragging and let's go"

"Okay... grumpy" joked Luna

Orion said nothing just concealed that he never heard it, Luna said goodbye to Zecora, went outside and began flight to Canterlot. They left the forest without problem but while they were back to Canterlot, Luna flew calmly, however Orion could barely be in the air as almost he never fly, Luna could not help laughing to see him

"Didn't you say you had no trouble flying? hmhm" joked Luna while watched how Orion flying

"Don't say anything, just fly. Ugh, I think I'll have to start flying more often" said Orion

"Hahaha, if you want I can make you fly in less than ten minutes"

"Very funny!"

"Haha! ... Hey, So you know Zecora almost ten years ago, but one thing, if ten years ago that you are in the forest Everfree How come all that time no one knew anything about you in the forest?

"Always I was remained in the deepest parts of the forest, and if I was got out of the forest by any chance, I went out on to the outside of PonyVille or but to Rambling Rock Ridge"

"But You never been to PonyVille?" asked Luna

"Only rarely, I was only going to PonyVille in case I needed some resources, such as bandages, food, etc. I always went with my coat or with an spell as an unicorn and I was tried to anyone see me of that I'm a alicorn"

"Hey, I don't know if you want to tell me, but what happened to your brother? Even though almost two thousand years has been passed, you didn't say what happened to him and your mother" asked Luna

"I think it better leave it for later, it's not something I like to talk"

Luna said nothing, just kept flying as usual. After a long journey, Orion and Luna came to Canterlot, and headed for the balcony of Luna's room

"Wow, your room is big and beautiful" said Orion looking from the balcony

"Thanks, I decorated it" said Luna with a smile

"It's not bad"

"Hey why don't you come here tomorrow, so you meet my sister, seeing you, she sure it's going to be happy to see that there is another alicorn"

"Listen, don't think it's necessary to meet Celestia, I don't want everyone to know that I am a alicorn" said Orion with low ears


"Is personal, sorry"

"Okay, but trust me, just will be her and no pony else"

"I don't know Luna"

"Listen, trust me and as well as I trusted you in the forest, she will not do anything, Celestia is the most good and reliable pony in Equestria all"

"'Sigh', Alright, but only she, okay?"

"Yes, I assure you"

Then Orion was prepared to take flight back to the forest and said goodbye to Luna

"See you tomorrow. Sleep well"

"See you tomorrow. Selkie" said Luna with a mocking voice

"Hmhm. See you Luna"

Orion began his flight to the forest and Luna went to the makeup table and let her necklace and crown recovered and a jump she lay down to sleep...

The next morning, Luna awoke early, apparently very early because the sun wasn't had risen and the moon not down yet, she rolled in her bed for a few moments and sat on the edge of it, rubbed a bit her eyes and walked away direct to your bathroom, she washed her face and teeth, and finally went to her makeup table to comb her hair. "I don't understand how he doesn't want to meet my sister, and also why he said you do not want everyone to know that he is a alicorn, it worries me a little." Sigh "I think everything will be in due step" thought Luna. It was time to get off the sky the moon and that the sun comes up to a new dawn, then Luna went to the balcony and shone her horn and slowly she lowered the moon for a new day dawns

"I think I better go to the tea room to have breakfast" said Luna to herself . She finished combing her hair, put down the brush in place, put on her crown and necklace of crescent moon, then started toward the door, but when she left her room, closing the door

"Good morning Luna"


Luna was startled to hear a voice and without consciousness launched a blue bolt against the individual and sends him flying a few meters back leaving him lying on the floor. Luna then what happened went to see who it was that frightened her and then she sees that it moves and then she warns

"Who are you and What do you want? said Luna on the defensive

"'Effort' So that's how you receive me in your home?" said Orion

"Orion? What are you doing here so early?

"I just did what you asked me to come to Canterlot to meet Princess Celestia" said Orion while was rising up from the floor

"But it is very early, until ten o'clock Celestia will not be available" said Luna

"Well, then I better go for a walk around city to kill time"

"Why don't you come with me?, so not have to go undercover all the time"

"Alright, if you ask..."

After Orion rise up and that Luna apologized to him for the bolt surprise, they went to the living area, and while on the way...

"Wow, this castle itself is huge and beautiful" said Orion

"You said that yesterday"

"No, I said that your room was beautiful, now I said about the castle"

"Anyway, are you hungry? because we will go to the tea room first"

"Yes, I think I could use something to eat"

"This castle brings back a lot of nostalgia" told Orion to himself

"By the way, how did you get here so early? the forest is very far from here" asked Luna


"From there to here?"

"Yes, it consumes a lot of energy to do so, but it was worth for the reaction you did when you left of your room hmhm"

"Ha.... Ha.... Very funny, almost you give me a heart attack" scolded Luna

"Haha, don't be exaggerated"

Orion was continued kidding about the scare that gave Luna when she leaving her room, and Luna increasingly became more irritated. And Then ....

"We arrived at the tea room" said Luna

"Wow, you have to walk far to go to a room where you have breakfast?" asked Orion

"Hmhm, those are the consequences of having a large castle, don't you think?" joked Luna

"Haha, tell me about it"

"Okay, leave the jokes to after and better enter to have breakfast" said Luna opening the doors of the hall"

"Wow, here it's big too!"

"Stop fooling around and sit down"

"Ok, ok, easy filly" said Orion

"Filly? I have the same years old than you. Selkie!"

"You will have two thousand years but that doesn't mean you're a daddy's filly" joked Orion

"Your declare war on me?" said Luna

"Haha!. If that's how you take it"

"Hmhm. Stop talking nonsense and better ask what you want to eat"

Luna called one of the servants of the room to fetch some tea and slices of cake to accompany

"What do you want to accompany your tea? Cake, cupcakes, muffins ..." asked Luna

"With a vanilla muffin, it will be fine"

"Alright. Sugar Berry, could bring a muffin for the gentlecolt and a serving of strawberry cake for me, please" told Luna to the Servant

"As ordered princess" said Sugar Berry

While they are waiting for Sugar to come with your breakfast ...

"It seems that this room has not changed much after all" told Orion to himself

"Hey, why do you get up so early for have breakfast ?, if you can have breakfast with your sister" asked Orion

"Well, how to say this delicately ... My sister when it comes to has breakfast at eight o'clock in the morning she always eats the richest cakes and never leave something for me

"Hmhm, but why she does it?"

"It's that it has a small cake addiction"

"Hmhm apparently is not the only thing that has not changed" told Orion to himself

"So why do you come early for breakfast?" asked Orion

"Only sometimes, I usually have breakfast with my sister, but sometimes I prefer have breakfast earlier"

"But if she comes to breakfast at eight why not wait, only we got an hour"

"Believe me, you don't want to see her when she has breakfast"

"Hmhm, Okay, I believe you"

After a few moments of conversation between Orion and Luna, Sugar Berry brings the teapot along with all his set and two dishes, one with a vanilla muffin and one with a slice of strawberry cake

"Here is the jasmine tea with a vanilla muffin for gentlecolt and a portion of strawberry cake for princess" said Sugar Berry

"Thank you Sugar" said Luna

"Thank you very much" said Orion

"You're welcome, enjoy your tea" said Sugar

After that Sugar Berry entered into the kitchen of the room, Orion was the first to raise his cup of tea, took sipped and left its rate back on their plate next to his muffin

"Wow, I haven't drank a jasmine tea so delicious in a long time"

"Sugar Berry makes the best tea in all Equestria"

"I think so" said Orion "By the way, your collar is very beautiful, where do you get it?" asked Orion

"Oh, this necklace gave it to me my sister two days ago, at a artisan fair that was in the center of Canterlot"

"I think I'll go next time one of these artisan fairs, are very cute"

"This is nothing, there are many beautiful things, a little of everything. If you want to the next fair we can go, do you think?"

"Ok, I would love it"

After a few minutes, Orion and Luna finished the tea and eat their cake and muffin, Luna called Sugar Berry to pick up the teapot with the dishes. Then, from the kitchen leaves Sugar Berry and goes where are Luna and Orion

"Thank you for the tea Sugar, it was delicious" said Orion

"Yes, Thank you Sugar" said Luna

"It's nothing" said Sugar flattered

"Let me help you Sugar Berry" said Orion raising the teapot with his set, with his magic

"Oh no, no, no problem with this gentlecolt" said Sugar

"Please, I insist" said Orion

"Okay, Thank you very much" said Sugar

Sugar guides Orion into the kitchen to let the teapot there with all his set, Orion left the teapot on one of the kitchen counters, he thanked again for the tea and went back to where it was Luna and grabbed his saddlebag where they sat drinking tea and left the tea room

"Well, where you want to go?" asked Luna

"Me? Aren't you the guide?" said Orion

"Haha! if you say so, well, do you want to go to the royal library? Or do you want to go to the royal garden?"

"I would like to go to the royal garden"

"To Garden? Ok, I thought you were going to choose the library" said Luna

"What?, now you treat me as nerd or wise guy?" said Orion raising an eyebrow

"No, no, I just thought you were going to choose the library because like you said you loved books"

"Ah, So I thought, Fear! 'Cough'"

"Excuse me?"

"Uh? What's up?" said Orion concealing

"Fear? are you telling me I'm afraid of you?" said Luna looking Orion

"What? No!, I didn't say anything"

"I thought so"

"I didn't say (Fear! 'Cough') anything"

"OK, You got me fed!"

"Wow, Hey, NO, No, Wait!"

Luna grabbed Orion and threw him to the ground and grabbed his hind hooves and began to pull to his back, and put her hind feet in Orion's head pushing against the floor

"What did you say? You have to say something Selkie?"

"Auch! Ok, ok, Y-You win, I'm a-afraid of you..." said Orion

"I didn't hear you, How did you say?


"I thought so"

Then after giving his due to Orion decides drop his hind feet and take out her hoof of his head, but apparently Luna should not have done that without being careful of what he could do. So when Luna released his hind feet, in one quick motion, Orion grabbed Luna and changed position, Luna was now on the floor face up and Orion above it, looking at each other

"Hmhm, and now who is the boss?" said Orion

"Very funny"

"You didn't replied my question"

"Haha!, I will not say it"

"Wrong answer"

Then, by the wrong answer from Luna, Orion started to do tickling her and she began to writhe on the floor, laughing nonstop trying to avoid that Orion continues tickling her

"And now, Who is the boss"

"HAHAHA, Stop!, please... HAHAHA, I'm going to pee... HAHAHA"

"You give up?"

"NEVER" exclaimed Luna

"Hmhm, Wrong answer again" said Orion

"HAHAHAHA, Ok, Ok Stop!, You are the Boss"

"Hmhm, I thought so" said Orion leaving tickling "Well, apparently I'm the boss now Hmhm"

"Shut up!, I just said that so you don't make me pee up" said Luna looking Orion

"You want to continue?"

"NO!, no, you are the boss"

Orion chuckled and left over on Luna, helped her up from the floor and went their way. Orion while was walking the halls of the castle brought him a lot of nostalgia , each time he was looking around, every detail of the castle as a tourist on holiday, and after a while, they arrived to the door to get inside to the Royal Garden

"Well, we arrived, here the royal garden" said Luna while was opening the doors

The royal garden was huge, had a variety of exotic and beautiful plants, roads between trees so with their branches locked causing a natural arch, also had a brook in which passing through one side of the garden and it had like little waterfalls, the brook beginning from one of the largest waterfalls in the mountains, and there was a variety of animal species. Orion looked shocked to see such a beautiful garden, but apparently he already knew very well of the garden

"This garden almost not changed much, it has the same species of plants that had previously hmhm" told Orion to himself

"Wow!! that beautiful garden" said Orion looking from one side to the other "It's huge!"

"Yes, this is one of the places I love going to relax a little, like my sister"

"And how not?, is a quiet and calm environment, nobody can bother you"

"Come on!, let's go to the seats where it's the brook" said Luna

"Ok, I follow you"

Then, Luna and Orion undertook the trek to the banks of the brook. To reach the brook, they took the path of trees arched and passed through a large font that was shaped like a royal warrior along with his princess, and then by a road surrounded by exotic flowers ending at the brook with a floral purple and red bow. Upon arrival, Luna sat on a bench, Orion was still looking from side to side until Luna Interrupted his sight

"Come on!, sit by my side" said Luna

Orion heard Luna, then he went to the bench and left her purse and his sword next to it and then sat next to Luna, but still kept looking in all directions

"Stop looking so, after it's going to hurt your neck" said Luna with a mocking voice

"Hmhm, Ok... it's a be splendid place" said Orion

"Hmhm, yes, this really is one of my favorite places of the castle"

"Yeah, really!"

"Besides, there are plenty of animals here in the garden"

"Really? Wow this garden has everything"

"A bit of everything we could say hmhm"

Luna with Orion remained in the garden until nearly ten o'clock, they had been feeding the animals at the request of Orion, and Luna had decided to make a flying sessions for him, so you can stretch your wings and fly smoothly, but apparently not very well it went, for him it cost too much and when he undertook the flight, he fell to the ground in chopped, at least they spent so by an hour until finally could more or less keep his flight

"Ok, I think that will be enough for now" said Luna

"Uff, I think I'll have to use more these wings" said Orion

"Come on, they're just a little rusty by not use them, you just need to stretch them a little every day and soon you can fly normally"

"Apparently you like to see me suffer, right?" joked Orion

"What? Oh no... don't say nonsense" said Luna sarcastically

"Haha! If you say it"

"Hmhm, better we go to the throne room, safe Celestia should already be there because they are almost ten" said Luna looking the sun

"Ok, but let me first know her alone, I will not go around saying I'm a alicorn, just follow my lead" said Orion looking towards the entrance doors to the garden

"Alright!, I follow you"

Then the two alicorns made their way to the throne room, went back on the path of flowers, after the source, trees arched and finally arrived at the gates of the garden. Out of the garden

"Hey, yours coat it's dirty, why we not pass first through the locker room and get something decent"

"I don't think that's necessary, this coat has much sentimental value for me"

"Come on, just by a moment"

"Wait" said Orion

Suddenly Orion begins to shine his horn and pointing his coat, then all the dirt that had disappeared, now his coat looked recently purchased of a store


"Or rather you do that"

"Hmhm, this is easier that deciding what to I wear to go to meet Celestia"

Luna said nothing, just chuckled and kept walking. To get to the throne room, they passed again through the gates of the tea room, then went to the main corridors where given to the castle entrance and then went up the stairs and went up to go to the throne room, the whole castle was empty, there was no pony or guard, Luna seemed a little strange that no pony in the castle. After walk all the way to the room, they reached the gates of it, stood there in front of the door and took a deep breath Orion

"Is something wrong?" asked Luna to see Orion a little uneasy

"It's just ... I'm a little nervous, only that" said Orion tearing the ground with his hoof and with low ears

"Listen. You don't have to be nervous, everything will be fine. Just there is Celestia, nothing more"

"Ok. I'm ready"

"Alright. Let's go"

Luna shone her horn and opened the doors, basically you could see the throne of Celestia and she was sitting in it, but apparently Luna going to have to swallow what he said, there were more ponies next to her

"What?. Nut... how is possible they be here?" told Luna to herself

"Great!. Thank you Luna" told Orion to himself

"Wasn't you said that would only be Celestia?" said Orion telepathically to Luna

"That I thought. I didn't know that Princess Cadance and Twilight Princess were here" replied Luna also Telepathically

"As I curse you Luna" said Orion to himself

Despite the unexpected company that has Celestia, they walked to the throne usually, Orion was about to hang Luna

"Luna! Good morning! How are you?" greeted Cadance

"Good morning Luna!" also Twilight greeted

"Good morning!, I don't knew that they would come to visit us here at the castle" replied Luna

"Apparently you got up early today" said Celestia with a smile

"Yes, apparently I shortened a little the sleep" replied Luna

"Hmhm, after of you were tired yesterday it's a little weird"

"Yes. But by luck, I slept like a filly"

"Uh... by the way, Who is your friend? asked Cadance looking Orion

"Oh, He is Orion" said Luna

"Good morning princesses" greeted Orion with a reverence then being answered by the princesses

"He is the pony that you found in the Everfree forest? asked Celestia

"Uh... Yes he is"

"Wait... In the Everfree forest?" asked Cadance

"Well... it's a long story"

"Well, we would like to know it"

Luna began to tell to the two princesses how was that she met Orion. Each time she told the story, the face of the two princesses became very confused, but did not tell anything about Zecora, or that he was an alicorn. Orion sat a few steps behind where the princesses were, but Celestia looked great detail to him and that was very familiar to her

"Wow, apparently you had a big surprise in the Everfree forest after all" said Cadance

"Actually yes" said Twilight

"How did you find him back?" asked Celestia

"Well... uh... how to say it hmhm" said Luna a little uneasy "During the fight with the manticore, I lost the necklace that you gave me in the forest, so I decided to go look at night after help you with the work, and then I met him"

"Well. It's nice to meet you Orion" said Cadance shaking his hoof

"It's my pleasure Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" said Orion

"Please, call me Cadance"

"It's also nice to meet you Orion" said Twilight with a smile

"The pleasure is also mine Princess Twilight Sparkle"

"Twilight, just Twilight"

"Hmhm. Alright. Cadance, Twilight... It's nice to meet you" said with a smile. Then he turned his gaze to Celestia "It's also nice to meet you princess Celestia"

Celestia was looking at Orion in detail, but then decided to answer his greeting

"It's also a pleasure Orion. Tell me, where are you from?" asked Celestia

"I am from the cities of the West and young nomad. I have traveled for almost all Equestria to meet and learn from different cultures and to explore places that only few have been able to reach"

"From West?. Nomad?. This has to be a coincidence" said Celestia to herself

"Wow. For what places have you been? asked Twilight

"Well... I've been through Badlands, Hayseed Swamps, Dodge Junction, Foal Mountain and among other places we cannot remember their names hmhm" he said with a smile

"Those places are a little dangerous" said Cadance

"Hmhm. Sometimes is necessary to carry something with which to defend themselves" said Orion looking his sword

"Well... that explains everything" said Cadance with a giggle

"Anything else you find in your travels?" asked Twilight

"Well... I found ancient ruins that date back nearly two thousand years ago and rarely in those ruins, I think I've found some old scrolls or books of history, magic and more" told Orion

"Really? And what kind of spells they have?" asked Twilight

"These spells were very primitive, are only a few but very effective, for example ... regeneration, growing vegetables, among other hmhm"

"You've grabbed some scroll?" asked Twilight

"Just some that I consider important I take them, in total have only six scrolls, three of magic, one of mythology and two of medical"

"From what places did you get those scrolls?" asked Celestia

"Some of these are from the ruins of White Tail Woods and Tall Tale , and others are from Hayseed Swamps and Dodge Junction" said Orion

"Sorry, but why are you here in the castle?. You didn't say anything that they would come, sister" asked Luna

"Oh. I told them to come to the castle to ask how they fared in their journey to Fillydelphia, as there were few social problems and they decided to help citizens"

"Oh. I forgot about the journey. Well... How did it go on your trip? Have you been busy?"

"Needless to say it" Cadance said with a sigh "Almost a disaster, were about to make a revolution"

"Wow. Luckily you could get and calm the citizens easily. Right?" said Luna

"Well... It was a little more complicated than we thought" said Cadance

While Cadance and Twilight told Luna how was their busy trip to Fillydelphia to solve a social problem, for other side Orion looked at Celestia and gave a smile but she didn't sees him

"Hmhm. You have not changed Celly. You're still the same despite the years" told Orion to himself

Suddenly Celestia gives her look at Orion and he immediately look to the side where the princesses were, Celestia noticed something strange about him, increasingly disturbed her even more, she knew from somewhere know this stallion and she found him very family his voice and manner of speaking, but also she noticed the scar on the right side of his snout

"Wait. That cut on his snout... I find it very familiar. But... why I find this stallion so familiar?. Ugh! This is giving me a headache" told Celestia to herself

"Wow. Apparently you had problems there" said Luna

"Hmhm. Don't mention it, I almost wanted to slap in the face of them to react" said Cadance

"Haha. I doubt it. Hey I think I'd better leave, Orion and I had planned to go for a walk by Canterlot to know the city" said Luna

Luna gave an excuse to get out of the throne room since apparently Orion today will not be able to know well Celestia by the unexpected visit of the two princesses

"Let's go Selkie!" said Luna

"Alright. I follow you" replied Orion

"Wait. She just said Selkie? Because that was the nickname... But how this is possible?. Is he who I think is?" told Celestia to herself

"Wait!. You called him Selkie?" said Celestia

"Luna, as I curse you" told to Orion himself

"Uh... yes!. Why you say that?"

Celestia didn't respond, just kept looking at Orion and then saw his sword, then stood on his throne and she asked Orion to show his sword

"Orion. You could show me your sword?"

"Uh... Sure!"

Orion quickly made shine his horn and pulled off the scabbard with the sword of his left side and levitated over to where was Celestia, letting her to grab it with her magic. Celestia made an eye to the scabbard, the scabbard was red color with small patches on the edges of iron, then pulled the sword from it, and noted that it was a double-edged sword steel and the handle had recorded an eagle in flight; then she saw that the blade of the sword, it had recorded of the two sides, like a snake dragon from the handle to the tip of the blade where finished the head of the recorded of the dragon, the sword itself was very beautiful and very lethal at the same time. Celestia then to observe in detail the sword, left the same in its sheath and left beside of her throne and went straight to where it was Orion, he took a few steps back but then he stopped, and then Celestia was face to face with him, she looked him in detail again. After a few moments gave a smile from ear to ear and pushed him with her front hooves against her chest and gave him a big hugged
The princesses looked to Celestia very confused, they didn't know what was happening.

"It's nice to see you again Orion!" said Celestia hugging him tightly

_ _ _

Chapter 4: Eye of the Beholder Part 1

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"Is nice to see you too Celly" said Orion responding the hug

"Why did you go all this time?" and without saying goodbye" said Celestia

"Sorry, it's that I didn't feel well about being here in Canterlot and besides..."

"No matter that, at least you're here back" interrupted Celestia and kept hugging him tightly

The two alicorns huddled in a warm embrace after so long, but by other side the three princesses didn't understand why Celestia was hugging Orion, and Luna even more since he didn't said nothing that he known Celestia. The throne room remained for a few moments in profound silence.

"Wait!, Orion, You already know my sister?" asked Luna breaking the silence

"Well... I think that I forget to tell you that" said Orion with his ears low

"Ok!, wait a second, I have a headache just to understand what is going on here" said Cadance scratching her head with her right hoof

"You already known him princess?" asked Twilight

"Well, yes, I know him many years ago" said Celestia breaking the hug

"How many approximately?" asked Luna taking a few steps toward Celestia

"Well... Uh..."

"Tell us the truth sister" said Luna seriously

"Uh... how tell you that..."

"Tell the truth Celestia, we will not lie anymore" said Orion

"-Sigh- I know Orion nearly a thousand years" said Celestia

The room was once again into silence for a moment, the faces of Cadance and Twilight became even more confused than they already were

"Wait, I heard right? You did say a thousand years?" asked Cadance

"She's telling the truth, almost a thousand years ago I know Celestia" replied Orion

"But how can be possible that you two know each other for almost a thousand years ago? A pony with a good state of health can only reach as much live one hundred years, in some cases a little more but how is that possible?" said Twilight

"-Sigh- I think it's time to they know the truth, Orion" said Luna stepping toward to where Orion and Celestia were

"What are you talking about Luna?" said Cadance

Then Orion suddenly made shine his horn and pulled his coat, showing that he's actually a alicorn. The eyes of the two princesses were made as the two gold, they could not believe that there was another alicorn in Equestria and apparently Twilight was even more surprised

"B... Bu... But h-how it's p-possible that... "Twilight couldn't finish what she was surprised to see that he was actually an alicorn

"Ok, I think I'm going crazy, is it true what I see?" said Cadance to herself while looking at Orion with much confusion

"How it's possible that you are an alicorn?" asked Twilight while rounded Orion, looking him up and down to be certain of what she saw"

"Wait, Luna... you already knew that he was an alicorn?" asked Cadance

"Hey, when I met him again in the woods I saw him that he was with his wolf and he wasn't wearing his coat, so I could see his wings. And I said nothing because he asked me not to comment on of this" said Luna defensively

"Did you just say with his wolf?" asked Cadance

"Well, yes, he has a gray wolf"

Twilight and Cadance still could not process on their head what they saw, and every time I thought of how that's possible, gave them headaches. But suddenly Orion began to give a few steps back slowly, moving away from the princesses

"Orion? What's wrong?" asked Luna worried

"I'm sorry but, I think I'd better go" said Orion with his ears low

"What? but, Why are you leaving?" said Luna while approached him, also with her ears low

"Sorry Luna, I not think it's necessary that I being here" said Orion starting to shine his horn and also recovering his sword

"Orion wait!!" shouted out Luna, but it was too late, Orion disappeared in a beam of light

Luna didn't understand why Orion gone out of nowhere, but besides she also noticed that he was on the defensive, as if something worried him. Then a few moments later that Orion left, Luna turned and started walking toward where were the three princesses, when she approached to them, Luna gave an accusing look to Celestia. Cadance and Twilight also looked at Celestia as they expected answers about what happened

"Why you look me at like that?" said Celestia defensively

"Why didn't you say anything that you knew him?" asked Luna accusingly

"Hey, I didn't know that he was going to be an old friend of mine, when you came here to the lounge I noticed that he was very familiar to me and besides he looked at me slyly, and then I realized when you called him Selkie, and also by his sword"

"You never told me you had a friend alicorn" said Luna

"I met him during your exile Luna, I had met him as an unicorn but after that the years went by I discovered that he was a alicorn, and after I knew it, he was gone"

"How did you meet him princess?" asked Twilight

"-Sigh- I don't know much about him, what I know is very limited, only very few things he told me about himself"

"Well, tell us" said Luna

"Alright" Celestia took a deep breath and began to tell her story to the three princesses "I met Orion, where nearly a thousand years ago today would Manehattan. At that time there was a large town, itself was a peaceful people, never had a history of war with any other town or city. But, one day early someone sent a request for help from this town as someone declared them a war and they didn't have much to defend themselves as they were outnumbered. I accepted the call for help and immediately called my guards to prepare the royal warriors to go to defend the town. The town leader called himself Shining Dawn, he was an adult unicorn, he led the town for over twenty years and was also the general in charge of warriors. In total in the town only they had one hundred and fifty warriors of four hundred and fifty inhabitants, were very few compared to the attackers.
When we reached the town was still peaceful, apparently they weren't yet under attack, then I decided to locate Dawn to discuss the strategies that would implement. We don't take us long to find it, he was in the training school of warriors of the same town. He was in the main room of the school in a large round table that was located in the middle of the same room, and on it had maps of the land surrounding the village and also from the same village, he was along with ten warriors unicorns and pegasus

(Flashback Time)

"Princess Celestia, is nice to see you here!" greeted Dawn with a reverence

"Good morning General Dawn" replied Celestia to the greeting "Tell me what is the situation in which they are attacked?"

"Some years ago we had a problem with them since these lands claimed as their own, but as we did not want to give them, they gave us two options, pay tribute each week to stay with our lands or otherwise they will attack the town. Yesterday they came to collect the tribute, but we had no more money or gold to pay them, then the town leader gave us until today to get what we had to pay, but we don't get anything. Then they came earlier today to ask for their tribute, but as we could not afford, gave notice us that at noon would come with all his warriors to attack. Then I decided to ask your help that you can help us to out of this situation"

"Okay, we just have a little more of an hour for that his warriors attack the town. Dawn, tell me what defense strategy proposes?" asked Celestia

"At the moment I have not been thinking about a strategy, but my warriors themselves. What they proposed was to evacuate all residents, so when the town is completely empty can hide in the houses to give them a surprise attack, after the attack, carry the enemy warriors by force to out of the town to fight without damage any property of the town"

"The plan itself is not bad, but I think that after the surprise attack would best defend ourselves here in town, as our warriors could have a chance to take cover to an attack in homes or elsewhere, that would decrease the casualties of our warriors than take them out to the clearing out of places to be covered. And if the town is damaged, I will take care of that, I'll pay whatever it takes so that the town are back in good condition"

"Okay princess, you're the boss here. And thank you very much for your help"

"You don't have to!. Ok, Dawn, I want you to tell me how many soldiers have at your disposal?"

