• Published 31st Aug 2014
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Ponyblade Chronicles - ZeroChill

Twilight Sparkle equips a mysterious ring, unknowingly destroying the laws of reality that Equestria was built upon. Now, in a foreign world, Twilight Sparkle must team up with Shulk to find her friends and get back home

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Twilight Sparkle and Applejack attacked the Mechon, slowly backing up into a corner. With a grunt of despair, Applejack turned to Twilight Sparkle’s face.

“It’s no good, Twi. We’re outnumbered and outmatched against these Mechon.”

“At this point, Applejack, I’m starting to agree. We can only do so much against enemies that are impervious to a majority of our moves. However, it looks like we have no choice but to fight. Running away would be too much of a luxury for the both of us right now.” Panting and striking the Mechon with her blade, Twilight Sparkle reasoned.

“We just have to hold out until we get help. That should be easy enough.” Swinging her hammer at nearby Mechon with rising hope, Applejack stated. Swiftly, a Mechon opened its tendrils and jabbed towards her. Applejack blocked them with her hammer. “That is, if we don’t get eaten.”

“Hold on, Applejack. I’m coming!” Twilight Sparkle called out, firing her Magic Spark at the Mechon holding Applejack prisoner. The Mechon released its grip on Applejack, sliding onto the ground.

Smiling, she turned around and faced a bipedal Mechon standing dangerously close to her with its tendrils open. Her smile slowly descended into a frown. In the moment the Mechon threw its tendrils at her, a blue laser bisected it, severing its torso off of its legs and destroying it. Twilight Sparkle looked forward and smiled at the sight of Shulk wielding the Monado. Reyn and Dunban followed up behind him, destroying the Mechon with their weapons.

“Shulk! Reyn! Dunban!” She happily called out.

“You will not die today, Twilight. I shall make sure of that.” The Monado’s symbol for Enchant appearing within the ring of the blade, Shulk stated. He then swung the blade, filling Twilight Sparkle and Applejack with power.

“Is this a power of the Monado, Shulk?” Twilight Sparkle asked.

“It is. With this power, you will be able to damage the Mechon.” Slashing at a nearby crawling Mechon, Shulk explained.

Twilight Sparkle and Applejack turned towards the hordes of Mechon in front of them with devious smiles on their face.

“It looks like it’s time to tip the scales, Applejack. Are you ready to scrap these robots?” Twilight Sparkle asked.

“I’ve been ready since I first came here. Let’s get ‘em!” Applejack shouted, rushing towards the Mechon. “Now it’s time to show you how a real Apple gets things done around here!”

She charged forward with a speed that created a trail of illusions of herself and slammed her head into the Mechon’s torso. She flipped forward, kicking into the head of the Mechon and slamming it forwards.

“See how you’d like that Summer Rambo after I go into Hammer Burst!” She shouted, flipping into the air and slamming the hammer into the ground. The entire ground shook with double the ferocity of a standard Hammer Burst, shaking up all the non-flying Mechon in the area.

“Allow me to assist, Applejack!” Her horn illuminating, Twilight Sparkle called out. “Alicorn’s Grace!”

Applejack smiled, feeling a burst of energy activate within her.

“Thanks, Twi. Now I can kick twice the flank!” Applejack shouted, swinging her hammer against the Mechon and shattering their bodies.

“Magic Spark!” Twilight Sparkle called out, shooting a bolt at a flying Mechon and scrapping it.

“Stream Edge!” Shulk stated, arching the Monado into a sweeping slash, devastating all the Mechon in the Path. “Where’s Fiora?!”

“She went to get something called a Mobile Artillery. She said it would help us fight the Mechon.” Twilight Sparkle answered.

“Then that’s where we are headed. Come on, let’s go!” With an empowered voice, Shulk responded.

The group of five ran through the group of Mechon, bringing blue explosions of ruin and massacre to them. The road ahead stretched on for what seemed to be forever while endless Mechon seemingly appeared out of nowhere. In the midst of their race, the Face Mechon dropped in front of them, moving around its claws menacingly.

“It’s massive!” Shulk commented.

“That Mechon… It has a face?!” Staggering backwards, Dunban exclaimed.

“That don’t mean nothing!” Reyn shouted, unsheathing the lance portion of his guarder.

