• Published 31st Aug 2014
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Ponyblade Chronicles - ZeroChill

Twilight Sparkle equips a mysterious ring, unknowingly destroying the laws of reality that Equestria was built upon. Now, in a foreign world, Twilight Sparkle must team up with Shulk to find her friends and get back home

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The Mechon Invade

Shulk, Reyn, Fiora, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Big Macintosh and Randall all walked into an outdoor area with a perfect view of the lake and colony. Tucked into a wall was a storage room filled with various handles within circular plates.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it? I’ll be going with Big Mac now to finish up on our duties.” Randall directed.

“Wait!” Applejack called out, just as Randall and Big Macintosh were ready to leave. “Did you see Granny Smith by any chance, Big Mac?” She asked.

“Nope.” With a frown, a shake of his head and a sad tone, Big Macintosh replied.

“So if she ain’t here, and she ain’t in Colony 9, then she must be somewhere beyond that locked door in the hallway?”

“Maybe.” Shrugging his shoulders, he said. He then walked back inside the cave with Randall. Applejack sighed.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, Applejack. We’ll be able to find your grandma and your little sister. Don’t feel so bummed out.” With an upbeat voice, Reyn consoled.

“I know. I just don’t know where they are. They might be cold, hungry, and cold and hungry.” Applejack uttered out. “I know I should be grateful that Big Mac is safe, but I’m still worried about Granny Smith and Applebloom.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I don’t know where my brother, my parents, or any of the other princesses are. Regardless, we will find them all. We just have to.” With her right front hoof on Applejack’s shoulder, Twilight Sparkle comforted. “Right now, we have to help Shulk, Reyn and Fiora with their current objective.”

Applejack nodded, going into the alcove where the three Homs were at with Twilight Sparkle following close by.

While the group was pulling out ether cylinders from the wall, sirens began to blare throughout the area. From a gap in the ceiling, two white droids with horseshoe-shaped guards above them and a single red eye appeared. Fiora gasped slightly.

“Are they Mechon?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” Shulk replied seriously. “But it looks like we have to destroy them!”

“In that case, just leave them to me!” Reyn furiously shouted.

“Hold up, Reyn. Would you mind if I had a chance to deal with these robots? I’ve been meaning to test a few try a few things with Fiora and Shulk.” Twilight Sparkle asked.

“Sure, Twilight. Just remember to give them Twilight Time!” Reyn stated, sheathing back his weapon.

“Ummm… okay then…” Folding out the blade compartment from her weapon, Twilight Sparkle uttered out.

With double knives in her hands, Fiora wasted no time with going after the first droid. Twisting one of her wrists, she thrust a knife into the droid.

“Screw Edge!” The droid’s system became locked, hovering around awkwardly.

“Good, Fiora! Now let me try a new art on this.” Twilight Sparkle stated. Her horn flashing, the tip of her horn ignited into a green ball. “Magic Cannon!” She shouted, shooting the ball at the droid. The droid immediately fell onto the ground, unable to move.

“Excellent shot, Twilight!” Running towards the side of the droid, Shulk commented. Holding his sword with two hands from the side of his head, he thrust his blade forward. “Slit Edge!”

“Now it’s my turn!” Fiora stated, holding out her two knives. “Lacerate!”

She struck deep within the droid’s exoskeleton, causing oil to leak out of its system.

“Wait, that’s another art that inflicts bleed?” Twilight Sparkle asked.

“Yep. Dunban showed you his Gale Slash, did he?” Fiora asked, taking the blade out of the droid.

Shulk ran behind the droid and grasped the hilt of his sword with both hands.

“Back Slash!” He shouted, striking it down and destroying it.

“Good job, Shulk!” Twilight Sparkle happily called out. “Now, let me imbue you with some power.”

Suddenly, Shulk found himself surrounded in a purple mist. The shimmering stars within seeped into his skin.

“I feel stronger now. What was that art you did?” He asked.

“Alicorn’s Grace. It’s an ether-type move that gives one of my allies increased physical damage output.” Twilight Sparkle responded.

“I see. So it looks like this robot is going to go down easy then.” Shulk stated. Holding out his sword to his left, he swung it horizontally. “Stream Edge!”

The remaining droid that was hit by it had a bit of its armor chipped off. Twilight Sparkle charged her horn once more, firing off her Magic Cannon art. With the Droid down on the floor, Fiora dashed towards it and quickly jabbed it with her knife.

“Hidden Thorn!” She shouted. The droid’s sensors flared up from the art and its eye spun around randomly.

