• Published 13th Oct 2014
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Trans-Cosmic - Radiant Dawn

When two universes collide in a not-so-hypothetical scenario, what will happen to the people within them? Will mankind perish, or will new friends and allies emerge amongst the chaos?

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Chapter 5

There's always been a sort of calming effect of hot water as it cascades down my body, allowing me to momentarily forget the troubles of the world and just relax. My ideal day of utter fuck off-ery would involve a good comedy movie, a hot tub, two or three scantily-clad female guests, and maybe some good head to go along with it. I could die a happy man in a hot tub or hot shower most days, though that might simply be because of the utter ball-biting cold walking outside unprepared would bring me.

This specific shower, however, was different.

After leaving the three ponies to their devices, I set forth a quick mental plan for the next twenty minutes that consisted of only five satisfying things that any self-respecting honest guy can relate to: drop a deuce, step into a steaming hot shower, maybe rub one out, wash everything twice (just to be sure), and then dress down into some comfortable clothes. Steps one and two went pretty well, but I never even made it to step three since as I relaxed out of "survival mode", the full weight of what had happened in the past two days came crashing down on me all at once. I spent the next ten minutes quietly sobbing on the bottom of the shower stall as the fear for my friends and family overcame me, and I mourned the world I had come to know as home, which no longer existed.

The life I knew had effectively ended, and everything I had worked toward was likely for naught.

Needless to say what was originally only going to take fifteen or twenty minutes took closer to forty-five, but I had clean and comfortable clothes and a clean-shaven face to show for it as I walked to the door and opened to reenter the living area adjacent.

Celestia was waiting placidly on the sofa, laying across it with her eyes closed, but the other two were nowhere to be seen as far as I could tell. That being the case, I thought it prudent to ask, "Where are Vinyl and Octavia?"

"I sent them to gather more firewood." Celestia answered, eyes still closed and otherwise unchanged...and still minimally clothed as well.

The sight of such a humanoid body basically laid on open display caused me to blush and look away respectfully as I asked, "Why?"

A soft groan was heard and some shuffling, so I assumed Celestia was shifting her position. "To give them something constructive to do so that they were not forced to sit around and think about what has befallen all of us." A few moments of silence floated in the air afterward, followed shortly by, "Why do you refuse to look at me, Alex?"

"Because if I do, I'm going to stare, and that would be rude." I answered plainly, not seeing the need to beat around the bush.

"Why would you stare, Alex?" Celestia questioned in an obviously coy tone. "Do you find me attractive?"

I kept my eyes averted, but felt my way to the chair next to the sofa and sat down on it. "We're both adults here Celestia, so please don't play games with me; I can't take it right now."

"Why would you -- or humans in general -- find looking upon a freely-displayed female form rude?" Celestia asked in a tone that sounded more like a teacher giving a lesson. "Do your people not have art or two-piece bathing suits? Surely your kind has pornography as well; much of the clothing we've seen is far too risque for there not to be a pornography industry."

Had I been standing, I would have fallen over in shock.

"W-what?" I sputtered, unable to say much else in response.

"You won't offend me, Alex." Celestia stated with a gentle tone, one that calmed me immediately for some reason. "If you had burst in on me while showering or something similarly private, that would be different, but I am quite obviously not bothered by my current state; truthfully, I would consider it a personal failure if you didn't look."

I sighed and shook my head, closing my eyes and sinking into the chair. "I feel it's rude, regardless of whether you're sitting there on purpose or not. The only time I would feel okay seeing you or anyone else clothed as you are would be at a beach or under extenuating circumstances, such as tending to wounds."

Celestia snorted a laugh before asking, "So having sand beneath my hooves would make it okay? Yes, because that makes plenty of sense."

I rolled my eyes beneath the lids and sighed heavily. "I don't see why you're so interested in this; can't we just say that I feel weird about it and leave it at that?"

"Well," Celestia began, grunting as she shifted once again, "besides the fact this conversation is acting as a distraction, I have become quite comfortable in my body over the centuries. If I am to be staying here, we must deal with this issue now, lest it cause problems in the future."

Again I sighed, in frustration this time. "Can't you just put something on? It's really not that big of a deal."

Celestia was silent for a few moments as she apparently thought of what to say. "Well, what if -- hypothetically speaking of course -- a woman were to give you formal permission to look upon her form at any time; what would you do then?"

