• Published 14th Aug 2014
  • 650 Views, 11 Comments

Night's Blood - Wishful Fun

Night Solo reveals a secret he's been hiding from his best friend, Wishful Fun. A secret Wishful did not expect.

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One day has passed, since Night was healed. Wishful crashed at Night's place, waiting for him to wake up. Wishful thought to himself.

"When will he wake up? I'm starving. I could go for some cupcakes at Sugarcube Corner."

Night finally wakes up from his bed, and sees Wishful in his living room.

"I see you're awake." Wishful says to Night.

"Yeah..." Night responses. "That drink was disgusting! But I have to admit, diet soda is still the worst drink I've ever had."

"Haha. Possibly." Wishful says. "So, do you feel different?"

Night answers, "I do. Actually, I feel great! Man, I don't know what Zecora did, but it worked!"

Wishful asks, "What time is it?"

Night checks the time, on his watch. "Sheesh! 12:23? I woke up late!" Night puts on his coat.

"Where are you going?" Wishful asks.

Night answers, "I got to go set up dinner reservations for me & Dash." Night pulls out a small container, from under his couch. "I have a question to ask her..." Night opens the container, revealing a diamond bracelet. "...a really big question..."

Wishful whistles at the sight of the bracelet. "Have a great day with Rainbow." Night slips the container into his coat, as he & Wishful exits Night's house.

"Hey Wishful?" Night says, as he gets Wishful's attention. "Thank you...for everything you've done. Despite my flaws and problems...you stood by my side, every step of the way."

Wishful responds, "You're welcome, Night. I will always be there for you."

Night tells him, "Same here Wishful. Same here."

Author's Note:

Hello, guys. I hope you enjoy the story. I'm not expecting this Fanfiction to get popular, or liked by everyone, as this is my 1st Fanfiction. I'm sure there might be some problems. Feel free to tell me if there are some problems. Until then, this is Wishful Fun, & I'll see you guys later.

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Comments ( 10 )

I don't care what anyone says, I for 1 really enjoyed it.

I feel like your story is more of a summary than an actual story. I think that if you were able to draw out each chapter, and maybe add some more mini-climaxes, it would become much more interesting. As it is, you could just put all the chapters together and turn it into a one-shot, for all the good that those rather small chapters are. (According to other users, a good average chapter length is somewhere between 3,000-5,000, but in my book, anything larger than 1,500 can at least make-do.)

The chapters are too long m8


somewhere between 3,000-5,000

Really? I was told/ordered that a chapter needed to be 1,000 words and up. :rainbowhuh:


I was told/ordered that a chapter needed to be 1,000 words and up. :rainbowhuh:

That's the initial length of the story to be approved by the mods.

A chapter CAN be under 1k words, but you have to know why.

What am I even reading?!?
I'm about 1k words in, and I lost myself at least 50 times...


The generally accepted minimum is 2,000, which is considered a pretty short chapter. The "average" for longer "real" stories (50kw+) is 3,000-12,000. Personally, I aim for a minimum of 3,000 for a first draft chapter and a goal of around 5,000 for ready-to-publish.

Alright. I know that my Fanfiction has...What's the word...flaws in it. To repeat the Author's Note in the Last Chapter, I didn't expect my story to be liked by everyone, because there might be problems. This is the 1st Fanfiction I've created. We can all agree that no one will get it right the 1st time. That's why we improve ourselves to create something great. I appreciate your criticism, & in the future, I'll create something great. :)

4851301 Hm, well I don't think that saying "I'll do better next time, cut me some slack" is exactly the best attitude if you want to improve. :twilightsheepish: I mean, if you can take the effort to type "it's my first fanfiction", just use that effort to fix one of the errors that have been pointed out! :scootangel: Just because it's your first story doesn't give you a free pass to be a terrible writer. In my opinion, just BECAUSE it's your first story, you should make it your best one ever! Keep up the good work, I'll be excited to see your growth in the future.

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