• Published 25th Dec 2014
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Simple Melodies are for Fillies - bahatumay

Introverted DJ Vinyl Scratch tries to win over a famous cellist while her roommate Lyra tries to figure out where she stands with the candy maker at the mall. It sortof works.

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Talking, Part 2: Octavia and Vinyl

Vinyl stared despondently at her ice cream bowl. Lyra had recently restocked their freezer, and Vinyl was doing her best to empty it again. What had she done wrong? Was it because she had touched Octavia’s boob at the awards show? She hadn’t meant to; and Octavia hadn’t seemed to mind at the time. It was a nice boob. Firm but soft. And now she’d never get to touch it again. She sat up and glanced down at her own, much smaller chest, and then rested her forehead on the rim of the bowl. Not even close. She couldn’t even pretend they could compare.

At the knock on the door, Vinyl groggily raised her head up from the rim of the bowl of now-liquid ice cream. She set it back down, not really in the mood to talk to anyone right now.

The knocking continued. Vinyl groaned, but didn't move.

And then the door opened. Vinyl scowled. “Lyra, I'm not…”

She paused. The mare standing there was tall with dark hair, purple eyes, a treble clef necklace hanging tastefully high on her neck, and a figure that still held Vinyl's record for most perfect body ever, even if it was concealed underneath a black button-up shirt and long, loose khaki skirt. Vinyl suddenly felt somewhat self-conscious of the fact that in her depression this week she had neglected to put on pants… and when was the last time she'd showered? Oh Celestia, she probably looked hideous! Why did Octavia have to come now?

“Hello, Vinyl,” Octavia said.

“How'd you get in?” Vinyl demanded.

“Lyra lent me her key.”

“And where's she?”

“Still at my apartment with Bon Bon, I suppose. She was insistent that I visit now.”

Vinyl might have cracked a smile. “Then they're probably having sex in your apartment right now.”

Octavia snorted. “Oh, I sincerely doubt that,” she said with a smile.

* * *

Lyra shivered slightly in the cool air; or, rather, the sudden sensation of coolness from having her pants suddenly pulled down to her ankles.

Not that she was complaining, of course.

She was a little apprehensive, though. “D- don't you think Octavia would… would protest?” she asked, glancing around the room as if expecting Octavia to suddenly pop her head back in.

“Octavia's not here right now,” Bon Bon growled as she reached up to finish undressing Lyra. “You're here, and I'm here, and that's all that matters right now.”

Lyra whimpered in pleasure at Bon Bon's tender touch. Once she had come out of her shell, Bon Bon had proven to be a rather aggressive lover, and Lyra was definitely not complaining about that, either.

* * *

Vinyl snickered, then exhaled. “My roommate's sex life aside, why are you here?”

“I'm here to talk. Maybe also fix our relationship.”

“This is like the third time, Octavia,” Vinyl grumbled. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes, and her voice caught as she rested her head on the table. “I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.”

Octavia answered by sitting down on the chair next to her, reaching over, and gently massaging Vinyl's back. Vinyl wanted to protest or scoot away, but it really felt good, and she subconsciously arched her back to allow Octavia better access. If she were a cat, she would be purring incessantly.

Too soon, she stopped, and Vinyl looked up.

“Vinyl, let's be honest with each other. Is that alright?”


“I'm not perfect. Ah, ah,” she warned, raising a hand to stall Vinyl's protests. “I'm not perfect. I overreact, and sometimes I let my emotions cloud my judgement.”

Vinyl felt a strange feeling in her chest, and it wasn't because she had eaten so much ice cream. It took her a few moments to realize that it was 'hope'.

“I've had a few relationships in my time, sexual and platonic, with both genders. I thought I'd seen almost everything. And then I met you. You are something else entirely. I look forward to seeing you because every time I do, you make me smile because I know you are so happy to see me. You actually care about me and what I care about, and you even make an effort to hide it when you stare at my breasts.”

Vinyl blushed. “Y- you noticed that, huh?”

Octavia ignored that. “I find music everywhere, and let me tell you, Vinyl, there is a symphony in you.”

Vinyl frowned. “Then why-?”

“Your words as DJ Pon-3 reminded me of what my boyfriend—well, ex-boyfriend; if he’d ever show up so I could break up with him personally—would say. I admit, I was afraid.”

Vinyl blinked. “You? Afraid?”

“I was afraid you'd turn out like he did. Sweet at the beginning, unfeeling at the end.”

Vinyl straightened up. “Never!” she swore. “You're the most beautiful girl in the whole world, and it makes me so mad when I see him not treating you like the princess you are. You're smart, you're talented, you're refined and you're witty, and you're really, really hot. I'd…” Her voice trailed off.

“Finish your sentence,” Octavia commanded kindly. “We're being honest with each other here, after all.”

Vinyl buried her face into the table. “And I'd give you anything you ever wanted for the opportunity to have sex with you,” she finished.

Octavia chuckled lightly. Vinyl suddenly became aware of a light pressure on her hand. She looked up to see Octavia, smiling gently, her hand cupping over Vinyl’s. “I assure you, the price for my... intimate company is not so high. Just a good heart. Like yours.”

Vinyl blushed and ducked her head again. Octavia was too good, too pure for her!

Octavia continued. “Lyra explained some things about your DJ Pon-3 persona, and said to not take what you said as her personally, even if I did find the 'sugartits' label to be somewhat demeaning.”