“Reyn’s right. A Mechon with a face is still just a Mechon.” Her horn wrapped in lavender energy, Twilight Sparkle stated.

“I want to see if this Mechon can stand against my hammer!” Applejack happily commented.

“We will not lose. Not when we have the Monado!” Holding the Monado, Shulk exclaimed.

He ran forwards, striking the faced Mechon with the laser. The collision causing a smoky explosion, a confident grin appeared on his face. With the smoke clearing up, his grin fell down into a surprised frown; the faced Mechon swung the remaining smoke away, revealing its unscratched armor.

“The Mechon, it’s intact?!” Twilight Sparkle shouted in surprise.

“Don’t be too sure about that, Twi. Shulk, hit me up with some of that Monado power!” Applejack commanded.

Shulk nodded, swinging the Monado across and empowering Applejack with it. Running up towards the Mechon, she smacked her hammer into the faced Mechon. The hammer bounced off of the Mechon with no visible damage on it. She gasped and walked back slightly.

“What the hay?! My hammer has no effect on it!”

“Leave it to me, Applejack!” Running from behind her, Dunban shouted. He struck his blade against the Mechon, which was met with a harmless bounce. “How can this be?! Even with the power of the Monado, our weapons aren’t having any sort of effect!”

Shulk clenched his teeth. An indigo ‘斬’ appeared within the ring of the Monado, adding a violet tint to it. The laser grew three times in size with the power of slicing buildings at its disposal. With a powerful vertical swing, the Monado came into contact with the head cannon of the faced Mechon. The laser did not penetrate through the armor, forcing Shulk to jump back. He looked back at the Monado, panting in frustration.

“The Monado! It’s not working!”

“What do ya mean?!” Reyn asked out loud.

“Isn’t the Monado supposed to be the Mechon’s weakness? Why isn’t this Mechon falling like the others?!” Twilight Sparkle questioned.

Shulk looked carefully on the faced Mechon and detected a tail end emanating blue electricity.

“What is that light? Other Mechon don’t have that. Could… Could that light be why the Monado has no effect?"

The faced Mechon unfolded its claws and aimed them towards the group.

“Shulk! Reyn! Twilight! Applejack! Get down!” Running towards the four with his arm extended, Dunban grabbed them and pushed them into the ground, causing the claws to strike bare cement. “Stay back! I’ll take it from here!”

“No! You can’t take any more!” Reyn shouted, running after Dunban.

“Reyn! Dunban! Don’t go off by yourselves against that monstrosity!” Applejack shouted, running with the group.

The faced Mechon swiped its right claws along the ground, striking Reyn, Dunban and Applejack. Enshrouded with paralyzing electricity, the three of them were knocked onto the ground, unable to move. Looking at their friends, Shulk and Twilight Sparkle looked forwards. The faced Mechon quickly approaching them and swiping its claws towards the two, Shulk and Twilight Sparkle cried out in shock, meeting the same fate as Reyn, Dunban and Applejack.

Mobilizing its claws, the faced Mechon approached the group, intending to finish them. A red laser struck its back, knocking it onto the ground. From behind it, Fiora appeared inside of a giant mecha with two Gatling barrels for arms. She stared daggers towards the downed Mechon.

“Everyone. Get away, right now!” She demanded.

“Fiora!” Still unable to move, Dunban called out.

Getting up, the faced Mechon looked backwards and saw Fiora approaching it at high speeds. Shulk’s eyes flashed in a blue color instantaneously. He fidgeted back into existence.

“What did I just…” He worded out slowly before his eyes widened tremendously. “Fiora! Get back!”

“I won’t let you hurt any more people! We will save Colony 9!” Moving a lever in the seat forwards, the right barrel rotated, sending a storm of red lasers hurdling towards the faced Mechon.

The faced Mechon walked against the barrage of lasers, seemingly unaffected by them. A blue ball of electricity charged at the tip of the cannon on its head, firing towards the shooting Gatling barrel. Fiora flinched and squealed. Looking in her front with the same ferocity, she fired lasers from the left barrel against it. The Mechon still was not scratch.

“Fiora! Get out of here! Run!” Shulk desperately called out.

“Shulk! What’s happening! Why are you suddenly freaking out so much?!” Fearfully, Twilight Sparkle asked.

