• Published 14th Aug 2014
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Night's Blood - Wishful Fun

Night Solo reveals a secret he's been hiding from his best friend, Wishful Fun. A secret Wishful did not expect.

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The Rescue

As Wishful guides the Pegasi out, he encountered a few guards.

"Stop! We cannot allow you to escape. You ruined this facility, & now you will pay the price!"

Wishful grins in the dark hood, "Try me!"

Wishful uses his magic to blast the guards, blocking his path. Wishful notices Night is trapped in the control room.

"Oh, no! What should I do? I need to help him, but he told me to not wait for him..." Wishful quickly thought about it. "I'm sorry Night, but I can't let you die!"

Wishful uses his magic to create a clone. "How did I-" The clone was interrupted by Wishful.

"Wishful Clone, guide the Pegasi out of this facility. Make sure ALL of them make it out alive!"

"Roger that!" The clone says as he leaves to guide the Pegasi out.

As Night pounded helplessly on the door for a mere 5 minutes, he stopped & leaned on the door.

"I never even got to tell her I loved her..." Night said, as he starts to cry. "I never got to thank Wishful Fun for all he has done for me..." Night slid on the door, & sat.

"...I'm sorry Wishful...I'm sorry Rainbow...I promised I would never go and stay by your guys' side..." Night lost a lot of blood, as he faintly begins to close his eyes.

As Wishful heads to save Night, another Pegasus is there, trying to break him out.

Wishful says, "Excuse me, do you need help?"

The Pegasus looked at him. Wishful was surprised of who it is.

"R-Rainbow Dash?"

Night opened his eyes, hearing a fuss behind the door. "W-who..."

Rainbow was surprised. "You..." Rainbow says angrily. "You're the pony, who helped the Pegasi escape. You're the reason this factory's destroyed. Why would you do this?"

"Because..." Wishful says as he removes the hood. "...It's what Night Solo wanted."

"Wait..." Rainbow said. "You're Night's friend, Wishful Fun. But how did you-"

"No time to chat. Do you want to rescue him or not?"

Night thought, "Whoever's behind that door is gonna kill me or leave me to die." Night stands up from what much strength he has left. "I'm not gonna die, like some sort of caged animal." "Bring it..."

Wishful uses his magic to move the rubble out of the way, as he & Rainbow bust the door open.

"NIGHT!!!" Both Rainbow & Wishful screamed as they entered the room.

"Rainbow..." Night said, as he collapsed to the floor. "Wishful...I thought I told you....." Night's head falls down. He's out cold.

Rainbow starts crying in shock "No, Night! Please, stay with us!!!"

"He's unconscious." Wishful said. "We need to get him out of here. Rainbow, hang on to me & Night. We're teleporting ourselves out of here!"

The three managed to escape just in time, as the Factory explodes, burning in the sky.

"Master..." Wishful noticed his clone arrive. "All the Pegasi were able to escape. The mission is a success."

"Thank you." Wishful says, as the clone disappears. "Come, Rainbow. We must get Night to the hospital."

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