"In the town there are only a hundred and fifty warriors at your disposal, are all there"

"Okay, I have at my disposal two hundred warriors to defend the town, in total there are three hundred and fifty, we would have to split it by the town to defend"

"What do you propose princess?" asked Dawn looking at Celestia

"Well, if the only entrance to the town is by the coast, then we should give a surprise attack near the entrance. I propose that at least twenty warriors with bows hide near the entrance so that when the enemy warriors enter, these shoot, besides causing some casualties the enemies, they get distracted by arrows and having to separate your training, then the half of unicorns and earth ponies attack by the side of the entrance and the other half by direct attack where are the enemy warriors. And the pegasus warriors, be equipped with certain missiles to drop them above the enemies outside the entrance of the village, making them difficult to pass inside town" said Celestia pointing at maps the strategy

"Okay, if you think that is the better, I will support you princess" said Dawn with a smile

Celestia: "When we discussed the plan of defense, we all prepared for battle and each went to their positions quickly because there was only little time for the ponies attackers arrived. Unicorns and earth ponies warriors were fractionated hundred twenty five to the sides of the entrance and one hundred twenty five for the direct attack, twenty unicorns archers hid in the houses of the first inning to give the surprise attack and eighties pegasus remaining to give the airstrike.
I was with Pegasus for air attack hidden in the roofs of houses and Dawn was in land for direct attack. We waited patiently for the enemies cross by the entrance, after a few minutes you could hear the footsteps of the enemy warriors to hundreds of meters away and we could hear them increasingly stronger. Then after a few moments eternal the first warriors began to enter the town by the entrance, were unicorns and earth ponies with iron armor but had no helmet to protect their head, apparently that was a good thing because the archers could shoot and finish them easily with a single shot. After a few moments they were in over forty enemy warriors, Dawn gave a signal to the archers to shoot, then from the houses where the archers were started get out of the houses arrows direct to enemy warriors, many hit the target and others hit on the armor, that was our time to go to give the direct attack and airstrike. Then after the surprise attack of the archers give, the warriors who were hiding on the sides of the entrance came to where were the enemies and began to attack them. Then it was our turn, all pegasus with me undertook flight with small but lethal explosive bombs, but when we undertook the flight we saw that there were many warriors to face, you could see by almost the entire coast hundreds and hundreds of warriors enemies with heavy equipment and at least five large catapults prepared for the attack on the town, so I decided to give the order to attack to the heavy equipment of the enemy. Every time we approached, the catapults and archers shooting us to bring us down, it was scary being up there and see how large stones and arrows were heading towards us trying to kill us, after of a few eternal moments we got to where they were and we dropped our bombs. The Bombs fell destroying the catapults and killing the enemy warriors, unfortunately we was lost a total of ten Pegasus in the attack, but we could still pursue other attacks to the warriors. Then we went quickly back to the village, but when we got to where we had the bombs, these had disappeared

"Wait, disappeared?" asked Cadance

"Yes, we had left it in one of the houses near the training school, but when we came these weren't there, we looked everywhere but couldn't find them" said Celestia "So I told the pegasus to assist warriors allies in the entrance and I do air attack with my magic as we had not bombs. Then when I started flying to where the enemy soldiers were with the heavy weapons, I saw that someone had already defeated them. I didn't understood how, but they were dead, but I didn't stay there thinking about what it was that did that, so I went to where my allies were still left at least nearly a hundred enemy warriors who were in the entrance of the town and several inside the town. Dawn was fighting with a allied platoon against another platoons enemies, so I decided to go where was he to help him, but then of I arrived, a din was heard in the town , I turned around and I saw to in the village was a cloud of dust, I didn't know what had caused the explosion. I decided to investigate what was the one who did that but when I arrived no one was there, but in the floor was enemy corpses and a few allies, but then above of one of the houses I saw a shadow and this took the form of a tall pony, but after this instantly ran to where the allies and enemy warriors were, before lowering from roofs "he" drew his sword from his left side, jumped up and rushed to the enemy warriors and in a few minutes defeated them, there were still some enemy warriors but these gave the retreat because there was just as much fifteen or twenty of them.
After it passed the worst, the atmosphere was relaxed, not shocks swords were heard, cries of agony of warriors, all was quiet. After a few moments the battle ends I headed over to where Dawn was, he was on the side of the entrance, was slightly wounded but was fine, when I arrived he greeted me with a smile from ear to ear"

"Princess, we won !. We won the battle!" said Dawn happily

"Yes Dawn, we won!" replied Celestia with a smile

Celestia and Dawn were very happy that hell has passed, the same for the town warriors. But it was not yet time to celebrate the victory as there were many warriors bad wounded and recover the bodies of the fallen, but apparently other pony joined to help wounded warriors, and the pony was which defeated the enemies who were at the village entrance. Celestia to see him, she didn't know who he was, much less the warriors because they had never seen him before

"Dawn, who's that pony?" asked Celestia

"I don't know, I've never seen him in my life" replied Dawn

"I think I'm going to ask him" said Celestia starting her way to the pony

"Be careful princess"

The pony was about twenty meters from the entrance helping to heal the wounds of the survivors warriors, the pony had a dark coat with a hood and apparently Celestia realized it was a unicorn as he was healing the warriors with his magic. Celestia increasingly was closer to the pony and in the blink of an eye came to where he was, she didn't say anything just helped him heal the wounded warriors.
After nearly two hours had passed, between all could heal wounded warriors and bury the bodies of fallen warriors. Then after completing all the work, Celestia decided to talk to the strange pony

"Hey, thanks for helping us with the battle" said Celestia

"No problem" replied the pony

"By the way, you were who grabbed pumps and also defeated the warriors who were close to the coast?"

"Well, yes, I did also"

"Thanks again. By the way what's your name?"

"My name is Orion"

"It's nice to meet you Orion. My name is Celestia, I'm the princess and governor of Equestria"

"It's nice to meet you too princess" said Orion giving a reverence

"I think that we owe you one for help us with the battle" said Celestia

"Oh no, It's not necessary"

"Oh yes!, of course it is necessary!, besides you're wounded, let me help you to heal your wounds" said Celestia seeing that Orion was hurt by the battle

"Do not bother princess, I'm fine" thanked Orion the offer

Celestia didn't accept the denial of Orion and then with her magic grabbed his tail and rose him into the air, then Celestia started her way to the training school to cure him

"Hey!, HEY!, What are you doing?" said Orion without understand what was happening

"I'm taking you to the training school town to heal your wounds" said Celestia

"Listen, I will not be out of place to you, but since I told you I didn't need help with that" said Orion between teeth

"I owe you one, so this is the least I can do to reward you, besides you don't want your wounds becoming infected" said Celestia with a mocking tone bringing him in front of her as she walked

"-Sigh- As ordered princess" said Orion with his cheeks flushed

When they reached the gates of the training school, when opened, they had warriors survivors in the battle, and apparently began to chuckle to see Celestia levitating Orion on her right side head down. Celestia took him to the infirmary to bandage him, when they arrived, Celestia left him in one of the stretchers to the hospital and went to get the bandages were on one of the shelves

"Ok, let's heal those wounds" said Celestia showing the bandages levitating on her side

"Princess, the wounds will heal soon and you don't have to bother having to heal me, for the third time" said Orion making sense into Celestia

"Okay, you want to do to the easy way or the hard way?" said Celestia

"-Sigh- Alright, you win princess" said Orion bitterly

Celestia gave a little chuckle and began pulling the first bandage to bring it into the hooves of Orion. In his front hooves he had deep cuts and was bleeding a lot, actually when Celestia put the bandages these dyed red, compared to the rear hooves. But while Princess was healing Orion, some town warriors watched from the door of the infirmary how Celestia was healing Orion, and apparently they didn't hold the laughter to see a brave warrior be cured by a princess as if he were her son. Orion heard the giggles of the warriors and gave a menacing look toward them, the warriors stopped laughing and continued on their way.

"Don't let those ponies make fun of you" said Celestia

"Haha, I think then I will give them a lesson" said Orion with a mocking voice

Celestia chuckled, then continued bandaging his hind hooves, these were not as injured as the front, had only a minor cuts but equally they could infected

"Where are you from?" asked Celestia

"I'm from a small town of Tall Tale"

"So, if you're from there why you're on the other side of Equestria?"

"Years ago I'm nomadic, I travel throughout Equestria to know and learn from different cultures"

"Wow, exactly how many years ago?"

"About ten years ago I started my life as a nomad"

"Ten years is a time to be prowling from one side to the other by Equestria, your hooves should thank you" said Celestia chuckling

"Hmhm, I think so" said Orion with a smile

"Well, your hooves are already bandaged. It's amazing that with the severity of injuries can you stand up"

"Hmhm, I think it's usual"

"Hmhm, well, I will bind the wounds of your body"

Orion to hear that, quickly shone his horn and secretly cast a spell to his back without Celestia noticing

"Ok. Orion, could you take off your coat, so I can bind up your wounds? said Celestia

"Okay" said Orion while slowly was pulling his coat

"Mmm, it seems you have a serious cut here!" said Celestia while approaching the band to injury

"Ouch!!. Easy!" Orion complained

"Hmhm, sorry"

Celestia carefully put the bandage on the wound that had Orion. The wound started from his shoulder and ended in the middle of his body, even when Celestia put the bandage on the wound itself turned red immediately.

"Ok It's done. Now you can get off the stretcher without problems" said Celestia

Then Orion carefully slid off the stretcher, while he stepping off the stretcher could be heard some groans from wounds, but then turned to where his coat and purse, and headed for the door of the infirmary leave

"Goodbye princes, was nice to meet you and thanks for cured me" said Orion while leaving the nursing

"Hey!, wait!" shouted out Celestia

Orion stopped immediately and then turned his head, looking where was Celestia

"What's wrong princess?" said Orion a little confused

"Are you already going? Out of nowhere?" asked Celestia

"Uh... yes, I have to follow my path" said Orion while turning completely

"Where? you're hurt, and so what you want leave?"

"Yes, I'm a nomad, I have to follow my path"

"I respect that you're a nomad, but if you keep going to dangerous places or getting into battles, you will die"

"Well, at least I will die as a hero" joked Orion

"Hmhm, why don't to come to Canterlot with me? if you want to remain a warrior you could join one of the royal guards or royal warrior"

"I appreciate your offer, but I think it takes an outsider like me are in such an important position as a warrior or royal guard"

"Nonsense, you have everything you need to be a royal warrior"

"Thank Celestia but I still say that I am not capable enough to be a royal warrior" said Orion turning around and heading for the door

Celestia then suddenly shines her horn and again grabs his tail and upside down and brings it back to inside

"Hey!, Hey!!... Come on! princess stop doing that, is shameful" said Orion

"Hmhm, I'll not let you go until you say you're coming to Canterlot " said Celestia menacingly and the same time with a mocking tone

"Ha!, is this a threat?" said Orion raising an eyebrow with a smile

"If you take it that way. What is your choice?"

"Hmhm, why you do that princess?"

"I just want to give you a proper home and a job. How bad is that?"

"-Sigh- If I say yes you will put me on the floor?" said Orion with his cheeks flushed like a tomato

"I will leave you free when I heard that you accepting my offer"

"Alright princess, I accept your offer"

C:"Orion eventually accepted my offer to come with me to Canterlot, it was strange for him to be in a city like Canterlot because for years he has been nomadic and whenever he was in a place and the next day continued on his way, usually it was difficult to see him in one place quiet hmhm, if it was not in the throne room was in the barracks or else through the streets of Canterlot, it took a while for him to adapt in the city, but it was much easier to join as a real warrior. Apparently he was very happy to hold this rank since every X time warriors always have to do missions somewhere in Equestria or guard in Canterlot, and I was happy to see him happy too. Over the years, Orion range up until he reached the most important and highest rank of all, Royal Guard of the Princess and also as Captain General, and also I was becoming more friend with him. He was always in my most stressful or difficult moments to persuade me, also in the sad moments to give me a warm hug or say some silly joke to get me a smile, he was like a brother to me.
One day when I had finished my royal work, it was night, you could clearly hear the crickets and hoot owls, then I decided to go to the royal garden to relax, but when I opened the doors of the royal garden I saw Orion near the creek, it was not strange that he was in the garden, I allowed him to enter the royal garden when he wishes, he was without his armor and without his sword, virtually had nothing equipment as it was his day off, so I decided to approach towards where he was, but when I was a few meters to be at your side I noticed something sticking out of his back, so I decided to approach even more cautiously and then I hid in one of the shrubs that were there near of me, and then when I looked well noticed had Wings

I couldn't believe what I had seen, I didn't knowing if I was hallucinating from exhaustion that I had, but when I looked more closely I noticed that it was true. I didn't wanted scare him or anything, so cautiously in a beam of light I went to my room and went straight to the bathroom to wash my face and decided to lie down on my bed to relax, did not understand how he could be an alicorn, but after a few moments who I was asleep. The next morning I woke early as usual, got off the moon to raise the sun to a new dawn, I was had breakfast in the tearoom and then walked toward the throne room to open the court like each morning. There was Orion with other royal guard, were on the side of the throne, Orion was on the right of the throne, I walked to the throne and was greeted with a reverence, I was a little concerned about the issue of Orion but it wasn't time to discuss it, because it was about to open court

Then had passed at least about three hours and half, the court closed, I had half an hour of rest before going to sanction and promulgate the laws, then decided to tell Orion to accompany me to the royal garden, he accepted. The hike to the garden was very quiet, practically he did not ask anything about why I needed him, until finally we arrived at the gates of the garden. We went in and then headed towards the creek, the creek was one of the favorite places to him because the sound of water reassures him. When we arrived we sat on the bench and We were in a deep silence, so deep that they could hear the hum of insects from afar, until finally Orion asked why I needed him"

"Celly, why reason you need me and why we are in the royal garden?" asked Orion breaking the silence

"Orion tell me something, do you know the alicorns?" said Celestia looking him

Orion to hear that, he felt a lump in the throat, repeatedly opened his mouth to say something but not a word came out, for a few moments there was a silence until he decided to answer the question of the princess

"W-well yes, alicorns are the most important ponies of all and are the most powerful, the magic that possess the alicorns is much more powerful than the most powerful unicorn there are, there are so powerful alicorns that may control the most powerful sources of energies that exist, such as Anger, Love, Hate, Chaos, Hope, Sadness and among others, but also that these powers can destroy to himself. But also in the alicorns exist two types: the Oricorns and Alicorns, the Oricorns are the less powerful, their energy and control of the magic is not very effective, but that does not mean that they aren't powerful, as they remain more powerful than the most powerful unicorn of all. And finally there is the alicorn, they are the most powerful of all the ponies and are also able to control the sources of power, as you princess, and also these alicorns are able to live for thousands of years, to comparison of the Oricorns that they can only live a few hundred years" told Orion

"Seems that you know a lot of alicorns" said Celestia while diverting her gaze toward the creek

"Well... yes!, I started my life as a nomad not only to see new places, but the different cultures and learn about history and mythology in various major libraries of Equestria and scrolls in ruins" said Orion

Orion was a little uneasy talking about the alicorns, he had no idea why the princess asked him about them, but did not rule out that she had seen and discovered his secret, but he didn't take this initiative after all and he doesn't remember having seen her near of him while he not wearing his armor

"Orion, could you tell me how old you are? I never knew your age, nor when is your birthday" said Celestia diverting her gaze returned to Orion

"W-well, I have thirty years, b-but I know my birthday because my parents died when I was little and I was adopted by another family, so when I found out he was adopted started my life as a nomad, that was another reason why I started as nomad"

"You lying" said Celestia surprisingly

"What?" said Orion confused and scared at the same time

"You lying !, you have not thirty, you have much more than that" said Celestia while getting up from the bench and turning towards where was sitting Orion

"W-what are you talking about Celestia?" asked Orion dumbfounded

"You have much more than that. Not long ago when I saw old papers of different towns that were in Equestria and I noticed that in a town of Tall Tale thousand years ago lived a resident called Orion Selknam" said Celestia

Orion was shocked to hear that, he didn't know what to say in his defense, he was very afraid of what the princess might do to him if she actually discovered that he is alicorn

"Y-yes, that's my name, but it must be a coincidence" said Orion hiding his nerves

"Orion, will you do me a favor and take away your armor?"

"B-but Princess, I'm in the middle of the work I don't think that's right that not having put my armor"

"J-just do it, please"

"-Sigh- Alright princess, as ordered"

Orion stood up and began to take off his armor until practically had nothing it to be covered, then Celestia sees on his back a pair of wings. Celestia was stunned to see that Orion was a alicorn and he never told the truth

"Y-you a-are an alicorn?" said Celestia surprised to see that there was another alicorn walking in Equestria, in addition of her

"Y-yes, that's what I am, I'm an alicorn" said Orion with his ears low

"B-but... you never told me that you were an alicorn, why you didn't told me the truth?"

"Sorry princess, b-but I didn't want to tell you that, because I didn't know if it was the right thing"

"What are you talking about?" asked Celestia confused

Suddenly, Orion began to take a few steps back and began to shine his horn

"Orion? What's wrong?" asked Celestia worried of having put the hoof

"I-I'm sorry p-princess, but I think that I h-have to go" said Orion with breaking voice

"What? Orion WAIT!! shouted out Celestia

(End Flashback Time)

"Orion disappeared in a beam of light, I was very scared of having put the hoof in place that didn't suit me to be. In all the remaining day I did not see him nowhere the castle, so I decided to go to his room to see if he was there, but then I realized that his things weren't, he had taken his belongings and left without saying goodbye. From that day I never see again until today
And also until the present day I am very sorry for not being able to apologize to him for what I did, on the one hand I was a little annoyed that he lied to me, but I think I was a little hard on him" said Celestia with her ears low

The room was silent for several moments, but suddenly a light beam is in the place that was Twilight, the three princess diverted their gaze to where they saw the flash of light and saw that Twilight disappeared in a beam of light

"What?. Why Twilight disappeared out of nowhere" asked Cadance

"I don't know where she gone" said Celestia confused

_ _ _

Chapter 5: Eye of the Beholder Part 2

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Meanwhile outside of Canterlot, Twilight had left the castle to find Orion back, which he had left the castle for unknown reasons. Twilight was in a small meadow located at the entrance of the castle, hanging around to find Orion but the moments passed quickly and did not find him anywhere. "Where is he?" she said to herself.
Twilight was about to give up because she surrounded for almost everything around the castle, but then raises her gaze to the mountain on which the city of Canterlot this clinging, and sees a silhouette of a pony, Twilight had no doubt that it was him and decided to climb cautiously the mountain and so as not to alarm him and not leak again
Then, Twilight undertook flight to where Orion was cautiously so as to not alarm him. After a few moments, Twilight came a large part almost on top of the mountain and saw that Orion was sitting in the corner facing to the West, then Twilight low with caution behind him a few meters and begins her walk to where he is, but suddenly

"Leave me alone Twilight" said Orion with breaking voice

Twilight didn't said anything, only she was left in place a few meters behind him, for a moment there was a deep silence

"Why did you leave the castle ... out of nowhere?" asked Twilight

"Excuse me for saying this princess, but this is not your concern. Leave me alone"


"Please Twilight, leave me alone"

Twilight was about to turn around and give up not being able to have a coherent answer to why Orion is acting so weird, but then Twilight take a deep breath and stood firm

"NO!" said Twilight firmly

"Get out of here Twilight, leave me alone" he said seriously

"No!, I'm not leaving until you tell me why you left the castle out of nowhere" she said firmly and pounding her hoof on the ground

"Twilight, please, leave me alone" he said starting to chafe

"Is per the issue that you are a alicorn? Is that?" she asked as she approached to where Orion was and then sitting down beside him

"As I said before Twilight, this is not your concern" he said even more serious

"Listen, I know being a alicorn can be uncomfortable and strange but..."

"QUIET!!!" he shouted out furiously

She was surprised to see the reaction of Orion, for a moment she was scared but then she was confused by the reaction took him. But she thought more than twice before saying a word. But then...

"You want to know what my problem is?" he said with all fury "Yes!. That's the damn problem, be an alicorn. You don't know what my life was after I became an alicorn. My life was a misery, having to endure all reviews of all ponies at me for being alicorn. You have no idea of what was my life!"

Twilight was even more surprised to hear that of Orion, she had no idea what it could have affected to him being a alicorn is his last years, he felt a lump in the throat and she didn't know what to say, she was very sorry to have to listen that.

"Why you say that?" she asked trying to get more details

"My l-life after I became alicorn changed forever. E-everypony saw me as a m-monster, all assaulted or insult me for being different from them, which was a creature of hell and among other things I do not want to mention, and if they assaulted me they were afraid of me to hurt or even kill them. Everything c-changed since the death of my brother and my mother my whole life changed, m-my people didn't accept me as a leader despite being the descendant of the same leader who ruled the people, my father, so I had no choice but to start my life as nomad, going from place to place wandering without home or family, just me. I started to go town to town and from city to city to begin a life that is not nomadic, but how hard I tries always them discovered me and I always ended up attacking, and they had sometimes trying to hunt me, but luckily I could always easily escape of them"

Whenever Orion told how was his life after becoming alicorn, his voice was becoming weak and brittle, and sometimes he stuttered

"I was almost five hundred years wandering throughout Equestria and almost all neighboring kingdoms of Equestria, but always trying to get a home of their own in all the villages, they refused me, always ended in some other cave or refuge in deep forests or other places. But one day, I decided to go into the realms of East, I thought it might being my new beginning of a new life, but apparently I was mistaken."

"How did you get to the Eastern Kingdoms?" asked Twilight

"There was a boat in which traveled to the Eastern Kingdoms, was a passenger boat, then I decided to enter covered with a spell to hide my wings and to enter the boat without problems. You may think that spell would have been my salvation, but in itself it was not a spell in which I like to use because I do not like to be covered all the time and besides consuming much energy to keep it active for several days.
When I entered the boat, I had a great relief and hope of a new life. The trip took about three weeks, the boat itself was large and had rooms for each pony that was in that boat, I was in one of the upstairs rooms on the top floor of the boat. The rooms were decent, had a bed, a desk and a small window to look out to sea. With the subject of food, the ship had a large cellar in the stern contained enough supplies for all ponies in the boat. The trip was stressful, but after that will spend three weeks traveling we reached the kingdom of Europe.
When I got off the boat I was surprised to see one of the most important kingdoms of the East, it was beautiful, we left in a town called Malaga, the city itself was beautiful, but after the years passed I had to swallow my words, also they ended up discovering that he was a alicorn and I had to leave my life in the city and start my life as a nomad. I was in the same situation as in Equestria, hundreds of years wandering everywhere, homeless and alone.
It had been another five hundred years and I was still in my life as a nomad, still wandering from one place to the other until I decided to settle temporarily in a forest, but apparently was a mistake, from the trees to be preparing my "den" for I could sleep, he appeared an adult lion. I decided to stay quiet so happen to me, but didn't work and then attacked me, apparently I was invading his territory, since that the lions are very territorial, I didn't want to hurt him and besides I didn't have enough energy to keep him with my magic. So I chose dodge his attacks and see the opportunity to run away, but several times it reached me with its claws, until I decided to throw a beam at him, not strong enough to hurt it, and apparently the lion was gone but it left me very hurt. I was bleeding heavily so I decided to go and collect my things and go quickly to a safer place to heal me, but after a few minutes of walking I fainted for losing a lot of blood. Then I woke up in a small cottage, lying on a bed, not knowing what had happened, did not know if he was dead or if he was still alive. But then I heard a noise outside the room where I was, and then a dark gray unicorn appears, his hair was black and his eyes were color sapphire blue and apparently had a scar on his left eye caused by a sharp object"

(Flashback Time)

"Hey!, apparently you woke up after sleeping for several days" said the unicorn

"What? where am I?" asked Orion confused

"You are in my home, I found you four days ago between the edge of the meadow and the forest that is near here, and apparently you were attacked by an animal in the forest"

"Yeah... I was attacked by a lion..." said Orion as he tried to sit up in bed, it can hear his whining of pain to move

"Wow, apparently you still have energy" said the unicorn surprised

"Hmhm, well ... let's say I still have a little" joked Orion

"Well, I'm glad that it is. Hey ... what's your name colt?"

"My name is Orion"

"It's nice to meet you, Orion. Now tell me, what were you doing in the forest?"

"Well... I"

"Tell me the truth" said the unicorn seriously

"I was looking for a haven in which to spend the night there and then continue with my trip"

"And why were you looking for shelter in the woods? You don't have home?"

"No. I have no home. I left it long time ago to start my life as a nomad"

"Well... that it explains everything"

Suddenly, Orion starts to feel a sharp pain in his back, then directed one of his front hooves to his back and realizes that he has a bandage around from his belly to his back. Orion felt a chill when he noticed that he had a bandage on his back, his breathing began to shake and his heart began to beat louder, pounding his chest as if to pop out

"It hurts a lot, right? You're lucky that your wings are well, if not you had never been able to fly again"

Orion said nothing, only stayed sat in the bed very nervous, his breathing was even more frequent and his heart beat faster, but he tried to hide his nerves to not alert the unicorn, but the unicorn already realized that something bothering him

"Hey colt, are you okay? I see you a little nervous, as if something bothers you" said the unicorn a little confused

"No, I-It's n-nothing"

"Nothing hm?, tell me the truth, what worries you both Orion?. Since you saw that you had a bandage on your back started to get nervous"

"It's n-nothing. Listen, I think I have to go" said Orion while trying to get out of bed

"Wow wow!!. Where do you think you are going? You are wounded from head to toe" said the unicorn while stopped Orion so that him doesn't come down from the bed

"Sorry, but I have to follow my way" Orion still insisted to leave

"Of course not!. You're going to stay here until you recover" said the unicorn firmly

"Listen. I don't want to be rude but if you not let me go through the good, I'll have to do it by force"

"Hmhm. You want to do it by force? so as you are?. You are unarmed, your sword and dagger are in my smithy, and here behind me there is a sword, are you sure you want to do by force?" said the unicorn pointing to the side of the door where it was hung on the wall a steel sword

"Worth a try" joked Orion

"Haha!. Stop talking nonsense and stay in bed. Hey, you want something to eat? having slept so long I think it left you hungry" said the unicorn while he headed for the door of the room

"Alright!, I think I'm a little hungry"

"Ok, try to not move around much, if not you'll feel much pain after"

"Hmhm, ok!"

The unicorn began to leave the room to go get some snacks to eat, but then Orion screamed apparently alarmed the Unicorn

"Hey wait!" shouted out Orion

"What's wrong Orion?" said the unicorn confused

"You didn't told me what's your name"

"Oh!, that manners of mine. My name is Meissa"

Orion didn't say anything, just gave a smile and nodded. Meissa left the room and headed for one of the closets that was near the front door of the house and there grabbed a dark brown leather coat and left the house to the town that was nearby.

Orion: "When he left the house to go buy snacks for me, my head began to run a thousand thoughts of what Meissa would think that I was a alicorn, I was thinking of how he could torture me or kill me. But by other side I looked different to Meissa, very different from the other ponies. Several times I had the idea of getting out of bed, get my stuff and get out of there, but otherwise I was not concern. It was several minutes for that Meissa returned to his cottage after he went to buy snacks"

"Orion I'm back!, and I brought corn biscuits freshly made" said Meissa as he entered the cottage with a bag with cookies

Meissa headed for the room where Orion was and apparently surprised that he was still there lying in bed recovering

"Wow, I thought that to when I return you would not be"

"I don't think this wound on my back let me go far"

"Hmhm. Hey, here I brought some to you" said Meissa giving the bag with cookies to Orion "I brought some corn cookies freshly made by the best cook in the town near of here"

"Wow, thanks Meissa" said Orion with a smile as he pulled off the bag a corn cookie still hot.

"No problem" said Meissa with a smile.

"Wanna eat?" said Orion returning the bag to Meissa to accompany him

"Alright, I'll eat a cookie" Meissa said as he pulled off the bag a cookie and then taking a bite "Hmhm apparently Mrs. Grape never fails to make these cookies so rich"

"They are very delicious" said Orion while carrying another corn cookie into his mouth

"Hey, I want you to tell me something Orion, and I want you to tell me the truth. Why when you realized that you had a bandage on your back and when I mentioned about your wings, you started to get very nervous?. Tell me the truth, I just want to know"

Orion took a deep breath, grabbed the bag containing snacks and set it on the bedside table that was next to the bed "The problem is really what I am. I'm a alicorn"

"And what it is the problem that you're a alicorn?"

"Everything. I have been tortured, wanted to hunt me, also insulted me of being a disgrace to the other ponies. Since I became a alicorn, my life changed forever"

"Why did they do that?"

"For being a disgrace to the gods, as the alicorn race is a royal race and seeing an outlaw as I, they see me as a disgrace. E-Everypony judge me by my appearance rather than actually a-am" told Orion while his voice was becoming more brittle

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"How what the hell I'm talking about ?" he snorted "For any damn place that I go, I have to be hiding in the shadows for anyone to see that I'm really an alicorn, order to survive I have to go town to town and steal some food, I have to sleep in caves or in the woods, I have to be a thousand eyes to that no wild animal or creature doesn't eat me or kill me." he said as his voice becoming more brittle.

I'm not from here, from this realm. I am from Equestria, I'm from a small town called Tall Tale, until even my own people rejected me and they wanted to exile, and my brother died defending them to they not exiled me. I lost my brother by this fucking shit of being alicorn, he was all I had left of my family.
My father died in battle when attacked by other town. My mother died poisoned by a damn pony which had fallen in love of him a few years after the death of my father and that pony was a damn abuser of mares which enjoyed torturing them and play with them. I am under a curse, everything bad has to happen to me. You have no idea what it is to lose everything that I loved, and when I mean everything is everything!"

