• Published 25th Dec 2014
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Simple Melodies are for Fillies - bahatumay

Introverted DJ Vinyl Scratch tries to win over a famous cellist while her roommate Lyra tries to figure out where she stands with the candy maker at the mall. It sortof works.

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New Beginnings

Bright and early the next morning, Vinyl Scratch woke up, stretched, twisted her back until it popped, and rubbed her eyes. What a wonderful dream she had had last night.

Too bad that's all it was. A dream.

She stumbled out of bed and headed over to the bathroom, feeling strangely sore for some reason. She managed to make it to the sink, and she leaned down to splash water on her face to try and help herself wake up.

But when she looked up, she froze. She wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. Her hair would have made a rat's nest look organized. And to top it all off, little red bite marks and bruises covered her neck, and a few had appeared on other parts of her body.

She looked back towards her bed and gasped.

Octavia slumbered peacefully on her bed. She shifted slightly in her sleep at the sudden sound, and then settled down again.

“It wasn't a dream,” Vinyl breathed. She'd slept with Octavia! She'd really slept with Octavia! She'd been naked and then both of them had been naked and they'd slept together and there had been exploring and caressing and squeezing and biting and…!

…and now what? Vinyl scratched her head. First things first, probably clothes. Then breakfast. That's how it worked in all the books, right? The lovely lady woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking.

But if she made breakfast, did that make her the stallion or the mare of their relationship? She paused to think about this. Sure, she was up first; but Octavia had definitely been the more dominant of the two last night…

Vinyl shook her head and decided to dwell on that later. She headed for her closet and looked through her shirts. She shook her head again. Nothing skimpy enough. She really wanted to show off her trophies from last night, so she slid over to Pon-3’s section and chose a revealing tank top. She settled on grabbing a simple pair of panties for her bottom half and called it good. As she slid them on, she cracked a smile at the red bite mark high on the inside of her thigh.

It had been a good night.

It wasn't long before the kitchen was full of the sounds and smells of cooking. Vinyl flipped the eggs with a quick flick of her hand. She paused as they sizzled. It suddenly occurred to her that while she had clean clothing, Octavia wouldn't; this wasn't her house, and Octavia was a bit larger than Vinyl (in more ways than one). Any attempt to wear her clothes would end in failure because they would simply be far too small for her.

Not that that would be a bad sight or anything.

A movement behind her made her look, and she saw Octavia there, her hair still shimmering wet from her shower, and wearing a white robe that looked familiar.

“I hope you don't mind,” Octavia said, “but my clothes aren't quite done being washed yet.”

“Not a problem,” Vinyl said. “It looks good on you.”

Octavia smiled. “Thank you.”

“Got that at one of my crazier shows,” Vinyl reminisced. “The club had hired a new guy to do the pyrotechnics and he'd aimed a couple things wrong. My clothes kindof caught fire and I needed something to wear home.”

Octavia's eyes widened. “You were ok, I assume?”

“Yep. Just tore them off and finished the show.”

Octavia nodded slightly. “I see.”

“Yeah,” Vinyl said as she finished flipping the eggs. “Turns out DJ Pon-3 doesn't mind being topless in front of an audience.” She paused. “She does mind being fined for public indecency, though. I think she's still kindof bitter about that.” She lifted a plate with her magic and set it in front of Octavia. “I'm sorry. I was going to make you an omelette but even with my magic I kindof just crushed it when I tried to flip it and I'm not even sure how. I mean, I handle vinyl records all the time and I don't break them; but…”

Octavia placed a finger on Vinyl's lips. “Scrambled eggs are just fine, Vinyl. Thank you.”

“Right.” Vinyl blushed slightly.

There was a pause. Octavia raised an eyebrow. “I assume you made some for you, too? Or did you just want to watch me eat?”

“No, no; I've got more,” Vinyl said, jerking a thumb back towards the stove. Octavia saw that the carton of eggs was still mostly full. “Just... kinda got distracted.”

Octavia waggled her eyebrows, a playful gesture that seemed almost out of place on her usual stoic expression. “I was going to say, you've already seen the kinds of things I can do with my mouth.”

“Have I ever.” Vinyl couldn't suppress a little whimper. She brought her hand up and gently brushed against one of the marks Octavia had left on her last night. Feeling suddenly awkward, Vinyl quickly spun back into the kitchen and whipped up some eggs for herself, and together they ate in silence for a while.

As much as she enjoyed seeing Octavia like this, and as much fun as she'd had last night, VInyl still felt something was off. Maybe it was too quiet. Was Octavia waiting for her to say something? What was she supposed to say?

“So could we, like, do this again sometime?” Vinyl asked.

In hindsight, it probably wasn't that.

Octavia paused. “Having sex, or having breakfast?” she asked, an eyebrow raised playfully.

“Se- both…” Vinyl exhaled. “Sex,” she admitted sheepishly.

“You enjoyed it that much, did you?” Octavia asked with a cheeky grin.

Vinyl looked down. “So much,” she confirmed with a quiet squeak. “You were everything I thought you'd be and so much more.”

A shifting noise made her look up. Octavia had lifted her left foot and rested it on the chair. “Certainly, Vinyl. I didn't expect this to be a one-time thing, and I doubt you did, either. Am I right in assuming you would not be opposed to doing this again?” she invited.

Vinyl blushed bright red and averted her eyes as it became apparent that Octavia was not wearing panties (or anything, really) under her robe.

“Vinyl,” Octavia said, her tone slightly scolding. “Vinyl, look at me. We're together now, right? Girlfriends, right?”

“Yeah,” Vinyl said. It was so nice to hear that word.

