• Published 5th Mar 2015
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Fly High - KomodoBrony

Crystal Clarity Uses Her magic to help her little brother fly

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Quality Time Together

It had been a quiet morning in the town of Ponyville. The park was bustling with happy faces and friends talking and hanging out. However, breaking the happy tempo, was a young kirin leaping from atop a park bench. Each time the young dragon-pony hybrid leapt from atop the bench he would furiously flaps his wings, trying to desperately keep himself airborne.

"I know I can do this." the young colt spoke, trying to keep his hopes up.

Every time he tried it was met with the same results: hovering for a bit before landing hard on the dirt path below. Small bruises could be seen on his stomach, along with a few minor cuts, but he just brushed those off to try again.

The young colt's name was Turquoise Blitz, but others just call him T. He was the son of Rarity Belle and Spike Sparkle, and was the brother of Crystal Clarity. His sister was born with horns that gave off magic that she could use to create the fire she breathes, but she had no wings. Since he's known his sister, she's gotten better at using her magic to help make amazing jewelry with their mother. Determined to make his parents proud, the young colt was trying to desperately learn how to fly since he was born with wings and not horns. He had already learned how to breathe fire, but he never wanted to show it in fear of hurting others. At the same time, he believed that if he could fly then Nopony would be able to make fun of him.

He knew that his father hadn't developed any wings til he was much older, but when he had grew them, he knew that his dad was old enough to start flying from the beginning.

After numerous attempts of trying he hit the ground except this time he hit face-first, hard. He recoiled at the sudden pain coursing through his face and started to cry quietly to himself. He didn't know which hurt more; his face, or his pride. In his state of depression, he didn't hear the sounds of hooves moving towards him.

"T! There you are, I've been looking all over for you."

Turquoise turned around to be met with the sight of his older sibling, Claire. She had a look of utter annoyance painted across her face that made him slightly tremble at this, knowing how bad his sister could be when she was annoyed.

"I told you that I would take you to the park later, but what do you do? You go off on your own, and mom is worried sick." she continued. "I mean what was so important th-" she stopped suddenly when she noticed that he had been crying. At first she thought that she had caused him to cry until she saw the scraps and cuts that were on his chest.

Her expression suddenly turned from one of annoyance to one of concern and anger. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? ARE YOU ALRIGHT? DID SOMEPONY HURT YOU? WHERE ARE THEY?"

Turquoise barely had enough time to say anything to Claire with her asking questions to him frantically. Eventually he summoned the strength to say "CLAIRE!!!!"

Claire stopped her ranting and questions, taken aback by the sudden outburst from her younger sibling.

T looked at her with what little seriousness he could muster once he saw that she was paying attention. "Nopony did this to me. I did it to myself." he explained, dragging off into a near whisper near the end of his statement.

Needless to say, Claire was shocked to hear this. "But.....why? How?"

"Ok don't go back to the frequent questions again, please." T said, annoyed about the thought of Claire starting that up again.

Claire continued to look at him, obviously waiting for some sort of explanation as to why he did this to himself.

"I was.... trying to..... learn how to fly" he said, sounding a lot like Fluttershy at the end of his sentence.

"Huh, come on speak up." Claire said, not hearing the end of what he had said. She looked at him and noticed whatever was on his mind was obviously something he cared about a lot. "T, you know you can tell me anything. No matter what it is I'll be there for you, just like I promised you." she said smiling at him, to tell him that her statement was genuine.

T saw this and smiled back. "Ok, I was trying to learn how to fly." he said, coming of his fears.

Claire looked at him with a bit of confusion in her expression. "Why would you go through this much trouble to learn how to fly? I mean look at you, all scrapped up and hurt. Mom's not going to be happy about this you know."

The young colt looked down when she said this. "That's the issue, mom's never happy with me."

Claire was taken aback by this. "What in the wide world of Equestria would make you think of something so horrible? Mom loves you, you know that."

"Mom and you always spend so much time together because of your magic and how you can help her with it. I never get to be with her as much so I thought if I learned how to fly then I thought maybe I could make her happy for once." T declared, tears starting to form in his eyes.

Claire was shocked at her brothers statement then realized that her learning about her magic was in fact taking time away from him to be with their mother, and with dad constantly going out on royal business he basically had no one to spend time with at home. Just when the guilt started to sink in, she suddenly had an idea that could help solve both problems.

"Hey, mom always wants to be with you, you should see how sad she gets when you go to your room every time you come home or when you barely talk to her." Claire said drawing in her brother for a small embrace.

"Really?" T asked, unsure of what his sister had told him.

"Really. She loves you the same way now as she did since the first day you were born, and don't ever doubt that. You just have to try to be with her rather than wait for her to ask for your time."

T smiled at this, happy to hear that their mom still wanted to spend time with him and embraced Claire back. "Thanks Claire."

"Don't mention it bro. Now how bout you give one more try at flying, and this time ill catch you if you fall."

"Okay!" T rushed up onto the bench he had been leaping off of all day and prepared to give it his all in this one last jump. Meanwhile, his sister focused hard on her brother, ready to put her idea into effect.

She waited until she saw her brother leap from the bench and begin to flap his wings frantically, but before he hit the ground she quickly used her magic and formed an aura around T and lifted him up slowly.

