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An Old and Wise Star - Gianfar

In the Everfree forest there's problems with the creatures that threatening Ponyville. Then Luna coupled with her guards, decides to investigate the forest, but what surprises bring the forest to them?

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Chapter 3: An Old Friend

From among the trees begin to move the bush which alerted Orion forcing him to have to leave the place for safety, but then he heard a familiar voice

"Why do you leave? Am I not interrupting anything important?"

Orion to realize who was, he smiled from ear to ear and Meissa lunged for the unexpected visitor to give it welcome.

"Hehehehe, Hello Meissa long ago I don't see too" said the visitor

"What are you doing here? I thought you were at your home" said Orion

"Well, yes I was in my house but as I ran out of some ingredients I decided to go find some and I ran to see a light coming from the trees and decided to investigate what was"

"You not need to go out at night, you know that the forest is a danger and even more at night" said Orion

"Easy!, I know this forest since I was a filly" said the visitor

"I know you know the forest well, but do not want something bad to happen to you"

"Don't worry, I will not spend anything ... Besides you're the one who has to take care, you're here in the middle of the forest like nothing knowing that ..." The visitor realizes that Orion was not only after all. "Oh, apparently you were not just" said with a little embarrassed the visitor to see that he was not alone"

"Hmhm, She's Luna, the princess of night"

"Yes, I know the Princess Luna. Good night princess!" the visitor greets Luna

"Luna, she's my friend Zecora"

"Wait!... you know Zecora?" asked Luna

"Hmhm, is another story, better let's leave it to after" said Orion

"Why don't come to my house? this is a dangerous place and it's cold" said Zecora

"Okay, you have no problem Luna?" said Orion

"Sure, I think a bit longer I can stay"

"Well, we better go, before any creature find and attack us" said Zecora

Orion quickly turns off the fire and grab his pot with soup still inside, placing the pot on his back and with his magic grabs his saddlebag and leave for Zecora's home

"What happened with you? you are all bandaged"

"Only a small fight with an angry manticore that I found myself in the forest"

"But are you okay?" asked Zecora

"Yes, I'm fine"

"Well apparently are already a bit worn these bandages, if you do not mind, I can change it for new ones" said Zecora

"No need to bother Zecora" said Luna thanking the offer

"No, please, I wouldn't forgive you" insisted Zecora

"Well, Alright!"

After a walk to the house of Zecora finally they arrived. The two ponies and the Wolf entered the Zebra's home, Luna was surprised to see the home of Zecora, it was a very rudimentary for her, strange masks on the walls, shelves with strange potions, a cauldron in the middle of the room, she didn't feel very comfortable be in this house.

"Okay, my home is not very suitable for so to speak, but feel at home" said Zecora while she is leaving the ingredients in the appropriate shelves

"Thank you Zecora" thanked Luna

Orion noticed that Luna didn't look quite right, as if something inconvenienced

"Is something wrong Luna?" said Orion

"Eh? Oh, no, nothing's just that ... well ... I don't know how to say ..."

"Do you feel a little uncomfortable by masks, potions and other things?" said Zecora

"What? No!, it's just that ... well I .... Ugh, who am I kidding" said Luna ashamed

"Don't worry about that, it's nothing, in your place, I had been equal to see a house like rudimentary" said Zecora

Luna gave a smile but was still embarrassed, however Orion left the pot on the Zecora's kitchen

"Hey Zecora! you've dined? because leftover a some vegetable soup, if you want I can warm it" said Orion

"Uh... Alright, heats it, since I have not had time so I can make me dinner. Let's see ... where are they? ... aha! Here they are!". Zecora grabbed some bandages of one of the shelves, to renew which it has Luna "Well, we begin to change those bandages?"


Luna took off her coat so that Zecora can remove old bandages and replace them with new ones. She began taking the first of her body, and apparently was surprised to see the wounds she had.

"Wow!, it seems that you are lucky to be alive, these wounds are no joke" Zecora said as she pulled the bandages "How it was that you could survive a brutal fight against the manticore?"

"Well, I survived thanks to Meissa and Orion, they appeared out of the trees and they attacked the manticore for that not to kill me, then after they killed the manticore Orion approached me and healed my wounds with Wild Cabbage, and then he undertook a spell that cured me all my internal injuries"

"Wild Cabbage? Hmhm. Orion! Did you take some gores of my plants?"