Just like Shulk’s cries, Twilight Sparkle’s question fell on deaf ears.

“You want more?!” Fiora called out.

The faced Mechon directed its head cannon directly towards the cockpit of the mech. Its horn cackling with electricity, Fiora plunged the barrel of the mech’s cannon straight into its face, stunning it. Amongst her grunts and the whirring of the boost, a potent laser shot directly into the faced Mechon’s eye and caused a massive explosion. The recoil of the blast knocked the mech onto its side, rendering it unable to move. Fiora covered her head, shrieking from the blow.

Recovering from the blow, she looked amidst the smoke and saw the faced Mechon with the left portion of its face blown away. It threateningly approaches her.

“How?” With her breath robbed with fear, Fiora asked.

Grabbing the cannon used against its face, the faced Mechon looked down onto her and slammed the mech into a nearby building, destroying it. Fiora screamed, her body splayed on the seat of the cockpit turned to its side.

“Fiora!” Shulk called out.

Dunban and Applejack looked towards the faced Mechon with stunned lungs as it tossed the barrel in its left claw back and approached the downed Fiora as slowly as possible. It reared back its right claw and turned it to its side. In that moment, the faced Mechon’s face grinned sadistically. Seeing this, the color on Shulk’s faced paled immensely, and his lungs burned with a sudden exertion.

“Nooooooooooo!” He shouted.

With Fiora screaming, the faced Mechon drove its claw into her. Everything stood silently within the moment. His life shattering right before his eyes, Dunban did nothing but stare at the moment. Seeing Fiora’s arm lifelessly hang out of the cockpit, Applejack lost any and all will to move. Anger building up inside of him, Reyn’s muscles twitched.

Treating it with the harshness of a used-up ragdoll, the faced Mechon tossed Fiora and the mech back, where a swarm of Mechon began harvesting the waste. Fiora’s blood dripped from the base of the blades of each claws down to their tip as ripples. Seeing this, a surge of tears leaked out of Twilight Sparkle’s eyes.

His teeth clenched and a fiery stare directed towards the faced Mechon, Shulk’s breathing seethed erratically with anger. Using the Monado as support, he stood against the electricity within his body, running solely on hatred.

“I’ll kill you!” He roared loudly.

Reyn pushed himself up from the ground, standing up. Twilight Sparkle anchored her right hoof into the ground and stood up, shaking her mane. The group of three deathly stared into the faced Mechon’s eyes.

“Shulk, the Monado doesn’t work. Should we just Break into Topple?” Twilight Sparkle suggested.

Shulk pointed the Monado directly towards the faced Mechon’s face.

“Whatever will kill this bastard!” He fiercely responded, eliciting a cold sweat from Twilight Sparkle.

Shulk ran towards the faced Mechon, instantly swinging the blade with a sweeping motion. The faced Mechon staggered at the strike. Reyn ran up to the Mechon, stretching his guarder arm out.

“Wild Down!” Striking the Mechon, he shouted.

The faced Mechon collapsed onto the ground from the blow. Twilight Sparkle charged her horn.

“Magic Cannon!” She shouted, the green bolt striking against the Mechon.

“Good shot, Twilight!” Reyn complimented.

Shulk ran immediately behind the faced Mechon, lifting his blade up high.

“Back Slash!” He shouted, striking the back of it. The Mechon growled, turning back. Its attention suddenly became distracted when Reyn threw a rock at it.

“Hey! Attention on me!” Reyn shouted.

“Magic Spark!” A magic bolt striking the faced Mechon, Twilight Sparkle shouted. “Stay down!”

Shulk, Reyn and Twilight Sparkle attacked the faced Mechon at dizzying speeds with each ounce of their emotion pouring into each attack done.

“Air Slash!”

“Bone Upper!”

“Magic Cannon!”

The barrage of arts struck on the downed Mechon, building pressure within its armor. The faced Mechon jumped up from the ground and wildly swung its claws, knocking away Twilight Sparkle and Reyn. It drove its right claw towards Shulk. Shulk quickly whipped out the Monado and crossed it against the claw, blocking it and grunting while looking into its eyes. In the critical moment, he rolled out of the way.

