• Published 12th Jan 2015
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A Place Where The Sun Might Shine Upon Me - Eggtaro

The city of Canterlot! A place where love is waiting to be discovered! A place where dreams are made into reality! A place where-- my life sucks. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Not for me.

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Sunset Shimmer hugged her magical book tightly in her arms as we headed back towards my apartment, a light smile on her face. Our shoulders softly brushing against each other as we huddled under the one umbrella. But with all the sudden extra load that I'm carrying, it is not making walking under the rain any much easier.

"Are you sure you don't need my help carrying some of those?" she asked, her voice soft, "They are mine, anyway." I shook my head. I tugged at the bags, trying to slide both of it into a better position on my shoulder. With the extra bag and books, it certainly was a lot of pressure on my shoulder. But you know what they say, sometimes you gotta act like a man. And in situations like these, you gotta take it, man. Must. Not. Show. Weakness!

"It's fine, Sunset Shimmer." I glanced at her and gave her what I hope was a convincing smile. But in reality, my right shoulder was already starting to ache badly. I think it might actually fall off if I don't put the bags down soon.

"At least let me hold the umbrella."

"It's fine." I tighten my grip on the umbrella that I was holding with my left hand.

She didn't listen. Before I could even react, she had taken the umbrella away from me, and stepped in closer to me, our shoulders now sticking to each other. I gotta admit, I was getting nervous. I felt as if my heart rate has increase by ten fold. Calm down man.

We didn't say anything to each other as we continued down the street, our shoes getting considerably more wetter and wetter with each passing minute. I stole a glance at Sunset Shimmer, she was a bit shorter than me, probably by a head. Her book was closely held against her chest with her free arm.

There was little I could do to help dry her, since I only had a small handkerchief, and that did squat. Her hair was a bit drier now at least, so we got that going for us, which is nice.

But she was still shivering. Under all those wet clothes, and walking in this weather, she must be near freezing! But my apartment was not that far away now, just a few more blocks and we'll reach it.

But I have to do something! I'm a man! I can't leave her shaking while I'm comfortable in my own dry-- well, actually rather damp-- clothes!

What do I do? Well, I do have something in mind. I could place my free hand around her shoulder, and pull her close. That way, I can share some of my warmth with her!

But wait, what if she doesn't like it? What if she thinks I'm just some dude trying to take advantage of the situation? I hugged her just now yeah, but that was because back then, it felt right to do it you know? Wouldn't you do the same if you were in my wet, soggy shoes?

But she's shivering! I have to do something! I raised my hand slowly behind her. All you gotta do is just wrap your arm around her and pull her in close. Simple right? My hand hovered above her shoulder. And if she asks, just tell her that you were worried about her! It's now or never! Here I go!

My hand won't budge. Damn it, move!

Maybe I should just leave it there, and hope I can send some heat waves with my hand.

"Hey..." My arm fell silently--but quickly--beside me. There goes my chance. I looked at her.

"Yes?" I hope I don't sound suspicious.

"Thank you." She seemed to be even closer now, without me realising. I might get a heart attack. "For...everything back there." She looked up at me, her lips forming a soft smile.

"It's nothing." Crap. Why am I blushing?

"I don't know what I would do without this book." I glanced at the book. It was quiet. Not vibrating. Not glowing.

"This book is really precious to you huh?" she nodded at my question, hugging the book closer.

"This book, is proof of the strong connection and bond I have with a friend."

"Twilight Sparkle?"

"Yes, Twilig--wait, how do yo--"

"Long story, I'll tell you the whole thing once we are nice and warm inside." We were nearing my place now, thank god, I feel like I might collapse any second. Soon the both of us will be free from the rain, and we'll be in my aparme--

Oh. Crap.

My apartment! I can't let her see my place! I haven't properly clean up the place for quite some time. And I've already made the place even much worse when I was searching for that one pen. I've got to clean up the place!

But wait, I can't ask her to stand outside and wait, she needs to get out of those wet clothes and take a nice hot shower! She'll think I'm a jerk for asking her to stand outside while I rush in to go and clean up the place.

But what other choice do I have? We've already headed up the stairs and was slowly approaching my front door. Save the girl or save your face? Both choices seemed to give me the same end results.

I'm a quick cleaner though, thanks to all those times cleaning up messes at MacHoofins. That's a plus. I might be able to this. I hope.

"Sunset Shimmer." I turned to face her, my back facing the door. "I know I probably shouldn't be saying this. But I need you to stand right here for a few minutes while I clea-- I mean, tidy up my place for a bit." I glanced at her, afraid of what she might say.

There was already a small puddle of water underneath her, soaking the floorboards. She nodded at me without saying a word, and rubbed her hands together to keep them warm. God, I am such a dick.