"Hehehe, well yes... as Meissa four days ago was injured in a fight with a Timberwolf, I decided to grab some wild cabbage to cure him, and as became a bit, I decided save some in my purse in case of a emergency again" said Orion "Besides, it was I who gave you that plant after all and I think I have a right to grab some"

"Hmhm, you're always so naughty, you have two thousand years and you act like a foal" joked Zecora

"Haha!, well I can have two thousand years but that doesn't mean you cannot amuse me as a foal" said Orion

"Wait, you know that Orion has two thousand years?" asked Luna

Zecora look Luna and gave a little chuckle, but she continued bandaging her. "I know Orion for nearly ten years. I met him here in the forest"

"And how did you meet him?"

"I was in the Everfree forest in the afternoon, I was hanging around in search of some ingredients and water, had gone to the lake is not far from here, everything seemed normal, I grabbed my canteen to carry water and when I was about to stand up, I looked toward the shores of the lake and had seen a pony injured and unconscious on the shore. I ran to him and decided to carry him to my house to cure him. When I began to heal him, I noticed he had bites over much of his body, and apparently was a stinger of a manticore. I didn't know what to do but I had to draw that poison somehow, but he would die. Luckily when I began to treat him, I realized it was not poison, but it was pre-poison, then with a some essential oils I put in his bites, I controlled of that were not swell and with a banana peels and a chilled cloth, could prevent further spreading of the pre-poison and dry the bites without problems"

"With essential oils and banana peels?" asked Luna confused

"Yes, essential oils are very good to alleviate skin bites, treat inflammation and reduce the size of the bite. The cold cloth serves so that when you put it on the bite, the poison or pre-poison does not spread through the body, that is to cut the blood circulation. and the banana peel almost the same as the oil, reduces inflammation and dry the bite"

Luna was confused, she did not understand how simple things can help prevent the poison from spreading through the body, or rather also the pre-poison. Zecora was bandaging Luna and telling her story of how she met Orion

"While I healed his wounds, I realized that he was a alicorn, but I didn't tell anything about that"

(Flashback Time)

"What? Where am I?" Orion woke up in Zecora's house, he was lying on her bed and was all bandaged

"Well!, finally you woke up"

Orion looked around, searching who had spoken to him, then at the door of the room a zebra with a small pot appears

"Who are you?" said Orion scared

"Easy!, don't be afraid, I will not hurt you" said Zecora while leaving the pot on night table. "My name Zecora, I found you on the shore of Lake Forest, apparently you had an inconvenience with a manticora and it let you very hurt"

Orion did not say anything, he stayed in bed thinking he had last because he remembered nothing

"Takes, drink some of this soup, it will make you feel better" said Zecora approaching him a bowl of soup

Orion distrusted of Zecora, but accepted the soup. With his magic he could barely lift the bowl because he was very weak, then delicately took the bowl to his mouth and took a sip and put the bowl on the night table next to the pot

"Well... do you feel a little better?" said Zecora

"Yes, Thanks"

"Besides, What's your name?"

"My name is Orion"

"Well, nice to meet you, Orion. How did you get to stop in the Everfree forest?"

"I was looking for resources"

Zecora grabs the Orion's bowl and returned him to finish the soup

"Well, if you were in search of food, takes, finish your soup" said Zecora

Orion looked at Zecora and gave a smile, grabbed the bowl and began to finish his soup. When he finished his bowl of soup, leave it back at the night table, Zecora offered more but he thanked for the offer. When she healed him, she knew what he was but decided not to comment. But then Orion, with effort, sits on the edge of the bed and decided stand up

"Wow!, Wait! don't get up, you're very hurt" said Zecora

"Sorry, but I have to leave" said Orion with effort

"You don't have much strength to go into the forest alone" said Zecora

"I have to continue with my travel"

"Listen, if you go out there alone, you're going to die, You have to stay here, I have no problem with you stay here"

"'Sigh', Alright, but when I feel better, I have to go" said Orion

"When you're feel better do what you want, but for now you must stay here" said Zecora

Zecora: "Orion was at least five days here while recovered. While he was, he told me some of his adventures and stories, as I to him, hmhm When he finally recovered, grabbed his sword, said goodbye and thanked me for having healed his wounds. I thought there never was going to see again, but there was not much expected to meet him again"

"Apparently you thought wrong" he mocked

"Haha!, you were not warming the soup?" said Zecora mockingly

"Yes, only about five minutes and will already be"

"Hmhm. After two weeks I was in the forest looking for some flowers to decorate my house a bit and some other ingredient, and I came across Orion, he was in one of the rivers of the forest, but he was not alone after all, to his side was a gray wolf, apparently it heard me and alerted Orion. So I hid in the trees so they would not see me and I stood still as a statue, but the wolf found me and threw me to the ground and it jumped up on me, the wolf showed me his teeth and growled, then Orion came and he asked me who I was, so I told him my name was Zecora. That was enough for him to tell the wolf to let me and to help me to stand up"

"What are you doing here?" said Orion

"I just was looking for some flowers to decor my home" said Zecora

"Hmhm. Apparently you scared Meissa"

"Meissa?" she asked confused

"Yes!. He's my friend. Say hello boy"

Meissa didn't trust much on Zecora because she alarmed him, but then he approached to her and sat beside her but he still wary.

