• Published 17th Nov 2014
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Shine Again - Fandom Trash Snivy

The Dazzlings return to Equestria after the events of Rainbow Rocks. After that, they meet a pony named Sapphire Shores who will reform them into one of the best musical groups in Equestria.

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Through the Mirror, Into the Fog


Twilight Sparkle and Spike swirled through the vortex in the magical mirror. Within three minutes, Twilight Sparkle and Spike appeared in the strange world they had visited two times in the past. Twilight Sparkle was a human, and Spike was a dog. Twilight Sparkle stood up on her two legs in front of Canterlot High.

"I should write to Sunset Shimmer asking where she is," Twilight Sparkle spoke to herself.

Twilight Sparkle facepalmed herself. She used the journal to transport herself and Spike here in the first place! Now she'll have to find Sunset Shimmer with Spike, neither of them knowing where she was.

"It would've been better if she wrote to you about where she is right now," Spike told Twilight Sparkle.

"I have a feeling she's not in Canterlot High," she told Spike.

"Maybe she's at the Sugarcube Café," he suggested. "I'm pretty sure that school has been over for a while."

"You're right," replied Twilight Sparkle. "School has been over for about two hours. Let's go to the café."

Twilight Sparkle held Spike in her arms as she walked onto the sidewalk that was on the Canterlot High campus. A few minutes later, she and Spike were both considered off-campus, but they were on the same sidewalk. Soon they were at the Sugarcube Café. As soon as Twilight Sparkle opened the door, Pinkie Pie gasped.

"It's Twilight!"

"Yep," Twilight Sparkle replied, "it's me."

"Glad you could visit us," commented Rarity. "We've been missing you, even though it has only been a day since we've last seen you."

Sunset Shimmer walked up to Twilight Sparkle. "Let me show you the slightly-better Dazzlings. Tell me what you think."

Twilight Sparkle set down Spike in Fluttershy's lap and walked over to the Dazzlings.

"I'm not really afraid of the Dazzlings anymore," Fluttershy commented. "In fact, with a little more work, they could be our friends."

Twilight Sparkle sat down in a chair, seated across from Adagio Dazzle. Aria Blaze was seated next to Twilight Sparkle, and Sonata Dusk was seated across from Aria Blaze. Twilight Sparkle put on her best smile and greeted the Dazzlings:

"Hello! I'm Twilight Sparkle, if you've already noticed."

"We've noticed," Adagio Dazzle replied. "Anyways, we're getting tired of doing the same things time after time. I keep telling myself that I need to learn how to do things for myself, not to make other people do them for me."

"Life has gotten so boring recently," Aria Blaze added.

"I don't like doing things in a routine!" added Sonata Dusk.

"So, we've turned to one of our rivals Sunset Shimmer for help," Adagio Dazzle commented. "Hopefully you could help us too."

Adagio Dazzle sadly sighed. "I'm just so frustrated, bored, and sad at the same time. If we had been better in the past, we would've never been banished here in the first place."

"Well," Sunset Shimmer commented, "at least you have our help."

"Because no one else will help us?" Aria Blaze asked.

"Somewhat," answered Twilight Sparkle. "But Sunset and I believe in you. Together we will both learn how to be great friends."

"Do we get our necklaces repaired now?" Sonata Dusk asked.

"Not yet," answered Twilight Sparkle. "Not until you prove that you can handle its power again."

"But wouldn't we just be feeding off people's negative energy again like we've always been doing?" Aria Blaze asked. "It's been getting really boring, like I've said before."

"I will find a way," spoke Twilight Sparkle determinedly. "I will find some Equestrian magic that will make your singing a little bit better every time someone appreciates your singing."

"But our singing isn't that good right now," Adagio Dazzle spoke.

"We will help you practice your singing," Sunset Shimmer told Adagio Dazzle.

"Girls, whose house should we practice at?" Twilight Sparkle asked with a ray of hope in her eyes.

"We'll practice singing at my house," Applejack answered.

"Okay! Let's go to AJ's place then!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash.

Everyone got up out of the seats they were sitting in and exited the Sugarcube Café.

About thirty minutes later, everyone was at Applejack's house. The Rainbooms, including Sunset Shimmer, had their instruments with them.

"So," asked Adagio Dazzle, "you guys will play the music, and we'll sing?"

"Just try to sing," replied Twilight Sparkle. "I need to see how much Equestrian magic I need to make your new necklaces."

"I bet we're going to sound horrible!" Aria Blaze shouts.

"Aria, we have to stay positive!" Sonata Dusk told Aria Blaze.

"I guess you're right," replied Adagio Dazzle. "If we just stay positive, we'll do our best without failing horribly on purpose."

"All of this is to just see how good your singing is," informed Sunset Shimmer. "We aren't pressuring you or anything, but we want you to do your best. We're going to start playing one of Rainbow Dash's songs now, so be ready to sing."

Sunset Shimmer handed Adagio Dazzle Rainbow Dash's lyric book.

"What page should I flip it to?" Adagio Dazzle asked Rainbow Dash.

"Flip it to page 15," answered Rainbow Dash.

Adagio Dazzle flipped the lyric book to page 15 and put it on the stand. "It looks like this song is called 'Be the Best'."

"My songs are all about trusting yourself and being as awesome as you wanna be," informed Rainbow Dash.

"I thought we scrapped that song!" Applejack spoke.

"Yeah..." replied Rainbow Dash. "Anywho, let's begin the song!"

When The Rainbooms began playing their instruments, Adagio Dazzle nervously took a deep breath and began singing:

If you are feeling down
And your face is one big frown
And if you want to beat the rest
You've gotta be, be the best!

Soon, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk began singing along with Adagio Dazzle:

You've gotta be the best
If you wanna beat the rest
This is your real test
You've gotta be the best!

Aria Blaze began her solo part in the song:

Set yourself apart from the others

Sonata Dusk sang her solo part in the song:

But we'll still support each other

Soon, all of the Dazzlings began to sing:

Just be your best
Yeah, be your best!

You've gotta be the best
If you wanna beat the rest
This is your real test
You've gotta be the best!

The song was horribly sang. The Dazzlings' voices were off-key. Sunset Shimmer's eyes got all big.

"Yeesh. Guess you were right. Well, I guess you kind of did sound good."

Adagio Dazzle frowned. "I guess we can't get our necklaces back."

"We're still deciding what we should do with your new necklaces," Twilight Sparkle told a saddened Adagio Dazzle.

"Buuuuttttt..." Pinkie Pie spoke. "I am inviting you all to a sleepover at my house tonight! Dazzlings, do you wanna come?"

The Dazzlings looked at each other. Finally, Adagio Dazzle walked up to Pinkie Pie.

"Sure. I guess we'll go. We haven't been to a sleepover in, like, forever."

"Yay!" squealed Pinkie Pie. "See you all tonight!"

Aria Blaze grinned. "Wow. An actual sleepover. This oughta be good."

"Yaaaaay! A sleepover!" Sonata Dusk squealed.

Slowly, all of The Rainbooms except Applejack and the Dazzlings left Applejack's house. That very night was going to be the most fun the Dazzlings have had in a very long time.

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