“I know almost all of your secrets, and you mine. I’ve seen you at your most naked, at your most exposed; and you’ve seen me at mine, right?”

Vinyl had done a lot more than just seeing Octavia's nakedness, that was for sure; but Vinyl answered with a simple, “Yeah…?”

“So we have nothing left to hide.” She made no move to cover herself or shift her robe. “Furthermore, what's mine is yours, right?”

Vinyl glanced around at the table. She briefly wondered if that meant Octavia wanted to move in. She wouldn't mind sharing a bed, but it might get a little crowded in here. Still, she answered again, “Yeah…?”

“That means you have a duty as a girlfriend to touch me, Vinyl.” She shifted her right knee, moving the lapel of the robe aside and subtly exposing herself even further. “Especially when I'm offering myself to you like this. If you don't, I'll be sad. You wouldn't want me to be sad, would you?”

Vinyl wasn't sure that that made complete logical sense, but she wasn't about to argue that point. She shook her head, though her eyes remained focused on Octavia.

Octavia suddenly abandoned any form of subtlety, reaching up and undoing the knot of her belt with her hand. “Come on, Vinyl,” Octavia invited, her voice low and husky. She shrugged her shoulders, letting the now-loose robe slowly slide down her body. Vinyl tried to avert her eyes and not ogle her breasts, and as she did she caught sight of scratch marks on her side and back.

Vinyl frowned. “I didn't hurt you, did I?” she asked.

Octavia barked a laugh. She stood up, and placed her hands on her hips as her robe (which now didn't cover much of anything) slid down to her waist. “Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl… I'm standing here offering you morning sex, and you're worried about if you hurt me last night?”

Vinyl blushed and looked down, but she was surprised when Octavia dropped the robe completely and suddenly wrapped Vinyl in a tight hug, gripping her waist with one hand and digging her other into Vinyl's hair. Vinyl paused for a moment to reflect on how nice it was to have her hair touched, and how much nicer it felt to press against Octavia when only one of them was wearing clothes.

Octavia gently leaned back enough to kiss Vinyl on the lips. “You didn't,” she whispered, “but thank you for asking.” She kissed Vinyl on the forehead, right over her magic trails, and Vinyl inhaled sharply. Every unicorn loved being kissed on the magic trails. “You're so kind, so generous. Never change, Vinyl, my precious little unicorn.” Then she paused and looked down. “You can change your clothes, though.”

“And by that you mean take them off?” Vinyl tried.

Octavia smiled as she stepped back to allow her room to do just that. “Now you've got it!”

A wide smile spread across Vinyl's face as she crossed her arms and reached for the hem of her tank top. “Never let it be said I didn't drop everything when my marefriend wanted me,” she said.

Octavia’s jaw dropped, and she punched her lightly in the shoulder. “You terrible punster, you!”

“You know you liked it,” Vinyl said, sticking her tongue out as she removed her shirt and then lifted it over her head.

Octavia took advantage of her temporary blindness to attack her from behind, and Vinyl giggled as Octavia tickled her; but then her breath caught in her throat as Octavia's fingers slid down her body, pressing gently into her skin every couple of inches or so until they finally found their mark.

“Not as much as I'm going to enjoy hearing you call out my name,” Octavia whispered into her ear. “Say it.”

Vinyl shuddered as her breath came in steadily more raggedly. She got the distinct impression that she was going to enjoy this, too. “O- Octavia,” she breathed.

“Good,” Octavia whispered.

Needless to say, breakfast soon lay forgotten.

* * *

It was late in the afternoon when Lyra knocked, and then, when there was no answer, slowly opened the door to her apartment. “Vinyl,” she called. “You in here?”

She was half expecting to hear sex noises, but there was no sound. Mildly comforted, she entered and waited, but there was still no reply. She shrugged. “They probably went out for lunch,” she said. “Come in, Bon Bon!”

Bon Bon came into the house and headed towards the kitchen while Lyra headed to the bathroom. Bon Bon was just retrieving the ingredients to make Lyra some delicious fudge when she heard Lyra burst out laughing from over by the bedroom door. Frowning, Bon Bon set the sugar down and headed over, and there she saw something she hadn't expected.

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia lay cuddled together on her bed, sleeping soundly. If it hadn't been for how close they were and the fact that they both were naked, it would have looked as though they had had a colossal fight instead of morning sex.

“Aww, they look so adorable!” Lyra said, clasping her hands together against her cheek.

Bon Bon shook her head as she took in the bite marks and bruises and scratch lines that were scattered across both mares' bodies. “They look like abuse victims,” she corrected. “Some people are into some weird stuff.”

Lyra nudged her with her hip. “Says the mare who wants to drizzle chocolate on me and lick it off,” she retorted playfully.

Bon Bon rolled her eyes as she turned to stomp away. “I'm not even going to dignify that with a response,” she said.

Lyra laughed as she left, but then she became serious again. “You, uh, are still going to do it, though, right, Bonsie? The whole drizzle chocolate on me thing?”

She got no answer.

“Bonsie?” Lyra asked nervously. She turned to follow her marefriend. “B- Bonsie?” Her pace quickened into a full-out chase, and her cry grew slightly more desperate. “Bon Bon!”

Author's Note:

Every time I play this ending scene in my head, the starting drum beats to this song start to play over Lyra's second "Bonsie?" line, and since that's definitely a 'credits' song, I think this is where this story ends.

Of course, if there are credits, there are stingers, so if you like their interactions, don't dump this story just yet. And if you're in it for the long haul, check back in a few years. I should have a sequel up by then! :scootangel: