• Published 1st Jan 2015
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Princess-Principle Celestia has made a deal with the Dazzlings! Yay!

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'Aria' ready?

Rarity and Aria walks towards Rarity's carusell, carasell, buetick?ugg...house...(Shut up!). First thing Aria did was kick off her shoes and lay lazily on the couch. Rarity crosses her arms and looks at Aria with a disapproved look.

"What?" Aria shrugs.

"No, feet on my couch, if you are going to stay with me, you are going to keep respect this house and everyone inside of it," Rarity walks over picks up the shoes and puts them in the corner.

"Whatever..."Aria rolls her eyes.

"No no no no not whatever it's 'yes Miss Rarity'." Aria gives her a deadpanned stare.

"We'll work on that later, anyway I need to work on some assignments and a fashion line...don't you have homework?"

"I'll do it later." Aria shrugs picking up the remote to the TV. Rarity sighs and goes up stairs to her room.

"Well might as well get started then," Opens her room door and walks inside.

~Three hours later~

Rarity runs down her stairs and see Aria still on the couch, which see never moved unless she needed food to snack on. Rarity ignored the mess on her table and couch. She raises sheets of paper in Aria' s face and grinned. Aria didn't know to run for her life or ask, first option see to be suffice.

"Ummm what am I look at?" Aria still munching on her Doritos.

"These are part of my new fashion line and I need help making them!" She smiled at Aria, of course Aria knew where this is going.

"No, no, and no," Aria goes back watching TV.

"But but but...you're my height, I need your help!" Rarity pleaded.

"Listen Ra-ra-ra, I don't don't do dresses nor do I care about your fashion, so no I'm not help no matter what you say."







"I know your secret and I'll tell if you don't help."

"What secret and tell who?"

"I'll tell Sonata you're afraid of the dark."

"Pfft no I'm not," Aria's eyes darted around the room, sweating.

"Oh really so you are telling me that I can turn off the lights and TV and walk out of this room, you won't be frightened?"

Oh shit..."Th-thats right!" Aria crosses her arms. Rarity walks out o the room. Huh I guess I won that one. Aria smirks and continues to watch Dawn of the dead. Then all of a sudden the power goes out. Huh what?

I can't see anything!

Oh no oh no oh no Aria reaches out blind, "Rari-I mean Miss Rarity please I can't see a thing...where are you?"


"Right here darling."

*INSERT OVER USED FEMALE SCREAM HERE!* Aria is holding her face screaming at the top of her lungs, then Rarity covers her mouth.

"Darling please I do not want to go deaf anytime soon, I guess you are afraid after all?" Rarity smirks raising a flashlight.

"OK yes I'm afraid, I don't like the dark Rarity please help me and turn on the lights!" Aria was on the verge of tears.

"Ok ok calm down the power went out from out of nowhere, I'm just going to see, are you going to stay here or-"

"WITH YOU!" Aria holds on to Rarity's arm blushing, while Rarity chuckles.

"Ok then Aria ready?"


~Outside Rarity's house~

At the power lines Rarity see the problem, the lines have been cut,"My word...why would someone do this?" Rarity and Aria follows the line and sees the line and noticed the foot prints next to them lead towards the house. Rarity grabs Aria and leads her back into the house. "Someone wanted to break into here, probably to steal my fashion ideas." Rarity gets red faced.

"Rarity why would we go back into the place where the person can possibly hurt o worse kill us?"

"Because, knowing your years of stone cold hardness and my brains we could take him or her." Aria looks at her light she is crazy.

"What?" Rarity covers her mouth and points towards the stairs, a light source. Rarity grabs a bat from her closet and Aria a umbrella.
They waited for the light to come down the stairs and attack. As soon as the light gets closer Rarity runs from where she is and swings the bat with all her might, sending the person staggering backwards towards Aria, Aria then beats the person with her Umbrella with a scream of not rage but fear.

After a couple of swings the person start waving his arms and yelling, "Hey hey hey wait stop Rarity it's me!"

Rarity grabs the flashlight and what do you know it's her dad. Aria helps him up not know it was just a man in night cloths.

"Are you alright dad?" Rarity rushes over.

"Hondo? Are you ok that the third scream I heard." Rarity's mother shows up.

"It's ok dear it seem Rarity and her friend was playing some kind of game." He rubs his head.

"Sorry we though you were robbing us, the power was cut."

"Is that what happened I'll call some one in the morning to have a look and I think it's time for you two to get to bed." He gets up and walks towards his wife,"Rarity hit me with a foam bat, ain't that something."

Rarity and Aria walked up the stairs in wonder, who cut the power? And why? Aria went to the guest room with a nightlight given by Pinkie pie Maybe that's how Rarity knows!


"Those girls have no idea what we got in store for them next." The dark figure speaks on his phone.

"Yeah first we break their mental state then their bones." Respond the other over the phone.

"Yeah the will know what the Windigos can really do." He smiles.

Author's Note:

Hey guys, now I said like last week Thursday. That was a fail on my part.

My sis is a high school Grad now, I didn't make it, so a fifth year for me. :fluttercry:

But I have plenty of time to write now that everything is done and over with.:pinkiehappy:

Next chapter: SONATA!!!!