“Nice going, Fiora!” Shulk called out. He directed his attention towards the droid and moved behind it. “Back Slash!”

With the power of the move, the droid became scrap metal. Everyone in the area wiped their brows off with anticipation.

“Nice going, guys! You really brought the pain today.” Reyn commented.

“I’m impressed myself. Those are some neat combinations you three did there.” Applejack injected.

The team, content with their victory, grabbed the cylinders within the hangar. Within this lapse of time, Reyn’s ears twitched once. He turned around quickly.

“What’s going on?!”

“Listen. What is that?” Fearfully, Fiora asked.

“That sound…” Shulk stated before he dashed out of the hangar, prompting Reyn, Fiora, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack to follow with a similar speed. “In the sky!”

As he said, a black machine with a blue tail blazed through the night sky, bringing a trail of light in its wake. Behind it were several other flying machines that were less impressive in size and detail.

“It’s a…” Astonished, Shulk began to say.

“This can’t be!” Fiora squeaked out.

“No way!” Reyn shouted.

Within the fleet, a flying ship that was black in color carried a myriad of mechanical beings underneath its wings, flying towards Colony 9.

“Mechon!” Shulk finished.

“Wait, Mechon? Those things up there are Mechon?!” Twilight Sparkle asked with a wide-eyed expression. “There’s so many of them!”

“How?” Fiora questioned. “Didn’t my brother destroy them all a year ago?”

With the ship above the town, a rainstorm of Mechon dropped into the town, raining with the fires of doomsday.

“Could the defense mechanism have responded to the Mechon?” Shulk openly pondered.

“I don’t know, but we can’t just sit around and let those mechanical monsters destroy the Colony! We need to get there, fast!” Applejack declared, dashing over the ledge and jumping into the lake below.

“I agree!” Reyn stated, running towards the ledge with the speed of a cheetah.

“You heard the two. Let’s jump!” Shulk ordered. Everyone else ran after Reyn, jumping into the water.

In response to the blaring siren, the people and ponies of Colony 9 looked up into the sky.

“Hey… This siren! It sounds different!” A Homs soldier announced.

“Yeah. Isn’t that Siren 2?” Another soldier asked.

“It can’t be.” Within the sky, the Mechon became visible to their eyes. Panicked cries and screams sounded throughout the civilian districts. “The Mechon?!”

“One large Mechon!” A soldier on an anti-battery unit shouted through a phone upon seeing the folded Mechon in the sky. “Ten carriers and an unknown number of units emerging from the carriers!”

An aged Homs soldier with a ludicrously pointed pink moustache held a phone in his right hand and menacingly scowled.

“You idiots! Why didn’t you see this lot until they were right on top of us?!” He screamed.

“But sir! We thought the Mechon had all been wiped ou-“The soldier became interrupted by a blue ball blast hurdling towards him. He screamed before the connection to the phone died.

“Oi! What’s happening?! Respond!” The aged Homs soldier shouted as loudly as possible through the phone. He banged the phone against the wall and looked up into the sky. “Anti-Air Batteries one to three! Why aren’t my targeting systems online? Don’t let a single one into the colony!”

He then glanced towards Plain Donut, Ice Cream and Sprinkles, all who were now in pony-tailored uniforms of the soldiers of Colony 9.

“What is your command, Colonel Vangarre?” Sprinkles asked with a diligent salute.

“Assemble everyone who can fight! Evacuate the civilians to the shelter! Get a move on, now!” Vangarre shouted.

“Yes sir!” All three of the ponies shouted, rushing out of the fortress.

“Fire at will!” A Homs soldier on an Anti-Air Battery shouted.

From the guns on the batteries, a storm of green lasers fired upwards, lighting up the Mechon-filled sky with explosions and smoke. One laser fired directly towards a carrier in the sky. Just before it collided, the giant Mechon slipped in front of the laser, taking the blow.

“We got it!” A soldier on the battery called out. The smoke from the explosion settled, revealing a completely intact Mechon in the sky. “No, wait!”

“What the…?! Our weapons don’t work on them at all!” Another soldier fearfully shouted.

The Mechon that was shot slowly unfolded itself, revealing a bulky humanoid-like shape. It had a protruding horn that jetted up all the way from its back, claws that can stab through metal and nightmarishly white face with red eyes.

“What type of Mechon is that?! I’ve never seen one like it!” Intimidated to his wits, a soldier next to Vangarre asked.

“You slackers, fire! Shoot it down!” Vangarre shouted through his phone.