"You're wrong" said Meissa quietly and brittle "I lost who I most loved, I lost my lover.
She was the only one who understood my madness and always when I most needed her. My parents at birth left me in a orphanage of ponies, I never know how is the love of a mother for her child or even that of a father. My whole life was cold, I was never happy, and always were times I wanted to kill myself. But that all changed when I met her.
When I was in the forest where I found you near of the meadow, I was looking for some special plants. All seemed quiet, it was a beautiful day like any other, but after spending a long time in the forest, I found a pony fainted on the floor . Immediately I went to see what had caused it, and I noticed she had eaten Belladonna, a perennial plant which has a little sweet but very toxic seed that could kill you quickly.
She was about fifteen meters from the plant belladonna, and apparently not long past of that she had eaten the seeds so I decided to take her to my cottage here and treat it that the toxin not to be continue making effect. Then had passed three days she awoke, she was very confused and in shock by toxins, sometimes she distrusted when I offered something to eat or drink, but then it was gaining confidence. In a short time we became very good friends, he was always by my side to support me in my difficult times or to get me a smile. But then one day the people here heard about was a bat pony and then the people warned me to be a bat pony was dangerous, I told them to stop talking nonsense but never heard me.
One day in the evening I was in one of the creek on the outskirts of the forest, Giennah was in my cottage sleeping because she had a busy day helping with ironworks and in my little garden, everything seemed quiet, it was a beautiful starry night, but I decided to go back to the cottage to not leave her much time to Giennah but when I reached the door of the cottage it was destroyed, apparently somepony had entered, then quickly I entered the cottage to see if Giennah was fine, but apparently were still inside the invaders, suddenly I heard the screaming of Giennah, my heart stopped dead, I was so scared of that she had been hurt or worse, I went quickly here in this room where Giennah was asleep, but when I arrived here, here was three hooded ponies surrounding to Giennah, she was cornered against the wall.
I didn't hesitated to attack the invaders, even though these were armed I attacked them. While I tried to get them off her, I told her to run out of the cottage, when she saw the opportunity began to run toward the door of the room, but then one of the ponies that I was holding slipped to stop to Giennah. Its caught her with his magic, I realized it was a unicorn, then unicorn hooded takes a dagger from his coat and try to stab to Giennah.
When I realized that it drew its dagger to kill her, I undertook a spell that sent flying to the two ponies above me and quickly made my way over to where Giennah was to save her, but when I got her out of there, the unicorn left me this wound in my left eye. Then that he left me this wound I was lost, not knowing where he was... I had blurred vision... I was dragging on the floor... but then mercilessly the unicorn with his magic grabbed me by each of my limbs and cornered me against the wall, but that was not the worst, when I looked up I saw that the other two hooded ponies were grinding to blows to Giennah, I c-could hear her c-cries... of agony.
M-My heart was falling apart upon hearing her c-cries... but then the unicorn grabbed its dagger and... and... embedded it right in the h-heart of G-Giennah. Her screams stopped is dry and not hear anything... there was a deep silence. When the unicorn drew his dagger to the heart of Giennah he addressed to me and then with the handle of its dagger it hits me in the head, fainted me.
The next day I woke up on the floor, after of the blow I wasn't remember what happened that night, but when I looked up I saw Giennah lying on the floor... then I remembered what happened that night. I was destroyed... I couldn't tell her how much I l-loved her... I was completely in love with her and... and those ponies snatched her to me. Until today I never felt such a strong love for someone."

Orion was completely silent to hear that, he felt a lump in my throat, he was totally ashamed of what he previously said "I... I d-don't know what to say, I'm sorry for my address to you for that way, I put all my bitterness against you and you didn't have the fault"

"It's okay, I get to imagine the bitterness that you have for your past misfortunes"

"Yes I know, but I want to forget all the misfortunes that happened to me. Every time I remember some of them I cannot take my mind fresh and clear to continue"

"It goes without renouncing the past to enter the future. Changing things is not necessary to lose them. And do not forsake the memory of the journey. This does not delay our career, but directs; who forgets the starting point easily lose the goal"

Orion didn't said anything, just gave a big smile to hear the praise of Meissa

"Orion, I know you've been through many situations you don't want to name for the issue that you are a alicorn, but let me tell you, the issue that you are a alicorn not make you a bad pony, you are unique and that's what that makes it special, I recently that I met you but I know you can see in your eyes you're not a bad pony, you're a pure heart, you have no thirst for revenge. Any pony can say whatever they want about you, but they only see what ignorance allows them, and that you do not have to bother, because YOU will put your own rules in your life and your goals"

"Thanks Meissa, that made me feel a little better" said Orion with a big smile

"Better so!, hey what if we leave the past in the past and now we focus on the present, are you going to eat that's left of those cookies?"

"Haha!, take, it's all yours" said Orion while leading the bag with cookies to Meissa "It seems that you were hungry after all" joked Orion

"Yeah, after a hard work today, I think I deserve to eat something" also joked Meissa.

(End Flashback Time)

He was kind enough to take care of me while I was recovering, and besides that was not like other times where I needed to be looking everywhere to defend me or anything, he always cared about me, if I'm honest I felt like if he were my brother. The days passed and every time I became more friend with him, we had a stable friendship, but my wound had recovered completely, and knew it was time to leave, to go my way. These two and a half weeks I spent with him were some of the best moments in my life, I had never felt so much love, since my parents and my brother were alive.

The parting was hard, we took a big hug and we wish us good luck on our ways. When we finally parted, I started my way to the meadow near the forest where he found me, and headed toward the mountains where you could see in the open background. As I was walking I remembered the times I spent with him when I was recovering, but something stopped me in my tracks, when he recalled the moments in which I was with Meissa was something, which his aura was very familiar, it was as if I had known him before, I thought again and my heart jumped out of my chest for happiness, I recognized that this aura is the same as a pony on which he lived in my time before to be alicorn, and I also realized that It could be possible that he is the reincarnation of my brother Markab"

"Reincarnation? Is that possible? I believed that reincarnation was just an old myth" said Twilight

"Believe me, I also thought that reincarnation was just only a myth, but I recognize the soul of my brother very well and he was the 'protector' of the soul of my brother"

"And what did you do after you realized that Meissa was the reincarnation of your brother?" asked Twilight

"What could I do? I decided to return with him and I would not miss the chance to see my brother again for anything in this world" said Orion with a big smile on his face "When I returned to his cottage I had to say something good excuse"

"And what did you say?"

"Let's say I said that if I could stay another night as it was almost dark and it would be better to leave the next morning. He told me himself that there was no problem, but I didn't know how to tell after he was the reincarnation of my brother, so I waited until the next morning to tell the truth. When it was time to leave I told him he had to confess something, for a moment his face turned red and uncomfortable hmhm, I realize why, so I said I was not a confession of love for him. Meissa took a deep breath to hear that because it stood for a moment hmhm, uncomfortable... but then I told him the truth. For initially he didn't believe me anything, but then I continued to insist and he believed me"

"What happened then?" asked Twilight

For a moment I did not know what to do, but then he told me that if I wanted I could stay with him some time ,I accepted his offer. The first days were itself a bit strange, because I found something weird to see my brother in Meissa's body, well rather say his soul hmhm, as my brother was a Pegasus and Meissa was an unicorn change, but with time I got used. After spending some time with him, in the end I was living in the cottage.

The years passed and passed, I was very happy to start a new life from scratch, but already knew that life would end very soon. I knew gradually with the passing of the years would see Meissa grow into an old pony and soon not see him again, but I knew if my brother's soul reincarnated in Meissa, Meissa reincarnated in another body, then I could him see again. But despite all these thoughts that came to my mind, I enjoyed every moment with him, every laugh, smile, joke, tear, despite all the previous years before I met him were a disgrace, it was good to know as he gave me the hope of finding other ponies as not mind what look you have, but how you really are

"What happened after you lost to Meissa?"

"When Meissa died I did something that he told me to do, that the day he dies bury him with his lover Giennah, and I did. The grave of him and Giennah is in the forest where he found her, has a beautiful sculpture of herself in life-size stone and I made another for him " Orion said with a big smile and tears fell from his eyes

"Wow, apparently you spent good times with Meissa. But tell me something Orion. What was it that made you return to Equestria when in the East Realms you had a life like you wanted?" asked Twilight

"After had passed five years since he died Meissa, my instincts told me I had to return to Equestria, as if something was calling me. For first I thought Meissa will reincarnate in a pony Equestria but on the other hand thought it was just a silly thought. It took a while to decide whether to abandon my life in the East Realms and return here in Equestria or let that thought go and get on with my life there, but then decided to return to Equestria as were many chances that Meissa has been reincarnated here in Equestria. Then I went back to where I had entered the East Realms, in Malaga, as it was the only port of all the East Kingdoms in which it had a boat bound for Equestria, so I decided to take the boat and return here. I was camouflaged as the first time he had taken the ship and I went to it. The travel was a little faster than the first one that I boarded, lasted two weeks and destined for Baltimare.
I remained in the same city a few days to start my search of Meissa, had some bits to buy groceries and other resources for travel. When I started traveling I started looking through northern of Equestria, I headed Fillydelphia. I was still traveling in covered every city since I still had the aftermath of past years. I spent about four days in that town looking for Meissa but had not found him for anywhere, then I headed to another village which was further north of Fillydelphia, in that time didn't had a name but is where it is today Manehattan but something struck me when I was arriving to town. I could see from a small hill to the coast, a great squad with heavy weapons that were heading toward the village, I decided to go into town to see what was what was happening.
When I reached the outskirts of the village I saw in the entrance several platoons fighting against squads of the town, I also realized that they were attacking Manehattan and then quickly I decided to enter the town by one of its sides and see what I could do. I had entered a house that was near where I had come to town to think what I could do to help, and when I see near where I was, there was a large storage of explosive bombs, I didn't hesitate to grab them and attack first heavy weaponry that was out of town, so I decided to take flight toward them, a high-flying so they don't realize and I let the bombs against them, ending their heavy weapons and with them also. There were some bombs left over, so I decided to go to the town to end the platoons that were attacking against Manehattan's squads. I dropped bombs and I retained the squads. Then I decided to climb to one of the ceilings of the house and then grabbed my sword and went to where they were struggling at the entrance to the town, killing the attackers, one by one. After it was over I decided to help wounded warriors as it was the least I could do at that time. After I finished helping wounded warriors, Celestia approached me and gave thanks for helping their in the battle.

"Yes, that part the princess told us how you met with her" interrupted Twilight

"Yes, it was a little weird how we met hmhm. The years I spent with her were the best, I remembered when I was with Meissa in the Eastern Kingdoms" said Orion with a big smile in his face

"Orion. Tell me something, why did you leave when Princess Celestia discovered you were a alicorn?" asked Twilight trying to understand the causes of why Orion left of nowhere that time when he was in the garden with Celestia

"Despite everything said Meissa to me, of that not have to worry about how I am, I still had aftermath of last time I was in Equestria, when she learned that I was a alicorn, her reaction was ... well in simple words she scared me, I thought she would do the same as the other ponies who had lived in the time he lived in Equestria, but otherwise I was not afraid but rather embarrassed. I was ashamed of not telling her the truth, of having to hide the truth, in that time she was my only friend." the voice of Orion became brittle and weak again. "I-I d-didn't left for fear that made me something like the others ponies, but I fear l-losing my o-only friend for not telling her the damn truth.
And now when I come back to find her again after almost a thousand years, I do what I did before, run out for the fucking shame of not face my fucking mistakes. For this shit to be alicorn I lost my best friend in which she had complete confidence in me, we promised to always tell the truth and never lie between us, but I did just the opposite. -Sobs- I hid who really I was and what I was" Orion went to the ground and hid his face in his front hooves and began to break down in tears after to tell Twilight about his miserable life.

Twilight had a lump in her throat, was very shocked to see Orion break down in tears in front of her because of the shame he has not told the truth to Celestia after he made a promise to her to always tell the truth. Orion was unloading all his bitterness with his crying, but then begins to feel his neck as if something pounced on him and was warm. Orion fails to hide from between his front hooves and raises his head at his back and sees Twilight over him giving him a warm hug. Orion was surprised to see that Twilight was also some tears fell from his eyes. The embrace remained for several moments until Twilight breaks the embrace, then with one of her front hooves dry her tears and then gives a smile to Orion.

"I'm sorry Orion, but could not help myself. I had no idea how much it affected you being a alicorn, it is very sad to know that and I'm sorry for doubting you also initially and I force you to tell something which has not yet you were ready"

"No need to apologize to me, but I who has to apologize for how my reaction was to you at first, that was not the right way to address to you and I downloaded all my anger towards you knowing that you are not to blame nothing" he said also drying his tears

"Orion, listening. I know how much you feel ashamed of not telling the truth to Celestia, but if you don't face it, it going to keep fighting with the same problem all your life"

"I know what you say but, sometimes to regain what was lost is lose twice"

"Orion, what you say is very true, but if you don't face it you'll never know. Sometimes it is better to face things and losing out, that stay crossed hoof and keep the doubt"

Orion didn't say anything, just gave a big sigh and turned his gaze to the castle Canterlot

"You know what? even when you risk, you have the chances that you can come out ahead, not always when you risk is losing out, but what I am going is better than you face when you're ready, instead to stay with cross hooves" Twilight said as left out of Orion to take flight back to the castle "See you Orion, hopefully you take a good decision"
Twilight began her flight toward the castle. Orion stood on the mountain looking like Twilight flying toward the castle of Canterlot until lost sight of Twilight. Orion took another deep breath and decided to undertake the flight too, but not to the castle, but directed his course towards the forest Everfree.

At next morning at Castle of Canterlot , princess Celestia was with the princess Twilight Sparkle. Were in the throne room, were there after the court finished as every morning as usual, Celestia was in her throne and Twilight was sitting right next to the throne, were awaiting the arrival of princess Cadance to go to a dispute over the city of Fillydelphia in which Cadance and Twilight went to solve the problems that held the city, unable failure to reach an agreement, called Municipal Governments to a meeting. After a few moments the throne room doors opened and behind it appears Princess Cadance directing his way over to where Celestia and Twilight were

"Good morning princesses" greeted Cadance with a reverence to the two princesses

"Good morning Cadance" responded the two princesses to the greeting of Cadance

"How do you come across to our meeting with the rulers of Fillydelphia?" said Twilight with a mocking voice as he walked over to where Cadance was

"Better leave it for later, just thinking of how they heard us when we were in Fillydelphia not want to imagine how they are going to hear us at this meeting" replied Cadance

"Hmhm, easy niece, at this meeting we will pose more formal, it will be much easy than you could do there in Fillydelphia" said Celestia

"I hope so Tia. Hey Twilight, are you sure that Orion has made a decision about what you told him?" asked Cadance with bated breath to Twilight

"Calm, I'm sure he will make the right decision" replied Twilight

Moments passed quickly and the time of the meeting approached, which forced the princesses to leave the throne room to proceed to the meeting room, but while the princesses undertook their way to the throne room doors to proceed to the other room, suddenly the doors of the throne room are opened and behind them the princesses saw Orion. Twilight seeing him gave a smile from ear to ear knowing he had made the right decision after all. Twilight then gives its way to where it is to greet Orion

"Orion!! It's nice that you've come" said Twilight while she greeting him with a hug

"What else could I do? You were right, no matter how difficult it is for me to deal with this, even losing twice just try worthwhile that stay with cross hooves and remain with the doubt of what would have happened if I had confronted it" said Orion after answering the hug of Twilight

Orion after greeting Twilight continued his way and also greeted Cadance with a reverence, but when it was his turn to greet Celestia, he stood in front of her with his head low

"Celestia... I... I'm sorry... I'm sorry for not tell you the truth that I was actually a alicorn, I broke a promise that we made, to always tell the truth and not hide things between us, I-I was scared of losing a friendship which was a of the few that I had in my life" said Orion, beginning to sob for past "I-I was afraid to f-face the facts. I-I was a-afraid that you w-would not f-forgive me to hide the truth and you b-banish me of Equestria and would have to start my l-life as a nomad ..."

Celestia stopped Orion putting her front right hoof in his mouth and then pushing it toward your chest to hug him again.

"I will never do that to you, I'll never banish you from Equestria, the fault was mine, more than anything to address to you this way, I was a little upset that you lied to me, but then I was sad to see that you were gone, I knew which I put the hoof in the wrong place and I would not see you anymore. Twilight told me what was your past life and I understand why you didn't wanted to tell me the truth, I respect a lot, but the one that have to apologize it's me. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for pointing that way towards you" said Celestia while some tears falling from her eyes "Orion, can you forgive me? I want to start our friendship again. You could do that?"

"-Sniff- Of course yes Celestia" said Orion as she snuggled into the warm embrace of Celestia

After several moments Celestia decides to break the hug, then dried her tears and looks at Orion with a big smile

"Orion, why not accompany us to the meeting room to help solve some problems with the city of Fillydelphia ?, after all I need my right hoof back with me" said Celestia


"Shh, doesn't matter about the past, we are now in the present and no matter if you are not a guard, you're still my friend and nobody will change it"

"Alright, as ordered Celestia"

_ _ _

Chapter 6: A New Beginning

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It had been almost a week after Orion faced his fear against Celestia, as in the past nearly a thousand years ago he lived with Celestia in Canterlot. They had a very stable friendship, but an error Orion their friendship broke, leaving Orion with a big fault for not tell the truth to the only friend about that he was a alicorn. But thanks to the help of Twilight, Orion could face his fear and could start over again his friendship with Celestia. But... even though things between Celestia and Orion had arranged, something was wrong out of this issue.

Orion continued to live in the Everfree forest and every day since returning with Celestia, he going to Canterlot to spend the day with her and enjoy all the time they lost. But every time he was with Luna is ignored, as if she had never known him. He didn't understand why she did this. Whenever Orion tried to talk to Luna, she turned her back or was as if she had never heard him.

It was Saturday morning, the day was clear and sunny. At castle of Canterlot between its halls, Celestia with Orion was enjoying a beautiful day. They were heading towards the royal garden to take a break after working hard with the royal work. By opening the doors of the royal garden, the two ponies went to the favorite place of Orion, the creek. Celestia was sitting on the bench that was there and Orion was at the edge of the creek throwing some small rocks into it. This day Orion was looked different, apparently there was a small change in appearance, as he had long hair like a mare, today he has his hair tied forming a ponytail. But suddenly Orion stands up and goes straight where Celestia is sits and sits beside her.

"Tia. Can I ask you something?" he asked a little worried

"Sure!. What's wrong Orion?"

"Something happens between Luna and I?"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's just..." he said after a sigh "Every time I meet with she ignores me, as if she had never seen me in her life or gives some silly excuse that has a lot of work or that you would have asked help with your work. I don't understand why she does this"

"So she ignores you?" she said with a joked voice almost furtive

"Yes, I don't understand why she does this to me"

"A week ago that you know her and you're already interested in her?" she said with a grin as she looked at Orion

"Wh- What? What are you talking about?"

"Hmhm. Nothing, I was just saying" she said after diverting her gaze away

"I don't know wh-" he was silent by a moment, thinking about what Celestia has said "Are you serious?" he said with a eyebrow raised

"What? I just said that a week ago you know her and you're already interested in her" she said Continuing with her mocking voice

"Stop talking nonsense. I'm not 'interested' by her as you think" he said also diverting his gaze away

"If you say so" she said with a small grin

"I'll tell you again. I-am-not-in-love-with-Luna"

"I didn't say you were in love with her. Interested and love are two different things" she said "Listen, to be honest, I think I know why she does this. You had hidden her the truth, and she didn't like the lies, she is much more strict with that issue than me. I think you could try to have a coherent conversation with her and tell her the truth about why did not you tell the truth" she continued serenely

"I think you're right, I should talk with her and explain everything" he said directing his gaze to the garden doors"

"In a little while she will be in her hour of rest, so I think you have a chance to tell her the truth. That you are interested in her" she joked

Orion didn't said anything just looked her seriously and raising an eyebrow

"Hey, don't take it so seriously, it's just a joke ... But I will doubt hmhm" she said chuckling

"Stop saying that or..."

Celestia to hear that began to shine her horn and grabbed him of his tail, leaving legs upside down and she takes her face against his and gives a scary look

"Or else what?. What would you do if I don't stop saying that?"

"Hmhm. Very funny!. You're lucky that you are a mare " he joked

"Oh yeah? so... If I do this you cannot do anything?" Celestia said with a Machiavellian smile

Suddenly head Celestia Orion takes over the creek and then plunged him of head, demoting him several times, until she stopped. Orion took a large portion of air to recover, coughed up almost nonstop

"-Cough- Hehehe. That's all?" he said with a smile in his face

"So my dear friend wants to continue swimming in the creek? Well ... I'll help you!!"

Celestia again dipped to Orion into the creek as the first time until she stopped again, Orion was still coughing and recovering the air

"-Cough- OK. Ok. You win. I think that it's enough"

Celestia pulls Orion above the creek and bring it back to dry land on the bank of the stream and drops him gently on the ground. "Haha, I think you downloaded all your anger for not telling you the truth. Right?" he said with a smile in his face

"Hmhm. We could say that yes. You want to I get you a towel so dry you?"

"No. It's okay, I will dry quickly with the sun"

"Hmhm, ok if you say so. Come on, let me help you to stand up" he said as he stretched her right front hoof to help Orion.

Orion looks the Celestia's hoof and grabs her, but then he looks at Celestia and gives a Machiavellian smile, and suddenly he pulls her hoof and rushes toward the creek causing her to fall into it. Celestia did not know what had happened, but by other hoof Orion burst out laughing to play a joke on Celestia

"Very funny!!" she said upset

"HAHAHA!. I'm sorry but... but I couldn't resist to not do it Hahaha" he said between peals of laughter

After the peals of laughter, Orion decides to help her out the creek stretching his front hoof, Celestia decides to accept the help of Orion but instead of giving it force it out of the creek, she pulls the hoof of Orion trying to throw it back to the creek, but after giving her hit-Celestia realizes that Orion doesn't moved any centimeter, the princess was confused how couldn't throw him to the creek with her full force

"What? But... How?" she said confused

"Hmhm, I figured that when I give my hoof to help you, you would throw it to throw me back to the creek"

"No fair!"

"Maybe for the next you might grab me unprepared" he said as he pulled her out of the creek" Now... you want a towel?"

"No thanks. I think I'll do the same thing you do, the day is beautiful. So don't sweat it"

While Princess Celestia and Orion amused as foals in a playground, the doors of the royal garden opened, and behind them appears Princess Twilight with her backpack with her belongings. Then she goes where the two ponies are, but to get to where Celestia and Orion were, she got a little confused of they are all soaked

"Good morning Prin... Uh... W-What happened to you two?" asked Twilight confused

"Hmhm. Long story" he said

"Good morning Twilight!. Tell me, what is offered you now?" said Celestia as she walked toward Twilight

"Oh, I just wanted to say I'm going back to my castle and farewell" said Twilight

"Well... then we'll see soon Twilight " said Celestia giving a wet hug to Twilight"

Twilight felt a little uncomfortable with the wet embrace of Celestia. Several drops falling off Celestia's body to Twilight as if they were a waterfall, until decided to give notice to Princess Celestia that was soaking her ex-faithful student

"Uh... Princess..."

"Oh! I'm sorry Twilight, I had forgotten that I'm soaked. Thank to somepony!" said Celestia directing her gaze towards Orion with a smirk

"Hmhm. You started, so don't complain" said Orion with mocking voice

"Hmhm. Oh! Orion, can I ask you something?. This week I was in Canterlot and I forgot to ask you


"This time in which I've been in Canterlot, you always come here to the castle early and you go in the evening flying toward the castle to somewhere, and stung me curious to know where you are living"

"Well... yes! you're right, I don't live here in Canterlot. I'm living in the forest Everfree in a small den"

"Don't you afraid there with certain creatures that can eat you in one bite?"

"Hmhm, yes! it does a little scary but I found a place where not spend almost never creature"

"How many years have you been living in the Everfree forest?"

"Ten years ago"

"Are many years. Uh... well... I don't know if you want but... if you want you can be in my castle, I think it will be much more comfortable and secure than Everfree forest. Besides that I think there are you going to meet new friends"

"I don't know Twilight. I don't want to be rude and usurp your castle if you don't want" he said as he scratched his head with his front hoof "Besides I don't think it is also appropriate to my wolf is in your castle. But in the Everfree forest I am not alone, I am accompanied by someone else, so don't worry about that"

"There's no problem Orion, your wolf can also stay in my castle" she insisted

"-Sigh- Well... I don't want to leave alone to Zecora"

"Orion, according to what Luna told me that you rarely you are with Zecora, you're always out in the woods knowing that you can live with her" said Celestia

"Yes I know that, but do not want to leave her alone in the Everfree forest. Although it I'm all the time out in the woods, I'm always aware if any creature to invade her home"

"You know Zecora?"

"Hmhm, long history. Listen, I appreciate your offer but I think I'm going to decline, I don't want to be a burden to you"

Celestia didn't accept the response from Orion toward Twilight, so she turned to grab his tail until he was floating face down in front of her

"Oh come on Celestia!! Stop doing that. It's shameful" he said with red cheeks

"Orion, you are a pony very polite and I respect that, but I think you'd better accept this offer that provides you Twilight. You need to meet new friends besides me. I also believe that Zecora will understand that you need more friends and start a new life, and Luna told me that Zecora doesn't like that you walk out in the woods, she cares about you. And I think if she were here she would approve the deal that offers Twilight. So you're going to accept the offer of Twilight, it's for your own good Orion" said Celestia serenely

"-Sigh- Alright. I accept the offer of Twilight" he said bitterly "Now... you could put me down?"

"Hmhm. Do you see? How hard is to accept the help of others?" said Celestia as she returned to Orion to the ground

"Not that it's hard for me, but is not appropriate for an outlaw like me it's in the castle for a princess"

"And almost a thousand years ago where you were living when you were here in Canterlot with me?. Orion Stop talking nonsense, because every time you look more like Luna"

"Princess, if he does not accept the offer I have no problem, I will not contradict what he says or thinks what is best"

"Don't worry Twilight, he'll go with you to your castle. He is very orderly and polite, so you can dismiss that concern"

"Uh... Thank princess, I think... that left me... uh... a bit quieter "Twilight said a little uncomfortable at the same time confused "Well. Orion, I already go back to the castle, you come?"

"First I have to discuss it with Zecora and I have to do I have to do something first before leaving. So, don't get Twilight problem, I'll reach you later"

"Uh... Ok, but... do you know where is my castle?"

"Yes!, is in the small town PonyVille, it's on one side of the same town"

"Ok, well... then I'll see you in my castle" said Twilight as she turned and ran their way to the gates of the royal garden

After a few moments Twilight had already left the royal garden to return to her castle. The garden was silent for a moment. But suddenly Celestia gave a little chuckle.

"Too orderly and polite?" he said raising an eyebrow

"What? I let her know that you can take care of yourself and not be a burden to her as you said. Well ... besides that if yours doesn't work with Luna, you have assured Twilight"

"But... What the hell are you talking about Celestia?. Celestia stop talking nonsense!. I'm-not-interested-to-have-a-marefriend! " he replied as he began his way also to the gates of royal garden "I think I better go to say the truth to Luna. See you later!"

"Ok. See you later. Watch out for my sister! hm?. I'll be watching you!" she continued joking to Orion

Orion didn't listen to what she said, just kept going as if he had never heard that.

Opening the doors of the royal garden, he went to the main hall of the castle. The castle was remaining in a profound silence. It could be hear the hoofsteps of Orion as he walked through the halls. Arriving at the main hall, he climbed the stairs, since according Celestia Luna was in the meeting room discussing the conflict that occurred in Fillydelphia. After climbing Orion was a few meters from the doors of the same room, but when he approached them he saw that the same is opened and behind them came out Luna. Orion decided to give a shout to get their attention, but it didn't. Then he follows her through the halls. Repeatedly he shout another times so he could talk to her, but the result remained the same

"Luna!!... HEY!!!" he shouted out again

Luna stopped short and turned his head towards Orion with a face of disgust "That is not the way to address a princess" she said coldly

"Why since I reconciled with your sister after almost a thousand years you ignore me as if you'd never seen me in your life?"

"Leave me alone Orion. I'm very busy right now" she said again coldly

Orion to not knowing what to do, he shined his horn and put his magic around Luna and drew her where he was.-Luna was twisted to get out of the Orion's spell, but their efforts were unsuccessful

"ORION!!! Leave me alone!!!" she said as she panted to get out of the spell

"LUNA!!!" he exclaimed. Luna to listen Orion scream her name she calmed down and stopped trying to break free "Listen. I don't want to be rude, but if you don't tell me the truth I don't leave you alone" he said as he returned Luna to the ground gently

"The truth? You want the truth !?" Luna exclaimed while she approaching him "You want me to tell the truth after you lied to me or hid the truth that you already known my sister. And you want me to tell the truth?"

"Hey, I know it hurts when somepony lie or hide the truth. But you were the one who told me to meet your sister, I previously had said that you did not want, but you insisted. Nevertheless I accepted the offer , knowing he was not ready to face my mistake. I don't blame you anything Luna, I did it just to have your confidence"

"But even so, why didn't you told me the truth?"

"I wasn't prepared to tell the truth to a pony that I barely knew, even if you are the princess of the night I don't know you"

"But... I thought we could be friends. I have no friends who care about me" she said with her head and ears low.

"What are you talking about?. Of course you have friends. Cadance, Twilight, your own sister and others. No matter if they are part of the family, they can also be your friends"

"You don't know what you're talking about. They care about me, but not the concern that I tolerate. They care too much for me just for being a princess. Every place that I have the opportunity to go with them or each activity, always reject me, they don't reject me for evil, but to be a princess or because it is not for the princesses. Despite having their support to them, I'm still alone and unaccompanied" she said as her voice was becoming more brittle and some tears fell from her eyes

Orion was completely silent to hear that Luna, practically had a lump in his throat. He never thought that a princess as she has no friends. Orion without nothing to say decided with his front hooves push Luna toward your chest giving a warm and friendly hug. Luna opened her eyes and was surprised to be under of Orion's hooves. On the one hand she was miserable, but otherwise feeling well and also protected.