I shrugged, still refusing to open my eyes. "Abuse the hell out of that privilege, probably."

Celestia cleared her throat loudly before announcing, "I, Celestia Solis, sun incarnate and former diarch of Equestria and its territories, do hereby bestow upon Alexander the right to look upon the royal flesh. If he does not accept such an honor, Alexander's title will henceforth be 'Pansy-boy' and he may be mercilessly teased for being a homosexual."

Finally, my eyes shot open from the shock of what I'd just heard, though my gaze stayed glued to the ceiling. "What. The. Fuck. I refuse to believe you were in charge of an entire nation."

"If you don't look at me, you're gay." Celestia deadpanned, completely ignoring my comment.

I swallowed thickly as both nervousness and subtle excitement began to course through me, which is an odd combination for such a situation. "Are you positive? I'm not entirely sure you know what you're getting into; you're basically giving a kid the keys to the candy shop."

Celestia huffed in what I could only discern as frustration. "Do you know what I find rude? I find it offensive when someone refuses to look at me when I'm speaking with them. LOOK. AT. ME."

The last three words were spoken with that powerful multi-layered voice I'd heard when the two of us first met, and it was far more intimidating than I'd like to admit. With a final deep breath through my nose, I turned my gaze to the alicorn not ten feet away from me.

I had completely ignored what I saw when I was bandaging Celestia's wounds, as well as when I removed the armor, but now that I was actually allowed -- ordered, even -- to look, I couldn't help but notice a few things about her. First of all, her vivid blue undergarments were not frilly or complex, which made it easier imagine them as a bathing suit...which in turn helped keep me calmer. Other than the ugly discolored and bandaged side, the rest of her was pristine white fur over a toned feminine frame. I then glanced briefly to her chest (don't judge me) and held up a hand for comparison.

"They are nice, aren't they?" Celestia commented with a grin.

I heard her speak, but was focused solely on one thing at the moment. "A perfect handful."

"Come again?" Celestia asked with an even wider smile.

I shook my head and coughed as I glanced away again, my cheeks on fire. "N-nothing." After a few moments of silence between us I asked, "Is it strange that just by looking at you, I think your fur would be very soft?"

Celestia was silent for another few moments before I heard her patting the cushion next to her. "Come and sit. There is something I wish to show you."

I gulped nervously before making my way next to the alicorn ex-princess. As soon as I sat down, she grasped my hand and moved it to her bare fur, just below her right breast. I was about to ask what the hell she was doing before I felt a thickened stripe of flesh at least two inches wide, hidden beneath the ivory fur.

I looked with true concern to Celestia, and she smiled sadly at me. "That was from a spear during my battle with Nightmare Moon, a great foe that I will delve more into later." She then moved my hand to a spot in the center of her chest, and I felt my body heat up when I felt the soft orbs that surrounded my digits. I felt another scar, this one circular and while small, still quite noticeable. "This," she began, sighing sadly as she remembered the circumstances of its creation, "is from a charged alicorn's horn, and is from the same battle. It nearly ended my life, but that is not what hurt me the most about that battle."

"Why are you showing me all this?" I asked curiously, but not unkindly.

Celestia smiled faintly to me, moving my hand once more until it rested just over the top of the blue bottom panties she had on. "So that you can understand who I am beyond just me giving you words." She looked down to where my hand had moved, and along with deceptively hidden abdominal muscles was a long, diagonal scar that ran across her stomach area. "This ended the life of what would have been my first -- and only -- child."

I gasped in surprise as my eyes shot to hers. "You were pregnant?"

Celestia nodded. "I was. It was during the Warlord Campaign of the minotaurs that this happened, and while magic and my own healing ability completely healed the wound, I haven't been able to conceive since. My medical staff could never figure out what is preventing pregnancy, and after awhile I simply stopped trying."

I barely knew Celestia, and yet hearing about such a life-changing event tore at my heart. I hurt for her, and without thinking, I placed my free hand on her shoulder with a sad expression. "I'm so sorry, Celestia."

For a few tense moments of silence she kept her eyes down and breathed deeply. Finally, after what felt like a mini-eternity, Celestia brought her gaze back to me, and I could see shining tears in the corners of her eyes. "It's alright, Alex. It happened a long time ago, and I've accepted it." After I removed my hand from her shoulder and she released the one pressed to her body, Celestia wiped the gathering tears away with her thumbs before smiling at me. "You see, a princess must be infallible and show no weakness, and for centuries that was what I became. A simple pony protecting her people can have flaws though, and she is allowed to want things for herself." She then reached a hand up to cup my cheek as she quietly spoke. "It is why I wish for you to be comfortable with me in every way possible, because now I want to be treated like a regular pony by you."

