• Published 1st Jan 2015
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Vexatious times with Sunset shimmer! - FunFunFUN

Princess-Principle Celestia has made a deal with the Dazzlings! Yay!

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Why can't we be friends?

Stepping into the lunchroom, Sunset walks up to waving friends feeling sick from her...conversation. Her friends faces slow went from awesome 'hey hows it going friend!' to 'OMG what the flipping pancakes is behind you!?!' as they saw the Dazzlings. Rainbow dash and Applejack didn't know weather to nut up or shut up. Fluttershy and Rarity kept looking between Sunset and the trio. In fact the whole lunchroom stopped stared, while Pinkie was still smiling. Sunset sat down and put her head on one hand, "Everyone you know the Dazzlings, Adagio, Aria and Sonata. Girls, Rainbow dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie pie, and Applejack, your new friends."

"Wha?" Everyone looks at her saying the same thing. Funny...

"No offence, which of course I'm offending you, I don't think I would like to be friends with girls who thinks putting on thirty-two colors on a single outfit is a good idea," Rarity looks at Adagio with a angered glare, but Adagio continued. "I mean thing about it, if we do become friends they might put her clown make up on me!" Adagio puts her hands on her face as she is mocking sadness and anguish. Rarity stands up red with anger about to speak but Aria yells interrupting her, "WHAT ARE YOU FREAKS LOOKING AT?" Everyone in the lunchroom was still look and no longer as they walked away do what they were doing.

"Aria was that necessary?" Sunset stares at her.

"Um yeah, they kept look at us like we murdered someone...again." Sunset was about to say something but then "again" kinda sunk in, "Wha-I don't wanna know!" She shakes her head.

"They're staring because you all took control of the school in attempt to take over the world!" Rainbow dash stands up.

"Oh really we haven't noticed, what are going to do stare us to death reading rainbow?" Aria smirks.

"At least I'm not a reject sailor moon character!" Rainbow raises her fist.

"AND YOU!!!" Rarity walks up Adagio, "How dare you make fun of my work you cheese puff!"

"Wow I never heard of that one ghost," Adagio seemed unimpressed by the insult.

"Oh, I have a question...have always been that short?" Adagio's face turns completely red with anger, "OH YOU DID NOT YOU PURPLE HAIR MARSHMALLOW!"

"Hey Sonata," Pinkie hops to her smiling, "Yeah?" Sonata smiles.

"Wanna...ARGUE?" She screams, "Uhhhh yeah you cotton candy balloon!" They both started to argue...goddamn it. Really they all argued except for Sunset, Appl-"APPLESACK!" Applejack tips her hat, gets up and walks towards Trixie who was running away. They all argued except for Sunset and Fluttershy, speaking of which she is hiding under the table covering her ears beginning to cry.

Why...why me? Sunset stands up, grabs a tray and slams it repeatedly on the table getting everyone's attention. "HEY WHY CAN"T WE BE FRIENDS HUH?" She gives everone a glare to even cause Luna to sweat in fear, "You guys gave me a chance when I took over the school, ruined friendship, mind control every student but Vinyl when she ran "Yo!", tried to have a inter-dimensional war, and kill all of you, so what I did was little bit worse, so they are her to stay get over it."

Applejack was the first to speak, "She's right, I could forgive Sunset I can do the same for the Dazzlings." Sunset smiles.

"Yeah I guess I can do the same," Rainbow dash rubs her arm smiling sheepishly.

"That's not it," Sunset looks at the Dazzlings, "You have to allow us to accept you."

"Your call Adagio, " Aria looks at her leader. Adagio looks at Sunset and her friends then to the lunchroom students, then to her fellow sirens, "I-I think we can work things out...but we are not going to goodie two shoes!" She reaches out to shake and Sunset grabs on, "Don't worry does it look like I became one?" Adagio smirks.

"Yeah we're all friends!" Pinkie hugs Sonata.

"YEAHHHH!!!!!" Everyone in the lunchroom and even a tall muscle man screaming was now ready to see some change in the Dazzlings, almost everyone.

