• Published 1st Jan 2015
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Vexatious times with Sunset shimmer! - FunFunFUN

Princess-Principle Celestia has made a deal with the Dazzlings! Yay!

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Oh good to know!

On the way to first period Sunset decides to take the time to talk and get know the Dazzlings even more.
"...then she eats her mate-" "Oh good to know!" Adagio says interrupting a bad conservationist Sunset.
"Well anyway, you should sit with me and my friends at the table." Adagio rolls her eyes. "Yeah sit with the people who defeated us, the same ones who took us on 7 on 3 while wearing very bright and colorful rags, not really a good idea." Sunset smirks, " I wasn't wearing anything brightly colorful."

"It's true, though you do wear the same thing a lot", Sonata happily skips by them both. Aria chimes in, "Yeah, in fact I never seen that type of clothing in stores around here, do you wear the same outfit all the time?" Sunset shrugs, "Less laundry am I right?" Adagio gives her a nasty look while Aria and Sonata smiles and shakes their heads. "I like the way you think!" Aria smiles.

Adagio turns, "We're not suppose to like her at all, bacon head over here is just watching us, making sure we are not going to try anything, isn't that right condiments?" Sunset turns with a look of frustration. "Well listen here small fry I am here to give you all a chance and it seems you don't want one." Adagio was now in Sunsets face, "SMALL FRY!?!"

"HA, more like cheese puff!" Aria and Sonata laughs and Sunset trying not to smile in a heated moment.

"Aria..." Adagio turns her head slow towards her, "I didn't know you cosplay sailor moon so much!" Aria blushes fixing her eyes somewhere else. "Glad we came to a agreement!" Adagio smiles, Sunset rolls her eyes, "Come on I'm hungry."

~Near lunchroom~

While walking Sonata brings up a interesting question. "Sunset do you...eat meat?"

"ummm no why?"

"Well..we know you came from Equestria so you're a pony nost likely."


"So you watch your friends eat meat?" Adagio smiles a little.

"No not really makes me sick even thinking about it one time I was dared to eat meat...I did it...horse was served that day." Aria smiles a little look at Adagio.

"What's wrong with that," Adagio speaks up, "Aria dear how many ponies have we eaten? 10, 20?" Aria laughs, "I like lost count!"
Sunset eyes shrunk, "So I take it you're meat eaters huh?"

"Oh you have no idea I can't even think of anything more awesome than meat!" Aria gives a toothy smile, "I like'em raw, how about you Sonata?"

"Oh yeah slow roasted, next time I'll make sure they aren't alive okay?" She smiles a cute smile.

"I eat them little by little so I don't get fat wit a side of salad or something to-BLACH! Adagio smiles, and looks over to Sunset holding her stomach, "Ok I think...I'll skip lunch today." She walks inside the lunch room, the trio smiling behind.

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