"Come on boy!. She will not do anything. She's my friend, you can trust her" said Orion with a smile.

Meissa looked at Orion and then looked at Zecora, but he was still wary, then Zecora decides scratch his right ear with care and then it begins to move his hind leg without stopping, but after a few moments Zecora draws her hoof of his ear and then Meissa with his head pushed a hooves Zecora to keep scratching his ear

"Hmhm apparently he likes you" said Orion with a smile

"It seems that no longer fears me after all" said Zecora

As Zecora didn't respond to the request for Meissa, this lunged at her and started licking her face. "Hehehe. Hey!! easy!. Enough... you tickles me... hahaha"

"Hahaha!. Ok Meissa, I think that's enough. Come on, leave a little personal space to Zecora"

Meissa heard to Orion, left to lick the face of Zecora and sat beside of her. His tail was wagging non-stop

"Where you found this grey wolf?" said Zecora while stroked the head of Meissa

"I found near the town which is near here, PonyVille. I found him on the prairies and he was very hurt, so I decided to take it with me and cure him. And since that day has not left me"

"Hmhm. Well... you got a good friend after all, is very friendly" said Zecora with a smile

(End Flashback Time)

Z: "After of that we met, we were talking for a while y then we said goodbye back, but almost always when I went to the forest, I was with him and Meissa, there were times he came home to visit me and then one day there was a big storm that lasted about three days from this day, he came to live with me to my house, we became very good friends, but he always prefers to sleep in the forest outdoors for habit, so when you attacked the manticora they went away because they were safe camping nearby, the same when you found with them moments ago"

"More than friends, this seems a relationship for mother and son" said Orion while was carrying the soup over to where were Luna and Zecora

"Mother and Son?" asked Luna

"Yes. When I come here, always scolds me of how I can sleep out in the forest when I can sleep peacefully here in her house" Said Orion. "Besides, that's nothing, sometimes scolds me when I finish some dirty or injured by the creatures, or when I meet with she always asks me where I was, what I did, and among other questions more"

Luna covered her mouth with her hoof because she imagined Zecora scolding Orion, she was about to explode. But apparently Orion realized that Luna couldn't stand her laughter

"What's so fun?" he said confused

"Hmhmhm. Sorry but I... 'Giggle' is just 'Giggle' HAHAHAHA"

"What? What's so fun?"

"Sorry!. Haha. I just imagine Zecora scolding you for your antics Hahaha!!" said Luna without stop laughing

"Really? I don't know what you look funny" said Orion raising an eyebrow

"Easy Mr. Grumpy!. It just caused me a bit Hmhmhm" said Luna

"Hmhm. I think that Luna thinks like me of somepony" said Zecora

"Excuse me? I'm not grumpy" he said crossing his hooves

Zecora looked at Orion with a raised eyebrow, knowing it was true.

"The soup is ready Zecora" he said looking away

"Ok. Just... another one and... ready!. It's done Luna" said Zecora

"Thank you Zecora"

"It's nothing, and tomorrow you can remove the bandages without problem, the previous bandages disinfected the wounds very well, so you leave these until tomorrow and ready" said Zecora while was grabbing a bowl of soup

"Okay. Thanks again" she said with a smile

"Hey Orion, now that I think about, why you killed the manticore? I thought you could reassure with your ocarina" said Zecora

"It was too late to use my ocarina, and he was almost within reach of Luna and play my ocarina would not have done any good, so I told Meissa to ram into the manticore to that it does not kill Luna"

"That explain everything"

"Ocarina? You really know how to play the Ocarina?" asked Luna

"Yes, Zecora taught me that play a number of melodies on the Ocarina can ease up a sleeping dragon enrage" said Orion while was taking from his saddlebag a clay ocarina of twelve holes light brown.

