• Published 17th Nov 2014
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Shine Again - Fandom Trash Snivy

The Dazzlings return to Equestria after the events of Rainbow Rocks. After that, they meet a pony named Sapphire Shores who will reform them into one of the best musical groups in Equestria.

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Prologue: Shattered

"Got the music in our hearts
We're here to blow this thing apart
And together, we will never
Be afraid of the dark

Here to sing our song out loud
Get you dancing with the crowd
As the music of our friendship

The magic of friendship destroyed the true images of the Dazzlings and shattered their necklaces. Realizing this, Adagio Dazzle tried to pick up the pieces of her broken necklace. Of course, it didn't work. The Dazzlings tried to sing one part of their song again:

"We will be adored
Tell us that you want us
We won't be ignored
It's time for our reward..."

The Dazzlings were immediately booed off the stage. They ran away in embarrassment. As the Sonic Rainbooms celebrated their victory, the Dazzlings loathed their failure.

"Ugh! I can't believe we lost to those stupid Sonic Rainbooms!" Aria Blaze angrily spoke.

"I wonder why we couldn't sing?" Sonata Dusk stupidly questioned.

"Sonata dear," Adagio Dazzle told Sonata, "Our magic comes from those necklaces. When those necklaces broke, we had no magic. When we have no magic, WE CAN'T SING!"

The Dazzlings were walking out of the Canterlot High School property, loathing their victory along the way.

The Dazzlings sighed in sadness.

"Why did it have to be this way?" they all spoke in unison.

"It was the perfect plan..." Adagio sadly spoke.

Suddenly, she couldn't handle it anymore. Adagio Dazzle flopped down on the grass and started to cry.

"Oh come on!" Aria angrily spoke. "We don't have all night!"

Sonata joined Adagio and put her hands on her face. Poor Sonata Dusk was weeping.

"Ugh. Alright." Aria Blaze spoke.

Aria Blaze started to cry. Of course, it was fake. If you can't beat the crying, join them.

Thirty minutes later, the Dazzlings walked up in front of a building.

"There it is," Adagio says sadly. "The Sleep Inn."

"You mean we're staying here at THIS DUMP for potentially the rest of our life?" Aria Blaze angrily questioned.

"No, Aria," Adagio told Aria. "We are staying here as long as we need to."

The Sleep Inn wasn't that large. It had only fifty rooms and it looked like it could only house two people in each room. Whatever. The Dazzlings needed someplace to stay for a while. The Dazzlings walked inside the building and up to the front desk. A young light green girl with blue hair and leaf green eyes walked up to the desk to welcome them.

"Hello. My name is Natura. How may I help you?"

"We need to check in a room for one day and one night." Adagio replied.

Natura pondered for a second.

"So, tonight and tomorrow morning?" Natura asked. "That'll be eighteen dollars, six dollars for the each of you."

Adagio Dazzle handed Natura the little money she had.

"There's free breakfast tomorrow morning starting at seven o'clock," Natura told The Dazzlings.

"Thanks for telling us," Adagio replied.

"This place is a dump!" Aria spoke. "We don't even know our room number!"

"Aria's right!" Sonata agreed.

"Oh!" Natura spoke suddenly. "Your room number is room 45 on the second floor."

Natura handed Adagio Dazzle the room key.

Sonata Dusk looked excited.

"Ooh! Ooh!" she excitedly spoke. "Is there an elevator?"

"Oh, I'm sorry guys," Natura told an excited Sonata. "We have no elevators, so you'll have to take the stairs."

Natura pointed to the stairs located directly behind the desk she was sitting behind. The Dazzlings started towards the stairs.

Aria growled.

"Why do we have to take the stupid stairs?!"

"This place is too small for an elevator," Adagio responded. "Besides, it is good exercise to walk up the stairs. After all, we have been too focused on our music career-"

She spoke too soon. Adagio buried her face in her hands and started to weep again. Aria and Sonata helped their leader get up and walked her up the stairs with them.

They finally arrived at the door of their room.

"Are we going in or what?" Aria Blaze asked.

"Well, yes," Adagio answered.

Adagio, with the room key in her hand, unlocked the door and walked inside the room with the rest of her motley crew. Aria Blaze sat on a chair in the room while Sonata Dusk flopped down on the only bed in the entire room.

"Ooh! It's a BOUNCY BED!"

"Sonata!" Aria Blaze angrily told Sonata Dusk. "We are only staying here for tonight and tomorrow morning!"

"So what if I can just have a little fun now and then?

"By 'a little' you mean a lot, and by 'now and then' you mean all the time."

Adagio Dazzle closed the door.

"So, this is it!" she spoke, trying to sound excited despite having just wept. "This is where we will stay until tomorrow morning! We leave at ten thirty a.m."

