• Published 20th May 2015
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Light in the darkest hour - DerpyEngi and Redd

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Chapter 1: The good old days(Edited)

I woke up after a surprisingly good nights sleep, I stretched out my legs and feet and was going to crack my knuckles like I was used to. And thats when I remembered I saw that my hands were now paws with tiny fingers on them, and that now I had glowing white fur. I also didn't remember, I didn't remember my name! Sure I called myself Ori yesterday but what was my real name! I started hyperventilating and chewing the pillow I was on.

"Oh you poor thing."

"What was that!" I shouted with an "eep" sound. I turned around to see it was Luna.

"What frightens you Ori?" she said with concern in her voice.

I only sunk back into my pillow.

"Now is no time for rest Ori, we shall feast!"she said excitedly.

I sunk a little deeper into the pillow.

She gave out a tired sigh and said, "I really don't like talking like that, come on let's go eat you can sleep later."

I perked up at that and hopped on her back.

She looked dumbfounded by my jumping abilities, to be honest I was to.

"Now onwards we shall feast!" I joked mostly to myself as no one could understand me.

"Very well then," she said as we left the room and went down the corridor.

As we walked down the corridor i started looking around, I noticed how many guards looked at me with surprised looks some even with horror, was I doing something wrong? Well that didn't matter though one caught my eye, it was a darkly coated horse i did not know if it was a he or a she, but it looked at me with disgust, I'm gonna have to keep an eye on it.


"Morning Tia!" Luna said excitedly as we walked into the dining area, "thou have yet to tell us of what breed your bird is!"

Tia chuckled,"Luna you know you don't have to speak formally around me."

"I know, but still i want to know what species you're bird is" Luna said whining just a bit.

"Yes, yes Luna i'll tell you, it's a phoenix."She said still holding a proud smile on her face, "and her name is Philomena.

"Philomena the phoenix, I like it "Luna said satisfied with the answer.

As if on cue the phoenix flew in "You called?" She said rather smugly.

Then I realized that I could understand her, I turned to the phoenix "Can you understand me?" I asked.

Philomena turned to me with a curious gaze "Yes, and you me?" She asked hesitantly.

I smiled and answered "Yeah I can,"i jumped of Luna's back and on to the table "It's nice to meet you Philomina" I greeted as I put my paw out to greet her.

She literally beamed with excitement "Really!" She zoomed across the room to the table "Oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! No one understands me! not even the other animals in the garden! I don't know why though,"she tried to reach for my paw but her wings were too small, so I petted her head.

"So what is Ori exactly?" Tia asked.

Luna just shrugged and said "I don't know but all i know that she is harmless."

I nodded in agreement, then i realized something, Wait did she say... she?

"How do you know Ori's a she?" Tia asked curiosity slipping into her tone.

"I did a full body skan of her body and noticed she had no male genitalia" Luna stated bluntly.

"You did WHAT!" I said, angry at the invasion of privacy while sleeping, of course she only heard the irritated tone of voice I was using.

She picked up on my angry tone of voice and said "Now Ori calm down it was only to see what your body's main functions are so if you get sick I could help you" she gave me a sheepish smile.

I gave her a deadpan look.

"What! I was curious" she pouted.

I laughed at that, which was a strange sound to say the least.

"Don't worry, she did that to me too," Philomena said with a big smile on her face still beaming.

You would think that I would be freaking out right now, but learning that I'm probably female was not the strangest thing to happen in the last 24 hours. That title goes to being adopted as a pet by a royal alicorn...

How am I not insane right now?


Time Jump 3 weeks 5 days

After a few weeks of Living here Ive gotten a little more used to not being able to talk, sure it's still annoying but I'm leading a good life, well as good of a life a royal pet can have but I don't think neither me nor Luna think of ourselves as pet and owner, more like very good friends. Me and Philomena have become good friends over the past weeks, we usually hang out in the fields that i was found in, I figured out what that place was called Moonlight Fields. The relationship between me and Celestia was never solid, she always either ignored me or just pushed me away. That Dark coated Pony (now i know there ponies, which did not surprise me) that I saw in the corridor, his name was Shadow Dagger, and I did not want to know why. He was one of the day guards, and it always looked like he was planning something while looking at me with anger and disgust.

Me and Philomena were in the Moonlight Fields, it was a peaceful night and you could clearly see why it was called Moonlit fields. The soft light of The Moon, covered the whole field as nocturnal flowers glowed with a white glow.

"Man, how come I never come to this place, it's down right gorgeous" Philomena said as she lay down on the grass, wings spread.

"I don'tf knof you telf me." I said my mouth filled with delicious cod, Turns out that I can still eat some meat like fish chicken and... other things would rather not mention.

She just grinned " Now Ori talking with your mouth full is very rude" she said while doing her best Celestia impression.

I put a paw over my mouth, "pfft."

Philomena just kept grinning like an idiot.

I swallowed the rest of the fish in my mouth "pfft ha ha ha! that impression was terrible!"

She only grinned more "how rude, now you will bake me the biggest bestest cake as an apology."

I fell to the ground laughing my guts out, eww note to self never use that line again.

"Do you like mmmm... bananas?"

I kept on laughing for a bit, after a while I managed to catch my breath and say "okay, okay where did that last one come from?"

"I don't know but Celestia said that to some pony that was running a vegetable business, I believe said something about cabbages."

"You know it would be fun if celestia actually pretended to like me, at least not push me away every time I try to be nice" I say as I take another bite of my cod.

"Oh she'll turn around " Philomena reassuringly.

"I'm not so sure Philly" I said as I stood up and started walking towards Luna, who was sitting on the grass with Celestia.

Philomena groaned at the nickname"you know," she turned around and flew after me "the longest day of the year is in 2 days."


"It's Tias birthday, you can do something for her to earn her trust."

I turned my head to her,"good point, I'll see what i can do" Then an idea came to mind.


"Yes?" She answered ignoring the nickname.

"do you know how to make a sphere?"


The next day

I woke up on the ground next to my project that me and Philomena managed to scrap together last night, I quickly hid it under Luna's bed. Just as I put it under her bed I heard a voice coming from behind me.

"Morning to you Ori."

I jumped back in surprise, Luna's way too good at that, like how does she walk so silently with hooves?

She giggled in my expense when I landed on my rump.

"Yeah, yeah shadow of the night, The Dark Knight rises again, very funny."

"Now Ori do you know what day it is?"

I tilted my head in confusion.

"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" She shouted in pure excitement.

"Whoa!" I shouted, as I got hurled at the wall with the sheer amount of force that her voice generated.

"Oh no, Ori are you okay did I hurt you?"

I just shook my head in response, I recovered shortly after and hopped on her back, just to show off I did a backflip for good measure.

She shook her head and smiled warmly at me "arent you just the cutest?"

I smiled proudly at that.

"Now lets go, I heard that Tia's got a surprise for me!" she smiled widely as she cute *squeee* sound.

I grinned "now who's the cute one?"

she went on to bounce happily down the corridor, I hopped of her back to avoid the bumpy ride that would surely come if i were to sit on her back.

As I was following her around I noticed shadow dagger standing in his usual spot, but something was of, his usual frown of disgust or anger was now replaced with a grin.

To be honest it was unsettling, he had something planned I knew it, the question was what.

Author's Note:

Writer: DerpyEngineerHD
Co-Writer: Reddsiblings
Profreader: Frost The Wolf