I raised my eyebrow at her latter statement. "Why me?"

Celestia smiled softly as the ring on her horn flashed, and a long-handled sword-like blade materialized in her right hand. She twirled the weapon around with her fingers as if the weight was inconsequential before holding the blade out to me. I took the weapon in my hands and watched as it changed back to the cross-spear I had first seen it appear as. It seemed there was far more to this Karyll'a than I initially assumed.

"Karyll'a has marked you as a friend, Alex." Celestia explained plainly as I grasped the surprisingly-light weapon in my left hand. "She has rarely chosen another for as long as I have had her by my side; you are one of very few she has had any interest in besides me, and I forged her myself." I mutely nodded before handing the weapon back to Celestia, watching as she changed it to a straight-bladed sword and rested the blade against the floor as she focused her eyes on me. "Karyll'a is a magical weapon forged of stardust and a piece of my own soul, so in essence, she is me."

"I gotta say," began before I could think about it, "this sounds an awful lot like some video game weapon of epicness."

A light, airy close-mouthed titter issued forth from Celestia as she shook her head. "While I can understand the sentiment, I assure you this is quite real." The weapon flashed, and once again a gold ring rested at the base of the alicorn's horn. "Karyll'a trusts you, and thus, I trust you; I hope that you can accept that, as there isn't much else to it all."

Well, what could I do otherwise?

"Alright," I answered, nodding firmly as I did so, "I guess I can go with that. So what now?"

Celestia placed a finger on her chin as she theatrically thought. "Hmm, I don't know. Do you want to find out how flexible ponies are?"

Serious moment was there...aaaaand it's gone.

I was about fed up with the teasing, so I decided to send a little back this time. "That depends, do you mind not being able to walk for the next few hours?"

Celestia stared at me with widened eyes for a moment before a smirk slowly crossed her face. "You're okay, Alex. I think we'll get along just fine." While I was pleased Celestia seemed to have accepted me, one question still stuck around: was the blatant teasing and flirting just messing around, or was she serious? Sure she was a pony, but I'm ashamed to admit I was a little curious.

"We're back!" Vinyl's voice carried through the cabin as the door opened, permitting she and Octavia to enter. The two of them stood there oddly for a few moments as they looked Celestia and I over before Vinyl asked, "Are we interrupting something? I'm sure we can leave you two alone for another hour or so if you-"

"No, we're fine! Nothing happened!" I shouted louder than strictly necessary as it felt like all the blood in my body began to congregate in my face.

Celestia smirked as she answered, "Alex here was just showing me how humans engage in pleasurable activities. Before the two of you walked in he was just about to demonstrate-"

"Shut up! No I wasn't!" I yelled again, waving my hands wildly in front of me. "Sh-she's lying! I swear, we were just talking!"

"You had your hands all over me, Alex." Celestia pointed out.

I shot her a glare as I retorted, "You put them there!"

"You liked it." she shot back with a smug grin.

I opened my mouth to deny it, but found myself unable to think of anything worthwhile to say in the negative. With a sigh, I slumped my shoulders and leaned back against the sofa. "Fine, maybe I did. So what." I glanced back to Celestia before noticing something as I looked over her abdomen. "Wait, why can't I see them?"

"Illusionary magic woven into the healed flesh conceals them from sight, which is why I had to show you by touch." Celestia explained with a soft smile.

Vinyl and Octavia both looked utterly confused, even as they moved to drop several large fuel logs by the hearth. Vinyl moved to stand in front of us as she asked, "Show him what exactly, Princess?"

Celestia merely shook her head with that same infuriatingly gentle smile. "Just some old war wounds, dear." She then arched her back to pop a few of the vertebrae before waving the two ponies closer. "Now that we're all gathered, I think it's time a few questions be answered for all of you regarding what's happened and where we go from here."

Before any of the rest of us could even settle themselves, Vinyl blurted, "Why can't you move the sun anymore?"

Celestia continued smiling, but looked a little melancholy just by the question alone. "Going straight for the difficult question, eh? Very well, I suppose this is the most complicated question, and it will explain quite a few things that have happened." She glanced to Vinyl directly as she explained, "As you know, the magic of ponies is going to be disabled for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the internal magical strength of the individual, so part of the reason I am no longer able to steward the sun is because though the spell is an entirely different type of magic than any unicorns can use, it is still a magical act to move the sun."

