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A Place Where The Sun Might Shine Upon Me - Eggtaro

The city of Canterlot! A place where love is waiting to be discovered! A place where dreams are made into reality! A place where-- my life sucks. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Not for me.

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The Following Morning

I told Sunset Shimmer about my past. About my dead parents, my abusive uncle, the life that I lead before deciding to run away to Canterlot. Everything. She listened to me talk without any interruptions. To which I am grateful. It's never easy to talk to people about these things. Especially if they're things you rather forget.

Of course, she's not the first. You're the first, in fact. So thank you, for listening. Anyway...

I'd never cried in front of anyone before, besides my uncle. Except, this wasn't tears of fear. But rather, tears of relief. Telling her everything somehow felt as if something heavy had just been lifted from my shoulders. Like a burden released. Like an ache gone. Like a pimple popped. You get the idea.

I didn't had anyone to turn to, back when I was still growing up. No loving mother, no understanding father. Just an abusive uncle. My so-called 'friends' couldn't really do anything. They were kids too. How can they help me? How can they comfort me? How can they save me? The answer? They can't.

I'd never considered talking about my uncle to my teachers. I was afraid as to what might happen if my uncle ever found out. So, I kept quiet. Not a single word was said. Just silence. Even when they questioned me about my bruises, I remained silent. Fear, my friends. Fear is a powerful motivator. And it is exactly just that, that kept my mouth shut.

"But as I grew older, I suddenly had this urge. I had this...strong sort of feeling within me. A thought that kept on replaying over and over and over in my mind." I stared at the floor, hugging my knees tightly. "I wanted to be free."

Sunset said nothing. She sat next to me on the floor, with a hand on my right shoulder. Every now and then, as I told her about my past, she would gingerly rub me on my shoulder. It was a nice feeling, soothing and warm.

"So, when I managed to save up enough money," I continued, my eyes still glued to the floor. "I ran."

"When I first arrived at Canterlot, I was happy. I was finally free! Free to make my own decisions. Free to choose my own path, my own life. I was like a bird out of its cage. No more pain, no more tears, no more uncle." Sunset's grip softly tighten on my shoulder. I looked up at her, sensing her concern. I tried to smile at her, to show her that I was okay. But my lips were heavy, and my eyes were watery once more.

I quickly rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand. This time, I managed a small grin. "And there you have it! My whole life story." Miserable, wasn't it? No rainbows, no flower garden, no smiling faces. Only a dark cloud. A dark, gloomy cloud.

"I'm sorry." I said to Sunset. "For making you listen to all that."

She shook her head, with a soft smile on her lips. "Don't be sorry. I should be the one apologizing, for making you relive all those bad memories again."

"W-what?" I was surprised at her answer. I thought she would be annoyed from listening to my past.

"Thank you..." she continued, ignoring my reaction. "for telling me about your past. I know it wasn't easy. But I'm glad you trust me enough to at least tell me this."

Is this what it feels like when you have someone you can rely on? Someone, who will be by your side when you need them the most? Someone, that will carry your burdens with you? To share your feelings? To be your pillar of support when you need it?

Is this what it feels like... to have a friend?

"I'm glad that you're here with me, Sunset."

She didn't say anything, but hugged me instead. Holding me in her warm embrace, she stroked my hair softly. I wanted to hug her back, to wrap my arms around her, to pull her close. But I was feeling sluggish. Fatigue was slowly spreading all over my body. I needed rest.

Ignoring everything else around me, I slowly closed my eyes, and slept.

* * * * * *

Waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning. My neck was feeling stiff as I opened my eyes. I had fallen asleep while Sunset was hugging me. And here I was, head on her shoulder, with hers laying next to mine.

I carefully slid my head away from her, and gave my neck a little massage. I was still feeling sore from that sleeping position. I quietly stood up, and carried Sunset on to the bed.

I was feeling...rather different today. Every breath of air I took seem to be smoother, fresher, sweeter. I was feeling light in the body, and there was a certain springiness in my step.

Was it because I found someone to confide in?

I entered the bathroom, and splashed my face with cold water. I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My face looked...brighter somehow. And I have this sudden urge to grin for no reason.

Is it because I found a friend? A real friend?

I found a fresh set of clothes to put on, and changed in the bathroom. I turned to glance at the clock as I headed for the front door. It was 7:10 in the morning. I doubled back to my bed and left a quick note for Sunset, informing her that I went out to grab breakfast for the both of us.

As I stepped out the front door, I looked back into my apartment. The place didn't seem to be so crappy now. The light from the lightbulb looked brighter. The creaking floors sounded like music to my ears. Everything just seemed so...nice.

Stepping out onto the streets. I could see the first few rays of sunlight shining on the pavement. Though the streets were still damp from the storm, the air was warm. I headed for the 24 hour convenience store just further down the block.

I took two packets of instant noodles, and paid for them at the cashier. I smiled at the lady working the cash register, to which she smiled back.

"Good morning! You're bright and early!" She said to me in a cheerful tone. I took back my change and left the store, a smile still on my face.

I should have noticed it sooner. As I walked back towards my apartment, I felt the warm heat from the morning sun on my face. I stopped in my tracks, and faced the rising sun. My smile was now a huge grin. People might think I was crazy, some random dude standing in the streets, grinning to himself. But I didn't care. I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy. And I wanted to show it to the world.

One night was all it took. Just one night, and it completely changed my views on a lot of things. I've kept a lot of things to myself in the past. Not because I wanted to. But because there was no one there for me. Once upon a time, I thought---no, believed--- the entire world was against me. I saw everything in black and white. Everything sucked. There were no rainbows for me. No flowers to smell, and no green fields to run in. I hated everything, from the city of Canterlot, to my job... to my life.

This time however, I knew that it was different. Because this time, there is someone who'll be there for me. A friend to call my own. For realsies this time.

I let the warmth from the sun soak into my skin a few seconds longer, and continued back to my apartment. As I neared the building, I saw a person seated on the building steps. Someone with fiery red and yellow hair. Sunset Shimmer.

She spotted me and stood up to wave at me, greeting me with a beautiful smile. I waved back at her, grinning from ear to ear. She stepped down from the steps and headed towards me. Before I realized what I was doing, I had quickened my pace as well. I wanted to reach her. I wanted to be by her side, just as she did for me.

As we got closer to each other, I threw my arms around her, and pulled her into a loving embrace. She gave a soft giggle, and wrapped her arms around me as well. We stayed like that for a few moments, as the sun slowly shined its light upon us both.

Remember that time when I told you that my life sucked?

Not anymore.

Author's Note:

Annnnnnd there you have it! The ending for this story! I hope you folks enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed typing this!! I wonder if I should continue this story though. But I can't really think of how to progress the story. Maybe in the future. :ajsmug:

Thank you for the support! :yay:

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