"I'm Sorry Luna" he said quietly, "I had no idea that the life of a princess could be so cold and lonely. I always thought that the life of a princess would be something that many mares want to be for fame, attention... I...I don't know what to say" he continued

Orion and Luna remained in the hallway in silence for several moments. Orion then decided to break the embrace and look Luna with a smile, "Hey, if you want to make up for my mistake this week I will be with you. What do you think?" he said as he wiped the tears from Luna

Luna didn't said anything, only nodded with a smile. After spending several moments in the hallway, Orion decides to go to talk with Zecora about the offer proposed of Twilight

"Well... I think I have to go. See you later Luna" he said as he walked away from Luna

"Wait! You're leaving now?" she said again with her ears low

Orion stopped and turned his head toward Luna "Uh ... yeah, I have to do a few things first. Why do you ask?" he asked

"It's just ... I wanted to ask if you wanted to spend my break with me" she said shyly

Orion gave a smile and walked back to where it was Moon "Hmhm, Alright!. No problem. I can do my thing then"

Luna said nothing, but could be noticed her mood change with a big smile on his face. After their chat, the two ponies still their way through the halls of the castle

"So... what things you have to do?" she asked

"Well... I have to go back to the Everfree forest to talk with Zecora because recently when I was in the royal garden with Celestia, Twilight came and offered me if I wanted to stay a while with her in her castle, as this week I was talking to her and she told me things which could help me to leave all my worries aside"

"Really? That's great!" she said with a smile

"Needless to believe it!, but before that I have to talk to Zecora"

"About what?"

"Whether she accepts that I leave the forest to go to the castle of Twilight. My concern is left her alone in the forest"

Luna stopped short in the middle of the hallway, Orion realizing he also stopped. "What happens Luna?" he asked confused

"Listen, you are all the time out in the Everfree forest knowing you can live with Zecora, and now you say you're worried about leaving her alone?" She said raising an eyebrow "I think she'll say yes, you go. She cares a lot about you, as she had said earlier she was like your mother, and I think that a mother knows what is best for her child"

"Hm, I think you're right Luna" he said with a smile "But I want to hear her words to be sure"

"I'm sure she'll say yes. Incidentally nice look hmhm" she said between sniggering

"Hmhm. Very funny"

Luna and Orion followed their way through the hall and went to different parts of the castle to seize the lost time. After a few hours passed, the day had passed into the afternoon. The sun was almost on the horizon to hide. The day passed quickly to Orion since decided to help Luna with some royal duties because it was the least he could do.

In the Everfree forest, Zecora was at her home doing some tinkering and a thorough cleaning. She moved from one place to another in different places rearranging her potions, ingredients and among others. Suddenly someone knocks on the door, Zecora was very confused since almost never knocked the door to visit. Opening the door saw that Orion was knocking on the door

"Orion? Why did you knocked the door? If you know this is your home too" she said while she let in Orion

"Well... I want to talk with you about that" he said indifferently

"The smile that Zecora has vanished from her face "What are you talking about?"

"It's just..."

"Wait. I have freshly brewed tea, let me bring it and then tell me everything" she said as she headed toward the kitchen

"Hmhm. Okay"

After a few moments Zecora get out of the kitchen carrying with her a teapot of white clay with blue flowers, she placed it on a small table and it had two cups of tea in which she filled. After filling the cups of tea, Zecora sat down and grabbed one of the cups and sipped, Orion also did the same

"Ok ... tell me what's the topic you want to talk to me" she said as she took another sip

"Well ... This morning I was with Princess Celestia in the royal garden and then Twilight came to tell Celestia to return to her castle. And then she asked me where am I living, and I told the truth that I was living here in the Everfree forest, and then she offered me if I wanted to I could stay with her in her castle for a while, and she would help me to leave aside my concern"

"And what's the problem?"

"Well ... by one hoof I accepted the offer but it was compulsorily by Celestia, but did not want to leave here and leave you alone in the Everfree forest. Who knows what things could happen to you if I'm not here"

Zecora gave a little chuckle and let your cup of tea on the table in front of her "Orion... You know how much I love you, you are like the son I never had and what's more I want you by my side, but this offer you can't discard this offer that the princess Twilight gives to you. The Everfree forest is a dangerous place and I don't want that anything bad happen to you" she said serenely

"But ... I don't want that anything bad happen to YOU Zecora. I don't want to leave you alone" he said a bit upset

"Listen, I want the best for you, and I think this is the best. Don't worry about for me, I know this forest since I was little" she said as she got up to go beside Orion

"But... -Sigh-. Alright. If you think it's best I will not contradict you" he said with a smile

Zecora smiled back and then hugged him like a mother to her son, "Hey, the fact that you go, doesn't it mean you cannot visit me" she joked

"Hmhm. Of course I will visit!. You are one of the most important ponies of my life" he said responding to hug of Zecora

After a few moments Orion breaks the hug and starts to look around "Where is Meissa?"

"He's in my room. He was sleeping but I think you'd better wake up him since he slept all afternoon" she said with a smile

Orion quickly gave his way to the Zecora's room to see Meissa. The wolf was curled just above his bed. Orion moves toward him and with his front hoof shake his body to wake "Meissa, little boy. We wake up, I'm back" he said softly near his ear

Meissa gently opened his eyes and took a few eyelids to awake. Seeing Orion returned to home he began to move his tail and gave Orion a wet welcome

"Hehehe. Hello boy. How are you?" he said between the licks of Melissa

"Orion then sat on the bed beside him. Zecora also went to his room and leaned against the frame of the entrance looking Meissa and Orion with a big smile "That little wolf has no shame, the whole afternoon was sleeping" she joked with a high pitch

Meissa immediately lower his ears and hides behind Orion. He saw him hide behind himself gave a little laugh "Hmhm. Easy boy. It's just a kidding"

Meissa poked his head to one side and looked at Orion and then at Zecora with a little trepidation. Orion still looking at him and laughing by the reactions of Meissa "Hey, she's only playing boy. She don't going to do anything, unless she are angry that you usurped her bed" he said to Meissa

"Orion. When do you have planned to go to the castle?" she asked

"Well ... I think I'll go tomorrow morning, because if Meissa slept all afternoon he have to eat something. So I would have to bring him hunting"

"Alright. Oh! if you're taking Meissa to hunt now, you do me a favor and bring some Laurel of my orchard. I planned to make a vegetable stew tonight"

"Sure!. No problem"

The next morning at the home of Zecora, Orion woke up early. He was preparing his belongings to go to the Castle of Twilight where he would stay for an aid offered by Twilight. It was almost ten o'clock and Orion was ready to leave. Their equipment was light, carrying his sword and a backpack with two books and some scrolls and among other personal belongings. It was time to leave, Orion was near the front door of the Zecora's house with Meissa and the same Zecora. He said goodbye to Zecora and made their way towards the castle of Twilight together with his faithful friend

"Well... I hope that Twilight can help me as she says. What do you think Meissa?" he said as he walked by the ways of the Everfree forest

Meissa moved his tail and gave a bark Orion, like nodding that he was doing the right thing. After a few moments Meissa and Orion arrived at the driveway of the forest in which the town was next PonyVille. From there you could see the Twilight Castle and beside the town of PonyVille and in background you could see the city of Canterlot clutching to his mountain.

Orion was still wearing his leather coat as usual to hide their wings. Although Twilight, Celestia and Zecora, and also his old friend Meissa had told him to not worry about that, but he already had the habit of doing that. Then had passed a few minutes, they reached the entrance of PonyVille, but they just stood in front of it watching the town from there

"Well... We arrived" he said with a sigh. But then suddenly he heard a strange noise and realizes that his stomach was creaking. Meissa raised up his ears and looked Orion confused "Hmhm. Easy boy. It's just my stomach creaking. I think that first we'll pass to eat something. Let's go boy!"

Because the warning that gave his stomach, decided to go to a store to buy a snack before going to the castle. And that store was Sugar Cube Corner. Arriving at the same store Orion told to Meissa to stay out of the store for issues that they don't accept pets in the store. So Meissa stood on one side of the entrance while waiting to Orion. Entering Sugar Cube, Orion could smell different tastes of cakes, muffins and pies, just smell that smell is watered him in the mouth. He approached the counter and rang the bell that was in it. Behind the counter was the kitchen and from it came out Mrs. Cake

"Good morning gentlecolt. What would you like to order?" said Sra Cake

"Good morning ma'am You have oatmeal cookies?" he asked

"Oh sure! Immediately bring them to you, " said Mrs. Cake "Pinkie! Could you bring a bag of oatmeal cookies for this gentlecolt?"

"Sure!! immediately" was heard the voice of Pinkie Pie from the kitchen. Then they passed a few moments Pinkie came out from kitchen with a bag full of oatmeal cookies freshly made "Here they are!" she said as she gave to Orion the bag with cookies

"Thanks so much!. Here for the cookies" he said as with his magic put some bits to the counter.

Then of Orion grab his bag of cookies and to pay them, he turns around and decides to move on. Leaving the store Meissa immediately stands and raises his ears looking bag wearing Orion.

"Hmhm. I know you're hungry too, but you can't eat this. This is bad for your digestive system, have much sugar as for you" he said as he bent down and with his front hoof stroked his head "Then I'll take you to hunt and also eat something. What do you think?"

Meissa gave a bark and started moving his tail like a playful puppy. On the way, Orion was eating some oatmeal cookies and left some for Twilight if she is hungry. After a while of slow walk to the castle, they came to the gates thereof. Orion looked up, admiring all the details and forms of the Twilight's Castle, he could spend hours admiring the castle.

"Well boy. I think this will be our home for a while" he said looking at Meissa

Orion raised his hoof and knocked on the door of the castle, but it was already open and gently the door opened with a thud. He decided to enter the castle with Meissa to see if he could find Twilight. Upon entering, straight ahead of him he could see a staircase that gave their way up to the castle and to the side were short halls. Orion didn't know if climb the stairs or stay and wait, but then decided to climb up and take a look to find Twilight.

Meissa stayed down near the entrance by an order of Orion, he thought it inappropriate to take your wolf on a tour through the castle. Going up he saw a long corridor which ended in a large glass door, there were other corridors leading to different parts of the same, but Orion caught his attention this corridor in particular. He decided to start his way to those crystalline doors. Arriving with his magic opens the doors gently thudding and sees that this room is actually one of the most important rooms of the castle

"So this is the throne room" he said to himself.

Indeed, Orion was in the throne room of the castle. But what surprised Orion was that there is had more of a throne, were six thrones and in the middle round crystalline table. Orion went to see the thrones to see if he was sure that this was the throne room, or of thrones. Approaching, he see that the thrones have figures as if these were Cutie Mark.
One had three blue diamonds, the other had three red apples, another had three pink butterflies, another had three blue and yellow balloons, another had a cloud with a ray with the colors of the rainbow, and in the end one had a purple star with some small stars on it around. Orion quickly realizes that last throne had the Cutie Mark of Twilight, he didn't doubt that it was the throne room.

But by one side of the throne of Twilight, there was a smaller, as to a young colt; Orion did not understand why there were more than a throne in the throne room. But suddenly a scream that could be heard; the scream that was heard was that of a mare, Orion quickly ran in the direction where he heard the scream.

When he reach the stairs, from up there you could see several books scattered all over the floor, and about those books Meissa was standing facing the side of the main hall of the castle. He decided to go down to see what had happened down there.

"What happened boy?" he said confused and the same time worried

Meissa looked at Orion with a worry face and fear, his ears were down and then he looked one of the pillars supporting the castle; Orion behind it sees a pony tail. He did not doubt that it was Twilight, and she would have been frightened by Meissa as it is bigger than a normal wolf. Orion decided to get close to the pillar and see if Twilight is fine, she was hiding with her head in her front hooves. Orion decided that with his front hoof to shake Twilight a little to be calm. But...

"Hey Twilight... Are you-"

"GET OUT OF ME!!!" shouted out Twilight

But after screaming panic she released a beam to Orion making him fall back a few meters. The lightning had given it his chest near his right foreleg. After launch lightning, Twilight opens her eyes and sees Orion lying on the floor

"Oh no, Orion" she said quietly

She was scared of having injured him seriously. But Orion suddenly starts moving and tries to stand up again, but by the lightning his right front hoof was slightly injured and had trouble getting up.

"Orion!. Are you ok?" she said from the pillar as she was still scared

"Why every time when I'm near a mare I always go out injured?" he said to himself

But after a great effort, he accomplished to stand up. Meissa to see the right hoof of Orion starts licking the wound as to try to heal.

"Hmhm. It's ok Meissa. I'll be fine, and stop doing that you do that, you tickle me hmhm" he said with a smile

Orion after of stand up directs his gaze to the pillar where he was Twilight and sees that she's still hidden there. Orion gives a small chuckle and decides approach softly towards the pillar.

He stuck his head behind the pillar and saw Twilight on the floor scared "Hey Twilight. Are you okay?" he asked with a smile

"Orion! you're fine!!" she said relieved

"Yes. I think I scared you and you surprised me with a lightning"

Twilight quickly stands up and steps out from behind the pillar. "Tell me, what was it that frightened you?" he asked

"Well, I was carrying some books to my library that I had left down here and when I leave the room I saw a huge creature, then it turned to me and I scared" she said. Then Twilight sees Meissa and hides behind Orion "There it is!!. That's the creature that scared me"

"Who? He? Hmhm. I don't think that he will hurt you" he said between sniggering

"What are you talking about?" she asked confused

"That creature is my wolf"

Twilight for a moment looked at Meissa and then she surprised that itself was a wolf. But he also was surprised at how big it was. "Is that a wolf?"

"Hmhm, Yes. Come on! Come he will not hurt you" he said as he approached Twilight to Meissa"

Meissa approached to Orion, but still kept seeing Twilight strangely as it had been frightened by the reaction that took to him and Orion. But after that Orion insisted that both approaches her, the wolf decided to get closer and sat beside her. But it was still rigid

"Hmhm. Dude, she's my friend. She will not do anything" he said to Meissa

As Meissa don't move a muscle, Twilight decides to raise one of her front hooves and carefully directed it towards the head of Meissa and gently caresses him. Meissa then relaxes your body and starts moving its tail from side to side like a puppy

"You see!. I told you she wouldn't hurt you"

"Hmhm. Seems that he's shy" she said

"Yes, we could say that. In certain circumstances it may become frightened. But it better be well in front of friends since in most cases if it feels threatened he defends himself"

"What's his name?"

"His name is Meissa"

"Hmhm. I can imagine where you come up that name" she said with a mocking voice

After being petting Meissa for a while, then she leave him to caress; and when she pulled her hoof of his head, he began push with his snout the Twilight's hoof to she follow petting him

"Hmhm. A while ago you were afraid and now you ask her to she continues petting you?. You really are a character" he told a mocking tone to Meissa

"Hey Orion I'm sorry for surprise you with my lightning" she said distressed

"No problem" he said with a smile. "I hope that doesn't happen very often" he told to himself

"Well... You want to show you your new room?" she said as she grabbed back the books that were on the floor.

"Alright. I follow you"

After Twilight apologize to him again by the surprise, the three made their way to the upper floors of the castle. Instead of going down the path that went previously Orion, they turned toward the hallway that was toward right. Itself, Orion looked at the details of the hallways and the decor thereof, as previously Canterlot's castle. But it did not bring nostalgic as above, but left him stunned by the decor.

After a few minutes to walk from the castle, they came to the doors of the new room of Orion. From the hallway you could see a beautiful crystalline double doors, but to open the doors inside was much more beautiful. Inside the room you could find a crystalline double bed with a featherbed and above it was a painting of a landscape of a lake and a forest, and next to the bed was a night stand. It could be also find a small closet for clothes and also a door to the bathroom. And the room had a window overlooking the lake which was behind the castle.

Orion was even more astonished when entering the room that he would be living. He couldn't stop looking around the room how beautiful it was.

"Uh... Twilight. Would not you may have the wrong room" He said still looking everywhere

"What? No, no. This is your room where you'll live" she said with a smile

"But ... I thought it would be something less luxurious. This is too much"

"You don't like it?"

"No. No. I like, it's just that ... long ago that I not live in a room like this" he said with a sad smile

"Well... Now you have the opportunity to live again as before"

"Thank you Twilight" he said with a sincere smile

"You're welcome. Uh... I have to return these books to my library. Make yourself at home"

"Sure! Thank you Twilight" he once again thanked

Twilight left Orion's new room and went to her library to save the books she had grabbed. Orion left his backpack on the bed and his sword to the side of it and went to the bedroom window and took a little peek at the stage that it showed him. After returning to the room he sighed and then he looked at Meissa with a smile

"Hmhm. Boy, I think that today begins a new life for s"

_ _ _

Chapter 7: The Promise

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Orion had quit living in the Everfree forest to live temporarily Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle with Twilight, since she had offered him to help to let his concern aside, that the ponies of the present are not the same as the ponies of the past, that he could go and coexist with other ponies without worrying about having to be covering his wings, that the current ponies can also be his friends.

Twilight did this since as princess of friendship has helping others ponies with their problems with friendship. But what was strange was that the map which has in her throne room, gave no sign to her nor to the other five carriers of the elements of harmony about the problem of Orion. It was very strange and even more for Twilight, but that detail didn't mean that she wouldn't help him

It was Sunday morning, Orion along with Meissa had moved to the castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle recently, The Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle. He was in his bedroom sitting on his bed organizing his things to settle into his new bedroom. He rummaged in his bag and left two book on his nightstand along with his scrolls
Then also from his bag he pulled out a small frame in which it had painted a pony family. In it was Orion when he was unicorn with his brother Markab and with his parents Shining Blaze and Silvertree. He stared at it in great detail and with a big smile on his face. Meissa was curled up on the bed to his left side, but then turns his sight to Orion and sees him looking at painting, then the wolf decides to get closer to him and lay his head on him.

Orion begins to feel something soft and furry supporting in his side, he decides to look and sees his wolf leaning on it as if he was a pillow. Seeing Meissa a sad smile appeared on his face and then returned his gaze to the painting

"I wish you had known them boy. They were the best ponies and sure that if you had known them, they would have loved you as much as I love you boy" he said still holding his sad smile

Meissa looks at Orion and then gives a big yawn and leaned again in Orion. His sad smile changed to a normal and left his painting above the nightstand and supports his front hoof on Meissa's tummy and starts scratching it. The wolf began to move his back leg from side to side and made a little moan that it could be barely hear.

"Hey!. How about if we go to the lake to fish so you eat something. Since it will be almost noon" he said, pulling out his hoof of Meissa's tummy.

Meissa started moving his tail from side to side and gave a bark. That was enough for Orion. He leaves his remaining things in his bed along with backpack, his sword and left the room. They went to down the stairs and out of the castle to go to the lake that was behind it.

After they spend at least half an hour, in the castle library, as usual, Twilight was reading some books to pass the time. But the noon approached and Twilight began to feel his stomach crunches of hunger. She didn't hesitate to go to lunch, but the library was a disaster, there were books piled up on her desk and on the floor at a height greater than hers. So without time to lose her horn began to glow and collected all the books that were out of their shelves and brought them back to their places in the blink of an eye.
Twilight was alone in the castle, since Spike had gone to the Rarity's store to help her with her clothes and dresses, reorganize her stock and her glassmaking. Since Spike wasn't in the castle, she decided to invite Orion to see if he want to lunch with her.

After organizing her library she went to Orion's room. She climbed the stairs and headed down the hall to the right where was his room, but upon reach the doors of his room she knocked on the door but nopony answered.

"Orion?... Orion are you there?" she asked as she knocks on the door, but without response. She knocked the door again, but the result was the same. So she decided to enter to his room cautiously. The door opened gently with a dull noise, but once inside the room, it was empty. She saw that his things were above the bed and saw that there were also books and scrolls on the nightstand.

As usual, the curiosity of Twilight to see new books invaded her and decided to grab one and take a look. To turning the pages, she saw that it was a book about the different types of plants that exist and their properties, and the last book was about the natural magic, in which there were different types of spells to interact with nature. Twilight for some reason decided to not see the scrolls, but then saw that there was a small frame on the nightstand. She decided to levitate with her magic to her and saw in that frame there was a painting with four ponies.

To look it in detail she noticed that one of those ponies was Orion. At first she didn't recognized him since in this painting he was a young unicorn and had no beard on his chin. But after observing also realized that it was a familiar painting. She saw the pony which was at his side was his brother Markab and the two ponies that was above them were his parents Blaze and Silver. She gave a happy smile to see Orion with his family, but the cause of that smile was see that apparently not his whole life was a disgrace as he says.
Suddenly she began to hear laughter. Twilight began to look around, but could not find the cause of such laughter. After being looking for where the laughter came from, he noticed that those laughter were heard from the bedroom window, she decided to approach to find the causing and then to see down, near the lakeside there were Meissa and Orion. Seeing them gave a smile and decided to go down to where they were.

"Here's another boy!!" Orion said as he pulled a fish from the lake.

Meissa to see emerge from the water the fish, raises his ears and wait to approach, then he starts wagging his tail and of a jumped he achieved grab it with his mouth.

"Haha. Do you want another?" he asked with a smile

Orion to be taking another fish of the water, Meissa turns his head toward the side of the castle and sees Twilight approaching them. Seeing her he begins to move his tail from side to side, Orion noticing Meissa excited decides to turn his head and sees approaching Twilight.

"Oh. Hello Twilight!" he greeted with a smile.

"Hello Orion"

"What are you doing here? I thought you were reading in your library"

"Well... I wanted to ask you if you want to have lunch with me"

"Sure!" he said with a smile

"Well... come on!, would you accompany me to buy lunch?" she said turning back towards Ponyville.

"It's not necessary. Before I came here Zecora left me a little bowl of stew that she did last night. Or you want lunch another thing?"

"Oh. Ok!. If you already had something in mind for lunch..." she said turning back to Orion

" Hmhm. The bowl is in my room in my backpack, just let me give the last fish to Meissa and ready!" he said as he began to shine his horn "Here's another Meissa!. Ready?"

Melissa raises his ears leaving them straight and gave a bark while moving his tail. "Ok!. There it goes boy!" Orion said as he pulled another fish from the lake and heading to Meissa

Each time the fish approached him, Meissa was prepared for give a leap and grab it. The fish was nearly over his head and in the blink of an eye Meissa jumped and grabbed the fish of a bite and then took it to a trip to his digestive system.

"Jeje. Well done boy!!"

Meissa again began to move his tail from side to side and gave a bark leaving his tongue hanging off the side of his mouth.

"Hmhm, it seems that you two have a very strong bond" she said with a smile

"Hmhm, aha!. I raised him since he was almost a puppy"

"How did you meet him?" she asked as she sits beside Meissa.

"I met him when he was almost a puppy ten years ago. I'd found him near here of this town. I was walking there in the meadows and I saw something lying on the ground and seemed to move gently. When I decide to approached I saw him, he was wounded in most of his body, apparently had a fight with another animal. He was lost, since the territory of wolves is in Tall Tale and near of Smokey Mountain and Unicorn Range. I didn't hesitate to charge and bring him to a safer place to heal him. Despite the injuries that he had, he managed to recover in just two days; I couldn't believe how a wolf had a big regeneration system. But when I'd decided to take him to the territory of the wolves, but in those two days I fond of him and he of me hmhm. So I decided to keep him and have him as my friend."

"Hmhm. What a lovely story" she said as she caresses Meissa with her front hooves.

"Since that day it has been my faithful friend. In good and bad times he's always with me" he said with a smile as he looked at Meissa.

"But... How is that Meissa is so huge?. He's as tall as me" she asked confused

"That I never knew. When I met him he was a puppy at least almost ten months and he had a size of an adult wolf. When I found him he was only the height of a young foal, but every year became bigger and bigger, and until today he grew to that size"

"Maybe it could be a genetic alteration at birth" she said

"That was the first thing that popped into my mind"

"Orion... Can I ask you a question about your past?" she asked with a low voice.

"Uh... Okay. What is your question?" he said turning his sight to Twilight.

"I know that everything you told me about your life was a disgrace, but there has been some pony that has accepted you in the past, like Meissa?" she asked gently to try to not put the hoof.

"Well..." he sighed and turned his gaze toward the lake. "There are many things in my past that I don't want even remember. But yes, there have been ponies on which they've accepted me, but only very few about what I really am".

"Could you tell me more clearly Orion? If you want"

"Here in Equestria my life was not entirely happy, but I met some ponies which cared about me, but only looking like unicorn and I always tried to hide what I really am, but despite all sometimes I had a good connection with a pony. But despite that, I decided to follow my way since I didn't want that them to see what I really am, since in many places where I had been previously they had tried to do things that I already told you, and also for what happened in my town and about my brother.
To tell you the truth just two ponies accepted me how it really was. Well... a pony and a zebra, they were Meissa and Zecora"

"And Princess Celestia?" she asked

"Celestia is a different case. When I met her I was still afraid of what she might do to me if she discovered that I am an alicorn, as we still had aftermath of what had happened before I left from the Eastern Kingdoms. But after we met well and we did more and more friends, I was sick of keep lying than it actually was. I spent some time to think about how to say it gently and that she don't take it wrong, but apparently she had already discovered me. Also, as I told you before, I ran away, but it was for the shame of not telling the truth to my best friend and the only that I had at that time"

"Well... on the other hoof. Do you remember anything about your parents and your brother?"

Orion to heard that he gave a sad smile but also of happiness. "Hmhm. I remember everything about them. I remember every moment that we spent.

My brother was one of the high-ranking warriors of the town, he was very kind and generous with other ponies and a worker pony. But with me was competitive and at the same time compulsive since among us we did every nonsense to see who was the best at doing certain things. But we did it for fun.

My mother was one of the sweetest pony that I met in my entire life, she might be deeply angry with a pony but she never doubted to give her hoof to help that pony. She was also a wonderful cook, she could make a delicacy with only two ingredients that you give to her.

And my father... My father was an inspiration to follow. He was also like my mother, never doubted to give his hoof to help anypony regardless of the facts of their past. It was one of the best warriors in the town and was also the leader of there.

I remember absolutely everything about them" he finished telling to have a smile.

"Is good to hear that not all your life was a misery after all. But one last thing. Why else your whole time that you were in Equestria you didn't want to tell the truth to anypony, including Celestia, but why with Luna wasn't the same?"

"Hmhm. One day a zebra told me -Don't despise the memory of the journey. It doesn't delay your career, but directs it; one who forgets the starting point easily lose the goal. And if you do not want to repeat the past, study it!-"

"Hmhm. I can see why. So to not make the same mistake of before, you decided to tell the truth to Luna despite of the past events"

"Aha. Zecora also told me that lying is a ghost that will never leave you in peace, while only you know the truth, but it doesn't mean you have to tell the truth but doing things with honesty" he said with a smile "Since I met Zecora, my thoughts changed completely"

"I'm glad you told the truth to Luna, is a breakthrough"

"Yeah, but I didn't tell her the whole truth. Yet, I hide her the truth that I knew Celestia"

"Listen. About Celestia was something that you had to hide because you weren't prepared to face your mistake. And I think that was best to hide the truth that have lied her" she said putting her hoof on the shoulder of Orion

"The two things are not something to follow, but you're right. It was better to hide it that have lied her" he said pressing his lips together and pulling them backwards "Well... I think my turn to ask questions. Don't you think?" he said looking Twilight with a smile

"Hmhm. Ok. Go ahead, ask."

"Well... today when I came here to your castle, to tour the castle to find you apparently I went to the throne room. And what I found strange was that there wasn't only one throne in that room, but there were six thrones that had recorded your Cutie Mark and surely the Cutie Mark of another five ponies; and besides alongside to your throne was a smaller throne"

"Well... It's a long story..."

"Doesn't matter. I have all the time, besides" he said as he begins to shine his horn, and then from window of the Orion's room go out levitating, to where they are, a bowl in which inside had stewed vegetables which Zecora had made the night before to Orion, and two small bowls. "To take advantage of... No matter whether we have lunch outdoors?"

"Hmhm. Of course not" she said with a smile

While Orion filling the small bowls with a little vegetable stew, Twilight told him how this castle was created and why in the throne room there are six. Whenever Twilight progressed into the details of how she became an alicorn, the disaster of Plunderseeds and about the chest of the tree of harmony, Orion was surprised at the trouble she had with her friends to pass.

After spend at least one hour, Twilight finished telling everything about the castle and why the six thrones. Orion was amazed at how the magic of the elements of harmony might do.

"Wow. Now I understand why the six thrones. But still, if the six thrones are yours and your friends the carriers of the elements of harmony, from who is the small throne alongside to yours?"

"That little throne is of my friend and assistant Spike"

"Assistant? He is a young pony? Because I think that throne is a bit small for an adult pony like you"

"Hmhm. No... Spike is actually a baby dragon, he has been with me most of my life and he was until the moment my assistant and my best friend"

"Wait... You just say a baby dragon?" he said confused raisin an eyebrow

"Uh... Yes. Despite having sixteen he is still a baby"

"No, what I mean is that here in Equestria are dragons?"

"Well... "Twilight sighed and then directed her view to the lake "Not long ago there was a peace treaty between ponies and dragons. Many dragons immigrated to some cities and towns as Fillydelphia, Manehattan, Vanhoover and others. But despite that has made a peace treaty between the two kingdoms, even ponies and dragons don't live together very well that we could say"

"One of the problems may be in which you and Cadence were talking to Luna in Canterlot about your trip with her to Fillydelphia?"

"Yes. This last time even though we have dealt with many of the same subject matters, still they don't want to coexist ponies with dragons and vice versa. It's a little difficult to make that dragons and ponies get along, although they each have their thoughts I don't tolerate that they behave to that manner to each other"

Orion sighed and fell silent for a few seconds "I know what you feel. I had the same thoughts about why in the past the ponies saw me as a monster or a threat and/or my appearance without knowing who and how I am I actually, but that's in the heads of them"

"But I don't know why it's so difficult to make them get along !. I do not understand how they can judge each other without knowing who they really are and what their personalities, they just judge by appearances!" she barked banging her hoof on the ground.