"Hmhm, I don't know if even a sleeping dragon but it can soothe almost any creature" said Zecora

"So, where did you learn to play the ocarina Zecora?" asked Luna

"My father taught me to play the Ocarina, that melody is part of our family for almost four hundred years and only few can know it, It must be the indicated, only one with a pure heart can play that tune and soothe almost any creature. I saw that he had a pure heart, your heart is unique, has no desire for revenge, hatred or anger, is full of love, he may come to love their enemies, it is something that only few have"

"Wow, you really are full of surprises Orion" said Luna "Uh... I think is time to go back to my home"

"Are you leaving now?" said Zecora

"Yes, it's late, I'm also exhausted because today I helped my sister with royal work and I can barely stand" said Luna approaching to the door

"Well... you want I come with you?" said Orion

"What? but Canterlot it's far from here"

"No matter. I also have to stretch my wings to fly, almost I never go to fly"

"Okay. But I fly fast"

"Stop bragging and let's go"

"Okay... grumpy" joked Luna

Orion said nothing just concealed that he never heard it, Luna said goodbye to Zecora, went outside and began flight to Canterlot. They left the forest without problem but while they were back to Canterlot, Luna flew calmly, however Orion could barely be in the air as almost he never fly, Luna could not help laughing to see him

"Didn't you say you had no trouble flying? hmhm" joked Luna while watched how Orion flying

"Don't say anything, just fly. Ugh, I think I'll have to start flying more often" said Orion

"Hahaha, if you want I can make you fly in less than ten minutes"

"Very funny!"

"Haha! ... Hey, So you know Zecora almost ten years ago, but one thing, if ten years ago that you are in the forest Everfree How come all that time no one knew anything about you in the forest?

"Always I was remained in the deepest parts of the forest, and if I was got out of the forest by any chance, I went out on to the outside of PonyVille or but to Rambling Rock Ridge"

"But You never been to PonyVille?" asked Luna

"Only rarely, I was only going to PonyVille in case I needed some resources, such as bandages, food, etc. I always went with my coat or with an spell as an unicorn and I was tried to anyone see me of that I'm a alicorn"

"Hey, I don't know if you want to tell me, but what happened to your brother? Even though almost two thousand years has been passed, you didn't say what happened to him and your mother" asked Luna

"I think it better leave it for later, it's not something I like to talk"

Luna said nothing, just kept flying as usual. After a long journey, Orion and Luna came to Canterlot, and headed for the balcony of Luna's room

"Wow, your room is big and beautiful" said Orion looking from the balcony

"Thanks, I decorated it" said Luna with a smile

"It's not bad"

"Hey why don't you come here tomorrow, so you meet my sister, seeing you, she sure it's going to be happy to see that there is another alicorn"

"Listen, don't think it's necessary to meet Celestia, I don't want everyone to know that I am a alicorn" said Orion with low ears


"Is personal, sorry"

"Okay, but trust me, just will be her and no pony else"

"I don't know Luna"

"Listen, trust me and as well as I trusted you in the forest, she will not do anything, Celestia is the most good and reliable pony in Equestria all"

"'Sigh', Alright, but only she, okay?"

"Yes, I assure you"

Then Orion was prepared to take flight back to the forest and said goodbye to Luna

"See you tomorrow. Sleep well"

"See you tomorrow. Selkie" said Luna with a mocking voice

"Hmhm. See you Luna"

Orion began his flight to the forest and Luna went to the makeup table and let her necklace and crown recovered and a jump she lay down to sleep...

The next morning, Luna awoke early, apparently very early because the sun wasn't had risen and the moon not down yet, she rolled in her bed for a few moments and sat on the edge of it, rubbed a bit her eyes and walked away direct to your bathroom, she washed her face and teeth, and finally went to her makeup table to comb her hair. "I don't understand how he doesn't want to meet my sister, and also why he said you do not want everyone to know that he is a alicorn, it worries me a little." Sigh "I think everything will be in due step" thought Luna. It was time to get off the sky the moon and that the sun comes up to a new dawn, then Luna went to the balcony and shone her horn and slowly she lowered the moon for a new day dawns

"I think I better go to the tea room to have breakfast" said Luna to herself . She finished combing her hair, put down the brush in place, put on her crown and necklace of crescent moon, then started toward the door, but when she left her room, closing the door

"Good morning Luna"


Luna was startled to hear a voice and without consciousness launched a blue bolt against the individual and sends him flying a few meters back leaving him lying on the floor. Luna then what happened went to see who it was that frightened her and then she sees that it moves and then she warns

"Who are you and What do you want? said Luna on the defensive

"'Effort' So that's how you receive me in your home?" said Orion

"Orion? What are you doing here so early?

"I just did what you asked me to come to Canterlot to meet Princess Celestia" said Orion while was rising up from the floor

"But it is very early, until ten o'clock Celestia will not be available" said Luna

"Well, then I better go for a walk around city to kill time"

"Why don't you come with me?, so not have to go undercover all the time"

"Alright, if you ask..."

After Orion rise up and that Luna apologized to him for the bolt surprise, they went to the living area, and while on the way...

