• Published 25th May 2012
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In the Darkness, The Lone Blades Light the Way - New Lunar Eclipse

An Elite Ultra and his squad are stranded in Equestria. How do they get back to the Blessed Path? Do they want to, when a symbol of their religion tells them otherwise?

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Chapter One: Fall from the Heavens

* Italics signify that it is being spoken in the species’ native language, or in the universal language of the Covenant, and that this is the closest possible translation.

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The Elite Ultra was sitting in the back of the Phantom along with two other of his kind, Sangheili to be precise. Alongside them were three orange Unggoy and two Kig-Yar snipers. The Ultra looked at the assortment around him, and then to his closer brothers. Both were in Spec Ops armor, and he was equipped with the charcoal black Spec Ops version of the Ultra armor. The one closest to him, a crimson red, was a Stealth Minor. The other, colored a dark watery blue, a Stealth Major. What confused the Ultra about his team's colors was that the Stealth colors were different from the everyday Major or Minor colors. The difference could be anything from a small shading difference to complete opposites in the armor color itself.

The Ultra sat back and relaxed somewhat. He had spent the entirety of his deployment on the human planet on his feet, always moving, either on the run or hunting down his prey. He managed to take out a few of their soldiers and civilians, even steal some primitive TacPads from two of the soldiers they killed…but then the humans in armor came. The Demons.

They came from the sky in their horribly loud ‘falcons,’ as they call them. There were six Demons in total, though two of them stayed on one of the vehicles as they took off. One of his comrades, a young and newly promoted Stealth Minor, ran off to distract them from the group. And it worked…somewhat. One of the Demons, obviously seeing him move despite his cloak, gave chase and hunted him down, ending his life with five well placed shots to the head. But the young Minor did distract them enough for the group to camouflage themselves and slink away from a nearby ‘warthog’ they had destroyed earlier in the day. Later during that deployment on the planet ‘Reach,’ the Ultra had faced down a Demon while his own comrades dealt with a small squad of marines and two or three ODSTs.

They were finally being recalled to a Corvette called Glory Upon Salvation floating above the planet's outer atmosphere. It strangely stopped communicating to the ships around it as it went for more fuel from one of the larger ships. The large Elite closed his eyes, enjoying the small amount of relief from his legs.

*“Ultra.” The large, armored Sangheili heard the deep throaty voice of another Elite coming from the front of the Phantom.

*“Yes, Major?” The Ultra turned his head to the cockpit, where another Major was flying.

*“You may want to come look at this.”

The armored beast sighed as he picked himself up and shook his head from side to side, loosening his sore jaws a little to wake himself up. He made his way to the front of the Phantom and looked at the 360 degree circle of holographic screens. The screens zoomed in on the side of the Corvette, and they saw a Demon being tossed out of one of the landing bays by an unknown assailant. *Whatever problem there was, there is no more. Honor and glory to you! the Ultra thought as he watched the Demon fall from the hologram’s view. The Elite Ultra looked to the pilot, and the Major manipulated the controls to zoom out.

The Phantom flew off to the side of the bay doors and the cameras zoomed in again... onto another Demon, a very large one with a very large weapon. There with it was one of the human ‘Pelicans.’ There was a large contraption on the back of the vehicle and… the Ultra's blood froze. The Demon was pressing buttons on the large object. It suddenly occurred to the Ultra that this Demon tossed out the other and is staying back to die. Honorable, but pointless. Any second now, Zealots would burst through the doors and kill it...

Only none arrived.

*”Major... what is that, and what is it doing?”

*”It looks to be a human slip-space engine, as to what he is doing, I do not know.”

*”Turn around.”


*”Circle around, do not go in and engage and do not leave the battle.”

*”But what about honor and-”

*”I will gladly slay you here for you to keep your honor, but blindly running in without information? There is no honor in dying without a fight.”

The Major contemplated his choices and looked down sadly. His fingers moved over the controls and the view moved left as the Phantom turned around. There was only a small quake within the Phantom that signified it racing away at top speed. *I may have lost honor by running... but I will take the blame, and not my comrades. The Ultra walked out of the cockpit and noticed his two remaining brothers looking back at him. They both nodded, knowing what they would have to do if he didn't do it himself. The Ultra looked down at his wrists and the hilt of his energy sword. He took the cool hilt in his large hand and ignited it with a loud sizzle. It was hungry for blood. His blood, the enemies’ blood, it was the essence of life. The essence of Honor. All blood was the same to the blade. The Unggoy looked away, as did the pair of Kig-Yar, knowing what was going to happen next.

He slowly brought the blade up, above his wrist. *I must scar my dishonor and shame into my skin. He was about to cut when the entire craft violently pitched forward, causing him to lose his balance and hit the ceiling of the Phantom with his helmeted head hard enough to knock him out.
The purple unicorn had finally gotten the telescope up the steep hill in Sweet Apple Acres. She sighed heavily as she planted it into the ground before aiming it in no particular direction. She looked to her five friends and her number one assistant, Spike.

“Okay girls, finally. Now we can watch the meteor shower in full detail! I wonder what Princess Luna has planned this time? She usually has some big finale when it’s over.” The purple unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, realized she was rambling and decided to not talk for a while.

“I’m sure it’s going to be spectacular, dear!” replied Rarity, the white unicorn.

“Without a doubt! It’ll be twice as cool as last year!” Rainbow Dash said, hovering about two feet above the ground, pumping her right hoof into the air. She laid back and landed softly on the ground staring up into the starlit sky, waiting for the awesome.

The others just stayed silent and looked to the sky, waiting for the streaks of light to shoot across the heavens. And they were rewarded with just that. There were bright streaks of light shooting across the sky. Some fast, others slow enough to get a good look at on the telescope. The shower went on for two hours, before it finally stopped, pausing. Then, there was a sudden rush of meteors shooting, thousands of them, some big and others small. They all went different speeds, and formed a single word in the sky. ‘Friends.’ The six mares and dragon smiled, knowing why she put that in the sky.

Suddenly, a huge hole erupted in the middle of the word, pitch black but with a bluish hue surrounding the outside of it. It grew bigger and bigger, sending extremely large purple fireballs careening through the sky. There was one fireball so big, Twilight was sure it was bigger than Canterlot itself! It seemed to emit sparks here and there, but then the fire disappeared, leaving a large and dark object looming ominously in the sky. The only thing getting within 20,000 feet of the surface was a lone, blue flame. It was moving at an alarming rate, falling almost straight down from the sky.

The seven watched it closely as it continued to fall…and fall…and fall…until they saw it head into the Everfree forest, where there was a dull purplish/blue light and a faint, echoing boom.

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