Apparently the reaction that took Twilight scared Melissa, causing it to move away a little of her to the side of Orion. Twilight let her fury when she sees that scared Meissa. "Oh. Sorry Meissa, I didn't want to scare you" she said sorry for what happened. But despite the scare, Meissa returned to his place alongside Twilight.

"I remember exactly one day my mother told me that a pony must learn that he cannot order things out, but can command himself, he cannot force the will of others, but can shape and dominate their will, and the things which serve the truth serve, the ponies seek the guidance of one who is master of himself.
Listen Twilight. I know you're the princess of friendship and your role is to unite all be in a friendship no matter what, but sometimes you have to put that aside. No matter how hard you try if they don't accept something, don't force them to do something they don't want to do because the results will be worse, it's best to let everything go in due time and wait for the right moment to attempt."

"I had never thought of that way, I think that what you say makes sense" she said surprised

"Hmhm. On the other hoof, Spike is like the other dragons?"

"What? Oh no!. Spike is nothing compared to them, it is much more friendly and sweet than the other Dragons" she said as she shook her head denying the Orion's question

"Ok! Ok!. Hmhm. I'd love to meet him in person to Spike" he said with a smile

"It would be a pleasure that you meet him. He is currently helping one of my friends with some things" she said as she shaking one of his hooves in all directions. "But I think for the evening you will be able to meet him"

"Hmhm. I think it will be better for another day. Besides I have to go" he said as he stood

"Uh? Where are you going?"

"Well... I have to go to Canterlot to fulfill a promise I made to Luna" he said as he grabbed the bowl and small bowls.

"Oh. Well, then I won't bother you. Why better you not let me carry the bowls? so you can arrive earlier" she said grabbing the bowls with her magic.

"Hmhm. Alright" he said leaving the bowls to Twilight "Well boy... Let's go to Zecora's home so I leave you there?"

Meissa immediately stood up and gave a bark while wagging his tail. "Alright boy, Let's go!" he said as he began his road with Meissa to Everfree forest.

But suddenly he heard Twilight say his name, that stopped him. "Orion!" she shouted out as she watched them walk away

Orion immediately turns around and comes back a few steps toward Twilight "What's happens Twilight?" he asked

"Uh... Why you don't leave him here with me? so you can save the journey to Everfree forest"

"It's not necessary, Zecora can take care him without any problems. Besides I don't want to leave him to you as a burden"

"No. Please, I insist" she said serenely

Orion gave a smile and then turned his sight to Meissa "You want to stay here with Twilight? What do you think?" he asked Meissa.

The wolf gave another bark and started moving his tail from side to the other. That was enough for Orion. "Alright!. Be good boy, be kind to her and don't make mischief" he said stroking his head with one of his front hooves.

Meissa starts moving his tail most often and then leaped toward Orion staying on two legs and giving him a wet farewell "Hehehehe. Stop boy!, you're tickling me!" he said between giggles trying to dodge the licks of Meissa.

Then the wolf got back to his all fours and headed where it was Twilight, staying seated alongside her and gives another bark-farewell to him. Orion gives a smile and spread his wings to begin his flight to the castle of Canterlot.

"See you later Twilight" he said goodbye as he prepared to start his flight

"See you later. Orion" she also said goodbye

After saying goodbye Orion begins to take flight, in just a few moments he takes a pronounced height towards the castle of Canterlot. On the flight even though the day was sunny and there was no cloud in the sky, there were some wind gust something strong that was causing a bit of chaos to him to fly, since it rose and fell repeatedly and from one side to the other.

"Uff ... I think I'll have to ask Luna when I reach the castle that she give me some other practices for the flight because it is becoming harder for me to fly straight hmhm" he said to himself as he struggled to keep a straight line on your flight.

After pass at least half hour to hard flight to the castle of Canterlot, Orion landed near the gates of the castle itself. But instead of a normal landing, this was a forced landing since he nearly buried his head in the ground. Being on floor safely, gives a sigh of relief to have come alive after these gusty winds. "-Sigh- Well... I think I came safely by luck hmhm" he said to himself. Then came down his heart rate and adrenaline, he gives his view looking up to the castle. "Ok. Let's see if Luna is here at the castle"

Orion begins his way to the castle entrance and at the entrance there were two guardsmen standing guard at the entrance. Orion noticed they were there, but decided to move on as if nothing to not alert the guards, but these almost be beside of these guards they let down their spears, between crossing, blocking the entrance to Orion

"You cannot enter the castle of princess, is not the time to visit. To enter you need to have an authorization of princess" said one of the guard firmly

"Oh. Sorry guards, but I already have the authorization of Princess Celestia to enter to her castle. She invited me to have tea with her since we have to discuss some important issues" he said with a touch of elegance

The guards looked at each other and began to doubt, but then one of them decided to lift the spears to unlock the passage, but he approached to Orion "Alright. To be sure I will accompany you to the tearoom" said the guard, but this time with a relaxed posture

The guard along with Orion headed inside the castle and went to the main hallway to climbing the stairs. To Climbing the stairs were three halls which are divided with sideways and one forward, as the tea lounge was by the left hallway them headed to the left hallway. As they were walking down the aisle, as is usual Orion always admired the castle since knowing even as it was inevitable for him, however the guard had blocked his view forward. Orion several times thought of something to say to start a conversation with the guard, but ultimately decided to not open his mouth because, like well he know, the guards have strict conduct.

After a long walk through the hallways of the castle, the two ponies arrived at the gates of the tearoom. Opening it Orion was a great surprise to see the same Celestia sitting drinking tea with accompaniment of a piece of chocolate cake. Celestia to see open the doors the tearoom and see Orion behind them with a guard, she also was a great surprised.

The guard stepped forward and gave a bow to Celestia "Princess, sorry for the inconvenience but this pony said to have a visit for tea together with you to talk about issues of paramount importance" said the guard.

Celestia to hear what he had told the guard she confused then turned her sight to Orion and then he suddenly gives a wink. She immediately decides to act. "Oh. Yes!, I spoke with him yesterday when he was here in the castle since we were going to talk about the issue of Fillydelphia" she said indifferently

Alright princess, I won't bother you" the guard said with a bow and then leaving the tearoom closing the door behind him.

After the guard left the tearoom, she looks Orion with a raised eyebrow "And now what was that all about?" she asked as she coming toward him.

"Hmhm. You want to know what was that all about?" he said with a mocking voice.

"While it's not serious" she said quietly looking away"

"Haha!. Actually I only came to visit Luna since I made a promise to her, and well... when I arrived at the gates of the castle, the guards blocked the passage and telling me that I needed an authorization to go to the castle. Then I said to them that I had a visit to tea with you and discuss urgent issues" he told what happened

"Are you still keep saying that nonsense that you get a visit to tea with me to almost all the guards?" she asked, then turned her front hoof to her mouth and giggled "It seems you have not changed at all" she added

"Why change that saying? There is nothing more important than a visit to tea with the Princess and talk urgent issues. I do not think the guards prohibit the entry to a pony which has a very important board with his princess" he said with a mocking voice while he came closer more to Celestia.

"Haha!. What will be?. is something of yours" she joked. Then she gave a hug to greet Orion "How did it go there with Twilight?" she asked.

"Well ... the first thing was a little weird how she received me but then was very friendly"

"Weird? Hmhm. Come, join me for tea and tell me everything" she said as she approached where the teapot was with its set. Orion also came there and sat beside her. "Well... tell me what happened?" she said after taking a sip of tea

"When I arrived at the castle, at knock anypony had not responded and I decided to go to see if she was somewhere in the castle. In front of me I had seen a stairs which gave the upper floors of the castle, so I decided to see if she was up there.
I'd told Meissa to stay down because I didn't think it appropriate to take him a walk through the castle. So I went upstairs and headed by one of the corridors and came to the throne room of the castle. For a moment I began to wonder why they had more of a throne room, since there were six. After being looking those thrones I heard a scream coming from down and then I started running down the stairs to see what had happened.
When I got downstairs I saw books that had scattered all over the floor and Meissa scared and then I noticed that he was looking scared one of the pillars of decoration, and I decided to see what was back there . I noticed that there was Twilight also scared, I quickly realized that she was frightened by Meissa. When I poke my head to see if it was okay she throws a ray leaving me lying on the ground..."

"Really she did that?" she interrupted

"Well... it was a defense reflex, she didn't on purpose. But then when I got up I went back to see if she was well and... you know... she then came out from behind the pillar. She told me why she was scared, and then when she saw Meissa she hid behind me. She said that he had scared"

"And then? what happened?"

"Well after apologizing by lightning, she took me to the room where I will be living temporarily. For a moment I thought it would be an ordinary room, but when I entered the room was... it was almost luxurious. For a moment I began to remember when I lived in the same conditions here in this castle. That room reminded me of my old room where I lived here in Canterlot"

"You mean The Luna's room?"

"Yes. Although the room was of Luna, in that time I felt like it was mine"

"Although the room now has her, besides of the room is of Luna. When Twilight finish to help you, you wouldn't want relive here in Canterlot. With me?"

Orion looked at Celestia with a big smile "With my best friend? All my life!"

Celestia also gave a big smile to hear the acceptance of Orion. And then she began to shine her horn raising the teapot "Hey. Why don't you join me with a cup of tea?" she said as she headed the teapot toward another cup that was aside.

But before she begins to fill the cup, Orion raised his hoof to stop her "No thanks Celestia. Before coming here I had lunch with Twilight, but still thank you again for offering" he said with a smile.

"Oh Ok. As you want" she said returning the pot to its place

"Hey Celly. Do you know where are Luna?"

"Well... I think she was in her room. I do not know if she are sleeping because last night she couldn't sleep because she was so busy with her royal work" she said as she served another cup of tea "I also think you need to comb a bit" she said between giggles.

"Uh? Why you say that?"

"Well... Look your mane"

Orion decided to go to one of the mirrors was there in the room and sees that his mane was all disheveled. To see his mane also starts laughing "Hmhm. I think I'll have to comb my mane" he said with a mocking voice.

"Hmhm. Tell me Orion. What promise did you do to Luna?"

"Well... I promised her to reward my mistake, this week we'd be together, that I would do what she wanted" he said as he walked back to where she was sat.

"Be careful what you promise, in that week something unexpected could happen" she said with a mocking voice

"Stop talking nonsense Celestia" he said rolling his eyes

"Hmhm. Ok but, I warned you" she said again with a mocking voice

Orion gave a chuckle and said goodbye to Celestia to go to the Luna's room where she was. When Orion left the tearoom, he was walking the halls of the castle, in them it could be feel the wind hummed to hit the castle.

Then it happened a while, Orion reached the gates of Luna's room. He started knocking gently just in case Luna was sleeping, but to hit the door them opened just a little slowly with a thud. Orion decided to go open the door a little more slowly and cautiously to move into the room.

Upon entering, Orion thought at first that there was nobody in the room, but being by turning around to return he heard like a moan coming from the Luna's bed. Orion turned his head and saw that the bed was sleeping Luna. Orion approached cautiously to the bed to be sure if she was there, and the closer he notice that she was there, sleeping.
He gave a smile to see so innocent and adorable is her when she slept like a filly, but then decided to leave the room to not interrupt the dream of a princess, since isn't polite for a stallion interrupt the dream of a princess. So he took a step back and again cautiously walked toward the door to then leave the room. But to be coming to the gates, Luna begins to wallow in bed and suddenly opened one of her eyes, and sees Orion heading to the gates. She stands with her front hooves and rubs her eyes to be sure what she was seeing.

"Orion?" she said gently.

Orion heard the voice of Luna and gently turns and sees Luna wakes "Oh. Sorry Luna. I think I woke you up" he said a little embarrassed to interrupt her dreams.

"What are you doing here?" -yawn- "I Thought you were in the castle with Twilight" she said with a yawn.

Well... Yes" he said as he walked over to where was Luna "But I decided to come to visit you for the promise I made to you, but when I knocked the gates of your room it were opened and I saw you were sleeping. So I decided it would be best to visit you more late" he added

Luna gives another yawn and sits on her bed to awake "Oh! Hmhm right!. I had forgotten your promise for all the work I had last night" she said with another yawn.

Orion decided to get even closer to Luna and sits beside her on the bed "Well... If you had a busy work last night, I think you'd better follow sleeping"

"It's not necessary" she said getting out of bed and giving an elongation at her front and hind hooves "Since morning I was sleeping, I think that's enough. Besides... I feel like new" she said elongating her body yet.

"Hmhmhm. If you say so" he said rolling his eyes with a smile.

After Luna finished stretching, looking at Orion and start keep from laughing, but apparently cannot keep it and she began to laughter

Orion to see Luna laughing, he raises an eyebrow without knowing why "What? What's so funny Luna?".

"Hahaha. Look at you. You look ridiculous!" she said between peals of laughter

Then Orion realized why Luna was laughing "Oh. Hmhm yeah, I think I'd have to comb my mane a bit. Don't you have a brush around you lend me to comb my mane?"

"Hmhmhm. Well... Yes. I have one that's in my makeup table. Take it" she said pointing to the makeup table where was the brush but she couldn't yet keep from laughing.
While Orion combed his mane, Luna still couldn't stop laughing to see him combing in a makeup table for mares. But apparently that Luna couldn't keep her giggles Orion turned around and decided to see what it causes both to Luna.

"And now what?" he said raisin an eyebrow

"Hmhm. It's Nothing. It's Just..." -Giggle- "Is a little weird to see you brushing your mane in a makeup table for mares " she said between giggles.

"Hmhm. The fact that I have long mane doesn't mean I don't take it care" he said after finishing brushing his mane

-Giggle- "Just it caused me a bit" she said yet between giggling

"Well... since you're ready, where do you want to go?" he said as he approached to Luna

"Hmm. I don't know. I have not been thinking about some place to where we can go" she said scratching her chin with her hoof

"Well... I thought if you wanted to go to Neighagra Falls"

"To Neighagra? Ok!. I think that would be great" she said with a smile.

"Well... what are we waiting for? Let's go before it make later" he said as he walked toward the gates.

"Ok. Just... wait a minute so I prepare some things to bring" she said grabbing her backpack

"Ok. I wait for you outside" he said as he left the room

Orion stood in the hall a few minutes front to the doors of Luna's room waiting for her be ready for the trip, but then he decided that he would also have to bring something to travel. Without further thought Orion began to shine his horn and suddenly his backpack and his sword had appeared at his side, and inside the backpack were his things. After a few moments later, Luna left her room together also with a backpack, but left her crown and royal necklace and replacement them by the necklace that her sister gifted to her.

"Are you ready?" he said as he put his backpack to start the trip.

"Yes!" she said enthusiastic.

"Alright. Stand by me" he said starting to shine his horn.

"Uh... Ok..."

Orion began to concentrate and in the blink of an eye they were gone in a beam of light.

In Neighagra, near one of the lakeshore, where the falls end, under a tree Orion with Luna appeared in a beam of light. Then Luna opened her eyes and noticed that they already are in Neighagra Falls, he began to look around admiring the beautiful scenery of the waterfalls.

"Wasn't that the long distance travel teleportation consumed a lot of energy?" she asked him with a raised eyebrow and a smile

"Hmhm. Well not really consume a lot of energy to say, but it consumes more than teleport short distances, yes!" he said with a smile.

"Well ... what do you do first? You want to walk to the top of the mountain, or you prefer a swim here in the lake?" she asked as she put her bag beside the tree in which they had appeared.

Orion to hear the two options that gave Luna, he gave a smile to himself and then began to shine up his horn and raised Luna of the floor.

"Wha?... Orion!! What are you doing?" she shouted out trying to get back to the ground

"You know what?, I think we'd better give a little splash" he said with a Machiavellian smile

Orion suddenly starts to carry Luna above the lake and then knocking her loose in it. Luna quickly when she recovered the control her head emerged to give a breath. Orion was watching Luna laughing at the lake without she knowing what had happened.

"Very funny Selkie!!" she said upset.

"Haha. You said what it was that I would rather do first" he said with a mocking voice as he also left his stuff on the tree

"Oh yeah? she said starting to shine her horn "Then... why don't you join me?"

Luna begins to surround with her magic to Orion and also carry him over the lake and left him dropping on it. Like Luna, Orion emerges his head to give a breath.

Haha. The princess Luna declares war on me?" he said as he swam slowly toward her in a position to attack. "Well... If the princess wants war, she will!!"

"Hehe. No! No! Hahaha it was a mistake. No to war" she shouted out mockingly as she tries to move away from Orion to he didn't reach her.

"Too late!!. The war has begun!!" he shouted out trying to catch Luna.

From the shores of the lake and farther are could hear the shouts and laughter of Luna and Orion by how they enjoyed swim in the lake of Neighagra Falls.

Meanwhile in the Kingdom Friendship Rainbow Castle, Twilight was in her library reading at her desk with Meissa that lying on the floor curled up asleep. The library remained in deep silence, but suddenly Meissa raises his head and also put his ears straight, in alert. Twilight realized that Meissa caught somepony coming to where they were. And then suddenly the gates of the library opened and behind them the baby dragon Spike appears.

"Twilight!. I'm Back!" he said as he walked over to where Twilight was sitting

After two years had passed since the fall of Lord Tirek, Spike had grown pretty, he was slightly more tall than Twilight, his tail was longer and with more flakes pointy and his face was slightly elongated. Twilight give a smile seeing Spike back at the castle, but Meissa is in alert because he doesn't know Spike and took him as a possible threat. Spike to see the wolf lying down with his head up beside the desk, begins to take a few steps back.

"Wow ... What's that?" he said as he stands in defense position.

Twilight realized that Meissa wasn't felt completely satisfied to see Spike, so she decided to calm and let him know that Spike is just a friend and not a threat. "Hmhm. Easy Meissa. Spike is just a friend, he will not do anything" she said stroking his head. Meissa calms but he still doubted of Spike

"Hello Spike!. I'm glad you're here" she greeting with a smile

"What is that creature?" he asked yet in defense position.

"Easy Spike is just a wolf of a friend" she said as she walking toward him to give him a hug.

"Is that a wolf?" he asked pointing to Meissa with one eyebrow raised amazed at how big Meissa was.

"Well ... technically yes, it's a wolf"

"So... From who is that wolf?" he asked still staring up and down Meissa

"Well... A week ago we met in Canterlot with a pony called Orion and this is the wolf. He's called Meissa" she said approaching Meissa to give a small caress

"So... if Meissa is his wolf, why his wolf are here?" he said walking carefully to Twilight.

"Oh, I forgot it hehe. I had not told you about him" she said a little embarrassed "Come, I'll tell you everything that happened" she said sitting back down at her desk.

Returning to Neighagra Falls, after they being swimming and playing for a while at the lake, Orion and Luna decided to go up the mountain to admire the views that it gives them.

They were almost half the height of the mountain walking down a small path which give its way to the top. Orion every time that he walked for the path, attacked him nostalgia when he came here almost a thousand years ago with his friend Celestia to spend the day outside of any royal work to relax and nothing more than just to hear the sound of the waterfalls.

Arriving in a small plain that was not far from the mountaintop, there Luna decides to approach to alongside the edge where the cataracts fall. There also in the esplanade that was in the halfway up the mountain, had a small lake in which the cataracts fell down the mountain.
After Luna sits on the edge admiring the scenery, Orion finished walk up to the small plain and then he goes where Luna was and sits beside her.

"Nice view, huh?" he said looking at the landscape

"Yeah... From here you can see the mountain of Canterlot and the same city" she said pointing to where the mountain was.

"Yeah. Is a beautiful landscape?"

"It's wonderful. In my two thousand years rarely I could admire a beautiful landscape like this" she said without taking out one's eyes from the landscape.

Orion gave a smile and then stood up "Well, enjoy it because we will only be here until dusk and just missing a few hours" he added as he headed one of the trees in which there was near the shore the small lake.

By leaving his stuff under the tree, Luna also decide to leave her stuff in it and lying down on the grass to rest her helmets after a tedious climb. Orion then gives his way to the small lake and then turns his head looking where Luna was resting "Hey Luna. Would you like to join me for a swim?" he said as he walked into the small lake

Luna with one of her front hooves refused the invitation of Orion "No thanks. I think I better stay here and rest a while"

"Ok. You lose it"

Orion delved further into the lake and went to where fell a small waterfall and he delved into it as if it were a shower. Luna from the tree saw how Orion relaxed under the waterfall as if where in the shower. "Hmhm. Despite everything that happened in his past, Orion is a very polite and friendly pony, and even happy" she thought "Besides he has some nice flanks and his..." Luna suddenly starts to shake her head "What? What the hell am I thinking?. Orion is my friend and just a week ago we met. It's not time to think nonsense" she added to her thinking.

After a few moments Orion got out from under the waterfall and goes where Luna was lying resting. Leaving the lake, the drops fell from his body like the waterfalls of Neighagra.

"Hmhm. The colt finished playing in the small lake?" she said with a mocking voice.

"Haha. We could say yes" but suddenly Orion started shaking and all the water that was falling from his body to get out of the water, largely headed almost leaving soaked Luna.

"Orion!. You're soaking me!!" she shouted out putting her front hooves on her face to cover.

"Hmhm. What? Aren't you going to say me now that you hate the water?" he said with a mocking voice after finishing shaking.

"I don't hate the water, but you're soaking me" she snorted.

"Hmhm. What a plaintive" he said with a low voice.

"What? Am I complaining?" she snorted again.

"Haha. It's just a joke" he said as he sat alongside Luna. Orion then begins to shine his horn and bring his bag beside him, and he takes a small empty teapot with two small bowls and places them in front of him. "Do you want some jasmine tea?" he asked as he also drew from his bag a small container which had Phoenix Dragon Pearls.

"Ok. I'd like some" she said with a smile

Orion with his magic raise the teapot and carry it above to the lake, dipped it and then emerge it to fill it with water. Then bring it back to where they were and let it back into place, he begins to shine again his horn and a small beam of light seen in the teapot, he purified the water to that the tea has no other flavor than that of jasmine.

After from the small container pulled out a pearl and dipped it into the teapot, and then with another spell the water of the teapot starts heating. By leaving the lid open of the teapot, you could see how the Phoenix Dragon Pearl is opened and also you could receive a soft and delicate aroma of the same pearl. Seeing that the water was already boiling, Orion stops shining his horn and re-cover the teapot and then filled the two small bowls.

"Your tea is ready Princess" he said taking the small bowl with tea to Luna with an elegant voice.

"Thank you very much Orion" she also said with an elegant voice.

Back in Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle, Twilight was telling about Orion and all his past life as a nomad to him. Spike was sitting on the floor with Meissa, stroking him, apparently Meissa already dismissed that Spike was a threat.

"Wow. Now that's ugly" he said a bit distressed to hear that

"Yeah, he has had a rough past. That's why I offered him that he stay here in the castle temporarily until he can see that this generation there are ponies which can be his friends" she continued telling "Besides, he said that he wanted to meet you in person, he was surprised that there is a baby dragon here in Ponyville hmhm" she said with a smile.

"And where is he?"

"Orion went to Canterlot as he had to fulfill a small promise that he made to Luna"

While Spike stroked Meissa, you could hear little moans from him. Spike when see the reactions of Meissa gives a smile "Hm. At first sight he scares you of how big he is, but now to be his head resting on my legs, he is very cuddly" he said without leaving caress him.

"Hmhm. Yes, I thought so too. When they came here, the first time that I had seen him in the main hallway near the entrance he scared me and then I hid behind a pillar. At that time I did not know what he was really Meissa, but when Orion told me that he was his wolf I was surprised too" she said with a smile as she looked at Meissa. Suddenly Twilight rises from her chair and walks over to where Spike and Meissa were. "Hey. How about if we go to Ponyville to see if there are our friends?"

"Ok!. But ... What about Meissa"

"He come also with us. Surely our friends would love to meet a wolf the size of a pony, even Fluttershy hmhm"

Alright!. I follow you!" he said as he stood

"Come on Melissa !. Come with us" she said pointing her hoof to accompany

Meissa started moving his tail and jumped to his feet and headed to the door with Twilight and Spike to spend an afternoon with their friends in Ponyville.

The afternoon had passed quickly and it was midnight. You could see in the sky stars shinning and the full moon on top of the starry sky, could hear coruscate the crickets and hooting the owls.

In Neighagra Orion and Luna he was lying in the grass by the tree faceup relaxing with the sound of waterfalls and looking at the stars, looking for what was the star more shimmering and looking for a shooting star that pass to make a wish.

But after a few moments Orion decides to stand up and goes to the tree where his things were "Well... I think we'd better get back. this day was great" he said as he gathered his things.

"What? We are leaving now?" she said with her ears low.

Orion turned his head and began to confused "Uh... yes, it's almost midnight, I think we'd better go home" he said approaching her "Why do you ask?"

"It's just... I just wanted..." -Sigh- "Forget it" she said disgusted looking at where the mountain of Canterlot was

"What happens Luna? Tell me, you had thought otherwise?" he said after sitting beside her.

"Well ... I-I wanted to ask you if you w-wanted to camp here" she said shyly.

Orion to hear that gave a smile and then stood "Ok. If you want to camp here, I won't contradict you. Besides I had said I would do what you want"

"Really?" she shouted out joyfully jumped to her feet

"Aha!. Also, if we go camp here, we'll need a place to sleep" he said starting to shine his horn

Suddenly in front of the tree where were their things, from the grass began to leave some branches that intertwine later forming a small arched roof, and the lawn was looked more padded than outside the tent.

"Ta dah!. Now we can camp" he said with a smile

After build with his magic the tent, where they go to sleep, he walked into it to lie down, followed behind him Luna and also entered to the tent and lay beside him. "What do you think about the tent?" he asked.

"It's perfect" she said with a smile.

Orion also replied with a smile, then he turned his sight to the starry sky. "Hm. What a beautiful night you gave us today" he said with a smile.

Luna blushed to hear that. "Thank you. I rarely such a beautiful night like this, it is according to my mood" she said with a smile. Then Luna starts yawning and rests her head on the shoulder of Orion "Good night. Orion" she said with a yawn.

Orion to see Luna snuggle in him, he gives a smile "Goodnight my princess Luna"

_ _ _

Chapter 8: It's nice to see you again, brother

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In Neighagra Falls, slowly the night was coming to an end to then it give a new dawn, was shortly that the moon down in the western horizon to make way for the sun emerges in the eastern horizon. It could be still hear coruscating the crickets and hooting the owls, and it could be still see the beautiful starry sky along with the moon almost on its full moon phase.

There, almost the top of the mountain, in a small lake sleeping under a small shelter made with roots and leaves front a tree, Orion was curled in it hidden snout in his front hooves, and to his side Luna was curled resting her head on the Orion's shoulder as if he were a pillow.

Luna seemed to be enjoying being curled up on Orion as could be noticed he had no problem in comfort, but despite that Orion didn't feel to be very uncomfortable since it could also tell that he was sleeping like a little pony. But that convenience for Luna soon would end, because the biological clock woke her up to come down the moon.
She slowly tried to open her eyes to then finally wake up and give a big yawn. Then, she delicately stood up to not wake Orion up and cautiously leaves the tent in which Orion had made the night before, to then go to the side of the edge where falling the cataract and then stop there. Luna begins to shine her horn and slowly bends down bowing, to then gently lower the moon over the western horizon that was at forehead her.

After lowering the moon, Luna gives a small glimpse into the western horizon admiring the beautiful views that it gave to her. Then she turns and looks up the mountain where they were, it could be see the twilight that the sun was giving, to be slowly emerging for a new day. Seeing the reddish color of the twilight, she turns around and turns her sight to the tent.

There, she sees Orion still sleeping like a horse after an afternoon of games without rest. She draw a smile on her face and then cautiously goes to the tent, and carefully to not wake Orion up, she returned again instead supporting her head on his shoulder in which she had been sleeping. She gives a small yawn and then looks at how Orion slept hidden with his snout between his front hooves and then redraw a smile on her face.

"Hmhm. He looks so cute and innocent when he sleeps" she told herself. "I don't understand how the ancestors ponies could hate him; of the few ponies that I know, he's one of the most educated and funny ponies, after of my sister" Suddenly she snuggles deeper into his shoulder and then gives another little yawn. "Besides... his body is very comfortable to curl up and he doesn't snore. I think..." Luna suddenly stops her thoughts and shut her eyes and then shakes her head gently, then opened it "Again?. For all my nights, this damn thought is still hovering in my head?" she said frowning. -Sigh- "I think I'll sleep a little longer until Orion wake up, but I'm going to go crazy" then she begins gently close her eyes and then of several moments she was asleep.

After pass an hour, in Neighagra dawn had appeared, and the sun was rising slowly behind the mountain giving its way to the top of the sky. Because of that a small strip light gives on Orion's face, causing him to wake up. He opens his eyes gently and then takes out his snout between his front hooves and gives a big yawn, returning to open and close their eyes again until that he noticed that dawn had appeared.

He gives a small view looking upwards to the top of the mountain, and sees the sun tucked behind it and at its sides light strips protruding. Then he directs his gaze to the west where the edge where the waterfall was falling, seeing in the background that the landscape was sunlit.

Orion gives another yawn and start trying to fully wake up, but then feels on his right shoulder as if something was rubbing and then he heard a small groan. He immediately gives his view on his right shoulder and sees in it that Luna was curled up like a little filly, he gives a smile at see her so adorable and innocent. "Hmhm. It looks like somepony decided to use me as a pillow" he said to himself mockingly.