"Wow, this castle itself is huge and beautiful" said Orion

"You said that yesterday"

"No, I said that your room was beautiful, now I said about the castle"

"Anyway, are you hungry? because we will go to the tea room first"

"Yes, I think I could use something to eat"

"This castle brings back a lot of nostalgia" told Orion to himself

"By the way, how did you get here so early? the forest is very far from here" asked Luna


"From there to here?"

"Yes, it consumes a lot of energy to do so, but it was worth for the reaction you did when you left of your room hmhm"

"Ha.... Ha.... Very funny, almost you give me a heart attack" scolded Luna

"Haha, don't be exaggerated"

Orion was continued kidding about the scare that gave Luna when she leaving her room, and Luna increasingly became more irritated. And Then ....

"We arrived at the tea room" said Luna

"Wow, you have to walk far to go to a room where you have breakfast?" asked Orion

"Hmhm, those are the consequences of having a large castle, don't you think?" joked Luna

"Haha, tell me about it"

"Okay, leave the jokes to after and better enter to have breakfast" said Luna opening the doors of the hall"

"Wow, here it's big too!"

"Stop fooling around and sit down"

"Ok, ok, easy filly" said Orion

"Filly? I have the same years old than you. Selkie!"

"You will have two thousand years but that doesn't mean you're a daddy's filly" joked Orion

"Your declare war on me?" said Luna

"Haha!. If that's how you take it"

"Hmhm. Stop talking nonsense and better ask what you want to eat"

Luna called one of the servants of the room to fetch some tea and slices of cake to accompany

"What do you want to accompany your tea? Cake, cupcakes, muffins ..." asked Luna

"With a vanilla muffin, it will be fine"

"Alright. Sugar Berry, could bring a muffin for the gentlecolt and a serving of strawberry cake for me, please" told Luna to the Servant

"As ordered princess" said Sugar Berry

While they are waiting for Sugar to come with your breakfast ...

"It seems that this room has not changed much after all" told Orion to himself

"Hey, why do you get up so early for have breakfast ?, if you can have breakfast with your sister" asked Orion

"Well, how to say this delicately ... My sister when it comes to has breakfast at eight o'clock in the morning she always eats the richest cakes and never leave something for me

"Hmhm, but why she does it?"

"It's that it has a small cake addiction"

"Hmhm apparently is not the only thing that has not changed" told Orion to himself

"So why do you come early for breakfast?" asked Orion

"Only sometimes, I usually have breakfast with my sister, but sometimes I prefer have breakfast earlier"

"But if she comes to breakfast at eight why not wait, only we got an hour"

"Believe me, you don't want to see her when she has breakfast"

"Hmhm, Okay, I believe you"

After a few moments of conversation between Orion and Luna, Sugar Berry brings the teapot along with all his set and two dishes, one with a vanilla muffin and one with a slice of strawberry cake

"Here is the jasmine tea with a vanilla muffin for gentlecolt and a portion of strawberry cake for princess" said Sugar Berry

"Thank you Sugar" said Luna

"Thank you very much" said Orion

"You're welcome, enjoy your tea" said Sugar

After that Sugar Berry entered into the kitchen of the room, Orion was the first to raise his cup of tea, took sipped and left its rate back on their plate next to his muffin

"Wow, I haven't drank a jasmine tea so delicious in a long time"

"Sugar Berry makes the best tea in all Equestria"

"I think so" said Orion "By the way, your collar is very beautiful, where do you get it?" asked Orion

"Oh, this necklace gave it to me my sister two days ago, at a artisan fair that was in the center of Canterlot"

"I think I'll go next time one of these artisan fairs, are very cute"

"This is nothing, there are many beautiful things, a little of everything. If you want to the next fair we can go, do you think?"

"Ok, I would love it"

After a few minutes, Orion and Luna finished the tea and eat their cake and muffin, Luna called Sugar Berry to pick up the teapot with the dishes. Then, from the kitchen leaves Sugar Berry and goes where are Luna and Orion

"Thank you for the tea Sugar, it was delicious" said Orion

"Yes, Thank you Sugar" said Luna

"It's nothing" said Sugar flattered

"Let me help you Sugar Berry" said Orion raising the teapot with his set, with his magic

"Oh no, no, no problem with this gentlecolt" said Sugar

"Please, I insist" said Orion

"Okay, Thank you very much" said Sugar

Sugar guides Orion into the kitchen to let the teapot there with all his set, Orion left the teapot on one of the kitchen counters, he thanked again for the tea and went back to where it was Luna and grabbed his saddlebag where they sat drinking tea and left the tea room

"Well, where you want to go?" asked Luna

"Me? Aren't you the guide?" said Orion

"Haha! if you say so, well, do you want to go to the royal library? Or do you want to go to the royal garden?"