I chuckled softly, drawing all the attention before I coughed and stuttered out, "I-I'm still just coming to terms with that -- the whole 'move the sun' thing."

Celestia smiled at me once again, and I couldn't help but feel more calm and relaxed by the gesture. "It is fine, Alex. I understand that real magic is an entirely new concept to your people, so do not be afraid to ask questions." She then sighed as her smile dropped away. "However, a more prudent reason for why my magic in particular will be disabled is because I sacrificed it for the good of Equestria. In a cooperative spell with Discord, I used every ounce of magical might I have to anchor Luna, Twilight, and the Element-bearers in Equestria, so as to keep the land safely looked after."

Vinyl raised an eyebrow at this, while I silently tried to come to terms with the concept of real magic. "Wait, what about Princess Mi Amore Cadenza?"

Celestia was silent for a few moments (she apparently has a habit of that) before softly answering, "I don't know -- I did not have enough magic available to anchor her as well. She is too powerful to have perished during this event, but I do not know where she is or the situation she now finds herself in." She let out a long, pained breath before continuing. "I only hope that she is safe and someone is looking after her as Alex has me."

"So," Octavia began, licking her lips nervously, "your magic will regenerate, correct?"

Celestia shook her head sadly. "Not for a long while, Octavia. Until the merger is complete and I am in direct contact with the magical leylines of the new world created, I will be unable to do much more than raise a teacup with levitation; it will take a few months before I am even able to do that."

Vinyl was quiet as she gained a very thoughtful expression, but she finally brought forth her own query: "So what's the plan then? I know you and the other princesses didn't just throw this to the winds in hope that everything would turn out alright; you must have come up with some sort of plan of action."

Celestia looked impressed, and nodded. "Very true, Vinyl Scratch. It is my job to fell the great beasts that cause trouble, and it is Cadence's to find someone high up in the world's governmental infrastructure to explain the situation and hopefully provide to the world an idea of what has and is happening, and what we must do to safeguard the future." She then glanced to me and asked, "You wouldn't happen to have a radio of some sort, would you? It is likely at some point her message will broadcast, and I would like to hear it."

"I was actually planning to get a radio running after getting out of the shower." I said with a chuckle. "But then I got all caught up with a certain princess, and she distracted me."

Thankfully, Celestia seemed content with how much she'd already poked at me, so she simply allowed me to retrieve the radio from the storeroom. I did so quickly so as to not leave the three ponies waiting long, and silently set up the radio on a small end table next to the sofa. Seeing as how I wanted the solar batteries to charge, I opted to instead use the crank-dynamo to power the radio, and soon radio static filled the room. The ponies waited with bated breath as I turned the knob to try and find a working frequency while cranking the power source every now and then to keep it going. It took a few moments to find something that was broadcasting, but after some careful tuning, I stepped aside so that all present could clearly hear it:

"...inction-level event. The world as we know it has ended, and we have been invaded by alien organisms that are both terrifying and powerful. Mankind has little to no defense against our invaders, and in many cases even our greatest weapons appear insufficient. Do not, I repeat do not attempt to find or contact friends or family; at this point the safest thing for those listening to do is to find somewhere isolated -- preferably underground -- to wait out the worst until the military can restore some sort of security for us.

The United States Federal Government has been in limited contact with allies, and it is confirmed this invasion is a worldwide event. From what we have gathered, in addition to an influx of foreign and dangerous beings, a staggering amount of people from across the world have seemingly vanished without a trace. Numbers are still being calculated, but estimations are reaching the hundreds of millions. Many of the important services provided -- electricity and plumbing, among them -- have become vastly understaffed, and government authorities are working 'round the clock to restore them.

As stated before, it is recommended to isolate yourself and stay safe any way possible. Make no attempts to make contact with the alien beings, and stay near a radio for updates. This is Daniel Karoll wishing safety to all of you. Good luck everyone, and God bless.

After a few more seconds I switched the radio off, and sat silently for a few moments as I contemplated what we had heard. People thought this was an invasion? I mean, I guess it kinda is, but not in the malicious sense. Equestrians and all the others from their world didn't come to Earth by choice, and from speaking with Celestia, it was clear they had lost just as much as we had. I could only hope that the people that came upon Equestrian ponies would be able to advocate for these guests to Earth, so that they would be welcomed instead of shunned. It wasn't fair to them, and if I had a say in things, I was going to help change it.