On his command, every available Anti-Air unit fired lasers directly towards the faced Mechon in the sky. The Mechon smiled, twirling out of the way of each laser’s trajectory. It then flew straight down towards a laser, slicing through the barrel with its long claws. The soldiers within the battery desperately screamed as it was overtaken by a storm of explosions.

The Mechon rained down onto Colony 9, causing all the inhabitants to run with panic and fear. Dunban, who watched everything unfold through his window, got up from his bed. Holding his bad arm with his left hand, he staggered outside.

Shulk, Reyn, Fiora, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack arrived at the bridge to the Commercial District, greeted by the fires of destruction and bipedal mechanical abominations terrorizing the people and ponies within the area.

One man, who was running away from a Mechon, tripped in front of the group. The Mechon chasing him opened up the cannon on its right arm, forming three tendrils. The man turned around and crawled backwards with eyes widened in fear. A sharp shriek escaped from his mouth as the Mechon’s tendrils closed around his upper body. The man was rendered limp, and the Mechon slurped his body into its arm.

“W-what in tarnation?!” Her jaw dropped onto the floor, Applejack shouted. “Did that robot just eat that man?”

“That’s horrible!” Gasping behind her hooves, Twilight Sparkle stated.

“Twilight, Applejack, Fiora, I need you three to go around the colony and assist the civilians. Reyn and I will be heading over towards the fortress to get the Monado.” With a rise in his shoulders, Shulk ordered.

“Understood, Shulk.” Twilight Sparkle complied

“You got it, pardner!” Moving her hoof as if she wanted to give a thumbs up, Applejack stated.

“Are you sure we should be splitting up at this time, Shulk? I don’t exactly feel comfortable with you and Reyn charging towards the fortress alone.” Fiora reasoned. Shulk gently placed his hands on Fiora’s shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“You don’t need to worry about me, Fiora. I will be fine. Just make sure that everyone here makes it through safely.” He coaxed.

“Alright, Shulk. I trust you.” With a sheepish smile, Fiora responded. She looked towards Twilight Sparkle and Applejack with a commandeering face. “Are you two ready to fight the Mechon? I don’t know about the history of you two when it came to your foes, but this will be my most difficult foes.”

“We’re ready, Fiora. It might be hard, but we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that those Mechon don’t hurt any more innocent people.” Twilight Sparkle boldly proclaimed.

With a simple series of nods, Shulk and Reyn dashed towards the north. More Mechon descending from the sky, Fiora, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack readied their weapons.

All of the soldiers within the fortress stood within a line formation. Vangarre stood in the center of the formation, staring down the line of Mechon in front of him.

“You blasted Mechon! You think you can do what you want in our colony?!” He shouted. In that timeframe, Shulk and Reyn reached the bridge to the fortress, stunned at the sight before them.

“The Colonel!” Shulk shouted.

“The guys!” Reyn screamed.

The Mechon commenced their attack, ripping their way through the fleet of soldiers before them. The soldiers fell back, running back towards the fortress.

“Men! Don’t give up this position! Run, and I’ll kill you myself!” Vangarre threatened.

In that moment, the Faced Mechon dropped behind Vangarre. Vangarre slowly turned his head back and looked directly into its face. He stumbled backwards slightly.

“What the hell are you? A Mechon with a face?!” The two stared at each other, each second ticking away with increasing tensity. Vangarre stared daggers into its eyes. “Grin at me, will you?”

Saying these words, he aimed a two-handed gun directly into the Mechon’s face and charged the laser within. Firing it, the recoil knocked him onto the ground while the laser exploded upon impact. He screamed. Looking towards the Face Mechon, his eyes widened in disbelief.

“What?! Didn’t even dent it!”

The Faced Mechon looked on menacingly while the hordes of Mechon flowed into the fortress with neverending numbers. A Mechon looked directly at Vangarre and charged towards him, opening up its right cannon. Vangarre held his gun outward and stopped the vicegrip.

Meanwhile, four-legged Mechon in the shape of an arachnid hoisted onto a vehicle. The Faced Mechon dug its claws into it, lifting it away effortlessly. Seeing the struggling Vangarre, it tossed the vehicle towards him and the Mechon trapping him. The vehicle exploding, he shrieked. The Faced Mechon flew out of the fortress.

“I’ll make you Mechon pay!” Reyn shouted, dashing towards the Mechon.

“Reyn, wait!” Extending his right arm, Shulk called out. He ran after Reyn, pulling out his sword.