"I would like to go to the royal garden"

"To Garden? Ok, I thought you were going to choose the library" said Luna

"What?, now you treat me as nerd or wise guy?" said Orion raising an eyebrow

"No, no, I just thought you were going to choose the library because like you said you loved books"

"Ah, So I thought, Fear! 'Cough'"

"Excuse me?"

"Uh? What's up?" said Orion concealing

"Fear? are you telling me I'm afraid of you?" said Luna looking Orion

"What? No!, I didn't say anything"

"I thought so"

"I didn't say (Fear! 'Cough') anything"

"OK, You got me fed!"

"Wow, Hey, NO, No, Wait!"

Luna grabbed Orion and threw him to the ground and grabbed his hind hooves and began to pull to his back, and put her hind feet in Orion's head pushing against the floor

"What did you say? You have to say something Selkie?"

"Auch! Ok, ok, Y-You win, I'm a-afraid of you..." said Orion

"I didn't hear you, How did you say?


"I thought so"

Then after giving his due to Orion decides drop his hind feet and take out her hoof of his head, but apparently Luna should not have done that without being careful of what he could do. So when Luna released his hind feet, in one quick motion, Orion grabbed Luna and changed position, Luna was now on the floor face up and Orion above it, looking at each other

"Hmhm, and now who is the boss?" said Orion

"Very funny"

"You didn't replied my question"

"Haha!, I will not say it"

"Wrong answer"

Then, by the wrong answer from Luna, Orion started to do tickling her and she began to writhe on the floor, laughing nonstop trying to avoid that Orion continues tickling her

"And now, Who is the boss"

"HAHAHA, Stop!, please... HAHAHA, I'm going to pee... HAHAHA"

"You give up?"

"NEVER" exclaimed Luna

"Hmhm, Wrong answer again" said Orion

"HAHAHAHA, Ok, Ok Stop!, You are the Boss"

"Hmhm, I thought so" said Orion leaving tickling "Well, apparently I'm the boss now Hmhm"

"Shut up!, I just said that so you don't make me pee up" said Luna looking Orion

"You want to continue?"

"NO!, no, you are the boss"

Orion chuckled and left over on Luna, helped her up from the floor and went their way. Orion while was walking the halls of the castle brought him a lot of nostalgia , each time he was looking around, every detail of the castle as a tourist on holiday, and after a while, they arrived to the door to get inside to the Royal Garden

"Well, we arrived, here the royal garden" said Luna while was opening the doors

The royal garden was huge, had a variety of exotic and beautiful plants, roads between trees so with their branches locked causing a natural arch, also had a brook in which passing through one side of the garden and it had like little waterfalls, the brook beginning from one of the largest waterfalls in the mountains, and there was a variety of animal species. Orion looked shocked to see such a beautiful garden, but apparently he already knew very well of the garden

"This garden almost not changed much, it has the same species of plants that had previously hmhm" told Orion to himself

"Wow!! that beautiful garden" said Orion looking from one side to the other "It's huge!"

"Yes, this is one of the places I love going to relax a little, like my sister"

"And how not?, is a quiet and calm environment, nobody can bother you"

"Come on!, let's go to the seats where it's the brook" said Luna

"Ok, I follow you"

Then, Luna and Orion undertook the trek to the banks of the brook. To reach the brook, they took the path of trees arched and passed through a large font that was shaped like a royal warrior along with his princess, and then by a road surrounded by exotic flowers ending at the brook with a floral purple and red bow. Upon arrival, Luna sat on a bench, Orion was still looking from side to side until Luna Interrupted his sight

"Come on!, sit by my side" said Luna

Orion heard Luna, then he went to the bench and left her purse and his sword next to it and then sat next to Luna, but still kept looking in all directions

"Stop looking so, after it's going to hurt your neck" said Luna with a mocking voice

"Hmhm, Ok... it's a be splendid place" said Orion

"Hmhm, yes, this really is one of my favorite places of the castle"

"Yeah, really!"