With the claw still in the ground, Shulk swiftly grasped onto the arm, climbing upon it when it lifted upwards. At an elevated level, Shulk stood straight on the arm and ran up towards the Mechon’s face with a murderous expression on his face.

“Die!” He shouted, positioning the Monado towards the charred face of the Mechon. He jumped towards the face and stabbed through it, grasping onto the Monado as support. With the laser through his head, the faced Mechon rapidly shook his body, forcing the Monado out of its head and dropping Shulk onto the ground.

“Shulk!” Reyn and Twilight Sparkle called out, running to his side.

With sparks running down the charred gap in its face, the faced Mechon turned around, deathly staring down upon Shulk, Reyn and Twilight Sparkle. It looked upwards, seeing the other Mechon retreating from the Colony. It backed off and stared towards Dunban, who got up from the ground alongside Applejack picking him up by his limp right arm. It transformed and flew into the sky.

“Get back here!” Dunban shouted, running limply towards the Mechon with a fierce stare. He coughed violently, prompting Applejack to raise her eyes in concern.

“Hold on there, Dunban! You shouldn’t move too much. I got your back.” She stated.

“No!” Shulk desperately cried out, seeing the Mechon, Fiora’s murderer, flee before his eyes.

The morning sun peered above the sky, lighting the smoked town. Several people began rebuilding the structures of the town, and some of the ponies volunteered to help. Businesses continued as usual, as if the Mechon Invasion never happened.

Dunban looked out of the window, protectively grasping his right arm. On the table sat a visibly distraught Applejack, who drank a bit of tea. Dunban turned around slowly, walked and sat on a seat next to the table.

“I have to thank you for keeping me company today, Applejack.” He stated, sipping the tea before him.

“It’s, the least I can do for you, Dunban. With everything that happened, you’re going to need some company to cheer you up.” Applejack responded.

“You didn’t have to do that for me though, Applejack. I’ve already accepted the fact that Fiora has passed on. She fought bravely and perished in battle. It’s a death fitting for a true warrior.” Dunban strongly said.

“Don’t give me that hogwash, Dunban. As the former bearer of the Element of Honesty, I’m quite good with telling when anyone is lying. You aren’t really doing a good job with it, either.” Applejack’s words struck into the chinks of his armor, causing Dunban to grunt to himself. “You don’t have to be tough about this topic, Dunban. Though Fiora and I didn’t spend much time with each other, her personality and history remind me a lot about my little sister. It hurts me as well.”

The two sat there silently, looking down onto the table without glancing at each other.

“So, how is your little sister, Applejack?” Dunban asked without letting much emotion into his voice.

“I’m very worried about her, Dunban. I don’t know where she is, and learning about what those Mechon do doesn’t make it any easier for me.” Applejack explained. “I just hope she is alright.”

“She will be alright, Applejack. You just have to trust yourself there.” Dunban reasoned. “If you do not trust yourself, then you may as well be lying to yourself.”

“You have a point there, Dunban. I was never any good at lying anyways. Anyways, I have to go meet up with Reyn and Twilight at the Outlook Park.” Standing up from the seat, Applejack stated.

“I will see you later, I suppose.” Dunban stated, Applejack walking towards the door. With nobody in the house, tears pooled from his eyes, dropping onto the table before him. “I swear, Fiora, I will avenge you. I will make sure that faced Mechon pays for taking your life.”

Shulk sat at an empty bench in the park overlooking the Colony, peering over to the invisible space next to him with a frown. He let out an exasperated sigh. Reyn, and Twilight Sparkle walked up the stairs to the park and dashed towards him.

“Figures you would’ve been up here, Shulk. You come here when you’re down, after all.” Reyn stated, greeted by Shulk’s silence.

Twilight Sparkle looked away with a guilty frown on her face.

“Shulk… I don’t know what to say. What happened to Fiora was horrible.” She stated, shutting her eyes and recalling the scene scorching in her mind. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t save her.”

Shulk looked up towards Twilight Sparkle and frowned.

“It… wasn’t your fault, Twilight.” He flatly responded. “Back when we faced the faced Mechon, I had a vision seeing her die. I wanted to change destiny, but I couldn’t. I’m just… weak. I’m pathetic.”

Reyn sat down on the bench towards Shulk and placed his hand on his right shoulder.