He returns to take another yawn and then decides to wake her up because if it don't do later. Then Orion with his snout gives a small rub at the base of her horn to try to wake her up. "Luna... Come on! sleeping beauty, it's time to wake up" he said softly as he continued rubbing.

Luna begins to open her eyes gently and then turns her sight to Orion still leaning on his shoulder. Orion seeing her gently waking up, gives a little smile. "Good morning, my princess" he said softly.

Luna gives a small yawn and then smiles back "Good morning, Selkie," she said gently and also with a mocking voice.

"Slept well my little pony?"

She just nods and then gave another small yawn.

"Hmhm. I'm glad that it is. Well ... what if we get up and we continue through the day?" he said as he beat with his shoulder the Luna's head gently.

"Mmm... Why don't we stay a little longer?" she said innocently.

"Haha!. You say that you're comfortable using me as a pillow, right?" he said with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

"Hmhm. We could say yes" she said mockingly.

Orion gives a small laugh and then directs his gaze to the lake, and suddenly gives a small mischievous smile. "Hmhm. Well ... if you don't get up in ten seconds, I took you to the lake and there I immerse you" he said mockingly.

"Haha!. You wouldn't dare!" she said roguishly still with her head on the Orion's shoulder.

"Oh yeah?. One... two... three... four..." Orion began his countdown still with his sight to the lake and beginning to shine his horn.

"Hahaha!. Stop talking nonsense. I don't believe you" she said clinging to him even more.

"Five... six seven eight nine" before Orion count the number ten, Luna teleports out of the tent being in front of it. "Hmhm. It seems that yes or yes you were going to move" he said mockingly as he stood up and stretched his front legs with a big smile on his face.

"Very funny" she said not very satisfied being deceived for him.

"Hmhm. By the way... How is Twilight with Meissa?" he said looking where Ponyville was.

"You left Meissa with her, in her castle?"

"Well... she insisted that I left him to her. So as he had no problem, I leave him in her hooves" he said as he walked over to where Luna "I hope that he has not caused problems to her"

Meanwhile Kingdom Friendship Rainbow Castle, in each room and hallway could only hear the birds sing in the new dawn of a new day, and apart from that there was a deep silence.

In Twilight's room, was found herself curled up asleep in her bed hugging her pillow and covered with blankets, and next to the bed in a small bed was Spike sleeping in it. Spike was too big to sleep in his little bed, but he still liked to sleep there although small for him. But in her room was an individual more; between the beds was Meissa in a deep sleep with his snout tucked between his legs. But suddenly he begins to open his eyes gently and then gives a big yawn, to then stand up and stretch his front and back legs.
After giving an elongation at his legs, he turn his sight to the Twilight's bed and then he jumped in it supports his two front paws on the edge of it, and then he get closed his snout to her and gave a wet lick to her face on the left side of in which her face could be seen. Twilight feel that something wet on her face, but she ignored it and with a small romp turned to the other side of the bed.

To see that she turned around, lowered back to the floor and rounded the bed to then go where Twilight had turned, and then he jump again to the edge of the bed supporting his front legs and giving her another lick. She begins to frown and gently opens her eyes, and difficulty she sees Meissa.

"Meissa?" she muttered as she rubbed her eyes.

Meissa to see her awake starts to move his tail from side to side and returned to give her another wet lick, causing her to cover with their hooves to dodge his wet good mornings. "Hehehehe. Stop! You tickles me"

then Meissa stops and gets off of it, being seated next to the bed. Twilight achieved painstakingly to sit up on the edge of the bed and give a big yawn, and also lifting her front legs to stretch.

"Good morning Meissa" she said with a smile.

Then she turns her head and sees Spike that was still sleeping, so she gets off of the bed, and then go to his bed. She with her right front hoof, moves him delicately to wake him up, but he only gives some moans but still without waking. Suddenly Meissa directs to his bed and then take a big lick in the face of Spike, woke him up with a jump.
"Hmhm. Good morning, Spike" she said drawing a big smile on her face.

Spike gives a big yawn and then sits on the edge of his bed "Good morning, Twilight". Meissa to see Spike awake gives a little bark as he moved his tail from side to the other.

Spike directs his sight to Meissa "Hmhm. Good morning to you too, Meissa" he said as he stroked his head.

"Hey Spike. How about if we have a hot cakes breakfast?" she said as she headed for the gates.

"Cool! I love to eat pancakes" he said after getting out of his bed and then gives a small stretch to his arms.

But after Twilight turns to leave her room, Spike launches a unexpectedly flare, and then sees that receives an unexpected parchment "Uh... Twilight... We have unexpected mail from... Princess Celestia" he said as he watched the issue of the parchment.

"Read it Spike, please" she said turning back to where was Spike.

Dear Twilight.

I'm sorry sending this unexpected parchment to you. but I need your help. These last three days we have had meetings with the mayor of Fillydelphia about the issue between dragons and ponies about reducing the tension between them. So I decided to resort to your help to you to join us in a meeting that will be made within thirty minutes, as we will need the princess of friendship to propose ideas to regularize the situation temporarily until we can find a way to solve it permanently. My sincerest apologies for bothering you Twilight.

Your faithful teacher and friend, Celestia.

"Well... I think the breakfast will have to wait" she said between sigh.

"Are they still with the topic of Fillydelphia?" he asked as he tended his bed.

"Unfortunately... yes. So far we haven't been unable to find a solution for the ponies and dragons get along. It is very difficult to agree with this, and also is begin to have the same problems in other cities" she said in anguish "Well ... get ready Spike, because we're leave in a while"

"Uh... Twi... but what will happen to Meissa?" he asked as he approached him and then bending over, putting his hand on Meissa's head.

"I think we can leave it here. He is very educated, as he showed me yesterday when we were with our friends" she said with a smile as she looking him.

Returned in Neighagra, Orion and Luna were lying under the tree, drinking jasmine tea in which Orion had brought. They remained in a profound silence, one could hear the birds singing and the sound of the falls. But after a few moments Orion finished his tea and gives a small elongation at his legs still lying on the floor like Luna. He directs his gaze to her and gives a smile.

"Well... how about if we grab our stuff and return to Canterlot?" he said as he pointed with his head where was the mountain of Canterlot.

"Aw. We are leaving now?" she said with small pots.

Orion gives a giggle to see her little pouts. "Hmhm Yes. I think it will be better, because I have to go to see if Meissa caused not problems to Twilight"

"Hey. Why we don't stay a little longer?" she said innocently

"Hmhm, I think we'd better go" she said as she pouting at Orion.

Orion gives a laugh to see the initiative that she takes and starts gently shaking his head with a smile "Pouting?. It will not work" he said looking away.

"Pleaaaase!" She continued with her pots and then doing her blue eyes more large and shiny.

"Hmhm. If that wasn't work with Celestia, I don't think it works with you" he said keeping his eyes away of the pots and the eyes of Luna.

"Aww. Why are you so mean to me?" she said angrily as she crossed their hooves to not convince Orion.

"I'm not mean with you. I love to stay here longer with you, but we have to return. I have to see if Meissa caused not problems to Twilight" he said then to get up to collect his things.

Luna gave a sigh and then she also stood up "Ok" she said upset.

When Orion saw that she was not happy with having to Canterlot, he gave a big sigh and then he approached her "Why do not you want Canterlot again? Tell me the truth"

Luna turned her sight towards the mountain of Canterlot and then took another deep sight. "This week I have nothing to do. I'm done my work this weekend and until a few days I'm not back to my royal work"

"And what's wrong with that? You are free from boring and tiring duty, you have plenty of time to do what you want" he said trying to encourage Luna.

"I know, but... my sister is always busy with her duties and there is no one to be there in Canterlot. Just me, alone..."

"Well..." he tried to think anything to say. "If I have nothing to do tomorrow, do you want to spend the day together again?" he said with a smile, putting his right hoof on her shoulder.

"Really?" she said cheerfully returning her sight to Orion.

"Mmhm. It's the least that I could do, what do you think?"

"Of course!, I'd love to" she said with a big smile.

"Well... You ready to go back?" He said as he prepared to teleport to Canterlot.

Then Luna grab her things that were in the tree and then goes where Orion was, staying at his side. Orion then begins to shine his horn and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared in a beam of light.

In Canterlot, at the gates of the castle, in a beam of light appeared Luna and Orion. Luna to see that they already was in the castle gates, she takes a few steps toward to the entrance and then turns looking at Orion with a smile after have spent a great day.

"Well... Orion" she walks towards him and then sitting down in front of him "Thanks for taking me to Neighagra, it was fun" she said happy.

"Hmhm. It was nothing" he said flattered "Besides, the who should thank it's me. Long time ago since I enjoyed myself so"

"Hmhm. Indeed!"

Suddenly, a deep and uncomfortable silence fell between them, it could be hear the wind humming as it hit against the castle and sounds of the everyday life of the city. Luna and Orion gave a few laps on their heads to say something before say goodbye.

But, prowling in the corridors of the castle was the princess Cadance, she was heading to the door at the entrance where Luna and Orion were. -Sigh- "I don't know until when we will be with this with the mayor of Fillydelphia" she said not very satisfied "I think..." but then when she reach the castle gates, she sees Orion and Luna in front of it. Seeing them, without get their attention, cautiously she takes a few steps back and then hides behind one of the pillars that was supporting the roof which was near the doors, inside the castle.

"Uh? What are they doing here?" she told to herself beginning to doubt.

She noticed that among them was an awkward silence, but after a while one of them starts to say something.

"So... Where do you would to go tomorrow?" she said while she was wearing one of her hooves on her neck.

"Uh... I don't know... I thought you were going to choose the place" he said mockingly.

"Well... We won't go to a place that you don't like it, hehe"

"No matter what place, while it be with you I'll go" he said with a big smile.

"Hmhm. And stop talking nonsense" she said blushing after giving a tap on his shoulder.

Cadance to hear the conversation, she raises an eyebrow with a mischievous smile. "Well... well... well...!. What we have here?" she said roguishly.

"Well... I think I'd better go" he said as he spread his wings to take flight.

"Ok. See you tomorrow then" she said farewell to Orion with a hoof up. But Luna suddenly stops him before takes his flight. "Hey wait!" she yelled.

"What's wrong Luna?" she asked confused.

"I always wanted to ask you this but, I hadn't the opportunity" she said serenely.

Cadance is surprised to have heard that and that almost she gives a yell of surprise. "Oh! Hmhm. What will be?" she told herself as she rubbed her hooves against each other anxious to hear.

"Uh... Ok. Tell me, what do you want to ask me?" he then said to keep his wings back into its place.

"When we met you in the Everfree forest it wasn't by chance, since I was a small mission to discover who or what was scaring or alarming the creatures of the forest, causing them to go near the town of Ponyville, putting in danger to the ponies. Do you know who was?"

"Aw. It was just that?" Cadance told herself disappointed sticking her tongue out.

"Oh!. Hehehe. Well..." he said a little embarrassed. "How I could say this?"

"It was you?" she asked pointing with her hoof.

"Hehe. Yes, since Meissa is carnivorous we have to hunt so he can eat" he said with a hoof on his neck "So... I think that yes, we were the ones responsible" he finished with a sheepish smile.

"Well. Thanks to you I almost died for a manticora to discover who or what it was that did that. Thanks Orion!" she said not very satisfied with her hooves crossed.

"I'm sorry about that. The least he could have done was heal you. And I did" he tried to apologize to Luna.

Luna said nothing, just ignored him turning her head away. For a moment he didn't know what to do, but then he begins to shine his horn and raise her up to the floor, to then get her closer to him until be face to face.

"Orion! put me down!!" she yelled as she struggled to break free

"Hmhm. Stop acting as if you were angry. You do it just for to I regret, right?" he said with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

Luna stops moving and still ignoring Orion, looking away. "You don't have to leave Orion?" she said in disgust yet.

"Ok!. What do you want to I do to reward my mistake? I told you that I would do what you want as I promised" he said as he returned her to the floor.

"Oh!. This is getting interesting" Cadence said as she went back to rubbing her hooves against each other.

To leave her back to the floor, she gave a small smile concealed "Hmhm. I got him!" she told herself. And then she dissimulates be thinking of an idea carrying her hoof to her chin. "Well... Did you had sleepovers?" she asked indifferently.

Cadance almost fell to the ground to hear what Luna said. "What?... Hmhm. Luna have increasingly more surprises under her hooves"

"Well ... No. I don't know what that it" he said serenely.

"Really? You have never had a sleepover?"

"No. I never had one, and besides I don't know what is actually"

"Well... how about if someday we do a sleepover?" she asked with a smile.

"Alright!. When you want, we'll do a sleepover" he said with a smile as he folded his wings to take flight back. "See you later, Luna" he say goodbye.

"See you later, Selkie" she said goodbye mockingly.

After saying goodbye, Orion undertook his flight. Luna was sat there watching Orion how he was looking a little smaller each second until be away and after a moments she lost sight of him. Then she stood up and turns towards the castle gates and begins to walk toward them to enter the castle.

"What I just did? Invite him to a sleepover? What the hell was I thinking?... Thank goodness he didn't know what were the sleepovers, but I don't know what he would said" she told herself. "But... what now? What will he think when I tell him what really are the sleepovers?"

Cadance to see Luna heading for the door gives a small smile and hides behind the pillar. After a moments, Luna pass through the gates and then she suddenly hears a voice.

"Well... well... well... But what we have here?" Cadance said with a mischievous smile from the pillar being supported on it.

Luna is surprised to hear a voice behind the pillar, taking a few steps away from it. Seeing in detail, Luna realizes that it was Cadance.

"Cadance? How long have you been there?" she asked surprised.

"Oh I don't know. Enough" she said mockingly.

Luna didn't know where to hide to see Cadence was spying her from there without her noticing. Cadance by other hoof was a little excited to see the connection between her and Orion.

"Hey ... What were you two doing?" She asked dissimulating.

"What are you talking about?" She also said dissimulating.

"Don't pretend. Celestia told me that you and Orion were somewhere to spend time together"

"What? Oh!. Yes. Well... he invited me to spend a day in Neighagra Falls, because two days ago he had promised me that this week he would do what I wanted to remedy his mistake of hiding the truth about Celestia"

"So... It was fun, boring? What happened? Tell me" she said eager to know everything.

"It was... fun" she said with a smile "Long time ago that I had such a fun day like that"

"Tell me everything" she said excitedly as a small pony when listening to her favorite story.

"Well... First we had swum in the lake that was before climbing the mountain where the waterfalls end, then we went up to the mountain and admire the landscape that gave us the same mountain. Then he invited me a cup of tea that he had brought and then wait for the night for stargazing"

"Then what happened?"

"After observing the stars, Orion had decided it was best to come back because it was late, but I didn't want come back since I was still having fun. So I asked whether we could camp there until morning, so well ... he accepted and then he made with magic a tent with tree roots where it was back, and you know... we stayed camping there until this morning"

"Cool!. So... on the other hoof, what do you think about him?" she couldn't bear to not ask that.

"What? What are you talking about?" she dissembled, knowing very well what she meant.

"How what I'm talking about ?. I'm talking about Orion"

"What happened with him?" she said indifferently as she began her way to the main hall.

"Luna stop pretending, I know you think something about him. I could feel while you two were saying farewell" Cadence said as she reached to Luna to walk by her side.

"¿Y-You were s-spying us?" she said dumbfounded.

"Hehe. Well... I saw that you two were there saying goodbye, but then the things got interesting and I couldn't help spying" she said with some embarrassment.

Luna didn't know where to hide, her cheeks turned red like a tomato and her ears dropped of shame in not knowing what to say. "I-I don't know what you're t-talking about Cadance. I think your senses fail, since Orion and I are just f-friends" she said trying to evade Cadance.

"So... why did you invite him to make a sleepover with you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous smile.

Luna had no idea what to do to Cadance stop asking. "Well... I... I invited him to... uh... to spend another night among... friends" she said blushing as she stammered.

"Aham... friends..." quipped Cadance.

"What? Friends also have sleepovers" she said more seriously and firmly.

"Hmhm. Okay. I believe You. I won't bother you anymore" Cadance still believed that Luna had feelings for Orion, although she denied it, but for now she decided not to bother anymore to Luna.

"Whatever, now that you are here, Celestia and I needed you for a meeting about the issue of Fillydelphia. Twilight is on her way to here, so let's see if we can do something.

"Well... At least I will not be lonely and boring after all"

"And if you're going to be lonely and bored, why not invite Orion?" Cadance said mockingly.

"Shut up!" she snorted.

Near Ponyville, flying through the sky was Orion toward to the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle to return to take a break after camping with Luna and see if his wolf Meissa had not caused problems to Twilight.

"Sleepover? What the hell is that?. Is it a place? an Activity?" he thought before the doubt of the sleepover in which Luna had invited him earlier. "Hmhm. I'll have to update myself with this generation, because there are new things in which I would have to learn"

After a few minutes had passed Orion, landed on the balcony of the castle, where it was on the side of it. Orion gave a small smile about to have landed safely by his lack of practical flight. "Well... I think that little by little I'm getting better with landings and flight hmhm" he said to himself proudly.

After Orion landed smoothly at the castle, he headed for the doors to the balcony to enter the castle. Orion to leave the balcony continued right down the hallway in front of him and this led him to his room. As he walked down the hallway it could be see that there was a deep silence. Then arriving at the door of his room, when opened he got a great surprise.


Meissa turned to see Orion and then immediately runs to him and jumped on him, throwing him to the ground and giving a big wet welcome. "Hehehehe. Stop! You tickles me boy!" he said as he tried to dodge the licks of Meissa.

"What are you doing here alone boy? I thought you'd be with Twilight" he said after getting back to his four hooves.

But then when he decided to approach the bed and leave there the things to the side of it and of the nightstand, he looks a parchment tied with a purple ribbon. Orion didn't remember having left a parchment with a purple ribbon in his nightstand, then without thinking with his magic approached it to him and opened the scroll. To give it a read, it was a note of Twilight.

Dear Orion.

I wanted to let you know that I was called to a meeting on the issues of Fillydelphia what I had told you earlier. I don't know when I will return back to the castle but I think it will not take more than an hour or two. By the way, I'm sorry to left Meissa alone, I didn't think it was the best option to carry him to Canterlot in a meeting, also having entered to your room without permission. See you later, Orion.

Your dear friend Twilight.

PS: If you want to compensate it, for lunch you decide what you want to eat.

Orion to finishing reading the note, reread the farewell letter several times and then gives a smile. "I think Zecora was right after all. All this time when I was with her in the forest, she told me that the ponies today are not the same as last. That the ponies from here are nothing compared to the other ponies of the past" he told himself with a faint smile "I think it's enough to be hiding, it has been two thousand years since it all started. I think It's time to start socializing with other ponies, and enjoy moments with my new friends"

After a moments spent, Meissa went up to the bed and gave a big yawn and curled up on it. Orion also gave a big yawn. "Well... for now I think I'll lie down for a while because I'm still a little tired from yesterday" he said to himself with another yawn. "I don't know how Luna can have so much energy, it's like a little pony, are full of energy"

Without more think it, Orion climbed into the bed and curled up to the side of Meissa, his legs pointing where the pillow was. Then he begins to shine his horn and closed the curtains of the window, leaving it almost dark. And after several minutes had passed, Meissa and Orion were already deep asleep.

After two hours had passed, it was almost noon. Back in Canterlot's castle in the meeting room, the Fillydelphia's mayor had recently retired from the meeting after to be over. Inside the room were only the four princesses and Spike still sitting at the big table in it.

"Well... it was a bit difficult but for now I think they will be able to neutralize the conflicts between dragons and ponies for a certain time" Celestia said with a sigh

"I hope it lasts for a long time until we can find a way to solve this issue, since in other cities have presented the same issues" Luna said still not satisfied with the deal.

"The issue happens in other cities already been treated, and took precautions on the subject. Until now only Fillydelphia is which's very tight with this issue" said Cadance.

"Well I think we'd better leave it for later, because we had too many discussions on this subject" Celestia said trying to avoid the topic of Fillydelphia and other cities."You all want to go for a cup of tea, to relax?" she said as she stood up.

"Sure!" retorted Cadance and Luna.

"Uh... I think I'll pass princess, I have to go back to the castle to see if Orion is there" she said as she stood up, heading for the door.

"Oh. By the way, how did it go with Orion to offer him temporarily living in your castle?. He told me a little, but I want to hear your version" said Celestia as she headed where Twilight was.

"Well... he took it well. It was a little amazed by the room since it reminding him when he was living here in Canterlot with you. Then... when we had lunch, I had asked him about the times in which he enjoyed, and I think it makes you just need affection and love, because it is not a bad pony. He is very attached to find his brother, Markab, since he left his life into the East Kingdoms to here, to meet again with his brother since he felt that his brother will reincarnate here, but unfortunately he didn't found him for anywhere"

"Yes... when we were in Neighagra, he told me some things about his past and different adventures that he had, about his friend Meissa and many thing about his brother" Luna added.

"Oh. So you two went to Neighagra? How did it was?" Twilight asked.

"Well... it was... fun. Long time ago that I hadn't such a fun day like yesterday" she said with a little smile.

"I'm glad that it has been so" Twilight said with a smile "Well... I think we'd better go. Let's back to the castle, Spike?"

"Okay. I follow you" he said as he stood and then go to her side.

After Twilight and Spike left the meeting room, after a few moments the three princesses who were in the room also came out, but they went to the tearoom. Meanwhile on the road Celestia gave a little chuckle and then looked at Luna with a smile.

"Luna. Tell me, from who was the idea of going to Neighagra Falls?" she asked indifferently.

"Well... the idea was Orion" she said as she looked to her sister "Why do you ask?"

"Oh nothing. Just itched me the curiosity" she said returning her gaze to her front.

"Neighagra ... What an old memories" said Celestia to herself entering into nostalgia.

"Hmhm. Also according to she, the day in Neighagra was great with him. Doesn't it, Luna?" Cadance said mockingly to annoy a little to Luna "In addition to then invite him to a sleepover"

"Really you invited Orion to a sleepover?" Celestia asked returning her gaze to Luna.

"Yes. What's wrong to invite him to a sleepover? if we are friends nothing more" she said starting to chafe.

"If we see it as friends" said Cadance mockingly.

"Ugh!!. Leave me in peace. Seem that you two love to bother me" she said snorted as she accelerated her pace to not listen to her sister and Cadance.

Celestia and Cadence to see the reaction of Luna, gave a small laugh and then they continued their way to the tea room.

After a few minutes has been passed, Twilight and Spike already had reached the gates of their castle. As they entered, they went up the stairs and then go to their room to leave their things back in their places.

Twilight couldn't carry Spike anymore on her back to fly, because Spike was tall and slightly larger than Twilight and to her was very difficult to carry him. Then each trip that they do is with teleportation. But, as previously Orion had told to Luna, the long-distance teleportation consume more energy than a teleportation to short distance. In itself it doesn't consume large amounts of energy, but it could be noticed at the time to do a comparison.

"Ugh!. At last we are here at home. I couldn't endure that meeting anymore" she said as she lay down on her bed with a big sigh.

"Hmhm. You say that as if you were the only who spoke" he said mockingly as he sat down on his bed, leaving a front hoof on her forehead

"Haha!. Shut up Spike!"

"Hehe. Just I say" he said with a smile.

"Hey... what do you thing if we go to see if Orion is here at the castle? So you can meet him" she said as she sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Uh... ok. But... you know where is he?"

"Hmhm. He sure must be in his room, I don't think he's hanging around in the castle, Spike" she said mockingly as she got down of the bed and walked toward the gates of the room.

"Ok!. I follow you" he said as he approached to Twilight.

Then, Twilight and Spike left from their room and went to the Orion's room. Their room were in the same hallway where leading to the throne room, then to reach to the Orion's room, they had to go to the stairs and then turn left where the hallway leading to his room is.

Upon arriving at the gates of the Orion's room, she knocked the gates. "Orion? Are you there?"

But with a few strokes, a door opened just a crack to be wrong closed. Twilight thought it best to not enter the room, since she thought that it is part of the castle, now is the Orion's room, and she didn't want to disturb the personal space of Orion.

But despite that, she decided to open the door gently with a thud to look if he was there. The room was dark and they could barely see. But to enter delicately and be close to the bed, they see Orion and Meissa huddled in it, sleeping. Twilight to see them sleep like a little colt with his pup, she draw a smile on her face.

"I think we'd better let them sleep. Try to not make any noise" she said quietly.

"Okay," he replied also softly.

But Spike suddenly begins to feel an itch on his nose, causing him to want to sneezing. Twilight realizes the situation and quickly, and without waking them, she puts her hoof in Spike's nose to the sneeze pass. After has been spend a few moments, the sneeze had passed and she withdrew her hoof of his nose.

"I thought I told you that don't make noise" she said angrily keeping her voice low.

"Sorry. I think a little fuzz entered on my nose" he said quietly.

"Let's go out before you awake them" she said seriously keeping her voice low.

Upon starting their way cautiously toward the door to not wake then, suddenly the unexpected happened. Spike took a big sneeze that he launched a flare from his mouth to the ground, and apparently it awoke Meissa and Orion of a jump. But to the surprise awakening, by reflex Orion grabs his sword that it was lying supported between the nightstand and the bed, and then he rams Twilight against the wall leaving her and he on two legs, and leaving his blade of his sword in her neck. Meissa also rams Spike leaving him lying on the floor and showing his teeth.

"Who are you and what do you want?" he said with a menacing voice.

-Cough- "O-Orion ... W-we are u-us," she said weakly and frightened by the reflection of Orion.

Orion at hear that familiar voice, he look her in detail between the dark of the room, then he opened his eyes as much as he could, to noticed that he rammed Twilight against the wall with his sword. Then he immediately withdrew his sword out of her neck leaving back on her four hooves Twilight.

"Twilight? Oh no!. Are you okay!?" he asked worried about having hurt her by his reaction.

-Cough- "Y-Yes. I'm fine" she said gasping to recover air and decrease her heart rate.

"Oh crap!. I'm so sorry Twilight. I was surprised to notice that a flare up appeared here and then I saw two figures, but didn't notice that you were" he apologized embarrassed with his ears low.

"It's ok Orion. It already happened. Don't worry, I'm fine" she tried to calm down Orion.

But then he see that Meissa is in attack position above another individual, he tells him to got down from it. Meissa before the order of Orion, he leaves above Spike allowing him to stand up again.

"Hehe. Sorry, I think I still have the habit of response when I was in my life as a nomad. I think it's something that joined me" he said mockingly but yet ashamed.

"Hmhm. It's okay. Actually, I think Spike and I shouldn't get into your room, since that would be a violation of your privacy and personal space" she said with her low ears.

"It's Okay. Never mind that, as you said, it already happened" he said now trying to calm down Twilight.

Orion turns his gaze to the window and begins to shine his horn and then opens the curtains of the window, so that the rays of sunlight falling into the room along with its heat. But after looking back at them, he notices that next to her, was a dragon and then he remembered that that dragon was Spike. He watched him carefully and then gave a smile.

"So ... he's Spike that you told me about" he said, returning his gaze to Twilight.

"Mmhm. Yes, It's him. Say hello Spike" she said as she gave him a elbowed.

"Oh!. It's nice to meet you, Orion" Spike bowed.

"It's nice to meet you too, Spike" he said responding to reverence

"He's been with me almost all my life and is my number one assistant and also my best friend" she said with a smile.

Orion said nothing, he just kept watching Spike from up and down, and then he gives his view of his green eyes and look in detail. But after a few moments watching his eyes detail, he opens his even bigger as he could and had a lump in his throat, and weakly draws a smile of happiness on his face and also some tears begin to fall from his eyes. And without further thought it, he begins to shine his horn and attracts Spike to him and gives him a big and strong hug.

"It's nice to see you again, brother"

_ _ _

Chapter 9: Sleepover

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Twilight seeing Orion hugging strongly Spike she starts to get confused, begin to spend several questions on her head and why he called him brother. She flipped several times on her head trying to understand what was happening, but after a few moments a little spark appears in her mind, realizing what was actually happening.

Orion was still hugging him with more strength and happiness of seeing his brother reincarnated, his tears falling like the waterfalls of Neighagra. But Spike was beginning to merge and then gave his gaze to Twilight with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh... Orion... I think you'd better let Spike a little personal space" she said softly.

"Oh!. Hehe, right" he said with an embarrassed smile, breaking the embrace.

Orion starts to dry his tears with his hooves gently, and then returns his gaze to Spike with a smile from ear to ear "You have no idea how much I spent to meet you again, brother. I missed you too much"

Spike still had no idea what was happening at that moment, or why Orion told him brother. Then he gives his gaze back to Twilight and returns again to Orion "Uh... guys... why don't you tell me what's going on right now?" Spike asked very confused.

"Hmhm. I think you'd better tell the truth, Orion" she said, walking toward them.

He tries to reduce his emotion with a deep sigh, but that didn't remove his big smile of happiness on his face "Well... in simple words... you are the reincarnation of Meissa, an old friend who lived in Eastern Kingdoms thousand years ago, and also Meissa was the reincarnation of my biological brother Markab"

"That I what?" he asked with a raised eyebrow, still confused.

"Hmhm. You are the reincarnation of my brother, Spike. You carry the soul of my brother Markab. You're the reason why I came back here to Equestria" but suddenly the smile of Orion is erased and then his face becomes confusing. "But... if you are the reincarnation... what was that?"

Twilight realized that Orion erased his big smile, and she starts also to confused "What wrong Orion? Aren't you happy to see your brother again?"