"Besides, there are plenty of animals here in the garden"

"Really? Wow this garden has everything"

"A bit of everything we could say hmhm"

Luna with Orion remained in the garden until nearly ten o'clock, they had been feeding the animals at the request of Orion, and Luna had decided to make a flying sessions for him, so you can stretch your wings and fly smoothly, but apparently not very well it went, for him it cost too much and when he undertook the flight, he fell to the ground in chopped, at least they spent so by an hour until finally could more or less keep his flight

"Ok, I think that will be enough for now" said Luna

"Uff, I think I'll have to use more these wings" said Orion

"Come on, they're just a little rusty by not use them, you just need to stretch them a little every day and soon you can fly normally"

"Apparently you like to see me suffer, right?" joked Orion

"What? Oh no... don't say nonsense" said Luna sarcastically

"Haha! If you say it"

"Hmhm, better we go to the throne room, safe Celestia should already be there because they are almost ten" said Luna looking the sun

"Ok, but let me first know her alone, I will not go around saying I'm a alicorn, just follow my lead" said Orion looking towards the entrance doors to the garden

"Alright!, I follow you"

Then the two alicorns made their way to the throne room, went back on the path of flowers, after the source, trees arched and finally arrived at the gates of the garden. Out of the garden

"Hey, yours coat it's dirty, why we not pass first through the locker room and get something decent"

"I don't think that's necessary, this coat has much sentimental value for me"

"Come on, just by a moment"

"Wait" said Orion

Suddenly Orion begins to shine his horn and pointing his coat, then all the dirt that had disappeared, now his coat looked recently purchased of a store


"Or rather you do that"

"Hmhm, this is easier that deciding what to I wear to go to meet Celestia"

Luna said nothing, just chuckled and kept walking. To get to the throne room, they passed again through the gates of the tea room, then went to the main corridors where given to the castle entrance and then went up the stairs and went up to go to the throne room, the whole castle was empty, there was no pony or guard, Luna seemed a little strange that no pony in the castle. After walk all the way to the room, they reached the gates of it, stood there in front of the door and took a deep breath Orion

"Is something wrong?" asked Luna to see Orion a little uneasy

"It's just ... I'm a little nervous, only that" said Orion tearing the ground with his hoof and with low ears

"Listen. You don't have to be nervous, everything will be fine. Just there is Celestia, nothing more"

"Ok. I'm ready"

"Alright. Let's go"

Luna shone her horn and opened the doors, basically you could see the throne of Celestia and she was sitting in it, but apparently Luna going to have to swallow what he said, there were more ponies next to her

"What?. Nut... how is possible they be here?" told Luna to herself

"Great!. Thank you Luna" told Orion to himself

"Wasn't you said that would only be Celestia?" said Orion telepathically to Luna

"That I thought. I didn't know that Princess Cadance and Twilight Princess were here" replied Luna also Telepathically

"As I curse you Luna" said Orion to himself

Despite the unexpected company that has Celestia, they walked to the throne usually, Orion was about to hang Luna

"Luna! Good morning! How are you?" greeted Cadance

"Good morning Luna!" also Twilight greeted

"Good morning!, I don't knew that they would come to visit us here at the castle" replied Luna

"Apparently you got up early today" said Celestia with a smile

"Yes, apparently I shortened a little the sleep" replied Luna

"Hmhm, after of you were tired yesterday it's a little weird"

"Yes. But by luck, I slept like a filly"

"Uh... by the way, Who is your friend? asked Cadance looking Orion

"Oh, He is Orion" said Luna

"Good morning princesses" greeted Orion with a reverence then being answered by the princesses

"He is the pony that you found in the Everfree forest? asked Celestia

"Uh... Yes he is"

"Wait... In the Everfree forest?" asked Cadance

"Well... it's a long story"

"Well, we would like to know it"

Luna began to tell to the two princesses how was that she met Orion. Each time she told the story, the face of the two princesses became very confused, but did not tell anything about Zecora, or that he was an alicorn. Orion sat a few steps behind where the princesses were, but Celestia looked great detail to him and that was very familiar to her

"Wow, apparently you had a big surprise in the Everfree forest after all" said Cadance

"Actually yes" said Twilight

"How did you find him back?" asked Celestia

"Well... uh... how to say it hmhm" said Luna a little uneasy "During the fight with the manticore, I lost the necklace that you gave me in the forest, so I decided to go look at night after help you with the work, and then I met him"

"Well. It's nice to meet you Orion" said Cadance shaking his hoof

"It's my pleasure Princess Mi Amore Cadenza" said Orion

"Please, call me Cadance"

"It's also nice to meet you Orion" said Twilight with a smile

"The pleasure is also mine Princess Twilight Sparkle"

"Twilight, just Twilight"

"Hmhm. Alright. Cadance, Twilight... It's nice to meet you" said with a smile. Then he turned his gaze to Celestia "It's also nice to meet you princess Celestia"

Celestia was looking at Orion in detail, but then decided to answer his greeting

"It's also a pleasure Orion. Tell me, where are you from?" asked Celestia

"I am from the cities of the West and young nomad. I have traveled for almost all Equestria to meet and learn from different cultures and to explore places that only few have been able to reach"