~In the background(Lunchroom)~

"Please everyone knows that once a bad guys always a bad guy, they may have gotten a couple of supporters but I know that things will go our way, but for now we watch and wait to strike." The three silhouettes watch as the students celebrate the Dazzlings agreement with the Rainbooms.

~ After school front yard (statue)~

Everyone gathered around, Sunset devised a plan for the Dazzling's living arrangement's. Aria will be with Rarity then Fluttershy throughout the week, as for Sonata with Pinkie and Applejack, and Finally Adagio with Sunset and Rainbow dash. They all part ways and headed home, with someone watching them as they walked each trio was being watched as they left.

~Pinkie, Sonata, & Applejack~

"So who should I sleep over first?" Sonata asks, "Oh me me me me!"

"Yeah it should be her for now, I gotta let my family know first then I'll have to fix up a room for you," Applejack walks off waving goodbye for the night. Pinkie and Sonata goes to her house and get set up for a goods night rest....their going to party all night, trust me.

~Aria, Rarity, & Fluttershy~

"Aria you will be with me for the time being, for obvious reasons," Rarity says smiling awkwardly. Fluttershy hiding herself, she doesn't really feel safe around Aria just yet.

"Whatever," Aria shrugs, "Just don't try to play dress up with me alright."

"I wouldn't think of it dear, Fluttershy this is where we part ways." She hugs Flutters and they head home, with another following close behind.

~Adagio, Sunset, & Skittles~

"...I was born with this hair Adagio...it's not dyed." Rainbow pinches her nose annoyed, "look Sunset you're going have to have Adagio my dad will freak if I have someone enter my home with out a moments notice."

"It's okay I can handle her for now," Sunset smiles.

"Are you sure you can?" Adagio grins, Rainbow face palms and walks away, "You girls have fun."

"We sure will Rainbow dash," Adagio turns to Sunset. "We sure will." Sunset glares and walks towards home.

"Couch it is then," Sunset smiles.

"What...wait I was kidding...Sunset?...come on!" They walk home with eyes following them.

"That's right just keep going revenge will be mine!"

~Sunset's Apartment~

Sunset begins to unlock the door and allowed Adagio in first. A not too shabby place, a couple chairs, flat screen, bookshelf, and a nice little corner kitchen. First thing Adagio does is kick off her shoes and lay lazily on the couch. Sunset walks over and knocks her feet off and grabs a book off the shelf then reads a little bit. After a couple minutes Adagio wanted to take a shower she loves taking showers. Sunset directs her and is left alone, then she hears a bush Russel and looks out the window. Nothings there but she has a feeling that she can't explain but it isn't good.

Adagio then comes back into the living room, Sunset turns to her then covers her eyes, "SWEET CELESTIA ADAGIO!?!" Adagio was drying her hair with a towel but naked. Why because it's Adagio what you'd expect from her huh?

"What we're both girls aren't we?"

"Yes but I'm...never mind put some cloths on or something!" She looks away red faced.

"Fine....there I'm wrapped." Sunset looks back and turns away again, "ON THE BODY,ON THE BODY, PUT SOMETHING ON THE BODY!" Adagio laughs and walks away. Oh man I don't think I can handle her, she must be doing this on purpose! Sunset picks up the book( I can't think of a book sue me) and reads a little bit more. After a couple of minutes Sunset haven't heard anything coming from the other room.Maybe I should check on her. Sunset walks towards the guest room but she hears someone talking in her room. She open the room for one big (In my opinion for a sexy) surprise.


Author's Note:

Hey guys I'm back, needed some rest and video games big time. I had pretty rough week as well After my dog died of cancer then I took care of his son then on my 19th birthday he has a seizure and dies. I couldn't even walk correctly how depressed I was. I didn't want to get up from bed. I had one dog for 10 years then his son for one year. I had to recover though, I'm alright now it hurts but I'll live so bring on the constructive crit dudes and point it out thanks.