• Published 14th Aug 2014
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Night's Blood - Wishful Fun

Night Solo reveals a secret he's been hiding from his best friend, Wishful Fun. A secret Wishful did not expect.

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The Plan

Night gets up, and explains the plan. "I'm gonna find a way to malfunction the machinery. If I do what I intend to do...the machines will cause a huge explosion, thus destroying this facility. Now here's where you come in. There should be an emergency cell release button. This should also open the main gate, giving you time to escape with the other Pegasi. Once the alarm goes off, you make sure everyone gets out of here, without getting captured by the guards..."

Night puts his hooves on Wishful's face and puts his forehead on Wishful's forehead. "And whatever you do, don't wait for me. Don't look back. Just keep on running."

Night smirks as he jumps off the railing & flies up. "There isn't anymore time to talk. Now is the time this place falls & free the Pegasi!"

"Alright." Wishful says. "I guess, this is goodbye then?"

"Tsk. Don't be so sure about that, Wishful." Night says. "I'm sure we'll see each other again."

Night flies towards the control room, as Wishful flies to the cells, waiting for the alarms to go off. Night looks at the panel.

"Hmm..." Night thinks, as there 's a variety of knobs, buttons, & switches on the motherboard.

"I don't have time for this!" Night then smashes the panel, causing his hooves to be pierced. Blood starts coming out of his hooves as well. Night starts tearing up from the pain, but he didn't care. He eventually smashes the motherboard, causing the alarm to go off. All the Pegasi woke up, as their cells are opened.

Now is Wishful's chance. "This is your Redemption Day, Everypony! Follow me if you want to live!" The Pegasi follows Wishful, as the factory starts to fall apart.

"Ugh, my hooves!" Night thinks as his hooves are bleeding out.

The Factory's A.I. goes off: "MALFUNCTION. CODE BLUE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. PLEASE HEAD FOR THE NEAREST EXIT!" Night tries to open the door, but it won't open, as the broken gears have blocked the door.

"Oh, no..."

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