Vinyl blushed harder and made a mental note to bake Lyra a cake.

“I am not ignorant of the need to be someone else on stage. I, too, don a mask when needed.”

This made Vinyl raise her eyes. “You do?”

Octavia leaned in and met Vinyl’s eyes. Her eyes narrowed, a twisted half-smile crossed her lips, and her voice seemed to take on a husky quality. “If you were privy to some of my deepest, darkest fantasies, I dare say you would never be able to look me in the eyes ever again.”

“I'd be willing to try,” Vinyl whispered, subconsciously reaching down and adjusting the leg of her panties.

“I'll keep that in mind.” Octavia sat back and exhaled slowly as she continued. “Also, I have a few other confessions to make. My boyfriend--ex-, if course--has some… how shall I put this? 'leverage' on me. We still can't be together,” Octavia murmured.

“Don't make me write you a song and play it outside your window in the wee hours of the morning,” Vinyl threatened. “I totally will.”

“You'll do no such thing,” Octavia said firmly. “My neighbors are not the largest fans of music, and I am not about to stand by while you're arrested.” She paused. “Not that I wouldn't mind a song about me, though.”

“Don't tempt me,” Vinyl grinned impishly. “There's plenty of inspiration in you, too.”

One side of Octavia’s lips curled up in a half-smile. “Thank you. It's just… complicated, that’s all.”

"Complicated how?" Vinyl asked.

“I- I'd rather not discuss it right now,” Octavia said tactfully.

But Vinyl, having found that her goal was once again in reach, was not so easily dissuaded. Hope was in sight once more. Or maybe it was the fact that Octavia hadn't released her hand yet. Either way, she felt uncharacteristically bold. “Would you discuss it over lunch?” she suggested.

Octavia made a few noncommittal motions with her head. “I suppose.”

“Back to the sandwich shop?”

“That's acceptable.”

“How about tomorrow? I'm a little… underdressed right now.” Vinyl glanced down at herself and blushed again.

Octavia cracked a real smile, and Vinyl was relieved to see it. “That's fine with me. See you tomorrow, then.” Octavia stood and Vinyl instinctively stood as well, but then she froze and crossed her hands over her crotch.

Octavia cocked her head. “What's wrong?” she asked.

“I'm kindof… wearing panties,” Vinyl pointed out, a light red blush tinging her cheeks.

“That's nothing to be ashamed of,” Octavia said with a smile. She set her hands on her hips in front of her, and slowly crumpled her skirt, making it raise up painfully slowly. Vinyl was enthralled, unable to tear her eyes away as the hem of Octavia's skirt rose higher and higher, revealing first her calf-length stockings, then her bare legs. Finally, her fingers gripped the hem, and Vinyl’s patience was rewarded by the sight of a pair of high-cut black lacy panties gracing her hips, which she subtly rocked out out to give Vinyl a better look. “See?” Octavia said, apparently completely at ease with exposing her lower half. “I’m wearing panties, too.” She cocked her head and winked, drawing the moment out longer than strictly necessary, before abruptly dropping her skirt and turning around, swaying her hips as she headed out the door.

It was no longer a slight blush. Vinyl found it very hard to be depressed when images of her marefriend’s lacy panties—she'd let her get such a good look!—were dancing across her mind. What if she were so confident with her own body? Could she ever be? Would she ever have the courage to wilfully and intentionally flash Octavia?

Maybe she could try it, except she would not have panties on underneath. Octavia's reaction would be priceless!

As the door shut behind Octavia, Vinyl vaguely became aware of the fact that her fingers were pressing against a sensitive part of her own anatomy through her panties; panties that she'd probably need to change. She quickly clenched her hands into fists and shook her head, dragging herself back to the present. Octavia had left, so she'd be going home. That meant Lyra would be back soon. And if Lyra was out there with Bon Bon, then she’d have time to…

Vinyl froze. Lyra was still at Octavia’s apartment. And if she knew her roommate—and she did—then there was a very good chance that Octavia was about to see a lot more of Lyra and Bon Bon than she ever wanted to.

She grimaced, and then grinned. First, a shower. Then, she’d be ready for Lyra when she got back.

* * *

After a five minute long (and slightly noisy) goodbye kiss at the doorstep, Lyra stumbled in, a goofy smile plastered across her face. She glanced over at the table, and found Vinyl, sitting at the table, holding a bowl of ice cream in her blue magic. She floated it over, making a valiant effort to not comment on the pair of panties poking out of her side pocket. “Protocol four?” she offered.

Lyra cracked a smile. “Protocol four,” she said, accepting the bowl and conjuring up a seafoam green spoon with a flick of her fingers.

“Sorry that it’s melted,” Vinyl said, though since the hand supporting her own bowl was glowing blue with a cooling spell, it was likely that she wasn't actually sorry. “Maybe next time you can hold off from sucking each other’s faces for so long.”

Lyra stuck her tongue out. She considered teasing Vinyl back, but she was just glad to see her roommate back to normal. “It wasn't just my face she was sucking, Vinyl. I can promise you that.”

Vinyl laughed as she conjured her own blue spoon. “You're a filthy little filly. You know this, right?”

Lyra grinned. “But you love me anyway.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Vinyl grinned with a mouth full of ice cream.

Lyra chuckled lightly. It was good to have Vinyl back.