• Published 25th Dec 2014
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Simple Melodies are for Fillies - bahatumay

Introverted DJ Vinyl Scratch tries to win over a famous cellist while her roommate Lyra tries to figure out where she stands with the candy maker at the mall. It sortof works.

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Stinger 1: Mix-up

Octavia walked into Vinyl's music studio, where she found Vinyl reviewing one of her songs, bobbing her head to the beat as she listened carefully for any mistakes. Normally, Octavia wouldn't interrupt her while she was working; but this was not a normal situation. She leaned over and tapped her on the shoulder.

Vinyl quickly pulled her headphones off. “Hey, Tavi,” she said. “What's up?”

“So I was looking at the number one hits list again,” Octavia started.

“And I bet I know whose name you didn't see!” Vinyl chortled.

Octavia didn't smile. “I saw a very familiar name in the number one spot.”

“Did you?” Vinyl hadn't checked the newspaper recently, so she had no idea where Octavia was going with this. She interlaced her fingers and tapped her thumbs together. Octavia didn't sound so happy.

“The song attached to her name is about a beautiful mare with hair as dark as the night, possessing musical talents, a love of ice cream, and ended with a rather well-described and disturbingly explicit request for sexual intercourse. Would you happen to know anything about that?”

Vinyl's eyes widened. “Oh, no,” she breathed.

“Oh, no?” Octavia raised an eyebrow. “That's all you're going to-?”

Vinyl nearly fell off her chair as she scrambled for something in a lower drawer. She pulled a cd case out from the bottom underneath a stack of contracts, fumbled as she tried to get it open, and shoved the cd into the second slot of her recorder. She hit play and Octavia could hear an upbeat song coming from her headphones. Vinyl instantly recognized it and placed her head in her hands. “Oh n- I didn't mean to!” Vinyl whimpered. “I was going to give that song to you for your birthday! I recorded another song—this song—and I must have mixed up the cds when I went to my meeting!” She turned and looked pitifully at Octavia. “I didn't mean to, I swear. I'm so sorry.”

Octavia felt her anger slip away. It was hard to be angry at Vinyl when she was clearly sorry and beating herself up inside. She would sooner have kicked a puppy.

That didn't mean Vinyl would get off scot-free, though. She grasped Vinyl’s shoulder and gripped her tightly. “You do know you’re not getting off that easily, though, right?”

Vinyl inhaled shakily. “W- what did you have in mind?”

* * *

“Hey, Vinyl, you in here? You got a letter from-” Lyra's voice trailed off as she looked in the soundbooth to see Octavia holding Vinyl down with one hand, with the other hand up her shirt. Vinyl was clearly being tickled to death; but for some reason, she looked as though she were enjoying it.

Lyra nodded and tapped the envelope against her chest. “Maybe... maybe I'll come back later,” she said, slowly taking a step back and closing the door behind her.