• Published 14th Aug 2014
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Night's Blood - Wishful Fun

Night Solo reveals a secret he's been hiding from his best friend, Wishful Fun. A secret Wishful did not expect.

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The Gala

Wishful Fun & Night Solo are best friends. They've known each other ever since they were young colts. They both has some rough times, but they always find a way to patch their problems. It was the night of the Grand Galloping Gala. Night Solo is at the main entrance, waiting for Wishful, who's running late.

"Ugh, where is he...?" Night thought to himself. Wishful then arrives to the Gala.

"Hey, Night!" Wishful said.

"I thought you weren't gonna show up! We better get going." Night said, as they walk into the Canterlot Castle.

"So," Wishful asks Night, "Did you bring flowers for Rainbow Dash?"

"Ah, crap...How could I forget the dang flowers?!" Night said, as he starts to freak out.

"Don't worry!" Wishful said, as he brought out flowers.

"Man Wishful, you are a life saver!" Night says in relief.

"Well," Wishful says, "Let's have a good time!"

The Gala is packed with many ponies. They were both impressed.

"Hey, Night..." Wishful says as he points Night to Rainbow Dash.

"Don't worry about me. Tonight's the night after all...The best night ever, right?" Night looked down with a slight frown on his face. he pulls out an envelope.

"Before I go off to hang out with Dash, I need you to hand this to Celestia."

"Oh, alright." Wishful says, as he grabs the letter.

"I wonder what's in the letter..." Wishful thought. "I better not look inside. Night will kill me if I did. Celestia notices that Wishful is approaching to her.

"Excuse me, Princess Celestia?" Wishful says as he gets Celestia's attention. "I came to deliver a letter from my friend, Night Solo." Celestia glances at the envelope. A sad tension is felt as the envelope is passed down to Celestia.

"Thank you, Wishful Fun." said Night.

"You're welcome Night. So, how did things go with Rainbow?" Night took a drink out of his apple cider. It seemed as if something was bothering him.

"It went great. I'm thinking about taking her to someplace special in Cloudsdale." After finishing his cider, he put the cup down on the floor.

"I've been wanting to show you something for a while." Night said. "Tonight is the perfect night..." Night whispered to himself. Night & Wishful walk outside.

"Night doesn't look happy. Why would he be sad at the greatest event in Equestria?" Wishful thought to himself.

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