• Published 8th Dec 2014
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"The Name's Dash" - calmcalmcalm

Soarin and Rainbow Dash have met several times before, but alas have yet to fall in love. When they both try to change this in very different ways, things get funny.

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"I have to look DAMN good!"


“C’mon Soarin! How am I ready before you…?” a slightly raspy voice groaned from behind Soarin’s door. It was the day of the gala, and the Wonderbolts were at the compound getting ready.

“Fleet, just WAIT a second!” Soarin hollered back to the voice. Fleetfoot had knocked on his door six times in the past two minutes, all paired with her voiced complaints at how slow Soarin was. He couldn't help it though; he had to make sure he looked good. Actually, scratch that. He had to make sure he looked DAMN good, not just regular good.

“I’m tired of waiting! And Spitty said to tell you that we’re leaving in five minutes!” Fleetfoot replied.

“WHAT? Five minutes?” Soarin gasped.

“Actually, she said that about five minutes ago… I guess we’re leaving now!” Fleetfoot said cheerfully. Soarin knew better then to keep Spitfire -the captain of the Wonderbolts and one of his best friends- waiting. Unlike Fleet, she was serious and professional, and quite hot-tempered if she was kept waiting. Soarin flung his door open, revealing Fleetfoot in the hallway that held all of the Wonderbolt dorm rooms. She was wearing her Wonderbolt flight suit and goggles, with her white mane sticking up like usual. It was required that the Wonderbolts all wear their uniforms when doing publicity events.

“Well…. How do I look?” Soarin asked her. He was wearing his flight suit and goggles as well, with his mane in its usual wind-blown style.

“The same as usual, now let’s g-” Fleets voice cracked as she was cut off.

“What?! I can't look the same as usual; I have to look DAMN good!” Soarin bellowed into her ear.

“If I hadn't just gone deaf from an IDIOT yelling in my ear,” Fleetfoot began, “I would reply with, the point is to look the same as usual. It’s a publicity stunt, not a fashion show! And why do you, of all ponies care about what you look like?” It was a fair question. Soarin usually didn't care about his appearance, nor did he care about what other ponies thought of him, and he had proved this to the Wonderbolts time and time again, with his messy habits and mannerisms. But this was before Rainbow Dash entered the hypothetical picture. Before Soarin could come up with an answer for Fleetfoot, they heard stomping approaching them.

“Fleetfoot! Soarin! Get your tails down here!” Spitfire yelled from down the hallway. For a pony on the small side, she sure was LOUD.

“I told him to hurry, but he just wouldn't listen to me! He said that he didn't even have to listen to me because-” Fleetfoot began making up an excuse to get Soarin into trouble. It was a game that Fleet and Soarin had made up during Spitfire’s first year of being Captain. Each time they were busted by her for doing something dumb (which was quite often), they would each try to bullshit their way out, blaming the other. Whoever got out of it without receiving any punishment from Spitfire won. Right now, their score was 0 for Fleet and 19 for Soarin.

Fleet's excuses usually sucked.

“Fleet, this hallway isn't very long. I could hear your entire conversation from where we were standing.” Spitfire cut Fleetfoot off flatly. Soarin glanced past the two mares easily, as they were both at least a head shorter than him, and saw she was right. The rest of the Wonderbolts were standing at the end of the hallway, about 20 feet away.

“Oh. W-” Fleetfoot tried to make an excuse for why she chose to annoy Soarin by knocking on his door and whining instead of just relaying Spitfire’s message to him.

“Save it Fleet, we're already running late…” Spitfire sighed at the two of them. There was rarely an instance where she could take Soarin AND Fleetfoot out without them getting into a load of trouble. Alone, they weren't too bad, at least Soarin wasn't, but together… that was a whole different story.



"Alright girls! Almost finished!" Rarity's voice trilled from behind the makeshift changing wall set up in the Carousel boutique. She and Rainbow Dash had been behind there for a good half an hour, while the other four waited in the lobby of the boutique. Rarity had taken it upon herself to give her friends all makeovers for the gala. Applejack, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy had all been easy. A few alterations to their dresses from the last gala, some make-up, and a new mane-do and they were set to go. Rarity had purposely saved doing Rainbow for last- she knew from experience that it would be a MAJOR struggle to get her to sit still long enough for Rarity to make her look FABULOUS! All of the girls sitting in the lobby winced as they heard yet another growl from behind the wall.


"OW! Rarity, you pulled my mane AGAIN!"


Silence. Even if Rainbow wasn't to concerned about what she looked like most of the time, she definitely did NOT want to be bald. After all, Rarity always told her how lucky she was to have such a nice mane. Then she usually lectured Dash about proper mane care and styling types, which Dash didn't listen to in the slightest.

"Wait. Rarity, you always tell me how nice my mane is, why are you pulling it so hard? I'm gonna go bald!" Dash vocalized her thoughts.

"Who said anything about pulling your mane out darling? Wherever did you get such a silly thought?" Rarity asked, batting her eyelashes innocently.

"...What? You just did, did you forget, you dumm-" Rainbow was cut off by Rarity.

"I simply do NOT know what you are talking about, Rainbow dear. Are you feeling alright?" she asked, while raising an eyebrow.

"What?! Rarity, I'm fine! OUCH! At least I was before you started pulling out my mane!" Rainbow flinched as Rarity began working on her mane again.

"And... DONE!" Rarity cried as she spun Rainbow's salon style chair around happily. "Let's go show the girls!"

The pair walked out from behind the wall and stopped when they heard gasps.

"Wow! Nice work Rarity!"

"You look great Sugarcube!"

"You look super duper fantastic Dashie!" Pinkie hollered. Rarity batted her eyelashes and smiled.

"Why thank you gir- WAIT, DASHIE?" Rarity had clearly thought that all of the praise was directed at her.

"You look great to Rarity," a small voiced squeaked. "But I've just never seen Dash look so... Wow." Fluttershy stated. Rarity turned to look at Rainbow again. She really had outdone herself. Rainbows usual mess of a mane was straight and shiny, falling down longer than usual. There was a braid wrapping around the back of her head in the place of the golden laurels worn last year. She wore the same dress and shoes as last year, but Rarity had sprinkled her wings with gold sparkles, making them shine in the light. She DID look quite stunning, and Rarity instantly felt bad about making her look... well, better than all of the other girls.

"Well, Rainbow Dash did need more... um, cleaning up then the rest of you," Rarity explained.

"HEY! What's that supposed to mean?" Dash asked indignantly. She then thought about all of her messy habits, and how she usually just brushed her mane a couple times a week, at most. "Actually, you do have a point..." She giggled. This was one of the reasons why Dash was so fun to be around. She was always up for some light hearted teasing, and could never stay mad at her friends. She was the element of loyalty after all.

"And thanks Rarity, you made me look DAMN good! Not that I didn't before..." Dash trailed off, snickering.

"It was my pleasure Rainbow. I simply had to make sure you could dazzle the Wonderbolts!" Rarity exclaimed.

"Heh, maybe one in particular," Dash muttered, still giggling slightly.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing...."