"I really need something to eat," Aria spoke.

"We can go out for dinner somewhere! Ooh! Ooh! Can I pick?" Sonata excitedly added.

"We aren't going anywhere, girls," Adagio Dazzle responded.

"So we're just going to bed on an empty stomach?" Aria Blaze asks.

"That's what it looks like," Adagio answers.

Adagio sighs and sits down on the bed with a sad expression. Aria Blaze walks over to her.

"You okay?"


Adagio gets up and walks to the windows. Aria and Sonata follow her. Sonata jerks open the curtains, and The Dazzlings watched whatever you can call scenery outside. A man was driving into a house. Two young children are seen playing and had no signs of showing any disagreement.

"Those children look pretty happy," Sonata Dusk speaks.

Suddenly Adagio Dazzle jerks the curtains shut and flops facedown on the bed, weeping very loudly.

"I don't know if we can do this anymore," Aria Blaze speaks.

"Whatever," Sonata speaks. "You can comfort her. I wanna watch TV!"

Sonata picks up a remote and turns on the TV.

One hour later, The Dazzlings were very tired.

"Sonata," Aria asked Sonata Dusk, "can you please turn it down? I want to go to sleep."

"Oh come OOOON!" Sonata Dusk pleads, "Can I please finish watching this episode?"

The sound of a head clonk and people laughing came from the TV.

"Whatever," Aria answered.

When the credits of whatever show Sonata Dusk was watching came up, she immediately turned off the TV with the remote and got under the covers of the bed.

Sonata yawned.

"You said we were going to bed, Aria. So why aren't you gonna go to sleep?"

"I'm going to bed, Sonata."

Aria Blaze pulled back the covers of the only bed in the room and slipped inside.

"Ugh. It's SO uncomfortable to sleep in our Battle Of The Bands clothes."

"If you want, you can get out our other clothes from that bag over there," a sleepy Adagio Dazzle answered.

Hearing this bit of information, Sonata Dusk sprang out of bed, ripped open the bag, rushed into the closet, and within a few seconds, she was back in her old clothes.

A few minutes later, The Dazzlings were back in their old clothes.

"NOW can we go to bed?" Aria asked.

"Yes," Adagio told Aria sleepily.

[There seemed to be one problem, however. When The Dazzlings were trying to crawl under the sheets of the bed together, Aria Blaze kept falling out!


Aria Blaze was rubbing her head.

"Please tell me there isn't any bump on my head."

"I think somebody's gonna have to sleep on the floor tonight," Sonata spoke.

"We'll figure something out," Adagio told her.

Adagio Dazzle got out of the bed and found a third pillow on the floor. She put it in the middle of two other pillows.

"Now try not to roll around too much in your sleep, girls."

"That sounds like something Sonata would do," Aria Blaze commented.

"No it doesn't," Sonata Dusk replied. "I stopped rolling around in my bed when I was just a siren pony of nine years old!"

Usually, ponies from Equestria thought that sirens stayed in their usual form for their whole life. However, they are wrong. Sirens are born without any necklace, and their parents would give them a necklace to drain the negative energy from ponies and other creatures so they can use that power as they're singing. Sirens mostly stay in their pony form, but when they have enough power, they can transform into their true forms.

"Whatever," spoke Aria Blaze.

The Dazzlings tried to go under the sheets of the bed again. This time, they succeeded. They went right to sleep as the crickets outside were chirping.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! blared the alarm clock.

Sonata Dusk was the first Dazzling to wake up.


Sonata immediately woke up the rest of the Dazzlings.

"Just a little more sleep, Sonata..." muttered Aria.

"Aria, we have to get up NOW," reminded Adagio. "We are leaving at ten thirty, remember?"

"Whatever, Adagio. I don't care. As long as we get out of this dump, I'm fine."

The Dazzlings exited their room, Adagio Dazzle grabbing the key as they left. She put the key in her pocket as she and her friends headed down the stairs to the lobby.

Immediately their eyes got all big.

"FOOD!" they all spoke at once.

The Dazzlings immediately scrambled across the floor and grabbed a plate. Aria Blaze got some sausages, bacon, and eggs. Adagio Dazzle got three pancakes with syrup and eggs on the side. Sonata Dusk got a breakfast burrito and a "breakfast taco".

"I'm pretty sure those don't exist, Sonata," Aria Blaze told her friend.

"To me, they do!" Sonata Dusk replied.

At the end of the breakfast bar, The Dazzlings got some apple juice and sat down at a table.

"Do we need to go back to Canterlot High?" Aria Blaze asked.

"We might ask Natura if we can stay here a few more days," Adagio Dazzle replied.

"This place is REALLY nice!" Sonata Dusk commented.

After that, they didn't talk too much. They had to concentrate on eating their meal.