Turquoise opened one of his eyes; he didn't even realize he had closed them; he was shocked to see that he didn't hit the ground. What was more surprising was that he didn't hit the ground and Claire WASN'T HOLDING HIM. It wasn't until he opened both eyes, that he saw that Claire was using her magic to levitate off the ground.

"Claire, what are you doing?" T asked slightly scared by this situation he found himself in.

"Nothing," lied the young filly, "just thought I'd give my little bro a lift." she said with a smirk.

The young kirin took in the whole situation and smiled widely. "YAY! IM FLYING!" he cried out.

"Then how bout we head on home flying boy?" Claire said with a giggle. She then took off running towards their home, keeping T afloat with her levitation spell, which made him start to fly through the air in front of her.

Turquoise adjusted himself in her magic to where he was holding both his forelegs out in front of him; just like how he had seen mom's friend Rainbow Dash doing. He couldn't help but giggle all the way home, while still being excited about his sister helping him fly.

Claire stopped him form moving long enough for her to open the door and allow the young colt to float on in. "Mom, we're home." she called out once she had shut the door behind her, all while holding T in her magic still.

"Oh thank goodness you found him I was so worried ab-" she stopped once she saw the young colt afloat in her daughters magic.

"Mommy look I can fly." Turquoise said once he saw her. Claire then let her magic fly him towards the white unicorn and dispelled the spell once he got close to the ground in front of Rarity.

Rarity was taken aback by this but couldn't help but smile as her son came up to give her a hug.

"Did you see me mommy?" the young hybrid asked, looking up at her.

"Yes I did darling and you looked amazing. I'm so proud of you." Rarity replied hugging the young kirin close.

Later that day

Rarity had just finished up cleaning the last of the dishes from dinner, while Spike helped put them away when she broke the silence between them. "So your daughter helped your son fly home today." she said with a giggle.

"Oh really" Spike said with a chuckle, "that must have been fun for him."

"He looked the happiest I've seen him as lately. Claire told me he wanted to learn how to fly to make you and me happy apparently." Rarity said, a hint of despair in her voice.

The young drake noticed this and tried to cheer her up by embracing her. "Well I guess I don't blame him, ever since Claire started using her magic we really haven't been paying that much attention lately. We need to find some time to spend together, all four of us. Maybe while we're at it, me and Claire can help T learn to fly all on his own."

"I couldn't agree more." she replied with a smile. She then leaned in to give her husband a kiss when she heard her name being called by their son.

"Well I better let you two talk. Think I'll go see what Claire's doing." Spike said leaving the room, but not before giving his youngest a small hug.

"Yes darling?" Rarity said turning her attention to her youngest child.

"Can I help you and Claire with the orders tomorrow." T asked shyly.

"Of course darling." she said and hugged the younger colt close. "I always could use the help, especially if it means spending time with two of the most important individuals of my life."

T smiled and hugged her back; finally feeling closer to her than before. He looked up at her then and asked "Do you think dad will be able to teach me how to fly without Claire's help?"

Rarity simply smiled at this. "Oh, I'm sure he'll be able to help you out with that soon darling." In truth, Rarity was terrified of the day that T would fly. She was afraid of him flying to high and hurting himself. She knew that he would be alright as long as Spike was careful about teaching him, but it was Spike she was talking about. Still she knew that him learning to fly would be something that would make him happy, and so she put aside her fears in hopes that he learned soon.


Spike found Claire using her magic to levitate a necklace that she had made for one of her mom's orders. Judging by the fact that the gem had been cut into the shape of a dolphin, he could only assume the order was for Sapphire Shores. "Hey honey, what are you doing?"

Claire looked back at her father and smiled. "Just making sure this necklace is how mommy wanted it. You know how she likes attention to detail."

Spike rolled his eyes and chuckled "Yeah I know." He walked up to the young filly and hugged her gently. "I proud of you for cheering up your brother today by helping him fly with your magic."

Claire looked up at her dad "Thanks dad, but I wish I could've helped him fly for real though." Her voice sounded sincere about this, and she noticed her father look around the room once she said this, leaving her slightly confused.

Once he was sure that T and Rarity couldn't hear them, he spoke up. "Well how would you like to help me teach him?"

Claire's face lit up at this. "Really dad, can I? When can we help him? Soon?" Claire was hopping up and down at this point, obviously happy about helping her brother fly.

"Well, I think if we could go on a family picnic this weekend it would be a perfect time for us to teach him." He then stopped Claire from her hopping and pulled her close. "You can't tell T about this yet, or your mom for that matter; Celestia knows she would have a fit if I told her that we teaching him how to fly while he's so young."

"I promise daddy, but what about tomorrow? Won't mommy be there when we try to teach him."

"Yes she will be, but I know that she doesn't want to disappoint Turquoise. So when we ask him if he wants us to help him learn, she wont say anything cause she wouldn't want to rain on his parade."

"It's gonna rain tomorrow?" Claire asked.

Spike face-palmed "No honey, its an expression." he explained, trying to stifle back a hint of laughter.


"So here's what we do........"

Author's Note:

They really need to make a family tag on this site.:duck:

Always love making stories of two siblings getting along :yay:

Edit: After going over Kilala's Fun Fact Contest Journal, I realized that the story is missing some elements to it. That being said, I'll be adding a new chapter to add the elements I missed.