“Just because you couldn’t avenge Fiora doesn’t make you weak. You’ll get another chance against the faced Mechon again another day.” He consoled.

“Yeah… you’re right. We will get another shot at him.” Shulk stated. He looked forwards and tilted his head slightly. “Where did Applejack go?”

“Applejack has been with Dunban. She’ll be here soon.” Twilight Sparkle explained.

On cue, Applejack walked up the stairs. A brilliant smile rose from her face.

“It looks like you two found Shulk without me.” Sitting on the ground, she stated.

“It’s good to see you too, Applejack.” Shulk greeted. “Anyways, rather than wait around for the Mechon to come and strike us, we should strike at them first.”

“Wait, what?!” Reeling back in surprise, Twilight Sparkle shouted. “That sounds like suicide! The only reason we repelled the Mechon in the first place is because we had the Monado. Even then, that faced Mechon is impervious to it.”

“Chill out, Twilight.” Reyn nonchalantly butted in. “I say that’s a great idea. Yeah, we nearly lost against the Mechon, but we’ll be even stronger when we strike them. Plus, we all have a score to settle with Metal Face.”

“I agree. Those Mechon need to pay for what they did to Fiora. Plus, if this means being able to find Granny Smith and Applebloom, then I am all up for it.” Applejack concurred.

“Well, looks like the majority wins. Applejack and I also need to see if our friends are in good condition as well” Twilight Sparkle stated with a sigh. “But, how do we even leave this area? Last time I checked, there wasn’t much we can go through from Tephra Cave in order to reach the next portion of the world.”

“Maybe… just maybe that locked door in the Mag Mell Ruins was locked because of the Mechon attack. It should be unlocked now if we try to go there.” Shulk explained calmly. He stood up quickly with a fire in his eyes burning greatly. “Those Mechon will not get away with attacking our village. They will pay with taking Fiora’s life with their lives. I shall see that they will all be scrapped.”

He then walked towards the stairs. Reyn, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack followed him.

The evening sun cast its glow onto the land. Shulk, Reyn, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack walked south of the bridge of the Commercial District. Reyn looked up into the sky with a seldom frown on his face.

“Right then.”

“Yeah.” Looking back, Shulk uttered out.

With the group of four walking forwards, Dunban looked out towards them from the window of his house.

“Look after yourselves, boys and girls. As soon as this heals, I’ll be right back with you. And then, we will seize our destiny. Together.” Grasping his right arm, he stated.

Walking up the mountain path, Twilight Sparkle’s eyes flashed in a lavender color. Within the dull-colored vision, she saw a group of humanoid creatures in lab coats looking upon a planet from space. Returning back to reality, she shook her head.

“What… what was that?” She asked, rubbing her head.

“Is there something amiss, Twilight?” Shulk asked.

“It’s nothing. A ray of light from the sun hit my eyes.” She fibbed through her teeth, eliciting a suspicious hum from Applejack.

A cyan-coated pegasus mare with a rainbow-colored mane opened her magenta eyes. Next to her was a tall, tan-skinned female Homs with black hair, brown eyes and a beauty mark under her lip. She wore a blue blouse, short enough to reveal her midriff and her upper arms, a red vest on top of it, dangerously short minishorts with a beige color, orange gloves that ran up her lower arms and brown boots that exceeded past her knees.

“…Who are you? Where am I?” The pegasus asked.

The Homs woman kneeled down to her level and gently stroked her hand through her mane.

“I found you collapsed out in the Gaur Plains. My name is Sharla. Do you have a name?”

“Rainbow Dash, fastest flier in whatever Gaur Plains is.” Standing up from the ground, Rainbow Dash replied with a cocky smile.

“You definitely have a good amount of energy for someone who just got up from a coma-like state. It’s definitely a good quality.” Sharla happily stated. She then pointed towards the rest of the Homs, Nopon and ponies in the cave. “As you can see, you aren’t the only strange creature in this area. Try to make yourself at home, because this is what is left of our home before it was taken over.” She sadly said.

“Oh…” Frowning, Rainbow Dash uttered out. “Is there a way how I can help?”

Sharla smirked.

Author's Note:

So I finished up that arc. Considering how my schedule is, I could probably update every Saturday. Also, I left you all with a little teaser for what comes up. Also, Here's the music for the location at the end.