"Well... yes, but if he is the reincarnation of my brother... what was what I felt a thousand years ago, that brought me back to Equestria?"

"What do you mean, Orion?"

"A thousand years ago, when Meissa died of old age, a few years later I felt something in Equestria that was calling me, and apparently was strong and important. I had not ruled out the idea that my brother had reincarnated again, but... if Spike has only sixteen, what was what I felt?"

She stood for a few moments, analyzing what Orion had said. Several turns gave in her head to decipher it, but then another little spark appears in her mind, discovering the cause. "I think I know why"

He gave his sight to her, anxious to know the truth.

"The call that you felt a thousand years ago was true, that your brother would return to reincarnate"

"But... how it's possible? Spike has only sixteen, and what I felt was a thousand years ago" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hmhm. I'll tell you why," she said with a smile, sitting closer to them "The fact was that Spike's egg in which he incubated goes back hundreds of years ago, as told me Celestia, or as you say, already a thousand years. She found that egg in Badlands and apparently this egg was dead, but she kept it for any reason. Until one day sixteen years ago. I was six and I was in a mock exam to enter Canterlot's magic school. For some reason the same dragon egg was taken there to be hatched, as exam to enter the school, but in a failed attempt I gave up. But then I was surprised to hear a rumble and my magic got out of control, and apparently lightning struck in the egg, making it hatch.
Time later Celestia had told me about the miracle that I had done at that time, giving life back to a baby dragon which remained dead in his egg for a thousand years"

"Hm. What a history" he said with a smile "Now I understand everything"

Orion's emotion after understanding the situation became more bigger, as for him had been a thousand years of waiting and searching to return to meet with his brother again. "You don't know what I've been waiting to see you again brother. I thought I never would see you"

"Well... how about if we eat something? It's noon and I think you two must be hungry" she said, heading for the room's gates.

"Sure!" they said at a time.

Meanwhile in Canterlot Castle, Princess Celestia was in her personal room sitting on her yellow velvet carpet, finishing some paperwork on important issues of relationship between dragons and ponies in different cities, especially the most important and that is on alert, Fillydelphia. In each paperwork, she imposed models for different cities with the same subject to reduce conflict between them and to find a way that dragons and ponies get along.

Was missing very little to reach her free time, to then have lunch. There was a big pile of papers beside her to be sent to different cities with this same conflict, and also to the cities in which live dragons with ponies to prevent the conflict becomes increasingly overweight.

"Uff. I think for now I'm done" she said with a sigh after finish writing.

Suddenly her stomach starts making gnashing, warning her that is already lunchtime. Listening her belly gnashing of hunger, she leads one of her front hooves to it. "I think I'd better go to lunch, since I haven't eaten or drunk anything all morning" she told to herself, standing up.

After standing up, she gives her sight of the paper stacked and then raised it with her magic to her, and a beam of light all those papers became a common and ordinary parchment. But then to check, Celestia unrolled the scroll and it had a pronounced long because when touching the floor still had half unrolling.

After finishing checking the parchment, she goes to the gates of the room open and then leaving. Celestia while walking through the halls of the castle toward the tea room, where there, apart from serving tea, also serve some appetizers for lunch and dinner. She along with her magic, she played with parchment bringing it from one side to other and with a thought which didn't leave her head since this morning.

Celestia while walking through the halls of the castle toward the tea room, where there, apart from serving tea, also serve some appetizers for lunch and dinner. She along with her magic, she played with parchment bringing it from one side to other and with a thought in which didn't leave her head since this morning.

"From where it occurred to her to invite Orion to a sleepover?" she said, putting the parchment on her chin.

"Hmhm. Who knows why" she takes out the scroll from her chin, then stopping in one of the windows of the hall to look the sky "Besides, I think it's good to see Luna with Orion, since she returned from her prison on the moon, she has been far removed from the ponies and rarely she socialize with them. It's good to see that she has done a good friend, after all" she finished her thought with a small smile.

But before she pull out her sight through the window, she begins to hear somepony was running over to where she is. Each time the hooves hit the floor it could be heard closer and closer, and after a few moments she could see a guard running to where she is, levitating beside him a scroll. Her smile faded completely from her face and put a straight face. To arrive the guard, he was gasping to recover his air to start talking.

"What's wrong? I hope it's important to interrupt my spare time" she said firmly and seriously.

-pant- "Princess... Celestia" -pant- "I'm sorry to interrupt... your free time... but... we have bad news" the guard said as he took the scroll to Celestia.


"Voilá!" Orion said as he left on the kitchen table two bowl with exquisite vegetable soup flavored with various spices, along with daisy sandwiches and a big bowl with rubies for Spike.

"Wow. Thanks Orion!" Spike said, receiving his big bowl of rubies.

"Thank you, Orion" she also thanked ,receiving her bowl of soup and sandwiches.

"You're welcome!" he said flattered, leaving his bowl and plate on his place.

"I still don't know how you convinced me that you will cook" she said as she gave a small sip of her soup.

"Well... you told me that I could choice for lunch" he said as he grabbed a sandwich

"But that doesn't mean you had to cook it, Orion"

"Anyway. On the other side, do you like it?"

"Yes. It's delicious Orion" she said with a smile

"And you Spike?" he shifted his gaze to Spike.

Spike just nodded with a smile that it could barely see for having his mouth full of rubies.

"So... tell me Orion. How you realized that Spike was the reincarnation of your brother?. Well... Is" she asked, grabbing one of her sandwiches with her magic
Orion gives his sight to Twilight and then returns to Spike, looking his eyes in detail and then give a little smile. "His eyes. Spike's eyes are the same as those of Meissa and my brother"

"But... if your brother and Meissa, according to you, had blue eyes, and Spike has green eyes. And his eyes are of dragon and not of a pony" she said confused.

"Not in terms of color, but his Iris"

"Iris?" Twilight asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well... do you know Iris, Twilight?"

"Iris? Iris... Iris..." she said, trying to remember that word. Suddenly she stops thinking, remembering that word and then looks at Orion. "I do know what it is but... it still doesn't explain my question"

"Tell me what is the Iris Twilight"

She leaves her sandwich back on her plate half-eaten and then puts her hoof on her chin "Well... the Iris is a thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus the amount of light reaching the retina"

"Yeah. What more?"

"The eye color is defined by the color of the iris. Well, in optical terms, the pupil is the eye's aperture and the iris is the diaphragm that serves as the aperture stop"

"Very good!" he said with a smile.

"But... I still don't understand what you're wanting say to me, Orion"

"Hmhm. Everything you say is fine, but you forgot something. There's something else about Iris"

Twilight began trying to remember everything about what she had read previously about Iris, and other related topics. "Uh, I don't know. I don't remember anything else about Iris of utmost importance" she said sincerely.

"Besides that the Iris is a thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil, the Iris has a form. Each eye that you can see at length have different shapes and colors. Each pony, dragon, and among other living things that have eyes, has a unique Iris"

"But even so... the Spike's eyes are green. The Markab and Meissa's eyes according to you were blue, is not it? " she asked again, still not understanding what Orion was trying to explain to her.

"Yes. But in reality, the Iris does not rely only on color. Iris anatomy is based on the unique crypts, grooves, ways textures" he said as he pointed his eyes to set an example.

"Besides,, the Iris is as identifying oneself. For example, in a city where ponies live they have an identity, right?. Their identity may be their full name, ID card, among others. Iris happens in the same"

"So... what you're trying to say is that, Meissa to reincarnate in Spike kept his Iris. And the same with Meissa, isn't it?"

"In the case of reincarnation, what I know it is very limited as you said that they believe it's only a myth and no one knows exactly how the cycle of reincarnation works. It is a great mystery. So I don't know if what you say is right or not"

"Well... then tell me. How did you realize that Spike Iris was the same as Meissa? If you only saw him for a few seconds" she asked.
Orion then looks at Spike, watching him how he was eating his rubies, drawing a little smile "How can I forget the eyes of my own brother?. His eyes have always remained in my memory. I remember it perfectly"


Back in Canterlot, while Celestia was reading the parchment and listening the guard which it explain the situation, her mouth and her eyes opened increasingly larger.

"Princess, there has been a drawback in Manehattan and Vanhoover on the issue of relationship between ponies and dragons. There have been several attempts of physical aggression between them, and the police from there find it very difficult to reduce the tension between them. We received this letter just now and told us it has to be delivered with extreme urgency toward you, princess" said the guard.

After finished reading the scroll and listen to the guard, she gives a big sigh and returned the parchment to the guard "Alright. I will handle this. You can withdraw" she said seriously.

"Yes, your Highness" the guard said, giving a reverence and then retire. But suddenly before to be away from the guard, Celestia gives a shout.

"Blade!" she yelled to get noticed the guard.

The guard listening to the Princess scream his name, turns and walks toward her slowly "What happened, your Highness?"

"Take this scroll" she said, giving the parchment to the guard "This scroll contains proposals and ideas of role models for Fillydelphia city, and also to other cities with population dragon and pony. It has to be carried to different cities with population dragon and pony"

"As you ordered, your Highness" the guard said, bowing and then leaving Celestia alone in the hallways.

After a few moments passed and lose sight of the guard, Celestia gives a big deep breath and turns back to go her way to the tea room, but this time with little appetite after find out about new conflicts between dragons and ponies in other cities, besides Fillydelphia.

"How long it will follow this bad relationship between ponies and dragons?. Since we gave an agreement of peace treaty with King Dragon Arrakis to unite ponies and dragons, I didn't think this would happen" she said disappointed by results of the peace treaty "I hope to resolve this conflict as soon as possible before something bad happens"

It had been just over three weeks since Orion was reunited with his brother. From that day Orion completely changed his attitude, seemed that he had forgotten all his past events and his fear. But despite that, he still was refusing to meet new friends, as Twilight had insisted that he meet with her friends, the carriers of the elements of harmony. But he preferred to wait a little longer, as he still wasn't quite ready to make new friends, apart from those already made in the last month.

But despite the good news for Orion to meet again with his brother, there were a problem that stalked slowly in different cities of Equestria.
Whenever the days passed, the relationship between ponies and dragons was plummeting. Increasingly were found antecedents of psychological and physical violence between them. The ponies were the main cause of this problem, as they repudiated that dragons were living among them, and they were acting aggressively against the dragons.

In the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle, Orion was in his room lying on his bed, reading one of the books from Twilight's library, and on the bed also was Meissa huddled on the Orion's hind hooves.

He was reading a book about different modern spells. Page after page was watching the various spells in which the majority he didn't know, but suddenly Orion closed the book and then quickly sits on the edge of his bed. "I'm such a idiot!" he said to himself, putting his front hooves on his head.

"I completely forgot about Luna's sleepover. Since I met again with my brother I completely forgo it" he said to himself after stand up and grab the spell book that he had left on the bed "And also to visit Zecora. For a thousand stars, I completely forgot everything"

He gave a big sigh, taking a short pause "I think I better go to visit Zecora first, because If I'm not at her home as soon possible, she'll going to kill me hmhm"

Orion quickly started to prepares his saddlebag, but to be preparing his saddlebag Meissa that was still on the bed he gives a big yawn. Then lowered it and gave a big elongation to his front and back legs. Orion gives a small smile to see him awake and goes to where Meissa was.

"Sorry boy. I think I woke you up surprisingly" he said, stroking Meissa's head with his right hoof.

But then he realizes that Meissa didn't look quite right, Orion touching Meissa's head, it felt hotter than usual and his eyes were depressed. Orion quickly began to examine Meissa's face gently, but upon touching Meissa's nose it was dry and hot. Orion then gives his sight to one side of Meissa, and sees that Meissa's legs were trembling. Suddenly Orion realized that Meissa had a fever and decided to grab his saddlebag, in which from it took out a small bottle of water and a small bowl, putting it in the floor and filling it with water to Meissa, since in dogs and wolves when it have fever the best is hydrate them.

Meissa slowly moves toward the bowl with water and gently stretch his tongue to give small licks. Orion then closes the water bottle and left it on the nightstand, turning back to see that Meissa had finished drinking. Then he grabs his sword and without further thought decided to leave the castle to go to Zecora's home, so she can heal him with her special broth for fever.

Meanwhile in castle's throne room, there was Twilight along with Spike sitting on their thrones, but also they were visited by the carriers of the elements of harmony, as Twilight previously called them for proposals and ideas to follow on the theme of cities like Fillydelphia and Manehattan, in which those are the two cities with problems between dragons and ponies.

"What about to speak with dragons and ponies?. Talk with them we could get information of why they don't get along" Fluttershy said softly, as she always.

"It's a good idea, but the difficult will be talk with the dragons. I don't think the dragons want to talk to us because we are ponies, and besides we need the two versions to reach a conclusion" Spike said serenely.

"But you not, Spike. You are a dragon" said Pinkie Pie "I think you could talk with them"

"I know. But I'm well known for being Twilight's friend, and I think the dragons of different cities won't pay attention to me, to be honest" he said, giving a sigh.

"What if we try to do it by force, we have to show them who is the boss!" Rainbow Dash said, pounding her hoof on the table.

"We are proposing peaceful ideas, not civil war Rainbow" Spike said seriously with an eyebrow raised.

"Send a message about the situation through the mass media, may be a good idea. As a blurb" said Applejack.

"Yes. It's also a good idea, but not all dragons and ponies give attention to the commercials or advertisements in the mass media" he said again serenely.

"And what do you think darling? Do you have any ideas for us Twilight?" asked Rarity.

"I don't know... I have no idea what to do" said Twilight desperate find no idea "I don't know what to do to be honest. I've and we've dealt with different problems, but this is different, this is much more big" she said putting her hooves on her head.

"Calm down Twilight. We'll find a way to resolve-"

"I don't know how you want to be calm when hundreds of dragons and ponies are hurting physically and mentally between them!!" she interrupted even more hysterical than she was, pounding her front hooves on the table "This is something new for me, is very different from the conflicts that we usually resolve. I don't know how you want to propose ideas when I have no idea-"

"Twilight!!" his roar echoed in the throne room

Twilight to hear the roar of Spike, she calmed down and went back to sit on her throne. Her body still was shaking of nerves and anxiety, and her breathing was a little agitated about not finding a quick solution.

"Hey, listen to me Twilight. We'll find a way to solve this problem" he said with a small smile, supporting his claws on Twilight's shoulder "Just be patient, and I assure you that we'll solve this as soon as possible. Yeah?"

Twilight slowly gives her sight to Spike, she gives a big sigh and then give a little and weak smile. "Okay. You're right. I'd better relax a bit"

Suddenly the gates of the throne room were opened slowly, and behind them appears Orion as he searched the spell book in his saddlebag in which Twilight was given to him by his requested, and behind him slowly showed Meissa.

"Twilight. I wanted to return the book of spells that you lend me, as I..." Orion to give his sight to the thrones, he stopped short when she noticed that Twilight wasn't alone there.

The carriers of the elements of harmony looked at Orion amazed not only that he was more bigger than a normal pony, but they also realized that he had a pair of wings, besides his horn. Then the carriers gave their sight to Twilight even more confused.

"Uh... Twilight. Who's that stallion over there?" Applejack asked quietly.

"Well... he's Orion, which I had previously told to you all"

"He's Orion?. I imagined him less big and more... robust" Rarity said also quietly to Twilight.

"Hmhm. Yes, it's him..." she said, after giving a signal to Orion with her hoof to approach "Orion!, come!. Come closer"

Orion walked slowly towards the thrones and followed him behind his feverish friend. Each of his steps was gently and shyly he glanced at each of the carriers of the elements of harmony.

"H-hello..." he greeted shyly.

"Hey there!" said the carriers of the elements harmony.

"Girls. He's Orion of which I had told you. He is the alicorn that Luna found when she was on her mission in the Everfree forest, and has apparently been living just over ten years ago with Zecora" she said with a smile" Orion, they are my friends and carriers of the elements of harmony.

She's Applejack, she is the carrier of the element of honesty and she's the farmer of the famous farm Sweet Apple Acres" she says, pointing with her hoof to Applejack.

AJ only greeted carrying her right hoof to her hat and then nodding with it.

"She's Rarity. She is the carrier of the element of generosity and she's one of the best shapewear I know" she said, pointing now to Rarity.

"A pleasure, darling" Rarity greated smartly.

"She's Pinkie Pie. She is the carrier of the element of laughter and she's one of the best bakers from Ponyville"

"Hey buddy!" Pinkie greeted, giving a little jump with her left hoof up on her throne with a big smile.

"She's Fluttershy. She is the carrier of the element of kindness, and she's also an expert in animal care"

"H-hello" was barely heard Fluttershy's greeting.

"And finally she's Rainbow Dash. She is the carrier of the element of loyalty, and she's one of the best flying in all Equestria"

"Hey!, what's up?" she greeted with a proud smile.

Orion remained silent for a few seconds until blinked a few times and then he got a little firmer. "Hello. It's nice to meet you all" he greeted even a little shy, giving an awkward bow.

Orion was felt a little uncomfortable there, even though that he would meet soon with the carriers since Twilight had been insisting to Orion for meet them, and gradually he was overcoming his fear, he found it as a big step for him, meet with all the carriers unexpectedly.

"Meissa is with fever and needs to be addressed quickly, and now I'm surprised to find Twilight with her friends?. What a day of mine!..." he told himself not very satisfied.

"Uh... Orion. Tell me, do you wanted something urgently?" Twilight asked curiously to see Orion suddenly there in the throne room.

"Oh!" he raises his ears and then takes the spell book from his saddlebag with his magic "Yes. I wanted to return your book of spells that you had lent to me yesterday" he said, leaving with his magic the book on the table, in front of Twilight. "I didn't want left it in your library, as I didn't want to get in without your permission"

"Hmhm. There is no problem that you come into my library, Orion. If you want to read a book, just come into and take the one you want. But!, return them when you finished reading it" she said with a mocking voice at the end.

"Hehe. Yeah, obviously. Thank you Twilight" he thanked awkwardly.

Suddenly Fluttershy looks alongside of Orion and see that he was accompanied by a large wolf, which she already knew him well as a few weeks ago Twilight had taken Meissa with her to visit her friends to not left him alone in the castle. Fluttershy's tempers rose and with a jumped she flies to where Meissa was sitting, being in front of him.

"Hey boy!" she said excitedly to see Meissa again, caressing his head "Oh Meissa, long time that I haven't seen you"

Meissa barely moved his tail to see again Fluttershy, because he wasn't feeling very well per his fever.

Orion gives his sight to the yellow pegasus and he begins to confuse about where she knows Meissa, since he has always been with him, or else in the house Zecora on special occasions. "Uh... You know Meissa?"

"Uh... well... yes. I know him by Twilight" she said, this time not so shyly.

"By Twilight?" he asked quietly with one eyebrow raised. Then he gave his sight to Twilight with a smile, still with his eyebrow raised "You never told me you had taken a walk to Meissa"

"Well... hehe" she covered part of her face with her book of spells "When you went to Canterlot to visit Luna, I along with Spike had decided to go to Ponyville to visit them, and I didn't want to leave alone Meissa here in the castle, so we took him with us. I hope you didn't mind it" she ended with a small sheepish smile.

"Hmhm. There's no problem , Twilight"

"Uh... Orion. Excuse me, but Is there something wrong with Meissa?. I see him very depressed and sad" Fluttershy asked worriedly, typical of her to see a sick animal.

"Oh!. Yes. He have a fever, and besides I would take him with Zecora, so she can give him her special broth for fever. She always cared for him when he was sick and besides she is much more experienced with the medicine than me"

"Hey. Why you don't leave him to me?. I know very well Zecora's broth, she taught me how to do it perfectly" she offered herself.

"Uh... don't bother you for that. Zecora can do it without any problem" he said with a little smile "Besides, I don't want to leave you Meissa as a burden to you"

"What? as a burden to me? Oh no, no. Please, I insist"

Orion sighed and then gave her a smile rolling his eyes "Alright!. If you insist"

"Oh. Thank you Orion!" she gave a little jump of happiness with a smile from ear to ear "Before you expect, Meissa will be composed. I assure you"

"Hmhm. Thank you so much, Fluttershy"

But suddenly...

"Hey!. Wait a minute!" Pinkie Pie's voice was heard

Orion raised his sight to Pinkie and see that she was looking him in detail, having her hoof on her chin. That put a little unsettling to Orion and he didn't like all that stare. Pinkie then rises from her throne and slowly approaches him, without taking out even a single eye of him.

She begins to look at his face even more in detail. Orion was static in his place and a few drops of sweat fell from his face nervously. Every move that Pinkie made, Orion's eyes followed her.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" she asked without taking her eyes off him.

"Uh... I don't know. I don't remember having seen before" he said, holding his nerves.

She kept watching him in detail until she stopped short staring into his eyes, then she give a smile "Oh. Yeah, I know who you are!. You're the stallion that went to Sugar Cube Corner three weeks ago. You took a bag of oatmeal cookies for carry"

Orion relaxed his body and gave a little sigh, then give a little smile "You're the pink pony that gave me the bag with cookies? Hehe. Well oatmeal cookies were very delicious. Uh... Pinkie, right?"

"Yeah!. The same and the only!" she said with an even bigger smile.

For a few seconds there was a deep silence between them, until Orion then takes another small sigh and begins to accommodate his saddlebag "Well... I think I'd better leave. It was a pleasure to know you all!" he said goodbye giving another bow, turning toward the doors of the hall.

"What? You're leaving now, Orion?" Twilight asked with her ears low.

He turns around and sees Twilight with her ears low, it gave him some grief. "Well... yes. I have to go to visit Zecora, because since what happened to Spike I didn't visit her anymore. If I don't visit her as soon as possible she might become angry with me, and believe me you wouldn't want to see her furious hmhm. Anyway, why do you ask?"

"It's just that I wanted to ask if we three could go to somewhere, like when we went to Neighagra or when we went to the beautiful Everfree forest lake" she said shyly.

"Alright!. We could go somewhere else like Neighagra or like the lake of the Everfree forest, I promise. But it will have to be another day, ok?" he said with a little smile to convince Twilight.

"Oh. Well... then, have a good time and send her a greeting from me" she said with a faint smile.

"Hmhm. Alright, I'll give her" he said goodbye, giving his way toward the gates of the throne room.

The room fell into silence for a few seconds. Fluttershy decided to leave the castle to carry Meissa to her little cottage to heal him, as he began to shake more often. The other carriers of the elements remained in the living room sitting on their thrones, like Spike.

"What happened to Spike?" Applejack asked breaking the silence.

"Uh... I think nothing. Why do you ask?" said Twilight

"Well... Orion just said something happened to Spike" Rarity said.

"Oh! Right! hehe" she gave a awkward smile "Well... about that I had told you that he lived long time in the Eastern Realms, and then returned to Equestria. Well, the reason why he returned to Equestria was that his friend, Meissa, had reincarnated here in Equestria, but apparently he to be looking for him for hundreds of years, he couldn't to find him for anywhere. But then when he met Spike, he realized that Spike was the reincarnation of Meissa. And also Meissa, according to he said, he was the reincarnation of his biological brother Markab, in which he lived almost two thousand years ago, and besides Orion has little more than two thousand years old"

"Reincarnation?. That wasn't just a myth?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, apparently not. But after all, I'm glad to see that he returned to meet with his brother. That changed his attitude too" she smiled.

"But how it's that he's an alicorn?" asked Rarity

"I don't know. I never asked him, and I think I'd better not ask him about that, as I don't think he likes to talk about that subject"

"By other hoof, when Pinkie looked at him I noticed he was a little nervous" Rainbow said.

"Well. He has been through a lot just by being an alicorn, and I think even now have friends like Celestia, Luna, Zecora, I think that deep down he must be afraid. But, I would like you too can cooperate and show that the ponies of today are nothing compared with the past, that he can make new friends and have no more fear"

"Count on me!. Besides, I could teach him some of my amazing aerobatics" Rainbow said.

"I could show him that on the farm can be very friendly an' well bearable with other ponies" Applejack said shaking her hoof to side to side.

"Oh!. And I could show him that the fashion world can be his good friend, also I could show him some of my designs for stallions" Rarity said with her touch of elegance.

"And I could invite him to Sugar Cube Corner. We could do many cupcakes, cakes and then A BIG PARTY!!!" Pinkie said in her hyperactive touch.

"Whatever so that he can be comfortable with each of us, and trust our friendship" she said happily.

"On the other hoof... You three have been in Neighagra and a beautiful lake on the Everfree forest?. You didn't tell us anything about that he took you for a ride" Rarity said mischievously.

"Hehe. I don't know what are you talking about Rarity, it was only an output between friends. Spike, Orion and me, nothing more" she said, blushing.

"Hmmm. I don't know. I think that you have something going on between you and him" Rarity said more naughty.

"What? No!. I don't know what you're talking about Rarity" she turned her look away

"Hmhm. Neither you would imagine as she was with him" Spike mocked

"What!?" she reacted even more flushed.

"Hahaha. I Just kidding Twi" he said with a smile.

"Hmhm. Anyway, I think we'd better talk about Orion later and continue with this theme between dragons and ponies" she said, putting her firm and serious stance.

After about half an hour passed, in the forest Everfree in a house that was deep on the forest, within it the same was the owner in the same house, Zecora. She was with a blue watering can, made of clay with an engraving of a beautiful daisy flower, watering her plants she had inside her home. She had a few potted in which it had beautiful flowers of all kinds of colors, but she took very good as it was a gift from Orion when he went deep into the forest to look for ingredients for her.

"Knock, Knock"

It hear knocking the Zecora's home door. Zecora guessed who it was that knocked on the door, because she had rarely visitors. Without further thought, she left the watering can on the floor, next to her big cauldron, and the she headed for the door. Opening it, behind it was Orion.

"Hm. Look what the wind blew in" she said jokingly

"Hehe. Hello Zecora" he said with a awkward smile.

"Come on, come inside" she said, giving way to Orion inward. "You took a long time to remember visit me, hm?"

"Well... all this has an explanation" he said, leaving his saddlebag and his sword to one side against the wall.

"Well. Tell me!" she said, eager to know the truth.

Orion approached her and sat in front of her, giving a little smile "The reason I didn't come to visit you all this time was..." Orion found it difficult to contain his excitement even though already spent three weeks "I... I found my brother"

"What?" she said surprised "Are you serious?"

Orion just nodded his head gently. Zecora was gradually drawing a smile, then she lunged at him with her front hooves and pushed him toward her chest to give a big hug.

"This is so great!" she said happily "Congratulations, Orion. Tell me, who?" then breaking the hug, looking at him

"My brother was reincarnated into a dragon. A baby dragon named Spike, is the best friend of Twilight" he said, trying to contain his excitement.

"Spike?. But... how is possible if he is sixteen?"

"Well. Apparently that Spike's egg in which he incubated, dating from a thousand years ago and Princess Celestia had found it in Badlands, and apparently it was dead. But then when Twilight had to pass a test to get into a school of magic in Canterlot, Spike's egg was taken there by unknown reason, and after of her attempts, her magic got out control and one of her rays fell into Spike's egg, giving him back to life"

"What a beautiful story, no?. A dragon remained dead for a thousand years in his own egg and then revived by a pony, then became great friends" she gave a small smile

"Yeah... I also think it's a beautiful story"

"Hey... You want some jasmine tea?" she asked, standing up to then heading down to the kitchen.

"Sure!" he said remaining seated

"Where's Meissa?. You left him there in the castle?" she asked, pulling out of her shelf a small bowl in which it had Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl.

"Well..." he stood up and then heading down to the kitchen, leaning on the door frame of it "He had a fever, so I'd decided to bring him here so you could give him your special broth. But, when I was about leave the castle, I had to return a book that lent me Twilight. Then upon entering to the throne room, there were Twilight with her five friends"


"Then, a yellow pegasus called Fluttershy insisted to leave him to her, as she knew very well how to make your broth"

"Fluttershy?. Hmhm. Meissa is in good hooves. She is one of the best caretakers of animals I know. So you don't need to bother" she said with a smile.

"Hmhm. If you say so"

"Uh... Orion. Can you heat the tea, please?" she asked, pulling out from another of her shelves two cups of tea.


Orion began to shine his horn and an aura covered the teapot, causing the water it containing begin to boiling and then little by little opening the Dragon Phoenix Pearl. Then they left the kitchen, sitting at a small table. There, Zecora filled the two cups with a delicious jasmine tea. It could be felt the rich scent of jasmine tea.

"So... How is your stay with Twilight?" she asked, giving a small sip her tea.

He also gave first a sip his tea, then placing it back on the table "Well... I'd say pretty good. I thought it would been worse"

"Why you say that?"

"Well... the room where I'm staying is huge and beautiful. I imagined something more simpler. But other than that, Twilight is a special pony, has a touch of sweetness and love that few have. She's always very kind with me, like Spike" he said with a little smile. "Oh by the way, she sends you regards"

"Hmhm. Avoids falling into her sweetness, because the things could get out of control" she said in a mocking voice.

Orion didn't say anything, just he gave his sight to her with an eyebrow raised, seriously.

"Hahaha. Don't make that face, Orion. I'm just kidding" she laughed.

He just sighed, rolling his eyes with a small smile.

It was almost afternoon, Orion was about to leave for the Canterlot castle to make his visit to the Princess Luna.

In the small room in which he previously belonged before starting to stay at the Castle of Twilight Princess, there he was saving some of his things into his saddlebag, if it should be necessary. But to go from here to there in the room, for some reason he decides see under his bed and he surprised to see a sword saved in its sheath.

"Hm. Look what we have here" he says to himself ironically.