Heading into the fortress, a large swarm of Mechon landed in front of them, blocking the path. Turning around, another group of Mechon swamped the bridge to the Residential District. Finally, a group of Mechon flew down towards the bridge to the Commercial District. Shulk and Reyn stood back to back, seeing all of the Mechon around them. Reyn clicked his tongue in frustration.

“Figures we’d be surrounded.” He said.

Running past all of the buildings and trees glowing with light from the fire, Fiora, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack stopped immediately at the sight of the wall of Mechon in front of them.

“They’re everywhere!” Fiora shouted, whipping out her knives.

“I didn’t think that the Mechon would be able to assemble their forces this quickly. They’re much smarter than what I give them credit for.” Twilight Sparkle admitted, holding out her horn.

Applejack developed a cocky smile and held her hammer outwards.

“Well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Ain’t that right, Twi?” She asked.

“That’s right, Applejack. And these Mechon are big!” Twilight Sparkle snidely replied.

Stream Edge! Shulk shouted, swinging his sword and striking the sea of Mechon in front of him.

Holding his shield lance out, Reyn ran towards the group and thrust it towards the nearest one.

“Wild Down!”

The Mechon struck by it fell onto the ground, unable to move. Reyn and Shulk slashed and beat apart the downed Mechon with every available move in their arsenal.

“Slit Edge!”

“Bone Upper!” Punching the Mechon with his fist, Reyn shouted.

“Air Slash!” Jumping into the air and slashing diagonally, Shulk called out.

“Hammer Beat!” Slamming the guarder into the Mechon, Reyn stated.

“Back Slash!”

The Mechon stopped moving and whirring, exploding from the extreme damage it took. Shulk looked back towards Reyn with a smile.

“How do you think I’m doing so far, Reyn?”

“Good speed, but it could be better. Lucky for you, you have the Reyn to back you up!” Reyn boisterously said. With sword and guarder in hand, Shulk and Reyn ran over towards the rest of the Mechon.

Applejack whipped through the Mechon in front of her with her hammer, seemingly not hitting through their brazen armor.

“Please tell me there’s a way to defeat these Mechon, Fiora.”

Fiora, who was barely slicing through the Mechon, looked back towards Applejack.

“We’re going to need to Topple them. Remember your Hammer Burst art? Use that alongside Twilight’s Magic Cannon art and we should be able to damage the Mechon more easily.” She stated.

Twilight Sparkle held off the Mechon in front of her, parrying each strike with her horn blade. She turned towards Applejack, who jumped into the air.

“Hammer Burst!” She shouted, smacking the ground with her hammer. The Mechon within the range of the shockwave shook temporarily, knocked off-balanced by the strike. They turned towards Applejack and walked towards her. “Now it’s your turn, Twi!”

“Alright, Applejack! Here goes nothing!” Twilight Sparkle shouted, charging her horn up. “Magic Cannon!” Firing a green bolt from her horn, the Mechon closest towards Applejack fell over, unable to move.

“Good shot, Twilight!” Fiora called out, rushing towards the downed Mechon. “Lacerate!” She called out.

“Let me get in there with a move of my own!” Applejack eagerly stated, holding her hammer behind her with her right hoof in the stance of an iaijutsu practicioneer. “Hammer Swing!” She stated, tossing the hammer forwards that struck all the Mechon in an arched path. The hammer coming to her, she expertly caught the handle with her teeth and placed it in her hooves.

“That move looks especially strong, Applejack!” Twilight Sparkle commented.

“It’s all in the ankle, Twilight.” Applejack responded with a smile. Fiora, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack continued their attack further into the horde.

Shulk and Reyn stood next to each other, panting and visibly sweating. The Mechon kept flowing into the battlefield like a raging river.

“That was a close one!” Shulk stated.

“You were never cut out for this stuff. You go! I’ll take care of things here.” Reyn ordered.

“You’re too out of breath to persuade me.” Shulk snidely remarked.

“Tell me about it.”

An explosion sounded at the top of the obelisk above Shulk and Reyn, the tip falling down on them. They both ran away from the looming shadow, diving into the ground and separating from each other. A Mechon rushed after Reyn, opening up its cannon tendrils and tried to clamp him.

“Reyn, behind you!” Shulk announced.

With swift reaction, Reyn looked behind him and held out his guarder, preventing the Mechon from making the squeeze. Shulk jumped up from the ground and ran towards Reyn with the sword in his hand. He began striking the Mechon that put its tendrils on Reyn’s guarder.

“Get outta here, Shulk!” Struggling with the tendrils, Reyn uttered out.