"They..." Octavia began, her voice cracking as she struggled to control herself, "they think we're here to hurt them..."

"Fear makes for bad interpretation, Octavia." Celestia sagely commented. "I expected this. Unlike Equestrians, humans had no idea this would happen. They are frightened and ignorant, which makes for a bad experience altogether. Many on this planet are in mourning right now from losing friends and loved ones, so all we as ponies can do is show that they are wrong about us, and weather the storm."

Vinyl stomped her hoof angrily (hooves...I'm still processing that). "It's not fair though! We didn't do anything to deserve this fear!"

Celestia shook her head with a heartbroken smile. "You are correct, but we are one of many unknowns to this world, and so we are going to be lumped in with any others that do deserve it." She looked to me next, that same sad smile in place. "Ponies need help more than ever now, but after that broadcast, I think said help is going to be very difficult to come by." Her hand moved and took mine, holding it firmly as she focused her gaze on my own eyes with a smile. "It is because of this that I feel I must thank you for all that you have already accomplished on our behalf. Not just anyone would have done all that you have for us, and I am eternally grateful."

I was surprised at the firm, yet comforting grip of Celestia, but smiled as I felt her gratitude in her smile and her gentle touch. "You are very welcome, and I promise to do all within my power to assist in this trying time. You all are welcome to stay indefinitely, and I'm more than willing to help in any way I can."

A gentle squeeze of my hand accompanied Celestia answering, "And I thank you for that. Now," she held up her arms, and which Vinyl and I used to help her stand, "I believe I could use some assistance bathing. Would you two please help, Octavia and Vinyl?" She then threw a smoky look my way. "Unless of course you would like to wash me, slowly and sensually."

While Octavia and Vinyl both shot me a look of both shock and utter confusion, I just shook my head as I replied, "Maybe later. You're already wounded, and I would prefer to let you heal first before we get to that."

Celestia said nothing, but nodded to me with a grin; by all that's holy, I still don't believe this flirty, playful pony ruled an entire kingdom for however long -- I think it was a thousand years or something like that. All I know for sure is that if things keep going the way they have, I'm going to need some kind of release soon to keep my sanity. Sometimes I miss college...

"Alex," Octavia's silky voice called from the door to my bedroom, "I have forgotten to ask where the towels are."

I pointed to a closet about midway between the bedroom door and the kitchen. "All linens and extra towels are in there. With fur involved, I would grab three or four just to be safe. You and Vinyl should probably clean up too while you're at it." I then gestured to the front door. "I'll be out doing some scouting with Bailey while you all are busy." Octavia nodded to me as I stood to get dressed to go outside. When I looked to Bailey sleeping peacefully and quietly near the fireplace, I couldn't help but murmur a quiet, "Such a good dog..."

With a snap of my fingers she jumped to her paws immediately, and I slung my coat around my shoulders before opening the door and heading out into the winter wonderland around us, subtly proud of myself for keeping cool despite the situation. Things were likely to get harder before they got easier after all, so I prepared myself for some serious trials. However, I had a feeling that with the help of the three ponies I had taken in, things would somehow turn out alright. It also helped that the ex-princess was far from uptight and proper.

I saw the potential for some great friendships to form here, and couldn't stop a smile from planting itself on my face as I trudged out into the snowy forest.

Author's Note:

I've been looking for a long time for what I imagine an armored Celestia would look like, and I came across three things that are very frustrating:

1) Armored Celestia is hard to find

2) Non-clop anthro Celestia is just as hard to find.

3) Non-clop anthro Celestia with armor is nearly impossible to find.

After some digging though, this is the closest I could find to what I needed and what I envisioned Celestia looking like. The helmet as I described in the story (as well as how it works) is different of course, but this image will work quite well for those of you who need visual stimulation for imagination.

There is no NMM in this story, but for the sake of completeness, you can imagine Cadence looking as she does.

Also, any of you who were patiently waiting for more information before writing can go ahead and start now. At this point, there is enough of a generalized plot that you all can start your own stories off of this. So, all of you who have ideas they would like to put out there, GET WRITIN'! I'm excited to see what you all come up with. Join the group and post them there so that we can all find them easily.

Good luck all, and have fun!