He stretches his hoof toward the sheath and then pull it out of the darkness into the light of the room. Then he sits on the edge of the bed, the sheath was dark brown leather with some inlays on the edges of iron and beautiful silver clasps; then he begins to slowly pull the handle of the sword and completely takes it out from its sheath.

The sword had a double-edged blade steel, it was even wider than the sword of Orion, and that sword had the same engraving of an oriental dragon on the two side of the blade, like Orion's sword, but unlike it was bronze hilt and had no type of engraving. Orion looked it carefully and slowly drawn a faint smile on his face.

"Orion!. Are you sure you don't want to take..." Zecora approached toward the doorway and sees Orion sitting on the edge of his bed with a sword lying on his legs. She gives a little smile and then leans on the door frame. "That was the Meissa's sword, isn't it?"

Orion raises his sight to be surprised that Zecora was there, then nods gently. "Yes... I didn't know it was below my bed"

"Hey... why don't you give it to Spike. Since Meissa reincarnated in him, it would be good that he can recover his sword" she approached to him, sitting beside him

"It's a perfect idea. But... I don't know if Spike can control the sword as did Meissa"

"So what?. You can teach him to be a swordspony, as he showed you his movements in the past, according you" she tried to convince him.

"Hmhm. I think you're right." he put the sword back in its sheath and with his magic brings his sword. "I better take it now, so I don't forget to give him it"

"Alright!. You decide what's best" she said with a smile.

Then he settled the two sheaths, one on each side of his body, grab his saddlebag and gives a little sigh "Well... I think I'd better go to Canterlot"

"Oh!. By the way, I was going to ask if you wanted to bring some snacks in case you get hungry there" she said as she took her way to the door.

"No. It's okay Zecora. You don't need to start cooking now. If I'll only be there for a short time, probably" he said, stopping her with his hoof.

"Come on Orion!. Nothing will happen bad if you bring some snacks" she insisted mockingly.

"Hmhm. No. Luna and I will be fine. You don't need to bother, Zecora"

"Okay!, but if you two are hungry, don't complain" she sneered.

Orion gave a smile, then he walked over to her and planted a loving kiss on her forehead. "We'll be fine Zecora. See you later" he said, starting to shine his horn.

Orion disappeared in a beam of light.

In Canterlot Castle, Orion appeared in a beam of light between the aisles, but he didn't appear in the main hallway as usual, he had appeared in the corridor of the representations of the most important memories of Equestria.

"The corridor of the most important memories of Equestria?. Hmhm, I think I missed location" he said to himself mockingly.

Orion already knew that corridor, in which the same corridor had a beautiful large windows showing the most important moments and memories that had been in Equestria. But before take his first step forward, he gives his sight to one side and see a window that he had never seen before when he lived here a thousand years ago.

He sits in front of it and begin to observe it in detail. The same was recorded when the carriers of the elements of harmony had defeated Nightmare Moon with the elements of harmony.

"Those ponies should be Twilight and her friends" he said to himself, watching the recorded of the six carriers. But then directs his gaze to the mare who was above, being attacked by the carriers. "What? Those eyes... Why those eyes are very familiars to me?" he said to himself.

Orion ignored the familiar eyes of the mare and turns his gaze to the other windows, he see that there were many new memories. He stood up and moved down the corridor, looking each new memories, but then stopped in front of one. He stopped in front of the window overlooking the memory of how the princess Cadance and the prince Shining Armor defeated Chrysalis, the Queen of the changelings.

"Hmhm. I am sure she is the princess Cadance and her husband" he said with a small smile

But what still Orion couldn't understand was about who was the changeling that it was showing how that changeling was being defeated by the princess and the prince.

"What? But... Who's that changeling?" he asked to himself with bated breath.

"She's the Queen of the same changelings" a voice was heard not far.

Orion quickly starts looking for the owner of that voice, then from his right, he noticed that princess Cadance was approaching to him.

"Oh! Princess Cadance!" he gave a bow to greet Cadance.

"No, no. You don't need to make a bow to greet, Orion" she said, raising her left hoof. "Friends of Celestia and Luna are also my friends. And just tell me Cadance"

"Hmhm. I'm sorry Cadance" he apologized with a goofy smile "By the way... Changeling Queen? Who is she?"

Cadance glanced at the window showing how she and her husband beat Chrysalis and then she gave a short sigh. "It isn't a beautiful story, but... this changeling is called Chrysalis. It's the present changeling queen and is one of the most ruthless, manipulative and cruel queen who has been around this world" she said bitterly

"Why you say that?" he asked without understanding the situation.

Cadance took another short sigh and sat in front of Orion, and then he do the same. "A little over four years ago, we were preparing everything for our wedding, the wedding of Shining Armor and me" she pointed to the figure of Shining in the window "Everything was perfect, we moved quickly with all the preparations, decorations and more, but... then when I was looking at the altar if all the decoration was perfect, somepony was approached me. It was a guard at the castle and he asked me if I needed help with the wedding preparation. I refused his offer and asked him to withdraw, but... he didn't withdraw"

"What happened then?"

"I returned to order him to withdraw, but still he ignored my order, so I approached him and ordered him again to withdraw with more firmly. But then the guard started laughing out of nowhere, then he lifted his gaze with a Machiavellian smile and suddenly changed his form of guard to mine. I was scared at the time, that the guard was a threat. Then I tried to find Celestia to tell about that, but the guard caught me with his magic and he plunged me into the crystal caverns, in which these abandoned and forgotten for hundreds of years. While I was submerged into the caverns, I remember... I remember those words clearly 'You'll never see him again!. I will take all of his love, slowly until last drop!'" she began to tremble, just remembering those words

"That... that guard... was the queen?" he asked, not wanting to finish the phrase

"Mhmm. There from the cave, by her magic, she showed me how controlled him. That was... that was very painful for me to see how she drained his... his love and manipulated as her... puppet" Cadance began to take more frequent breaths and begin to shake more and more.

"But, what happened next? How could you get out of the caverns?"

"I owe it to Twilight. She was the one who discovered that the Cadance that was with Shining, preparing the wedding, was Queen Chrysalis. When she managed to get me out of the caves, we find the queen was ending ceremony, but then when everypony realized that there were two Cadance, Chrysalis showed her real form and began to attack all ponies to drain their love.
Then, I was able to achieve break the spell that she imposed on Shining, but apparently we had no power to make a simple spell. But the power of our love was the one who gave us the power to banish Chrysalis from Canterlot.
Since that day we have never seen her again"

Then Orion returns his gaze to the window, watching the figure of the queen chrysalis "That's... that's a terrible story" he said softly, imagining the terrible moments that she spent.

"That for me was a nightmare" he said quietly "That day I thought I would never see Shining again, and stay forever there in the caverns, seeing how she slowly would drain his love"

"I can even imagine what you spent through" he said sadly, upon having to hear the terrible story that she spent on Cadance's wedding.

The hallway remained in a profound silence for several moments. Orion stood watching the window, imagining how terrible it was in Cadance's wedding.

"So... why are you here in Canterlot? Are you here to visit?" she tried to lighten the mood.

"Uh- Yes" he gave his sight to her "I came here to visit Luna, as I completely forgot her invitation to her sleepover"

"Oh!. So Luna invited you to a sleepover?" she said with a mischievous smile. "Well... I think it's a little early for the sleepover, because it's at night"

"At night?"

"Uh- yes!. Don't you know what a sleepover?"

"Uh... No. I never heard in my life about a sleepover. Could you explain me it, please?"

"You'd better wait until night, and then you'll see" she said with a mocking voice.

"Oh, come on Cadance!. Please tell me" he pleaded.

"No!. I'm sorry but I won't say anything" she said, turning her head to one side.

"Oh Come on!. Please, be a good princess" he prayed with big and bright eyes.

Cadance gives her sight to him sideways, remaining her head to the side, and sees his big bright brown eyes, and also she saw that he was pouting. Cadance couldn't resist pouts of anypony, causing her to give up easily and then lift her front hooves, covering her sight to Orion.

"Ok!. I'll tell you what's a sleepover, just... stop pouting, Orion. Please"

"Hmhm. Now I understand why Celestia and Luna do these faces" he thought with a little smile.

"Okay. You want to know what's a sleepover?" she said, turning back her hooves to the floor.

"Yes. Please!" he said with a funny smile.

"Well. A sleepover is a small party among friends. One of them invites the rest to his home to go to sleep the night there, there between them can make different types of games, tell stories, and more.
It's something I also did with my friends, when I was young. The sleepovers are very funny" she said with a wistful smile remembering old sleepovers with her friends."But normally only at the young age do sleepover, but there are some older age ponies that also do sleepover, as they find it very funny"

"So that's a sleepover..."

"Yes. What did you think it was?" she asked mischievously.

"No. To be honest, I had no idea what was actually" he said sincerely.

"Well. Now you know it"

"Hmhm. I think so. But... what should I do until it gets dark"

"Are you hungry? Why don't you accompany me to the tea room? At least you could kill the time" she said, taking her way to the tea room.

"Hm. If there is nothing else..." he said mockingly.

Cadance and Orion started their course towards the tea room. On the way, a deep silence between them witnessed, only it could be hear the hum of the wind, hitting the castle.

"So... how are you going your stay in the castle of my sister-in-law?" she said, breaking the silence.

"Wait. Your sister-in-law?" he was surprised

"Hmhm. Yes. My husband is her brother, and well before I married with him, Twilight and me had a very strong bond of friendship since she was a child, as I was her nanny" she smiled.

"Wow. How small is Equestria" he said jokingly "Well... there in the castle is very comfortable. Twilight gave me a huge room overlooking the lake that is behind the castle. I expected something more simple, but she surprised me"

"Room overlooking the lake?. Wow!. Apparently she didn't give you 'any' room. This is the most luxurious and comfortable room of the castle"

"You say it?" he said mockingly

"Hmhm. When Twilight invited me to her castle, sometimes I stayed the night there and she gave me that room. It's very comfortable and at the same time beautiful"

"Yes. That room it's beautiful"

After a few minutes had passed, Cadance and Orion reached the gates of the tea room, but when they opened it, they noticed that there was someone else. There sitting in a red velvet carpet with a teapot, with its set, and a small piece of vanilla cake and strawberry, Celestia was reading an old book.

She noticed that the doors were open and she took a look to see who had entered the tearoom, and noticed that Orion and Cadance had entered. Then she gives a smile and closed her book, leaving it aside of the teapot.

"Hm!. Look who appeared after almost a month" Celestia mocked.

He along with Cadance approached to her, sitting beside her.

"Hehe. I think I completely forgot to visit" he said with a little embarrassed smile.

"How are you two?" she asked after taking a sip of tea

Cadance gives a big sigh and then stretch her front hooves and then remain lying on the carpet "Exhausted. Just a few minutes I just got out of the board"

"A few minutes ago?" she asked in surprise. "Why it took so long?"

"Don't ask. Just, I don't want to talk about this subject for today" Cadance said raising her hoof.

"Hmhm. Ok, ok. Would you like some tea to relax?"

"Yes!. Please" Cadance said between sight.

"And you Orion?" she gave her sight to him.

"Mm. Alright!"

"Sugar!" Celestia said with a slightly higher tone.

Sugar Berry the maid and cook of the tea room left the kitchen and approached to where Celestia was, then bowing "Yes your highness. What do you want?"

"Why don't you bring two cups of tea for my guests?" she said gently, then giving her gaze on her guests "You want something to accompany your tea?"

"No, thanks!" he thanked the offer.

"Mmm. No, I think I'm going to pass, thanks" Cadance also declined the offer of Celestia.

"Hmhm. You lose it," she said jokingly "Then, bring only two cups of tea, Sugar, please"

"As you ordered, your highness" Sugar again gave a bow to then retire.

"So... tell me Orion. What happened that for nearly a month you didn't come back here to Canterlot?"

"Well... the cause of that was because... I returned to find my brother" he said with a little smile.

Celestia looked him shocked at what she just heard. She blinked a few times and then decided to clear her mind.

"Wait. What do you mean that you returned to reacquaint with your brother?" Cadance asked.

Sugar Berry suddenly leaves the kitchen and walks towards them to leave two cups of tea for Cadance and Orion, then gave a bow before retiring "Enjoy your tea"

"Thank you!" Orion thanked, "I found bearer soul of my brother, which I've been searching for almost a thousand years. And the bearer is Spike"

The two princesses were shocked to hear that. Celestia had her mouth wide open, then close it and gulps before giving her first word "Spike?. But... how it's possible if he is sixteen?

"Well... according Twilight, the egg in which he incubated dates a thousand years ago, surely that's why"

"But that egg when I found it, was dead" she said confused "Reincarnation is something very strange and mysterious, and almost no one knows exactly how is the cycle of reincarnation. But what I know is that the death of the self, the soul that it was carrying is ejected and looking for another being for born. That is the cycle of reincarnation, and some say it's infinite"

Orion now became even more confused than before. "But if the cycle of reincarnation is as you say, what happened with Spike?"

"Are you sure Spike is the bearer of the soul of your brother?" Celestia asked more seriously.

"Yes!. I am very sure" he said at the same time nodding his head "His aura and energy are exactly like Meissa and Markab had, and his Iris is also the same"

"How strange... Anyway, the good thing is that you found the bearer of the soul of your brother" Celestia said trying to lighten the mood.

"Yes. Congratulations!" Cadance said with a smile, lifting her cup of tea.

Time was passing quickly, the afternoon was already going slowly into the night. The crickets along with other nocturnal insects began to take its melody, forming a beautiful symphony.

In the royal garden Princess Celestia and Orion were in an beautiful oriel of the same garden, in which it was giving a complete scenario of how the sun went down slowly, showing its colors reds, oranges and yellows. Cadance, then leaving the tea room, decided to return to her castle to spend the rest of the evening with her beloved husband.
Orion was leaning with his front hooves on the railing, watching the beautiful scenery in detail, like a little foal fascinated to walk into a store filled with all kinds of sweet. He loved these scenarios that nature gave to him, because it was something he used to do with his old friend Meissa and in his last years with the same Celestia.

Orion suddenly lowered his hooves of the railing and then put it back in the floor, giving a little sigh. "Well. I think I'd better go to the sleepover of Luna"

"Oh!. I had forgotten all about you told me that you had a sleepover with her. Now, rightly you came back here after nearly a month" she mocked.

"Haha. Shut up now" he laughed.

"Hmhm. Nearly a month without sending a simple letter and you only remember her sleepover" she said again jokingly.

"What? Are you jealous?" he asked with a raised eyebrow

"What!? Uh- of course not!"

"Yeah! You are jealous!" he said with a smile.


"Yes! You are!"

"I told you NOT!" she snorted turning her head to one side.

Orion gives a little chuckle to see the reaction of Celestia "Come on. I know you very well Celestia. You are jealous and you know it"

"OKAY!" she grumbled, giving a sigh and then giving her gaze to Orion "I think I'm a little jealous"

"But... Why?"

"It's just... since we met again, you spent more time with Luna, and we didn't do anything together. I hoped to be able to spend the same moments together, like in the old times" she said sadly with her low ears, giving again her sight to the horizon.

She, despite being happy that Orion could form a friendship with Luna because of her loneliness, she also felt loneliness like Luna to having no friends available. As Twilight had now her own responsibility and Cadance was already married also, and she also ruled her own kingdom.

Suddenly she begins to feel that something was supporting into her, between her chest and neck, she felt it warm and the same time pleasant. Then she gave her gaze down and sees that Orion was giving her a loving and friendly hug. They spent a few seconds in a deep silence.

"You are my best friend, Celestia. I will never stop loving you by anypony, you're unique for me" he broke the silence, snuggling deeper into her with his hug.

After about a few second she responds to Orion's hug. Then he raises his gaze to her, without breaking the hug "You know what?. To compensate it, someday we could go to somewhere, to where you want. Just you and me. What do you think?"

"Alright. If you think it's best..." she said softly, drawing a faint smile.

"Well. Then, to where do you want to go?"

"I think I know the perfect place" she said, breaking the hug.

"Well... where?" he asked curiously

"It will be a surprise. And I'll let you know through a letter when I'm ready. What do you think?" she said with a smile

"Alright!" he smiled. Then he began his way slowly towards garden's gates "Well... I think I better go before it becomes later. See you later, Celestia"

"See you later, Orion"

After a few minutes had passed, Orion reached the gates of Luna's room. He was still thinking he should have accepted the offer of Zecora, as thanks to Cadance he learned that the sleepover will last more than he expected. He dismisses his thought and then gives a sigh, raising his hoof to knock gently the gates.

"Hope she's here" he muttered to himself.

Orion waited patiently for a few seconds, which for him were almost eternal, until Luna's voice was heard saying 'come in'. Orion upon listen Luna's order, he opens the gates gently and slowly goes into her room, then stopping a few centimeters of the gates.

Upon entering Luna's room, a small change was noticeable. The bed had been run only a few centimeters to the side of the balcony, like her nightstand, and her makeup table that was prior to her bedside, now was placed beside her small closet almost glued to the bathroom door.

He starts looking for Luna, and then he found her lying on her bed reading carefully a not very old book. As far as he could see that the book cover. it had different bright colors. He thought it could be some special book for mares, causing a small chuckle in his head.

"What can I do for you?" Luna asked seriously without taking out one's eyes of the book.

He noticed that she hadn't realized that it was him, so there he gave a small chuckle, then he mock "What's you can do for me? Well... I'd like a cup of jasmine tea with a portion of cake with vanilla and strawberry, please"

Luna quickly raised her ears upon hear the voice family, and then closes her book to give her gaze of the owner of that voice. To see Orion standing right in front of the gates, she gave a smile from ear to ear and down from her bed, and then pouncing on him, giving him a big hug.

He was surprised at Luna action, as he didn't have time to get tough and be embraced, causing him to fall on his back to the floor with her above him.

"Orion!!. You're back!. I thought you'd never come back here!" she said squeezing Orion even stronger. "I was so worried"

"Hey!. Easy!. It seems like I've been gone for years" he said, surprised by Luna's welcome.

She realizes that her welcome was a bit exaggerated and blushes a little embarrassed. She breaks the hug and leave above him, leaving him to stand up again on his four hooves.

"Sorry" she said softly, blushing.

"Hmhm. No problem. Just you surprised me" he said with a little smile.

"Sorry. It's just that I thought you wouldn't come back" she said softly with her ears low "And see that you came back, I rejoiced a little"

"How that I would never come back?. If just only over three weeks has passed, Luna. I'll never leave you alone" he said, supporting his hoof on her cheek.

"Yes. But... were three long weeks. I was beginning to worry" she said, supporting more her head on Orion's hoof "I went twice to Twilight's Castle to see if you were there, but... neither you, neither Spike nor Twilight were there"

"Aw. I'm sorry to make you wait so long" he said, pouncing to her and giving a loving and friendly hug "I'm sorry. Is something unexpected happened and I forgot everything"

"Well... come on!. Tell me everything" she said breaking the hug and then addressing to a dark blue velvet carpet that was next to her bed, sitting there.

Orion goes to the carpet and sits in front of her, he took out his saddlebag and the two swords, leaving it to one side to not interfere. "Well... you already knew that I had an old friend named Meissa, and then I discovered that he was the reincarnation of my brother Markab, right?"

"Uh... Yeah"

"Well. Thousand years ago when Meissa died, I lived in the eastern realms in his little cabin for a few years, but the cause that brought me back here to Equestria was that my brother had probably reincarnated. It took a while to accept leave the cabin Meissa and return here, leaving the life I had there, but I decided to go back. When I arrived I started looking everywhere for Equestria, even after knowing your sister and our friendship break" he said, beginning to form little by little a smile "And then... when I stayed at the Twilight's castle, after we returned from Neighagra, Twilight presented me her friend Spike, and then to observe in detail to be surprised to see a young dragon, I saw that he was the reincarnation of Meissa"

"What? Really?" she said happily of listening the good news

"Yes. His aura, his energy and Iris are exactly equal to that of Meissa and Markab. I have no doubt that he is the reincarnation of Meissa" he said, extending his smile.

"What a good news!. Congratulations, Orion" she congratulated him with a smile from ear to ear.

"Hmhm. Thank you. So... that's why I was away for over three weeks. I was so happy to see my brother reincarnated that I completely forgot about your sleepover or even come to visit you and Celestia" he blushed from embarrassment, carrying his right hoof on his neck.

"It's okay. I think you deserved to spend all that time with Spike, as over a thousand years ago you don't see your brother" she tried to encourage Orion.

"Even so, I should send a letter to you two, at least give you the news of the reincarnation of my brother" he began to lower his ears, with his eyes to the floor.

Luna sees the expression of Orion's depression and gives a little smile "Hmhm. He looks so adorable when he feels guilty of something" she told herself.

"Hey. It's okay!. You no longer worry about it. I forgive you, Orion" she tried again to encourage Orion.

Orion raised his gaze, even with his low ears, looking at Luna and sees that she gave him a smile, telling him that everything was fine, but that was not enough for him, returning his gaze back to the floor.

"Hey" she said softly, then giving a pause "How about if we start the sleepover?"

Orion again looked up again, but this time a little more convinced, giving a little smile. That was enough to Luna. Then she stood up and returned to her place on her bed to return to finish reading her book.

"Just give me a second to finish reading this book" she said, turning page by page.

"What book are you reading?" he raises his ears of curiosity.

"Oh... It's nothing. Just a silly book that I started reading" she said pretending, closing the book again.

Orion approaches her and check out the cover of the book, reading the title aloud "'How to do your own sleepover'. Hmhm. You also don't know what's a sleepover?"

"Hehe. Well... I know what it's, but..." she hid part of her face with the book, lowering her voice "I never did a sleepover"

"So this book shows you how to do a sleepover?" She nodded "Hmhm. If you don't know how's a sleepover why you asked me to do one?" he asked, sitting beside her on the edge of the bed.

"Well... a time further back that we'll meet, I had discovered a book about the sleepovers, and I liked it so much the things you could do at a sleepover"


"I didn't have anypony to make, since my sister was usually too tired to do one, or sometimes she was very busy. But when we became friends, I thought I might invite you to a sleepover" she completely hid her blushing face behind the book.

He gives a small laugh and with his left hoof, gently pushes the book to discover the Luna's face. "I don't think the sleepover is difficult, it's just for fun with friends at night"

"What?. You know what a sleepover?. If you told me that you knew nothing about it" she raised her head surprised in the blink of an eye.

"Well... yes!. When I arrived to the castle was almost mid-afternoon, and then I found Cadance and she asked if I was visiting. I told her that I came to a sleepover that you invited me" he approached a little further middle of the bed "Then she told me it was early, as sleepovers is at night. I asked her about what was and she told me that it was a small party with friends, inviting the others to its home to sleep the night there, and while at night they have fun telling stories, games and more, before sleep. She told me that it usually do the young ponies, but there are also some adult ponies that do it, as they find it very funny"

"You think I'm a very old mare to do a sleepover?" she asked, lowing her ears.

"What?. Where do you get these ideas, Luna?. Of course not" he turned his torso more towards Luna and supported his right hoof on the left cheek of Luna gently, lifting her to see him. "I don't care if the sleepovers do the young ponies, if you want to do a sleepover, you will have it"

She blushes and further supports her head on the hoof of Orion, giving a little smile, then straightened to regain her position "So... what do you want to do first?"

"Uh... I don't know. You decide"

"Alright. Then, what about if we see the stars. As Neighagra"

"Uh... but there's a problem" he said with a smile and a raising an eyebrow, pointing with his hoof at the ceiling "We're not outdoors, Luna"

"Oh. Well, then let me do this" she said jokingly

Luna began to shine her horn, and then Orion began to see that the ceiling along with the walls of the room were disappearing, giving a full view to the starry sky and part of the landscape around of Canterlot. Orion was astonished to see a complete view of the beautiful night that there was.

"Hm. It seems that the princess had a trick up her sleeve" he said with a mocking voice

"You could say so" she said again jokingly. Then she pulls her back in bed, looking up at the sky and then gives her gaze to Orion "Come on Orion!. Come with me to look at the stars"

He gives a smile and then goes further into the bed to lie down beside her. The sky was very starry, from end to end, with a crescent moon gradually giving its way to the top of the sky. In certain parts of the sky it could be seen some nebulae of different shades of violet and blue. One of it was giving all of its way from the horizon to almost the top of the sky, like an arrow

"What a beautiful night, isn't it?"

"Yes..." giving a slight pause, then pointing her hoof into the starry sky "Oh! I saw a shooting star!"

"Well. Make a wish"

Luna closed her eyes, thinking about her desire for a few seconds, then opening it again "Ready!"

"Don't say it!. If not, your wish won't be fulfilled"

"Although, I think that my desire has already been fulfilled" she told herself with a little smile.

Orion suddenly left out of bed, and headed where is his saddlebag, rummaging into it.

"What's wrong, Orion?" she asked confused, raising her torso with her left hoof

"Oh!. Just my hair bothers me a bit. So I'm searching my hair band" he said, rummaging in it. "It's the bad to have long hair"

"Hmhm. Stallions complain about everything" she mocked

"Yeah?. I had no idea that the stallions are complainers" he also mocked

Luna gives a smile, rolling her eyes. But then when she gives her gaze to Orion's saddlebag, sees on the side of it the Orion's sword. "Why always when you're going to either side you bring with you your sword?. I don't think there is anypony here who wants to attack us" she mocked again.

"Hmhm. It's an habit that is already in me. As I traveled from place to place, she was always by my side"

"Oh!" but then she realized that there was a second sword, alongside Orion's "Uh... Orion. Don't you only had one sword?"

"Aha!. Here you are" he found his hair band. "Uh- Well... that sword is not mine, actually the sword belonged to Meissa" he said, carrying his hooves to his hair along with the band, then forming a ponytail.

"Why do you have it here?"

"Well... as Spike is the reincarnation of him, I think it would be appropriate to return his sword, in which it belonged to him" he said, returning to his place on the bed.

"That's perfect," she said, supporting Orion's idea, then fell into a deep silent for a few moments "So... tell me. What did you do after discovering that Spike was the reincarnation of your brother?"

He gives a little smile and then looks back at the starry sky "Well... I enjoy every moment with him. You know... I told him how was Meissa's life, and he told me all of his adventures together with Twilight and the carriers of the elements of harmony"

"And what else?"

"One day we went to Neighagra with Twilight to spend the afternoon there, and we had also gone to Everfree forest to a beautiful lake"

"In the forest Everfree?" she asked

"Hmhm. Yes. Here, that lake is very beautiful... in the water have beautiful lily pads with white flowers, and at the base of the trees, that are close to the shore, there are a lot of kinds of beautiful flowers and exotic plants"

"Wow!. How a lake as beautiful as you describe it, can be in such a dangerous forest?"

"No matter if the forest is dangerous or not, but nature that grew in it. In the forests here in Equestria and those that I had been in the eastern realms are also dangerous, because it's the land of wild animals and they defend it. But nature that grows in them is unimaginably beautiful" he said with a smile, giving a short pause "Besides, I think that both times you went to the castle was when we were in Neighagra and in the lake of the Everfree forest"

"Hmhm. I can see why" she joked, then taking another short pause "Hey... What do you think if we tell each other a story?"

"Alright" he turned on the bed to lie on his left side, with his head resting on his hoof "Why don't you go first?"

"Okay. Let me think..." she said, carrying her hoof to her chin "Oh. This story you'll like it"

"Well. I'm all ears"

Time passed quickly and it was a little over midnight, the moon was at its highest point in the sky, lowering slowly. In the room, the Luna's spell that she imposed was still giving a beautiful setting at the starry sky.

They were still lying on Luna's bed, telling each other all sorts of stories of adventure, romance, comedy, all kinds of stories are coming to their mind, but they already were beginning to yawn every so often, and increasingly it turned more frequently as their bodies gave them notice that it was time to go to sleep.

Suddenly, Orion gives his last sigh after finishing to tell his story, and then sits on the edge of the bed

"Uh. Orion. What are you gonna do?" she asked confused.

"Uh... go to sleep" he said turning back his gaze to Luna.

"But. Where?"

"I'll sleep there on the carpet. Why do you ask?" he pointed his hoof to the velvet carpet that was beside Luna's bed

"What? Oh, no!. You won't going to sleep there, Orion" she lifted her torso, leaning her hoof on her bed "Why don't you sleep here with me?. I have no problem"

"What? No!. I won't usurp the bed of a princess. Besides that carpet is velvet, I don't think I'll pass the night very uncomfortable" he said with a mocking voice at the end.

"Now, stop talking nonsense. Orion" she lunged towards him and pushed him with her hooves, returning him back to the bed "You'll sleep here and finish"

"Alright. As you wish" he rolled his eyes

After all, they returned to their places where they were already from the beginning. They stood there looking at the stars until their eyes were telling them it's time to sleep, but then Orion sees a shooting star pass right on top of the sky.

"Hey! A shooting star!" he said, pointing with his hoof

"Well. Make a wish"

He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking about his desire, but then he begins to feel that something was leaning on his chest. He opened his eyes and note that Luna had approached him, resting her head on his chest, she curled up like a filly with her favorite stuffed in her crib.

"Hmhm. You're very comfortable, isn't it?" he mocked.

"Yes" she said with a smile, then giving a little pause. "Goodnight, my Selkie" she said good night, giving him a little kiss on his left cheek.
Orion's heart began to beat faster, he began to feel that temperature of his face was elevating, causing his cheeks blush. They spent a few seconds in silence, then he gives a little smile and returned the goodnight kiss to Luna, planting it at the base of her horn.

"Goodnight, my Luna"

* * *