"From West?. Nomad?. This has to be a coincidence" said Celestia to herself

"Wow. For what places have you been? asked Twilight

"Well... I've been through Badlands, Hayseed Swamps, Dodge Junction, Foal Mountain and among other places we cannot remember their names hmhm" he said with a smile

"Those places are a little dangerous" said Cadance

"Hmhm. Sometimes is necessary to carry something with which to defend themselves" said Orion looking his sword

"Well... that explains everything" said Cadance with a giggle

"Anything else you find in your travels?" asked Twilight

"Well... I found ancient ruins that date back nearly two thousand years ago and rarely in those ruins, I think I've found some old scrolls or books of history, magic and more" told Orion

"Really? And what kind of spells they have?" asked Twilight

"These spells were very primitive, are only a few but very effective, for example ... regeneration, growing vegetables, among other hmhm"

"You've grabbed some scroll?" asked Twilight

"Just some that I consider important I take them, in total have only six scrolls, three of magic, one of mythology and two of medical"

"From what places did you get those scrolls?" asked Celestia

"Some of these are from the ruins of White Tail Woods and Tall Tale , and others are from Hayseed Swamps and Dodge Junction" said Orion

"Sorry, but why are you here in the castle?. You didn't say anything that they would come, sister" asked Luna

"Oh. I told them to come to the castle to ask how they fared in their journey to Fillydelphia, as there were few social problems and they decided to help citizens"

"Oh. I forgot about the journey. Well... How did it go on your trip? Have you been busy?"

"Needless to say it" Cadance said with a sigh "Almost a disaster, were about to make a revolution"

"Wow. Luckily you could get and calm the citizens easily. Right?" said Luna

"Well... It was a little more complicated than we thought" said Cadance

While Cadance and Twilight told Luna how was their busy trip to Fillydelphia to solve a social problem, for other side Orion looked at Celestia and gave a smile but she didn't sees him

"Hmhm. You have not changed Celly. You're still the same despite the years" told Orion to himself

Suddenly Celestia gives her look at Orion and he immediately look to the side where the princesses were, Celestia noticed something strange about him, increasingly disturbed her even more, she knew from somewhere know this stallion and she found him very family his voice and manner of speaking, but also she noticed the scar on the right side of his snout

"Wait. That cut on his snout... I find it very familiar. But... why I find this stallion so familiar?. Ugh! This is giving me a headache" told Celestia to herself

"Wow. Apparently you had problems there" said Luna

"Hmhm. Don't mention it, I almost wanted to slap in the face of them to react" said Cadance

"Haha. I doubt it. Hey I think I'd better leave, Orion and I had planned to go for a walk by Canterlot to know the city" said Luna

Luna gave an excuse to get out of the throne room since apparently Orion today will not be able to know well Celestia by the unexpected visit of the two princesses

"Let's go Selkie!" said Luna

"Alright. I follow you" replied Orion

"Wait. She just said Selkie? Because that was the nickname... But how this is possible?. Is he who I think is?" told Celestia to herself

"Wait!. You called him Selkie?" said Celestia

"Luna, as I curse you" told to Orion himself

"Uh... yes!. Why you say that?"

Celestia didn't respond, just kept looking at Orion and then saw his sword, then stood on his throne and she asked Orion to show his sword

"Orion. You could show me your sword?"

"Uh... Sure!"

Orion quickly made shine his horn and pulled off the scabbard with the sword of his left side and levitated over to where was Celestia, letting her to grab it with her magic. Celestia made an eye to the scabbard, the scabbard was red color with small patches on the edges of iron, then pulled the sword from it, and noted that it was a double-edged sword steel and the handle had recorded an eagle in flight; then she saw that the blade of the sword, it had recorded of the two sides, like a snake dragon from the handle to the tip of the blade where finished the head of the recorded of the dragon, the sword itself was very beautiful and very lethal at the same time. Celestia then to observe in detail the sword, left the same in its sheath and left beside of her throne and went straight to where it was Orion, he took a few steps back but then he stopped, and then Celestia was face to face with him, she looked him in detail again. After a few moments gave a smile from ear to ear and pushed him with her front hooves against her chest and gave him a big hugged
The princesses looked to Celestia very confused, they didn't know what was happening.

"It's nice to see you again Orion!" said Celestia hugging him tightly

_ _ _

Author's Note:

Here we are!!, the third chapter
Sorry about Zecora. I tried to invent repeatedly her verses that she always does, but I always ended up getting dizzy.

The places mentioned in the story, are on the original map of Equestria

This map is the one I use. (Map of Equestria). Is the same map as the original, just this is more realistic