• Published 12th Jan 2015
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A Place Where The Sun Might Shine Upon Me - Eggtaro

The city of Canterlot! A place where love is waiting to be discovered! A place where dreams are made into reality! A place where-- my life sucks. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Not for me.

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The Guest

What. The. Hell.

Words just started to appear on the book, asking for help! How is one supposed to react to this? I've never experience anything like this. Never. Sure, I've seen my fair share of weirdness now and then. But this, this my friends, is different. Waaaaayyyyy different.

'Twilight Sparkle' That name that Sunset Shimmer keeps writing to. Who is she? Or rather, What? I hope she's not some mythical monster that Sunset Shimmer is worshipping. No, no, no, wait. Mythical monsters don't ask for help. Not that I know any that does anyhow.

What ever happened to texting? Does the both of them not have a cellphone? Why use this strange book? The more I think about it, the more Sunset Shimmer seems to be an evil, crazed witch in my mind's eye. Writing in her strange words to the rest of her coven, plotting their next brewing meet.

No, no, no. Impossible. I mean come on, Sunset Shimmer? There has to be an explanation to this. I glanced back at the book.

The page from the book had started to glow again. The words that were previously written had mysteriously vanish, as if they sunk into the page itself. Instead, new words appeared.

'Sunset! Are you there? Please! It is imperative that you lend me your assistance! Twilight Sparkle.'

Imper-- what? Now, before you judge, I am not a dumb person. I did well in my school days. But I tend to stick to words in which I use daily, like 'You' or 'Hello' not words like this 'imp' thing. Just stay and wait here, I'm gonna grab a dictionary.

* * * * * *

Right, imperative. It means 'Of vital importance' in case you were wondering. So, this Twilight needs help from Sunset Shimmer. But the book is with me. And I won't be seeing Sunset Shimmer until tomorrow evening during her shift. Crap. What a pickle.

The words had vanished again, this time only 3 words came.

'I need you.'

I raised an eyebrow. Now, if you're thinking what I'm thinking. You have a pretty good idea what I'm thinking about.

Yup, another bottle of cider. I made my way towards my fridge.

My chilled beverage sure did the trick, it freshened me up. Without realising, I've began to pace around my apartment, cider in hand.

What should I do? Should I call Sunset Shimmer?

Wait, wait. No contact info. Scratch that.

Maybe just ignore the book? Hide it somewhere and pretend that it doesn't exist?

No, the vibration from the book alone will bug me endlessly.

Write a reply? I stopped in my tracks. Heh. Why not. I quickly drank what's left in my bottle and went digging about for a pen or pencil. Have you ever had those moments when you need something, and it somehow magically disappears? Even when you know that you have it? This is one of them.

With luck, I manage to find a pen with its cap missing. I hope there is still ink. I stared at the words 'I need you.' as I pondered on what I should write down. Maybe an introduction? Or just a simple greeting?

I lowered my pen, ready to write. When something else popped into my brain. I let the pen hover above the paper. I've just remember something. Something I would normally wave away in a normal situation. But this ain't normal. It's off the charts! When I was younger, I remembered reading a novel, where this wizard kid found a diary in a bathroom. When he decided to write something in it, his words sunk into the page and someone else actually replied. What happens after that, however, was pretty messed up.

What if this book has its own sinister scheme, waiting to be hatched? What if... this book was... CURSED?.

I lifted my pen back up. Staring at the 3 words.

'I need you.'

Screw it.

I began to scribble on the page. Yes, my handwriting is extremely horrific. I admit. Go fudge yourself.

'Hi. This may sound weird, but Sunset Shimmer is currently not available. Please try again later.' Great, I feel like those annoying voices you hear every time the other side doesn't pick up your call.

'Sorry, didn't mean to write something like that. Sunset Shimmer accidentally dropped this book and I'm currently holding on to it.'

Yeah, that feels much better.

I watched in amazement as my words shined and vanished. Like as if some magical invisible eraser came and rubbed the words away. I continued to stare at it, when the page suddenly glowed. Words began to flow out, and by the way it was written. It seems to be in a hurry.

'Sunset dropped the book? Oh dear sweet Celestia, what am I gonna do? Who are you? Are you one of her friends from CHS?'

'No,' I wrote back, surprised at my own sudden interest in writing back. When only moments ago I was terrified of even being near the book. 'I'm one of her co-workers from MacHoofins. On my way back home after my shift, we accidentally bumped into each other. We both didn't noticed this book until much later. To which I picked it up.'

'MacHoofins? What is that?' I gawked at the words in disbelief. How could anyone not know what MacHoofins is?

'A fast food restaurant. Haven't you heard of MacHoofins?'

'Oh! You mean a restaurant where you can go place your order and receive it quickly?' I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Does this person even know what 'Fast-food' means? Does she live under a rock? The words didn't stop there though.

'I've studied that the food served in most fast-food restaurants are not healthy in your world, and are prepared in a most unhygienic manner. You really shouldn't eat too much from places like that. Luckily for us, we don't have any of those in Ponyville. In fact, you won't find any at all in Equestria.'


Let's take a step back. First, I've picked up a book that somehow vibrates and glows. Then, this mysterious glowing, vibrating book has tons of weird lines and markings. Then, it turns out, that someone else has the same exact book and can write you messages, to which you can write back!. And lastly, I'm being told by someone who I completely know nothing about, to not eat in fast-food restaurants, when the person herself never even heard of MacHoofins! And what does she mean 'your world'. Isn't she from earth? Is she living on Mars?

Oh, let us not forget the mention of a place called Ponyville. And Equestria. Which I ALSO never heard about. Yeah so, anyway, just like I've said.


'No! No! No! I shouldn't be writing to you about this. I've completely forgotten about my purpose writing in the first place! Is there anyway you can get Sunset Shimmer for me? It's an emergency!'

'Sorry, but I won't be seeing her until tomorrow evening.'

'No! This can't be happening! I really need her help. Can't you do something? Can't you call her?'

'Would if I could. Maybe I can try helping you out?' Heh, helping a complete stranger by means of chatting via a glowing book. Classic.

'Yes. You can help by giving this book back to Sunset Shimmer! Only she can help me!'

Talk about stubborn. 'But I've said I could only meet her tomorrow evening.'

'How long has it been since you've picked this book up?' I cocked an eyebrow.

'About 20 minutes.'

'Yes! Then can you please go back to where you found this book? And bring it along with you!'

If I could raise my eyebrow any higher, it would touch the ceiling. 'Why?'

'I know Sunset Shimmer! I'm positive that she will be in a panic and be frantically searching for this book if she realizes that she dropped it!'

'Woah, woah. Its nearing midnight. What makes you think she would still be around searching for this book? She could just wait until tomorrow or something.'

'Because she's my friend. And this book is really, really, important to her. Please, whoever you are, I need you to trust me on this.'

I don't know what made me do it. I just did. 'All right.' I shut the book and placed it back into my bag. I slung it over my shoulder and was ready to head out when a sudden clap of thunder rumbled throughout my place. Followed by the unmistakable sound of rain pouring down heavily.


I grabbed my umbrella and headed out the door.

* * * * * *

Could this rain get any worse?

A flash of lightning and a thunderous sound answered my question for me. I'll shut up.

The rain was pouring down so heavily that trying to navigate around proved difficult. From what I can see, the streets seems to be deserted, obviously, due to this sudden downpour. I couldn't help but chuckle, I was thinking about the people that were caught in this rain. Unprotected and completely soaked to the bone. Poor fools.

I almost slipped as I got closer and closer towards the place where I found the book. Can what this person, Twilight, wrote be true? I mean, its just a book! Well, a magical book that you can use to chat with someone else. But that's not the point. I just don't want to feel like an idiot walking in this heavy rain, only to discover--

Sunset Shimmer.

There she was, just like Twilight said. She was on the ground on her knees, searching for the book in a frantic way. Her bag and other books laid forgotten beside her, getting soaked by the rain.

Why is this book so important to her? I ran to her as quickly as I could. Trying not to slip and fall.

"Sunset Shimmer!" I called out to her, but she didn't seem to hear me. I picked up her wet, abandoned bag and books, and went to her side.

"Sunset Shimmer!" I tried again. This time she heard me. As I crouched beside her, shielding her with my umbrella, I saw that she was completely soaked. Every inch of her, from hair to boots, was wet. It as if she just jumped into the sea and came straight back up.

But even with the rain pouring down around us, I could tell that she's crying. Her eyes widened as she slowly came to recognize who I was. Her eyes were full of tears and it flowed down her cheeks like a leaky tap. She rubbed her eyes, and smiled weakly at me.

"H-hey, f-f-fancy seeing you here." she said, her voice shaking. She was trying to maintain her smile as more tears began to well up in her eyes.

At that moment. I was so glad I decided to listen to Twilight. If I didn't, Sunset Shimmer would've been here to god knows what time, searching for her precious book in the rain. I was so naive. I've always believed in my own words and thoughts, refusing to accept or listen to others. I almost made that mistake tonight. I understand now that this book is indeed very, very, important to her.

Tears started to fall again from Sunset Shimmer's face. She quickly rubbed her eyes, desperately trying to hide her tears from me. All the while keeping that weak smile on her face.

"I-I don't k-know why these t-tears k-keep fall--"

I hugged her, drawing her closely to my chest. It didn't matter if the water from her wet clothes and hair were being seeped by my dry clothes. All I thought of at that moment, was to be there for her, to protect her, to keep her close.

"It's all right Sunset. Your book is here with me." I hugged her tighter. "I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner."

I felt her hands slowly grabbing onto my shirt, clenching the dry fabric tightly.

She began to cry.

Author's Note:

The next chapter! Please let me know what you think and how I can improve this!! Please enjoy!

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