In the Sugarcube Café, Sunset Shimmer was drinking some coffee with Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack. It was three o'clock.

"This pumpkin spice latte is DELICIOUS!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

Rarity hushed Pinkie.

"We are in a restaurant, dear. We don't need any shouting."

Sunset Shimmer took a sip of her coffee.

"When do you guys think that Twilight will return to Canterlot High?" she asked.

"Well, she just said 'till next time', but that's kinda up in the air," Rainbow Dash replied.

"I really want to see her again," Sunset replied. "She's one of the only friends I've ever had."

"You'll see her again if you just BELIEVE!" Pinkie Pie commented.

It was three thirty, and The Dazzlings were walking on a sidewalk on their way to the Sugarcube Café.

"Why are we going here?" Sonata asked.

"I just thought we could stop for some coffee," Adagio answered.

The Dazzlings entered the Sugarcube Café.

"So, everyone was like-" Pinkie Pie stopped in mid sentence.

"Are those The Dazzlings?" Fluttershy asked. "Eeep!"

Fluttershy ran off. The Dazzlings walked up to the counter, where Mrs. Cake was busy making cupcakes.

"What can I get ya?"

"We want to get three pumpkin spice lattes," Adagio Dazzle answered.

Mrs. Cake disappeared behind the counter and got The Dazzlings their pumpkin spice lattes.

"That'll be eight dollars."

Adagio Dazzle handed Mrs. Cake eight dollars.

"Like, thanks for the lattes," Aria Blaze spoke.

"You're welcome," Mrs. Cake answered.

The Dazzlings walked away from the counter.

"Hey look, Adagio." Aria Blaze told her leader. "It's those Rainbooms who defeated us."

Adagio Dazzle suddenly got angry. "I'm going to give them a good talk about why they had to take away our power from our passion!"

The other two Dazzlings nodded their heads in agreement. The Dazzlings started their way towards where Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms were sitting.

"What are YOU doing here?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

"We just wanted to grab a little something to quench our thirsts," Adagio Dazzle replied.

"We were kind of wondering if there was, like, any way you can give us back our singing ability," Aria Blaze asked Sunset Shimmer.

"Well, first of all," Sunset Shimmer began, "you need to prove to us all that you really HAVE changed after the events of the Battle Of The Bands. Second of all, I need to send Twilight a message that she needs to come here immediately to see if she agrees with my decision. Third of all, if we both agree that you have all changed, Twilight will grant you back your powers with some Equestrian magic and you can come back to Equestria."

"How exactly will she give us our powers back, Sunset Shimmer?" a confused Sonata Dusk asks.

"She will bring here with her some Equestrian magic somehow. That's up to her; I know she's REALLY smart. Then, she'll conjure up some new jewels that basically have the same function as your old ones did, except you'll ENHANCE your performances instead of feeding off the negative energy you've created."

"So, if we're good," Aria began, "You'll give us back our necklaces and you'll take us back to Equestria? That's a nice deal."

"How exactly are we going to see if these gals are good enough to get their singin' abilities back?" Applejack asked.

"It's all in the good deeds they do that'll make us see the pure ladies within them," Rarity mused.

Suddenly, as Pinkie Pie was sipping her pumpkin spice latte, she accidently dropped her glass. It broke, scattering broken pieces of glass everywhere.

"Oh no!" she exclaimed.

"I'll buy you another one!" Adagio Dazzle spoke.

She ran up to Mrs. Cake and immediately ordered a pumpkin spice latte. After paying Mrs. Cake two dollars and fifty cents, Adagio Dazzle headed back to the table and gave Pinkie Pie her latte.

"Thanks a bunch!" Pinkie Pie thanked her.

"You're welcome," Adagio Dazzle smiled.

"Wow! I didn't expect THAT to come out of you! I think you're ALREADY ready!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"Are you sure?" Sunset Shimmer asked. "I don't really-"

Sunset Shimmer was interrupted by the sound of Aria Blaze mopping the floor of the café and Sonata Dusk squirting whipped cream on top of a coffee mug.

"You know," Mrs. Cake began, "you could've asked me if I needed any help earlier..."

"But our help came from the heart!" Sonata Dusk exclaimed.

"Alright, girls." Sunset Shimmer retreated, "you'll get your powers back."

"YES!" The Dazzlings all exclaimed at once.

"At least give me time to write a letter to Twilight," Sunset Shimmer continued.

Sunset Shimmer took her journal and pen out from her bag and began to write:

Dear Princess Twilight,
I've been missing you for a while, as it seems. However, you need to come back here to this world immediately. Apparently The Dazzlings, whom we've just defeated yesterday, have been showing signs of improvement in their behaviors and want their singing abilities back. I think they should. What are your thoughts?

Your friend,

Sunset Shimmer

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