“Don’t be stupid!” The Mechon applies more pressure onto its arm, forcing Reyn further onto his back. “Hold on!”

A war cry sounded out throughout the battlefield, the dozen of Mechon that walked towards Shulk and Reyn suddenly being dispatched. Wielding the Monado, Dunban stabbed through the Mechon that held Reyn down, jumped over head with a flip and tossed the Mechon into a nearby support beam, shattering the Mechon with a fiery explosion. The line of dispatched Mechon quickly exploded with blue flames. Shulk and Reyn smiled.

“The Monado!” Shulk stated, seeing Dunban’s body wreathed in blue electricity and the Monado, its blade opened up and shooting out a laser blade from the center, wielded in his left hand.

“Sorry I kept you waiting.” Looking back towards Shulk and Reyn with a smile, Dunban coolly stated.


Shulk and Reyn ran up to Dunban’s side.

“Whoa yeah! The Monado! I knew you would pick that up again!” Shulk commented.

“This is what I was waiting to see!” Reyn added with an enthusiastic tone.

A score of Mechon approached the newly formed trio. Dunban pointed the Monado towards the group of Mechon.

“Ready, lads?”

Saying this, Dunban swung the Monado. A blue ‘機’ flashed within the ring of the hilt. Then, a purple aura spread throughout the area and lit the three up within a violet aura. With the blade in hand, Shulk ran towards the Mechon. He horizontally slashed through the Mechon, cutting through the buttery armor.

“The power of the Monado… I’m really feeling it!” He shouted.

“Don’t hog all the fun, Shulk!” Stabbing through a Mechon with the lance portion, Reyn stated.

Dunban ran towards the group of Mechon, moving nimbly with his feet in a dance fashion and slicing the Mechon apart.

“But we musn’t be too careless.” Dunban warned.

Striking away at the Mechon, Fiora, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack heavily panted. They backed away from the surging waves of the Mechon.

“It’s no use! Even if we destroy one, ten just come back in their place. My Magic Cannon art has recharge times that make it very inconvenient to keep using.” Twilight Sparkle complained.

Fiora looked towards Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. She saw that blue lines connected them to each other and herself. She smiled.

“A Chain Attack will be able to bypass that sluggish cooldown, Twilight.”

“A Chain Attack?” Blinking once and cocking her head, Twilight Sparkle asked.

“It can only be done with a full battle group after our bonds in battle are cemented. In this, we can use any arts as long as the condition is fulfilled, but only once per Chain Attack.” Fiora explained. “And now would be a great time for a Chain Attack!”

“I get you. Should I initialize it?” Twilight Sparkle questioned.

“I am hoping you would do that. It falls under the combat formula, anyways.” Fiora responded.

Twilight Sparkle lifted her right front hoof into the air, stopping time. The lines that connected her to Applejack and Fiora shattered and a powerful energy filled her soul.

“Magic Cannon!” She stated, shooting a green ball of energy towards the Mechon in front of her and toppling it. “Fiora, your turn!”

“Hidden Thorn!” Fiora shouted, striking the downed Mechon and dazing it. “Applejack, show them what strength really is!”

“Lasso-Rasso Hoedown!” Applejack voiced out, roping the down Mechon, pulling it in and smacking it with her hammer.

“Don’t think we are done with you yet!” Twilight Sparkle said. “Let’s see how well you do with this!” Firing her Magic Spark, she stated. The Mechon exploded from the amount of damage it took.

“Good job, everyone!” Fiora happily cried out. She then turned back towards Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. “All these Mechon will be a pain to deal with if we have to rely on toppling them to do damage. I’m going to go get the Mobile Artillery.” She stated, running towards the Mechon. “Cover my back!”

“Ah’ll cover ya, Fiora!” Applejack responded, swinging her hammer and knocking the Mechon away.

“You have my word as well!” Twilight Sparkle stated, striking her horn against the heads of the Mechon.

Shulk, Reyn and Dunban ran towards the south of the Commercial District. On the bridge, Dunban screamed in pain, slowing him down. The pain grew to the point where the grip on his hand is weakened, releasing the Monado onto the ground and kneeling downwards.

“Dunban!” Running over to his side, Reyn stated. “You can’t take any more of the Monado!”

“But I must! I don’t have a choice!” Reaching his right hand towards the Monado, Dunban ignorantly cried out. Feeling the insides of his throat cutting up, he coughed out a large splatter of blood before him.

“Reyn’s right. You can’t go on like this.” Shulk reasoned, walking towards him.

