• Published 8th Dec 2014
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"The Name's Dash" - calmcalmcalm

Soarin and Rainbow Dash have met several times before, but alas have yet to fall in love. When they both try to change this in very different ways, things get funny.

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"The name's Soarin. Soarin Dash"

Author's Note:

This is my very first story, I appreciate any useful criticism! Hope you enjoy :twilightsmile:


“The name’s Soarin. Soarin Dash.”

Pause for dramatic effect.

“Wait! No it’s not! Stupid!” exclaimed a light blue Pegasus who was staring at himself in the mirror. Soarin the Wonderbolt, a celebrity among ponies was so infatuated that he couldn’t even remember his own name.

“Soarin Dash…” He muttered again. “It just sounds so right!” He was currently practicing introducing himself. It was stupid, he knew, but he just couldn’t mess this up. Soarin could make any mare swoon just by blinking, why was he freaking out about something as trivial as saying his own name, which he kept messing up by the way.

A mare. That was what he was freaking out about. Specifically a mare named Rainbow Dash, hence the whole “Soarin Dash” debacle. They had met a couple of times before. There was the Grand Galloping Gala (where she saved his pie), the best young flyers competition (where she saved his life), and the Equestria Games tryout (where she saved his life AGAIN). Despite what other ponies believed, Soarin was not just a clumsy oaf who always needed rescuing, if he were how would he be a Wonderbolt? The reason he always seemed to need rescuing whenever Dash was around was because he couldn’t concentrate on anything but her when she was near.

Anyways, the reason he was practicing introducing himself (which he had done countless times, being a celebrity) was because the annual Grand Galloping Gala was coming up, and he was praying that a certain rainbow maned mare was going to be there. Soarin had contrived a plan to make Rainbow Dash fall in love with him. Or at least notice him. The plan consisted of 5 foolproof steps:
Step 1. Go to Gala
Step 2. See Rainbow Dash
Step 3. Pretend not to see her. Play hard to get. But not too hard to get.
Step 4. When you finally notice her, hit her with a smooth “The name’s Soarin. Soarin Dash Skies"
Step 5. Wait for her to fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

It was quite genius if Soarin did say so himself. Now all he had to do was get this introduction right. It’s not like she didn’t know his name, he knew Dash was a huge Wonderbolts fan, and they had met a few times before, but Soarin figured if he pretended not to know her, it would drive her wild, and make her want his attention. At least he hoped. There was 6 days until the next Grand Galloping Gala, 6 days to get this right. 6 days until Soarin would attempt the impossible- try to get Rainbow Dash to think he was cool. Even though he was an amazing athlete and a superstar, Soarin was quite timid around mares. Especially pretty, rainbow ones. While he concentrated on perfecting his opening line, he failed to realise something quite important. If Rainbow was there, and he did actually manage to go talk to her, he couldn’t just say his name and leave. He actually had to hold a conversation with her.



“C’mon guys, seriously?” A rainbow maned cyan Pegasus complained. “After what happened last year, we were still invited to the Grand Galloping Gala?” Rainbow Dash had been relaxing on a cloud, neglecting her weather team duties as usual, when her friends had shown up holding six golden tickets. No, not to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, if that’s what you were thinking. That would be totally awesome. No, they were tickets to some dumb, fancy high-class party which would involve getting dressed up in dumb, fancy, high-class dresses.

“I have to admit,” Twilight Sparkle looked up at Rainbow from the ground, “I was surprised when Princess Celestia invited us this year, after the disaster last year. You remember, Pinkie ruining the music, Rarity throwing cake at royalty, Fluttershy causing a stampede, Rainbow Dash nearly killing everypony when she dropped that statue-”

“Ok, ok we get it!” Dash interrupted, her voice cracking, “And you are totally exaggerating, I did not almost kill everypony!”

“Actually Dashie-” Pinkie Pie started before Dash glared at her. “Never mind, I forgot!”

Dash had been having a great day. Relaxing up in the clouds, with not a care in the world. That is, until she had been reminded of the Gala, where she had completely and utterly embarrassed herself in front of her idols, the Wonderbolts. She was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard a sophisticated Canterlot accent from below her.

“Well, if I recall, Celestia did say we made the night very memorable!” Rarity said.

“Sugercube, I think she may have just said that so we didn`t feel bad `bout ruining the night.” Spoke a voice with a southern twang. Rarity glared at Applejack.

“Well, maybe you ponies ruined the night, but I certainly did NOT!” The white unicorn said indignantly. She faltered when she noticed the eyes of her five friends on her.

“Ummm, yeah you did Rarity!” Pinkies cheerful voice called. “Remember Prince Bluebottom?”

“Blueblood,” Rarity scoffed, “how could I forget him… Well, we’ve been invited back despite your, er, OUR… Boo boo’s, shall we say. So we mustn’t be rude and turn down the invitation!”

“But Rarity…” Dash groaned, still perched on the cloud. “I don’t WANT to go.”

“Rainbow Dash,” the purple maned unicorn scolded, “I don’t care if you want to, it’s rude to turn down the Princess!”
“Um, Dash, I think, maybe, if we, umm,” Fluttershy mumbled quietly.

“What.” Was all that came from Dash. It was more of a statement then a question.

“If we go, and none of us does anything, um, crazy, we might have a good time?” Fluttershy seemed to ask.

Rainbow internally groaned. When was the last time they had gone somewhere and not had anything crazy happen? Never. That had never happened. Rainbow knew there was no getting out of this. She would have to suck it up, and go to a lame, stuffy party.

“Just think Rainbow,” Pinkie bounced with each word, “The Wonderbolts will probably be there!” When she looked up at the cloud, she realised it was empty. Dash had fallen out of her cloud and was now sprawled at Pinkies hooves.

“The W-Wonderbolts?"