"Ju--just give me two minutes!" I unlock the door and quickly rush inside, flipping the light switch as I place our bags on a chair that I've never realize was there.

God save me.

My place was a pigsty. I've never paid any attention since I don't normally bring people back. I was quite content with how the place usually was. But now, Sunset Shimmer is just right outside! I have to make the place presentable. I threw away the empty bottles that was laying about everywhere. Picked up the clothes that were also laying about everywhere. Everything was everywhere!

With some luck, I've managed to clean up my apartment. Well, the cleaning you can do in 5 minutes or less anyway. I opened the door and quickly ushered Sunset Shimmer in.

"Sorry it took so long! Please, come in." My voice sounded nervous.

I could tell that she was judging my place, as I lock the door. Please, let her think my place it's okay! Who am I kidding. Even I don't think this is a place you should show to a girl.

She said nothing though, she had returned the umbrella to the umbrella stand to which I also never realize that I have, and was busy searching through her bag for something. I went to grab a dry towel.

"Er, Sunset Shimmer?" I offered her the towel, still trying to figure out what she was looking for.

"Thank you," she took the towel and placed it around her shoulders. "I've got to reply to Twilight. She must be worried sick by now." She pulled out a pen, placed the magic book on the floor and began flipping through the pages. Had she been thinking about replying to her friend all this time on our way back? Wasn't she worried about her own health? Though I would commend her for her loyalty to her friend. You should at least take care of yourself first.

"No. Stop." I knelt down beside her, and grabbed her pen and book away. "Leave the replying to me. You on the other hand, got to use the shower. I know that Twilight is important to you, but I highly doubt she will like it if she knew that you didn't took care of your health first."

"B-but--" She gave me a look so sad I almost wanted to return her book to her. It was like trying to say no to a puppy, and I love puppies. But a person's health is more important. I must steel myself!

"No buts. Bathroom's over there." I supported her with my hands, as we both stood up. "Come on, I'll show you the works."

* * * * * *

The sound of rushing water from the bathroom wasn't calming me down, as it soon slowly began to dawn on me that a girl was currently taking a shower at my place. And not just any girl folks!

Still, I'm still surprised as to the lengths she would go for her book. Is friendship something so strong and important that you will even go through a storm? I can't really say, since I don't really understand the feeling.

Now before you start to feed me with pity, spare me. I did have friends back in school, but none of them to which I would call, 'best friends'. They were just people who I thought proved necessary to know. I mean, I can't do an assignment all on my own, I needed help. So, I became friends with them, but kept a safe distance. And once I graduated, I just sort of didn't care as to what had happened to them.

Friends, bah. Having 'friends' can be an annoyance. Those that call you one, tend to borrow money from you--and never pay--or always ask you for your help in even the simplest of tasks that they clearly are to lazy to do it themselves! They can also betray, hurt, and leave you. A pointless relationship. Some friendships are just meaningless.

Oh don't worry, you, I consider a friend. I mean you have been so nice as to listen to what I have to say, and you've been with me this far. You're cool.

For now.

I stared down at the page. I've already written to Twilight and told her about the entire thing that had happened outside. She was shocked at first, but was thankful that I wasn't to late in reaching Sunset Shimmer.

'I'm glad she's okay! Please, ask her to write to me when she's feeling much better!' Twilight's words appeared on the page, shining for a brief moment.

'I thought you needed her for help?' I wrote back.

'I've managed to solve the problem on my own! And even if the problem still persist, I would only ask for Sunset's help after she's feeling much better.'

'How thoughtful of you.'

'Why, thank you.' I rolled my eyes, clearly she didn't get my insult. I close the book shut, and stretched my arms.

Something was bugging me though, in the back of my head. Like an itch I couldn't reach. I felt like I've forgotten something. Something that has got to do with clothes...

The sudden knock on the bathroom door made me jump. The sound of rushing water had stopped. I headed over and stood next to the bathroom door.

"Yes, Sunset Shimmer?" I asked. Is she okay?

"Erm... I want to thank you for letting me use your shower." I could feel warm air escaping through the gap under the bathroom door.

"It's nothing, really. But...why are you thanking me from inside the bathroom?" That itch I couldn't reach was getting more itchy now.

"Well...er...you see...my clothes are still wet..." Even with the door between us, I could tell that she was blushing.


"I don't have anything else to wear except this towel."

I smacked my forehead so hard, I almost got a concussion. True story. I quickly went to find some clothes for her.

Author's Note:

Here you go people!! I really love doing this story! I'm wondering if I should make this a long one, or just keep it sweet and short. Any ways, please enjoy this next instalment!! You guys are awesome!!

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