“Shulk!” Dunban uttered out.

“Dunban.” Shulk stated, staring blankly at the Mechon at the other side of the bridge. With no time wasted, Shulk made a dash towards the Monado.

“Hey!” Dunban weakly spouted, both him and Reyn looking towards Shulk.

The two of them gasping, Shulk grabbed the Monado by its hilt and maintained his stoic stare towards the Mechon.

“This time, it’s my turn!” He stated, unsheathing the laser blade from the Monado.

“Shulk, no! It will kill you! Shulk!” Dunban screamed.

Shulk held the Monado with both hands, grunting against the surge of electricity running through his body. With fire in his eyes, he ran towards the horde of Mechon with the Monado in his right hand.

His eyes flashed a blue color. His vision rippled with lifeless color. Everything around him stood still, paralyzed in time.

“What’s happening?” He asked himself.

Within the veiled vision, he saw a spider-type Mechon walk forward, charging a laser and shooting it towards him. He got struck by the laser and was knocked onto his back.

His vision returning back to the standard sight, he saw that the event displayed had not happened to him. The same spider-type Mechon walked forward and charged its laser. Shulk dodged the blow with surprising agility, causing Reyn and Dunban’s jaws to drop.

“What the?” Reyn had the time to say before the laser struck at the background within the Commercial District, causing a fiery explosion.

Leaping overhead, Shulk vertically slashed the spider-type Mechon, destroying it. Seeing a bipedal Mechon in front of him, the symbol on the Monado flashed, his eyes flashing blue once more. Within the vision, the Mechon reeled back its right claw. Shulk dove onto the ground and dodged it, but failed to dodge the left claw of the Mechon.

Returning back to reality, Shulk sidestepped away from the same movements as in the vision, completely dodging the Mechon’s attacks. Seeing a vulnerable point, he diagonally slashed the Mechon.

“Wow. Shulk’s pretty awesome!” In bated breath, Reyn commented.

“How can this be? Shulk is using the Monado.” Dunban asked with heavy interest.

“What was that?” Panting, Shulk questioned to himself.

“Shulk, more company!” Several Mechon dropping between him and Shulk, Reyn warned.

“Reyn!” Dunban uttered, getting up from the ground.

“Right!” Reyn complied, the two of them running towards Shulk.

Dunban unsheathed his sword from his right hip and slashed a Mechon approaching Shulk from the back.

“Reyn! Dunban!” Shulk exclaimed, looking back and holding a Mechon back. With renewed vigor, Shulk overpowered the strike from the Mechon and slashed it away.

“I got your back!” Reyn shouted, digging his shield lance into the ground in front of a Mechon.

“Shulk, do you feel alright?” Dunban asked.

“I’m okay. But there was something strange. Just now, it was as if I could see into the future. Is this another power of the Monado?” Shulk responded with a question of his own.

“See into the future? What are ya saying?” Reyn skeptically asked.

“Are you certain? Shulk!” Dunban questioned in disbelief.

“Yes.” Pausing for a second, Shulk replied.

“I see. I remember Dickson saying that the Monado had a hidden power. Could this be it?”


Shulk and Dunban dashed towards opposite direction, slashing away at the Mechon in their path. Holding a Mechon down with his sword, Dunban focused on his opponent.

“Don’t think about it now! Just believe what the Monado showed you and fight!” He encouraged.

“Got it!” Shulk announced, swinging the Monado ninety degrees around. The entire battlefield became covered in a purple light, granting Reyn and Dunban violet auras. “We got to fight our way to the Residential District. No doubt that Fiora, Twilight and Applejack are there trying to fight off the Mechon!”

Hearing these words, a raging fire burned within Dunban’s heart as he slashed the Mechon in front of him.

“We can’t leave them alone like that! We have to get there as quickly as possible!” Dunban commanded, running towards the south at lightning speed.

“Dunban!” Shulk shouted, following him.

Reyn, who punched through a Mechon with his bare fist, saw Shulk and Dunban running to the south.

“Wait for me!” Dashing towards them, Reyn shouted.

Shulk, Dunban and Reyn ran quickly along the Colony to the Residential District, slashing their way through the Mechon in the process. Shulk’s teeth clenched uneasily and stared forebodingly out into the horizon.

“I hope you three are safe, Fiora, Twilight and Applejack.” With a glimmer of hope, he said to himself.

Author's Note:

Well, here's the chapter. I would have continued writing the rest of the events, but it would drag out the chapter as it already is. Hope you all enjoy.