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If you're reading this, I'm going on hiatus indefinitely. I will return one day, but until then, please take care and adieu.


Everywhere I went, I hear people telling me, Hey! Living in Canterlot is just freaking awesome! It is a wondrous and magnificent city. It is the city where all your dreams can come true, and that it is also a place where true love can be easily found. It is also a city wher---

Please stop with the cowpoop.

There is no such thing as dreams becoming reality, nor is true love actually real. It is all fantasy, made-up, a fiction that plenty of people wishes it to be fact.

Complete and utter cowpoop. That sums up my life too. Cow--freaking--poop. My life sucks.

This is set in the Equestria Girls universe, after Rainbow Rocks.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 46 )

by the way i am the first liker

Please may i have some more this is great!

This just went from tracking to tracking and favorite.

Long plss!! This history is very good

next chapter pls n.n!!

Humanized story?

5514048 set in EQG. After rainbow rocks :pinkiehappy:

Right, can you please state so in the description so that others who don't want to run into such do please?

5514238 well all right partner! Thanks for letting me know! :ajsmug:

I love this story so much :derpytongue2:

Next chapter please

5550230 working on the next chapter!!! Stay tuned for the next update!!:pinkiehappy:

5551037 Oh my goodness thank you i love you (No homo)


Neat chapter.

5553506 glad you like it!! :pinkiehappy:

5553547 thanks!! :raritywink:

"Listen..." she spoke gently, slowing resting her forehead against mine. "Crying doesn't mean you're pathetic, or weak or useless." Both her hands were on my cheeks again. Warming my face. "It just means you've been strong for too long."

Damn, good one.

I'm really liking this story so far :twilightsmile: Though, you could use a grammar/punctuation check. But otherwise, it's great.

5559609 thanks man! :ajsmug: will try to improve on that!!

I expected a kiss somewhere in there to be honest, but this was just as good if not better. Well written, sir (or madam, names are hard sometimes)

5561150 why thank you kindly! :ajsmug: hope you enjoyed the story!

this has got to be the best story I have ever read and I've read some good stories but this one takes the cake.

Thanks for making such a story :ajsmug:

This was really good, I really enjoyed this.

You should do a sequel :twilightsmile:
you know if that's ok with you :fluttershysad:

This was playing in my head when he opened up to Sunset:

5553506 milk the cow? I love That game!

5639810 any chance for a sequel?


5640046 still considering of making one! Do you think i shuld make one?

5640432 ide read it, ide love to see how their story continues. as the story stands well on its own it doesn't need a sequel but i think it deserves one. but that's just my probly bias opinion

i..mean..if you dont mind that is i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr289/axlthehedgehog_2008/responses/681534__safe_solo_fluttershy_animated_smile_cute_reactionimage_adorable_shyabetes_nervous.gif


5514373 Eggtaro! Eggtaro! Eggtaro! Hey, can you kinda make a sequel of this? This was so sweet and cute. The feelings man...

5803016 glad you liked it!!! :yay: not sure about a sequel though. Trying to focus on my current story anyway :twilightsheepish: maybe in the future.

Fantastic story. I should hope for a sequel?

Some say a man never cries.
The fact is... a man is never afraid to show some tears or a side of himself that someone hasn't seen

Still love to reread this! :rainbowkiss:

I like this person already--
So much to relate to--

How did Twilight know how to write in English?

There wasn't much of a romance happening here but what the hell! I loved it!

It's just so... real.

awww cute


That was cute. I look forward to the sequel. As long as the sequel is still about these characters it will be great.

The protagonist is hilarious

This is beyond expectation, I am surprised you do not have more subs.

I'd sell my soul to you if only I could once again relive those words and make the sun set on what sequels you plan to make.
Please my brother, don't die before the sequel. Nothing else matters....but that sequel, that sweet sweet sequel.

Please. Don't forget about the sequel.

8109530 haha! I'll try not to my brother!

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